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June 8, 2010

5:00 p.m.


Location:  City Council Chamber, City Hall – St. James Building; 117 West Duval Street,


In attendance:  Council President Clark, Council Members Yarborough, Holt, Shad, Bishop, Crescimbeni, Jones, Joost and Brown


Also:Peggy Sidman, Steve Rohan, Dylan Reingold, John Germany and Michael Wedner – Office of General Counsel; Kirk Sherman and Janice Billy – Council Auditor’s Office; Dana Farris - Legislative Services Division; Sherry Hall and Lisa Rinaman - Mayor’s Office;  Lin White – Dept. of Public Works; Wight Greger and James Richardson – Housing and Neighborhoods Department; Bill Killingsworth and John Crofts – Planning Department; Steve Cassada – Council Staff Services;  Celeste Hicks, Dianne Smith, Sarah Lane and Scott Wilson – ECAs; Kevin Meerschaert – WJCT; Tia Mitchell – Florida Times-Union, T.R. Hainline, Cleve Warren


Meeting Convened:  3:04 p.m.


Council President Clark called the meeting to order and noted that, with several members excused, the Council will be close to a minimum quorum.  He asked the members to be cognizant of keeping a quorum present throughout the meeting.


Mr. Clark asked the committee chairs to report their committee actions.


Council Member Joost reviewed the Finance Committee’s actions from its meeting, noting that 2010-368 (agreement with Duval County Public Schools for a roadway access agreement) has differing amendments from the Finance and RDC Committees; the RDC amendment will be moved first.  He also noted that 2010-429 (releasing covenants in various public records) was amended in the TEU Committee but not in Finance, and the TEU amendment should be moved.


Council Member Shad reviewed the Rules Committee’s actions from its meeting.  He noted that 2010-514, -515 and -526 (honoring and commending resolutions and support for a community contribution tax credit project) are marked on the agenda for emergency action on first reading.  He also stated that Police and Fire Pension Fund Director John Keane had contacted him and requested emergency action on resolution 2010-473 reappointing Peter Sleiman to the Police and Fire Pension Fund board of trustees.  President Clark stated that he would not support emergency action on the reappointment.


Council Member Holt reviewed the LUZ Committee’s actions from its meeting, noting that 2010-390 and -395 (semi-annual land use amendments on Braddock Road and Yellow Bluff Road) will have floor amendments to incorporate map changes.


Assistant Council Auditor Janice Billy stated that the PHS and RCD committee actions had been covered by previous reports, and reported one additional item of action from the TEU Committee.


Council Member Brown urged his colleagues to favorably consider his resolution 2010-404 calling for a study of the Interlocal Agreements with the Beaches cities and Town of Baldwin and explained his rationale behind the proposal.  Council Member Joost suggested that the incoming Council President could appoint a subcommittee to conduct the study and Council Member Jones reminded the group that whatever facts may be discovered by a study, the Interlocal Agreement would be subject to renegotiation between Jacksonville and the other cities and ultimately approval by the City Council.


Chief Legislative Counsel Peggy Sidman stated that there would be a floor amendment proposed for 2010-436 (accepting fee simple title or easements over various properties from the FDOT in the Riverside area) to include a legal description.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:27 p.m.


Jeff Clements, Council Research Division



Posted: 5:00 p.m.