March 18, 2008

3:00 p.m.


City Council Conference Room A

Suite 425, City Hall

117 West Duval Street


Attendance:  Committee Chair Michael Corrigan; Council Members Bill Bishop and Warren Jones; Shannon Eller, Office of General Counsel; John Crofts, Sean Kelly, and Folks Huxford, Department of Planning and Development; Jessica Stephens, Merriane Lahmeur, and Rick Campbell, Office of City Council


The Committee Chair, Michael Corrigan, called the meeting to order at 3:02 p.m.  He asked Mr. John Crofts to take everyone through the marked agenda containing the suggested committee actions.


Changes, additions, and comments concerning the agenda as marked included:

07-1046 Planning Commission amendment pending; no action tonight

07-1215 Could be heard tonight, depending upon representatives receiving information from the     Director of Planning and Development

07-1230 Withdrawal has been requested

08-23 Being addressed in community; hearing to be continued to May 6, 2008

08-107 Amendment pending relative to map change notation

08-108 and 109 After discussion explaining background and community concerns, C/M W. Jones   requested deferral at tonight’s meeting

08-135 and 136 C/M Bishop inquired as to the reason for deferral, and was advised that it was      due to public hearings being scheduled for April 1, 2008

08-149 Technical amendment pending to update various entity names to conform to          reorganization; was not before the TEU Committee for its consideration

08-170 To be deferred awaiting Planning Commission action

08-192 Community meeting scheduled for March 20, 2008; updated map pending


As there was no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:15 p.m.


Rick Campbell, Research Assistant:  630-1679