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May 11, 2010

5:00 PM


Performance and Audit Subcommittee Meeting Minutes

May 11, 2010


Topic:  Approval of independent auditor for FY09-10 audit


Location:  Conference Room A, City Hall – St. James Building; 117 West Duval Street,

     Suite 425


In attendance:  Council Members Joost (Chair) and Yarborough

Kyle Billy and Heather Norsworthy – Council Auditor’s Office;  Sharonda Davis – Legislative Services Division; Mickey Miller – Finance Department; Jeff Clements – City Council Research Division


Meeting Convened:  1:33 p.m.


Kyle Billy presented a draft ordinance and letter of engagement authorizing a contract between the City and the accounting firm of McGladrey & Pullen, LLP for the company to serve as the City’s independent auditor for the next 3 fiscal years.  The contract resulted from the RFP approved by the committee some months ago and has been reviewed and approved by the Office of General Counsel, the Chief Financial Officer and City Treasurer.  The committee approved the introduction of the ordinance under Council Member Joost’s sponsorship.


CFO Mickey Miller stated that the City was very pleased with the number and quality of the responses to this year’s RFP.  The response far exceeded the last advertisement for an auditing firm which drew only one response.  This year there were many very qualified firms from which to choose.


Meeting Adjourned:  1:38 p.m.


Minutes:  Jeff Clements, Council Research


Tapes:      Performance and Audit Subcommittee agenda meeting– LSD


Materials:   Auditor’s RFP ranking for independent auditor selection