1                    CITY OF JACKSONVILLE


       2                    LAND USE AND ZONING


       3                         COMMITTEE






       6             Proceedings held on Tuesday, August 17,


       7   2010, commencing at 5:00 p.m., City Hall, Council


       8   Chambers, 1st Floor, Jacksonville, Florida, before


       9   Diane M. Tropia, a Notary Public in and for the State


      10   of Florida at Large.




      12   PRESENT:


      13        JOHN CRESCIMBENI, Chair.

                RAY HOLT, Vice Chair.

      14        WILLIAM BISHOP, Committee Member.

                DON REDMAN, Committee Member.

      15        STEPHEN JOOST, Committee Member.

                REGGIE BROWN, Committee Member.



      17   ALSO PRESENT:


      18        JOHN CROFTS, Deputy Director, Planning Dept.

                SEAN KELLY, Chief, Current Planning.

      19        KEN AVERY, Planning and Development Dept.

                DYLAN REINGOLD, Office of General Counsel.

      20        RICK CAMPBELL, Research Assistant.

                MERRIANE LAHMEUR, Legislative Assistant.

      21        SHARONDA DAVIS, Legislative Assistant.


      22                         -  -  -










        Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1                   P R O C E E D I N G S


       2   August 17, 2010                         5:00 p.m.


       3                         -  -  -


       4             THE CHAIRMAN:  Good evening, everyone.


       5             We're going to call the August 17th


       6        Land Use and Zoning Committee to order.


       7             And to begin with, we'll go around the dais


       8        and have everyone introduce themselves, starting


       9        with Mr. Crofts, who is not in his seat, so,


      10        Mr. Kelly, if you will pick up the slack there.


      11             MR. KELLY:  Sean Kelly, Planning and


      12        Development.


      13             MR. AVERY:  Ken Avery, Planning and


      14        Development.


      15             MR. REINGOLD:  Dylan Reingold with the


      16        Office of General Counsel.


      17             MR. JOOST:  Stephen Joost, City Council.


      18             THE CHAIRMAN:  I'm John Crescimbeni, the


      19        chairman.


      20             MR. BISHOP:  Bill Bishop, District 2.


      21             MR. REDMAN:  Don Redman, District 4.


      22             THE CHAIRMAN:  Okay.  Mr. Avery, if you


      23        will switch signs with the seat next to you on


      24        the left or switch seats, we'll get you


      25        straightened out there.




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             Mr. Reingold, would you like to begin with


       2        the LUZ statement?  I know you look forward to


       3        that, so -- your time is here.


       4             MR. REINGOLD:  I would be delighted to,


       5        sir.


       6             MR. REINGOLD:  Anybody who would like to


       7        address the committee must fill out a yellow


       8        speaker's card in its entirety.  The yellow


       9        speakers' cards are located on the desk up


      10        front, near the podium.  Once completed, please


      11        return the speaker's card to the basket on the


      12        front desk.


      13             Any person who lobbies the City for


      14        compensation is considered a lobbyist and is


      15        therefore required to register their lobbying


      16        activity with the City Council secretary.  If


      17        you are a lobbyist and have not registered with


      18        the City Council secretary, you will not be


      19        permitted to address the committee.


      20             Because a verbatim transcript of this


      21        meeting will be prepared by a court reporter, it


      22        is important that you speak clearly into the


      23        microphone when you address the committee.  It's


      24        also important that only one person speak at a


      25        time.




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             Any tangible material submitted with a


       2        speaker's presentation, such as documents,


       3        photographs, plans, drawings, et cetera, shall


       4        become a permanent part of the public record and


       5        will be retained by this committee.


       6             As a courtesy, please switch any cell


       7        phones, pagers, or audible devices to a silent


       8        mode.


       9             Additionally, there shall be no public


      10        display of support or opposition, so please


      11        refrain from applause or speaking out of turn.


      12             Items are generally addressed in the order


      13        in which they are listed on the agenda.  Copies


      14        of the agenda are located on the desk up front,


      15        near the podium.


      16             On occasion, items may be heard out of


      17        order for the sake of efficiency or to


      18        accommodate scheduling conflicts.


      19             Unless there is a formal hearing on a


      20        particular item, each member of the public is


      21        limited to a single three-minute presentation.


      22        Therefore, presentations should be focused,


      23        concise, and address only the item pending


      24        before the committee.


