RESEARCH DIVISION




February 19, 2008

9:30 a.m.


City Council Conference Room A

Suite 425, City Hall

117 West Duval Street




Attendance:  C/M Clark (Chair), C/M Bishop, C/M Redman;  Randy Gallup;  Lisa Rinaman, Sherry Hall Administration;  Carmen Martin, Council Auditor’s Office; Connie Holt, ECA; Scott Wilson, ECA; Meghan Friel; Sandra Lane, ECA; Wight Greger, Floretta Green, Housing & Neighborhoods; Ed Hall, Public Works;  Bob Williams, Public Works; Margaret Sidman,

Dylan Reingold, Cherry Shaw Office of General Counsel; Mike Miller, JTA; Atty Paige Johnston; Anna Shea; Sharonda Pender, Legislative Services;  John J. Jackson, Council Research Division.


The Committee Chair called the meeting to order at 9:30 a.m.


The Chair reviewed the agenda, citing those items that were going to be taken up and those items that were going to be deferred.


On Item #17, ORD 2008-63, Approp from FDOT in Addnl Funds for S-Line Rail Rail – Myrtle Ave to 44th Ave Proj, Lisa Rinaman indicated that though the bill was reported favorably out of Finance, Council Member Lee will likely ask that the bill be deferred.


Mike Miller, JTA, announced that JTA would be making a brief presentation on the authority’s ideas on what a light rail system for Jacksonville in the future would entail.  Metro  Jax was going to be making the second phase of its two-part presentation on light rail, as well.


The agenda meeting was adjourned at 9:40 a.m.



John J. Jackson, Council Research Division