March 25, 2008

3:00 p.m.


City Council Conference Room A

Suite 425, City Hall

117 W. Duval Street



Attendance: Council President Davis, Council Members Corrigan, Redman, W. Jones, Fussell, Yarborough, Bishop, Clark, Shad, Holt and Webb


Also: Peggy Sidman, Dylan Reingold, Shannon Eller, Cindy Laquidara, Steve Rohan and Tracey Arpen – Office of General Counsel; Kirk Sherman, Janice Billy and Philip Peterson – Council Auditor’s Office; Dana Farris and Carol Owens – Legislative Services Division; Cheryl Brown – Council Secretary; Lisa Rinaman and Sherry Hall – Mayor’s Office; Lin White and Bob Williams – Dept. of Public Works; Kelly Boree – Recreation and Community Affairs Department; John Crofts - Planning Department;  Angela Ryan, Jenny Huxford, Tiffany Clark, Dianne Smith, Celeste Hicks, Suzie Loving, Bridgette Green, Sarah Balme, Sandra Lane, Connie Holt and Rupal Wells – ECAs; Rachel Welsh – Staff Services; Kevin Meerschaert – WJCT;


The meeting was called to order at 3:00 p.m. by Council President Davis.


Council Member Corrigan gave the LUZ Committee report.  Council Member Holt requested the 2007-1061 (rezoning on Dunn Creek between SR 9A and New Berlin Road) be re-referred to the committee at the applicant’s request to address several minor items, which was approved.  The bill will not be amended prior to re-referral.  Deputy General Counsel Steve Rohan requested that 2008-128 (amortization of adult entertainment facilities) be moved to the top of the agenda where the Office of General Counsel will request that it be withdrawn.  The President agreed to move the item just prior to the public comment period.


Council Member Clark gave the TEU Committee report. 


Council Member W. Jones gave the Rules Committee report.


Assistant Council Auditor Janice Billy gave the Finance Committee report.  It was noted that 2008-129 (stormwater management utility code) has 2 different amendments from the Finance and Rules Committees – the Rules Committee amendment will be moved first. 


Council Member Corrigan announced that he will be offering a floor amendment regarding the application of the stormwater fee to the public schools.  He has met with the City administration and the School Superintendent to discuss possible alternatives and has reached a mutually acceptable proposal.  Mr. Corrigan stated that his parameters were to ensure that 1) any proposed mechanism be sustainable and bondable; 2) no money should come from school operations; 3) no funds should come from the City General Fund; 4) the City and School Board should come up with a cooperative mechanism for dealing with regional stormwater program; and 5) no homes should be sacrificed in neighborhoods for the purpose of constructing school stormwater ponds.  The amendment provides that the school system and the City will enter into a joint stormwater program to jointly treat stormwater and exchange property and services instead of cash for fees.  There are many details to be worked out.  Councilman Fussell cautioned about the need to keep track of costs and contributions to ensure that sufficient progress is being made toward the City’s ultimate stormwater management goals and targets.  President Davis requested that the Corrigan amendment include a provision that the Memorandum of Understanding between the City and School Board be approved by the City Council, or perhaps the TEU Committee.


Ms. Billy noted that the RCD and PHS Committee reports had both been covered by the Finance Committee report.


Councilman Corrigan noted that 2008-222 (resolution declaring March 30-April 6, 2008 as Children’s Week) is requested for emergency approval on first reading.  Council Member Bishop, citing a recent memo from the Council Auditor regarding past and pending changes to the JTA charter that did not receive City Council review or approval, asked if the Council wished to propose an emergency resolution to the county legislative delegation requesting that no charter changes be approved without the City’s input.  President Davis stated that he had been meeting with the JTA, Council Auditor and General Counsel and would be meeting again in the next couple of weeks.   The President suggested that he and Council Member Bishop schedule a noticed meeting with the JTA in the next week and decide after that whether there is a need for an emergency resolution in 2 weeks.


Council Member Fussell reminded the group about the naming ceremony for the Lynwood Roberts Room at 4:00 p.m. in the atrium, with refreshments following in Committee Room A.  Lisa Rinaman of the Mayor’s Office requested that 2008-162 (appropriating funds to Filing Source for court records management) be pulled from the Consent Agenda and re-referred to committee for correction of a technical error, which was approved.


Council President Davis reported that he and several other council members attended a lively town meeting last night and announced that a bill would be introduced on an addendum to the agenda to repeal Part 10 of the Zoning Code (airport zones) so that the community can be involved in re-writing the part.  Tracey Arpen of the General Counsel’s Office clarified that the ordinance will repeal the recent amendment to Part 10 and return the Part to its original status immediately prior to the amendment.  President Davis apologized to the community for the Council having made the amendment without their input and the community looks forward to being involved in the new re-write.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:18 p.m.






Jeff Clements, Chief

Council Research Division