      25             Prior to addressing the committee, please




        Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        state your name and address for the court


       2        reporter.


       3             Decisions on rezonings, including PUDs,


       4        waivers of road frontage, sign waivers, and


       5        appeals, are all considered quasi-judicial in


       6        nature and certain protocals will be followed


       7        for these proceedings.


       8             First, each council member must disclose on


       9        the record any ex-parte communications they have


      10        had with any members of the public prior to the


      11        hearing on each applicable item.  This includes


      12        a brief statement of when the communication took


      13        place, who the communication was with, and what


      14        the subject matter of the communication was


      15        about.


      16             Second, the normal format is to allow the


      17        applicant or agent thereof to make their


      18        presentation first, followed by members of the


      19        public who wish to speak in support of the item,


      20        then members of the public who are in opposition


      21        will be allowed to speak.


      22             After all the public comments have been


      23        received, the applicant will have a brief


      24        opportunity to wrap up or present a brief


      25        rebuttal.  The wrap-up or rebuttal shall be




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        limited to the issues brought up by the


       2        speakers.


       3             In some instances, the Chair may permit a


       4        concise surrebuttal or response to the


       5        applicant's rebuttal, which will be followed by


       6        a brief final response by the applicant.


       7             Finally, all quasi-judicial decisions must


       8        be based on substantial competent evidence,


       9        which means that the committee's decision must


      10        be supported by fact-based testimony or expert


      11        testimony and not generalized concerns or


      12        opinions.


      13             And I would also finally like the record to


      14        reflect that we have had Councilmember Holt and


      15        Councilmember Brown join our committee.


      16             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you, Mr. Reingold.


      17             And we also have a former council member in


      18        the audience.  Councilmember Suzanne Jenkins is


      19        with us tonight.


      20             Thank you for being here.


      21             All right.  We're going to take a couple of


      22        items out of order to begin with, so if I could


      23        get the committee to turn to page 11, we have a


      24        presentation from Lisa Ransom of the Planning


      25        Department on items 37 and 38, vision plans for




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        the Urban Core and the Southeast Planning


       2        District respectively.


       3             Ms. Ransom, if you would like to come up.


       4             (Ms. Ransom approaches the podium.)


       5             THE CHAIRMAN:  And if you have any


       6        questions, if you will just hold those to the


       7        conclusion of her presentation -- it should last


       8        about ten minutes -- and then we will take these


       9        two items up out of order.


      10             Ms. Ransom.


      11             MS. RANSOM:  Thank you, Mr. Chairman,


      12        members of the LUZ, staff, and the public.


      13             My name is Lisa Ransom.  I'm the project


      14        manager for the vision plan ordinances 2010-614


      15        and -615.  Today I'll be presenting both of the


      16        vision plans for the Southeast District and the


      17        Urban Core District, but before I do that, I


      18        would appreciate just a few moments to introduce


      19        those staff members and members of the public


      20        that participated in this two- to


      21        three-year-long process.


      22             We have in the audience, I believe,


      23        Frank Morgan, the Chair of the Southeast


      24        District Vision Plan.


      25             Can he please stand?




        Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             AUDIENCE MEMBER:  (Complies.)


       2             MS. RANSOM:  And if there are any other


       3        Southeast Steering Committee members, would you


       4        also please stand --


       5             AUDIENCE MEMBERS:  (Comply.)


       6             THE CHAIRMAN:  -- to acknowledge you?


       7             I just want to acknowledge them and thank


       8        them for their two years of hard work during


       9        this process.


      10             We also have in the audience Paul Tutwiler,


      11        the Chair of the Urban Core Vision Plan.  You


      12        probably already know Mr. Tutwiler.  He's very


      13        prominent in the community and works very hard.


      14             And also -- do we have any of our other


      15        District 1 vision plan -- we have Cherry Shaw,


      16        who was a member of our steering committee as


      17        well.


      18             These are the true heroes of this process.


      19        We were charged with making this process --


      20        maximum public participation.  We had many weeks


      21        of meetings, and I'll go over that in a little


      22        bit more detail, but I also wanted to


      23        acknowledge our staff members present.


      24             Adrianne Lathrop is not here presently, but


      25        she's been involved with the Urban Core.  She




        Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        facilitated those meetings.


       2             And Amy Holliman is our Greater Arlington


       3        staff member, and we'll be bringing that plan to


       4        you in a few weeks.


