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February 17, 2010

5:00 PM


Finance Committee Agenda Meeting Minutes

February 16, 2010


Topic:  Finance Committee agenda meeting


Location:  Conference Room A, City Hall – St. James Building; 117 West Duval Street,

     Suite 425


In attendance:  Council Members Joost (Chair), Holt, Redman, Yarborough and Bishop

Peggy Sidman and Dylan Reingold – Office of General Counsel; Kirk Sherman, Janice Billy, Kyle Billy and Philip Peterson – Council Auditor’s Office; Lisa Rinaman and Sherry Hall – Mayor’s Office; Lin White and John Jones – Public Works Department; Wight Greger and James Richardson – Housing and Neighborhoods Department; Mickey Miller – Administration and Finance Department; Vince Seibold and Fred Forbes – Environmental and Compliance Department; Maxine Person – Sheriff’s Office; Celeste Hicks, Dianne Smith Alison Miller and Angela Ryan – ECAs; Sharonda Davis – Legislative Services Division; Jeff Clements – City Council Research; Mike Sharkey – Financial News and Daily Record; Tia Mitchell – Florida Times-Union; Jim Catlett


Meeting Convened:  1:30 p.m.


Assistant Council Auditor Janice Billy reviewed the Auditor’s marked agenda, which showed 1 item to be withdrawn, 25 items to be deferred, 23 items ready for action and 5 items to be read a second time and re-referred.


Ordinance 2010-39 (fair share assessment agreement with Harmony Farms of Jacksonville) and Ordinance 2010-40 (fair share assessment for Olsen Farms LLC) are essentially companion bills regarding road work for a development near the intersection of I-295 and Collins Road.  Council Member Davis and Deputy General Counsel Dylan Reingold will be present for the discussion, and the Auditor’s Office has attached a memorandum to the marked agenda discussing several issues and questions.


Chief Financial Officer Mickey Miller will present the quarterly operating portfolio update to the committee.


Meeting Adjourned:  1:40 p.m.


Minutes:  Jeff Clements, Council Research


Tapes:      Finance agenda meeting– LSD


Materials:   Auditor’s marked Finance agenda