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January 12, 2010

3:00 p.m.



Location:  City Council Chamber, City Hall – St. James Building; 117 West Duval Street,


In attendance:  Council President Clark, Council Members Webb, Yarborough, Holt, Bishop, Joost, Crescimbeni (arr. 3:05), Meserve, Johnson, Redman, Shad, Jones, Gaffney (arr. 3:03) and Brown


Also:  Cindy Laquidara, Steve Rohan, Peggy Sidman and Dylan Reingold – Office of General Counsel; Kirk Sherman, Janice Billy and Philip Peterson – Council Auditor’s Office; Dana Farris - Legislative Services Division; Sherry Hall - Mayor’s Office;  James Richardson – Housing and Neighborhoods Department; Lin White and Jamie Brooks – Dept. of Public Works; John Crofts – Planning and Development Department; Cheryl Brown, Council Secretary/Director; Jeff Clements – City Council Research; Steve Cassada – Council Staff Services; Kevin Meerschaert – WJCT; Tia Mitchell – Florida Times-Union; Scott Wilson, Celeste Hicks, Suzanne Warren and Sandra Lane – ECAs; Jim Gilmore; Paul Harden; Bill Birchfield; Nelson Cuba - FOP


Meeting Convened:  3:00 p.m.


Council President Clark called the meeting to order and asked the committee chairs to report their committee actions.


Council Member Joost reviewed the Finance Committee’s actions from its meeting, noting that the Rules Committee substitute should be moved for 2009-891 (amendment to Third and Main JEDC incentive package).


Council Member Shad reviewed the Rules Committee’s actions from its meeting.  He noted that Council Member Redman is requesting deferral of 2009-894 (moving City elections to November beginning in 2018).  He also noted that Nelson Cuba, President of the local FOP, has requested deferral of 2009-883 (support for legislative bill J-3 regarding Civil Service Board rules of procedure).  Mr. Cuba came to the podium and stated the FOP wants the opportunity to review and comment on the effects of this J-bill before Council acts.  President Clark stated that the bill will be pulled from the Consent Agenda and the Council will determine whether to defer or not.


Assistant Council Auditor Janice Billy reported that the actions of the PHS Committee were covered by the previous reports.


Council Member Gaffney


Council Member Holt reviewed the LUZ Committee’s actions from its meeting.  He reported that Council Member Corrigan will have a floor amendment for 2009-907 (off-street parking and loading zone requirements) regarding parking in designated historic districts.  Council Member Bishop requested deferral of 2009-668 (rezoning for Racetrac Petroleum on Valencia Drive and Shadowood Lane) for further community input, particularly regarding changes to Atlantic Boulevard.  Paul Harden, representing the gas station owners, stated that the developer has been working with the adjoining neighborhood for 4 months, has agreed to deferral of the bill through 6 legislative cycles, and has agreed to 25 conditions.  In his opinion the issues being raised by Mr. Bishop’s constituents at this point relate to FDOT’s median access closure, not to the gas station, and opposed the deferral.  President Clark will let Council decide whether they see the need for additional deferral and discussion.


Assistant Council Auditor Janice Billy reviewed the TEU Committee’s actions from its meeting.


Chief Legislative Counsel Peggy Sidman reported that she would have a minor floor amendment for 2009-868 (amendment to Ordinance Code Chapter 118 – Public Service Grants).  She also reminded the Council of the shade meeting scheduled for 3:30 p.m.


Council Member Yarborough reported that the Council Auditor has raised objections to 2009-901 (fair share assessment agreement for development on Eastport Road).  Kirk Sherman stated that his office disagrees with the amount of the fair share calculation based on the FDOT’s classification of one of the roads and the way that classification affects the trips per day calculation formula of the fair share model.  Dylan Reingold stated that the Planning and Development Department has traditionally accepted FDOT’s classifications of its own roadways and has not challenged those classifications.  Mr. Sherman thinks the classification is unjustifiable and works to the City’s detriment in this instance.  He would like to see some effort made to negotiate with the FDOT.


Council Member Holt requested that 2009-940 (public service tax exemption for Gerdau Ameristeel) be deferred.


Meeting Adjourned:  3:23 p.m.


Minutes:    Jeff Clements, Chief of Research


Tapes:       Agenda meeting – LSD


Materials:   Marked agenda - LSD