       5             So I'd like to thank all of the staff


       6        members and our steering committee members for


       7        their participation.  Without them, we would not


       8        have these two plans before you.


       9             THE CHAIRMAN:  Ms. Ransom, let me interrupt


      10        for just a second and also extend the


      11        appreciation of the committee for those citizens


      12        that participated on these programs.  Your


      13        participation was very valuable and your time


      14        commitment was greatly appreciated.


      15             I know that I had some interaction with the


      16        Arlington Town Center for the District 2


      17        Town Center Vision Plan, and it was quite long


      18        and drawn out, so I appreciate the efforts.


      19             We don't have a public hearing scheduled on


      20        these two items tonight, again, items 37 and 38;


      21        however, if anyone wishes to take a -- I'm going


      22        to restrict the comments to -- I'm going to ask


      23        you to be brief, but if you do want to address


      24        the committee, just fill out one of these yellow


      25        speakers' cards (indicating) and just drop it in




        Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        the basket prior to Ms. Ransom's -- the


       2        conclusion of her presentation.


       3             Thank you, Ms. Ransom.  If you will


       4        continue.


       5             MS. RANSOM:  Thank you.


       6             I will be brief.


       7             As you already know, we have three plans


       8        that we've done for Duval County.  We have our


       9        North, Northwest, and Southwest that we


      10        completed around 2003.  These three, the


      11        Urban Core, Southeast, and Arlington, will


      12        complete the county.


      13             Shaping the vision for the city's


      14        development future was a goal of the mayor and


      15        it was one of the ten principles for managing


      16        Jacksonville's growth as recommended in the 2005


      17        Mayor's growth task force committee.


      18             As I mentioned, we had public


      19        participation, starting from 2007.  We had a bus


      20        tour of all three districts, we met with council


      21        members, CPAC chairs.


      22             In February of 2008, we held community


      23        forums to discuss the project and we had a


      24        consultant that met with various stakeholders.


      25             We began this visioning process for each of




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        the districts with four community charettes in


       2        each of the districts that were held on both


       3        weekdays and Saturdays.  We also took all of


       4        this information gathered from the charettes and


       5        used it to create the building blocks for each


       6        of these vision plans, which we call the five


       7        guiding principles.


       8             We had the community charettes, as I


       9        mentioned, in various parts of the community.


      10        We have photographs from each one of those


      11        districts.  We kept our records to -- just to


      12        show that we did go out into the community as


      13        much as possible.  We took their ideas and they


      14        developed into diagrams that illustrated the


      15        vision and the ideas that would move forward to


      16        create sketches that actually visualize the


      17        ideas that came out of the charettes.


      18             We have ideas for more retail, more public


      19        access to the riverfront, and different


      20        varieties of transit.  They're all building


      21        blocks for the plans.


      22             The purpose of the plans is to determine


      23        how we should grow in the future.  These


      24        district plans are supposed to be plans at a


      25        30,000-foot level.  They're not neighborhood




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        plans; they're districtwide plans.  They're


       2        meant to be guiding documents for more specific


       3        future planning efforts and capital improvements


       4        throughout the districts.  They're meant to


       5        shape the new comprehensive plan, the 2030 plan,


       6        and help to manage growth for years to come.


       7             We also had existing conditions, a lot of


       8        data that you will not see in these plans, but


       9        those existing condition reports are available


      10        online if you care to read them.


      11             The five guiding principles are a framework


      12        for directing growth toward commercial corridors


      13        and away from existing neighborhoods with an aim


      14        towards preserving the existing character and


      15        scale of neighborhoods.


      16             And now I'll begin with the five guiding


      17        principles for the Urban Core.


      18             Capitalize on the Urban Core's uniqueness.


      19        As you can see, we have major economic drivers


      20        in the Urban Core.  Many of them are not even


      21        shown on this slide.  Unfortunately, the


      22        Urban Core has lost population since 1990.


      23        However, the Urban Core is still the most dense,


      24        with eight people per acre.


      25             The plan for the Urban Core shows that




        Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        there's ample room for growth, however, and the


       2        vision plan for the Urban Core also acknowledges


       3        all the preceding studies that have been done.


       4        We incorporated all the information and all the


       5        recommendations from the neighborhood studies


       6        and brought them into the vision for the entire


       7        district.


