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Finance Committee Agenda Meeting Minutes

December 7, 2010

9:30 a.m.


Topic:  Finance Committee agenda meeting


Location:  Conference Room A, City Hall – St. James Building; 117 West Duval Street,

     Suite 425


In attendance:  Council Member Jones (Chair)

Peggy Sidman, Cherry Shaw and  Dylan Reingold – Office of General Counsel; Kirk Sherman and Janice Billy – Council Auditor’s Office; Sherry Hall and Lisa Rinaman – Mayor’s Office; Mike Givens and Kevin Stork – Administration and Finance Department; Lin White – Public Works Department;  Maxine Person – Sheriff’s Office; Steve Pace – Environmental and Compliance Department; Bob Johnson – Inspector General’s Office; Scott Wilson and Mina Hosseine - ECAs; Jessica Stephens – Legislative Services Division; Dawn Holder, Gwyneth Holder, David Nexius


Meeting Convened:  9:30 a.m.


Sherry Hall of the Mayor’s Office informed the committee that the administration would be requesting emergency approval of a bill at the full Council meeting next Tuesday which would approve revisions to the City’s emergency management plan.  The bill was filed after the introduction deadline for the last meeting so will be introduced on the floor next week.  The administration wanted the Finance Committee to be aware in advance of this bill, which will allow the City to renew its status as having a certified emergency management plan.


Chairman Jones reviewed the items on the Auditor’s marked agenda, which showed 11 items ready for action, 1 item to be withdrawn, 1 item to be substituted and re-referred, 5 items to be deferred, and 12 items to be recommended for second reading and re-referral.


Dylan Reingold stated that he has prepared a substitute for 2010-695 (amending the fair share assessment administrative procedures and approval process and contracts for agreements valued at under $100,000) and the bill is marked for substitute and re-referral.  Mr. Reingold will be present to answer any questions.


Mr. Jones stated that 2010-766 (establishing a $40 court cost to provide funding for Jacksonville Area Legal Aid) will be deferred and that he and Council Member Hyde will be scheduling a noticed meeting in the next week to discuss the bill.


With regard to 2010-855 (amending Interlocal Agreement with the Town of Baldwin regarding fire and emergency medical service contract), Bob Johnson reported that he had spoken with the Mayor of Baldwin yesterday but they had not reached a common understanding about the bill’s purpose and effect.  The bill was deferred in both committees yesterday and is requested for deferral today as well while negotiations continue.


2010-888 will be deferred until the Council Auditors are satisfied that their issues are properly addressed, particularly concerns about the award of a grant without an RFP process.




Meeting Adjourned:  9:37 a.m.


Minutes:  Jeff Clements, Council Research

                 12.7.10   Posted 5:00 p.m.

Tapes:      Finance agenda meeting– LSD


Materials:   Auditor’s marked Finance agenda