October 14, 2008

3:00 p.m.


Lynwood Roberts Room

1st Floor, City Hall

117 W. Duval Street



Attendance: Council President Fussell, Council Members Clark, Holt, Yarborough, Corrigan, Webb, W. Jones, Redman, Johnson, M. Jones, Graham


Also:  Peggy Sidman, Shannon Eller and Dylan Reingold – Office of General Counsel; Kirk Sherman and Janice Billy – Council Auditor’s Office; Dana Farris, Carol Owens and Juliette Williams – Legislative Services Division; Shannon Hewett and Sherry Hall – Mayor’s Office; Lin White and Bob Williams – Dept. of Public Works; Wight Gregor, Laura Stagner and Clayton Bailey – Housing and Neighborhoods Department;  Paul Crawford and Jorina Jolly – JEDC;  Susan Stewart – Duval Legislative Delegation; John Crofts – Planning and Development Department; Dianne Smith, Debbie Delgado, Angela Ryan, Celeste Hicks, Sarah Lane, Mina Hosseini, Meghan Friel, Alison Miller, Tiffany Clark, Stan Johnson and Scott Wilson – ECAs; Annette Hastings – Tourist Development Council; Jeff Cements – City Council Research; Rachel Welsh and Steve Cassada – Council Administrative Services; Tia Mitchell – Florida Times-Union; Kevin Meerschart – WJCT;  Paul Harden, T.R. Hainline, Paige Johnston, Alberta Hipps



The meeting was called to order at 3:03 p.m. by Council President Fussell.


Council Member Webb reviewed the Rules Committee’s actions from its meeting, noting that the several resolutions of appointment to the Housing and Community Development Commission and Housing Finance Authority (2008-729 to -739) are actually reappointments of existing members to the newly reconstituted boards as a result of the restructuring of the Jacksonville Housing Authority.


Council Member Corrigan reviewed the Finance Committee’s actions from its meeting.  Council Member W. Jones stated that he would be offering a floor amendment to ordinance 2006-591 which creates a Soutel/Moncrief Retail Redevelopment Area regarding the reallocation of unexpended funds at fiscal year-end.


Council Member Yarborough reviewed the PHS Committee’s actions from its meeting.


Assistant Council Auditor Janice Billy reviewed the TEU Committee’s actions from its meeting.


Council Member Graham reviewed the LUZ Committee’s actions from its meeting, noting that the committee had had a lengthy meeting and considerable discussion on 2008-563 (Jackson Square PUD rezoning) and anticipating that there may be a number of speakers on the bill tonight.


Council Member W. Jones stated that all items from the RCD Committee agenda had been covered by previous committee reports.  He stated that he would be offering a floor amendment to ordinance 2008-765 (appropriation of $5,500 for purchase of a lawn mower for the Paxon Athletic Association) to change the name of the purchaser of the mower.


Council Member Johnson requested emergency approval on first reading of resolution 2008-901 encouraging citizens to take advantage of the early voting locations to avoid lengthy waits on Election Day if the predicted record-breaking voter turnout occurs, which was approved.


Council Member Corrigan asked about the status of the three resolutions (2008-905, -906, -907) approving proposed J-bills 1, 2 and 3.  President Fussell stated that the bills would not be introduced tonight because they do not yet have sponsors in the Legislative Delegation.  Chief Legislative Counsel Peggy Sidman stated that there is sufficient time for the delegation members (as constituted after the November general election) to choose to sponsor the three proposed J-bills in time for the introduction of their endorsing resolutions to the Council at its November 10th meeting and for the resolutions to have a full 3-reading cycle and be approved at the December 9 Council meeting in time to report the recommendations to the delegation before its organizational meeting in January.  Council Member Yarborough stated that he has talked to one of the returning delegation members who indicated that he would be willing to sponsor one of the J-bills, but only after the Council had acted by resolution to state its support of the measure.


Council Member Graham stated that new ordinance 2008-908 is intended as a “glitch” bill to fix an unintended consequence of the recent re-write of the code regarding temporary recreational vehicle parking permits.  The bill will be requested for approval as an emergency on second reading in October in order to have the correction made before the Florida/Georgia football weekend.


Council Member W. Jones stated that he would be offering a floor amendment to 2008-563 (Jackson Square PUD rezoning) to reduce the number of permitted units from 900 to 750.  He also stated that the RCD Committee would be holding a special meeting, either in City Hall or perhaps at the beach, to discuss the management plan for Huguenot Park which has been the subject of the recent avalanche of e-mails received by council members and City staff.


Council Member Holt asked if there has been any progress on rewriting the Zoning Code to deal with the problem of large commercial vehicles being parked in residential neighborhoods (i.e. landscaping trucks and trailers).  Shannon Eller of the General Counsel’s Office indicated that the problem is being addressed in re-write of the residential Zoning Code.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:23 p.m.




Jeff Clements, Chief

Council Research Division




Posted 10/15/08

11:40 a.m.