September 2, 2008

1:30 P.M.



Suite 425, City Hall

117 W. Duval Street



Attendance: Chairman Corrigan, Committee Member Holt

Peggy Sidman, Cindy Laquidara, Dylan Reingold and John Germany – Office of General Counsel; Janice Billy, Kirk Sherman, Kyle Billy, Robert Campbell and Philip Peterson – Council Auditor’s Office; Jessica Morales – Legislative Services Division; Lisa Rinaman– Mayor’s Office; Jeff Clements – City Council Research; Kerri Stewart – Deputy CAO; Wight Gregor and Laura Stagner – Housing and Neighborhoods Department;  Lin White – Public Works Department; Ebenezer Gujjarlapudi – Environmental and Compliance Department; Cheryl Runyon – Sheriff’s Office; Brad Thoburn – Planning and Development Department; Mickey Miller – Finance Department; Dan Kleman and Melissa Leen – Fire and Rescue Department; Dianne Smith, Angela Ryan, Celeste Hicks – ECAs; Dick Cohee – Retired Employee’s Association; Odile Geary – Concerned Taxpayers of Duval County; Nanette Rund - JEA


 The meeting was called to order at 1:30 p.m.


Assistant Council Auditor Janice Billy reviewed the marked committee agenda which included 16 items to be deferred, 25 items ready for action and 17 items to be read a second time and re-referred. 


2007-1136 (changes to City pension plan) - Ms. Billy stated that is ready for action and directed the committee’s attention to several pages of attachments to the marked agenda explaining the major provisions of the ordinance.

2008-643 (CDBG grant allocations) – see attachments to the marked agenda listing the grant recipients and amounts

2008-645 (HOME fund allocations) – see attachments to the marked agenda listing the grant recipients

2008-656 (Fire and Rescue Department 5-year capital improvement plan) – Chairman Corrigan prefers that the PHS Committee take up the bill first and review the project listing in its capacity as the committee of reference for Fire and Rescue Department legislation before the Finance Committee looks at it from the fiscal perspective.  JFRD Director Dan Kleman respectfully requested that the bill be taken up in order to allow it to be completed by both committees in time to be adopted along with the budget ordinance.

2008-538 (Trail Ridge Landfill operating contract) – Lisa Rinaman announced that new information regarding the agreement has been received and the administration requests that the bill be substituted by Finance and moved either today or at the budget hearing on Thursday.  Ms. Rinaman will meet with the Council Auditor and Chairman Corrigan after the meeting today to determine the next step.


Finance Director Mickey Miller would like to present a debt affordability report to the Finance Committee as soon as the committee’s schedule permits.  The Chairman suggested a future meeting would be better than today.


There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 1:43 p.m.



Jeff Clements, City Council Research




Posted 9.5.08

2:00 p.m.