December 1, 2008

1:30 p.m.


City Council Conference Room A

Suite 425, City Hall

117 W. Duval Street



Attendance:  Chairman Michael Corrigan; Council Members Yarborough, Joost and Jones

Kirk Sherman, Janice Billy  and Phillip Peterson – Auditor’s Office; Jessica Stephens – Legislative Services Division; Peggy Sidman, Dylan Reingold, John Alderson and Cherry Shaw – Office of General Counsel; Sherry Hall – Mayor’s Office; Mickey Miller – Finance Department; Wight Greger and James Richardson – Housing and Neighborhoods Department; Lin White and Bob Williams – Public Works Department; Vince Seibold and Fred Forbes – Environmental and Compliance Department; Kevin Stork - Administration and Finance Department; John Crofts and Jody McDaniel – Planning and Development Department; Paul Crawford and Joe Whitaker – JEDC; Joe Stelma, Shelly Grant and Lawrence Hills – Court Administrator’s Office; Cheryl Runyon and Maxine Person – Sheriff’s Office; King Holzendorf, Tom Ossi, George Chakhtoura, Eric Nagel, Ken Lathrop and Gena Coursen – Information Technologies Department; Angela Ryan, Dianne Smith, Celeste Hicks and Sarah Lane – ECAs; Jeff Clements – Council Research Division; Cheryl Brown – Council Secretary; Rick DuCharme – First Coast No More Homeless Pets; Jim Van Vleck – Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra


The meeting was called to order at 1:30 p.m. by Chairman Corrigan. 


Assistant Council Auditor Janice Billy reviewed the Auditor’s marked agenda which included 9 items to be deferred, 25 items ready for action (1 as an emergency), and 8 items to be read a second time and re-referred.  The Chairman stated that, while bill 2008-821 (third amendment to redevelopment agreement between the City and H.O.P.E. Inc.) was marked for deferral on the Auditor’s agenda he intended to allow the bill to be taken up if that was the committee’s desire.  Council Member Joost indicated that he would be offering a set of 3 amendments to the bill if it was moved for action.  Ms. Billy also noted that the Rules Committee had made an amendment at its meeting earlier in the day to state that the project, as revised, would include one car dealership, not two.


Regarding bill 2008-1022 appropriating funds “above the line” for ITD projects, Mr. Joost indicated that he would be offering an amendment to remove the $46,000 line item for the lobbyist database project.  Ms. Billy stated that 2008-1057 (authorizing license agreements for Normandy Community Center private operation) was requested for action as an emergency and was amended in the Rules Committee earlier in the day.  2008-1058 (Ordinance Code amendment to shift administration of Teen Court from the State Attorney’s Office to Court Administration) would also be requested for action as an emergency as substituted by the Rules Committee earlier in the day.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1:40 p.m.



Jeff Clements, City Council Research



Posted 12.2.08

4:15 p.m.


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