       8             The Urban Core's uniqueness also underlines


       9        the historic resources.  The areas that you see


      10        outlined in blue are all areas that have been


      11        surveyed -- they're all buildings that have been


      12        surveyed for historic character, for potential


      13        for historic designation, and also for


      14        conservation districts.


      15             If we decide to use these methods for


      16        preserving neighborhoods, we would also preserve


      17        the distinctive character that each of these


      18        neighborhoods has.  You can see in the middle,


      19        the red is already the Springfield neighborhood


      20        that already is designated for historic


      21        character.  We hope to revitalize some of these


      22        surrounding neighborhoods within the entire


      23        Urban Core.


      24             And this slide shows the warehouse


      25        district.  It's a part of the neighborhoods




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        north of downtown, and we would like to


       2        capitalize on the uniqueness and bring


       3        excitement, activity, and just more people into


       4        the Urban Core.  That's part of what the


       5        neighbors wanted.


       6             The next principle, number two, is promote


       7        mixed use, mixed income, redevelopment, and


       8        infill.  Here you'll see a rendering of the


       9        potential reuse of the Ford plant.  It's


      10        grandiose, it's large, it's exciting, it uses


      11        commercial, it uses retail, and it uses the


      12        existing plant.  On the bottom right, you'll see


      13        a photograph of what's there now and the drawing


      14        shows what it could possibly be.


      15             It's also an existing brownfields site.


      16        One of the ideas that came out of the charettes


      17        was to reuse large tracts of vacant land, for


      18        instance, Commodore Point.


      19             Here you see the before and after.  They're


      20        ideas, but it's visioning.  That's why we're


      21        here.  So we're promoting more mixed use,


      22        particularly of the brownfields sites within and


      23        throughout the Urban Core district.


      24             Providing a variety of transportation


      25        choices is principle three.  Here you see a map




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        of transit opportunities that will go throughout


       2        the downtown, throughout the Urban Core, and


       3        bring the surrounding neighborhoods into the


       4        downtown.  That was one of the things that they


       5        talked about, connecting surrounding


       6        neighborhoods into the downtown and giving a


       7        variety of transportation, and making


       8        neighborhoods more walkable is also a part of


       9        the character that they want to bring about.


      10        They want to make neighborhoods safe, they want


      11        to make neighborhoods walkable.  That was one of


      12        the other things.  Connecting the neighborhoods


      13        downtown they felt would make them safer and


      14        make them more walkable.


      15             Principal four is to provide for economic


      16        growth.  This speaks for itself, but we also


      17        wanted to identify that the plan recognizes and


      18        supports JEDC as the primary resource for


      19        economic development within the city.  This


      20        principle reinforces that for the Urban Core.


      21        As you can see, we also have photographs of


      22        major drivers.


      23             And, finally, principle five is to expand,


      24        protect, and enhance open space.  We have a


      25        wonderful natural resource throughout the




        Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        county, throughout the city, our river, and we


       2        want to make it more walkable, more accessible,


       3        and to enhance it so that more people can enjoy


       4        it.


       5             And, finally, for the Urban Core, they see


       6        a central park theme as one of the gateways into


       7        the Urban Core district.  This is a potential


       8        reuse, expansion, and it works with our


       9        Parks Department in revitalizing the


      10        Hogan's Creek park system that we already have,


      11        taking what's already there and just expanding


      12        upon that.


      13             This is the Urban Core Vision Plan.  If you


      14        have any questions -- or if you'd like me to


      15        pause here or I can continue to the Southeast.


      16             THE CHAIRMAN:  Any questions from the


      17        committee on the Urban Core plan?


      18             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


      19             THE CHAIRMAN:  All right.  Seeing none,


      20        Ms. Ransom, if you will move on to the


      21        Southeast.


      22             MS. RANSOM:  Okay.  The Southeast is a


      23        large area with many different neighborhoods.


      24        This map here shows potential redevelopment for


      25        the entire district.  It will be talked about




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        more thoroughly throughout the vision plan, but


       2        the Southeast district itself is approximately


       3        90,000 acres or 140 square miles.  It can be


       4        compared to the size of the city of


       5        Philadelphia.


       6             One of the things that the first principle


       7        talks about, capitalizing on the Southeast's


       8        uniqueness, is that there are several different


       9        neighborhoods that are unique to the Southeast.


      10        We have urban neighborhoods, we have suburban


      11        neighborhoods.  So there are a variety of


      12        neighborhoods, but each one of them, we need to


      13        capture and protect those characteristics which


      14        makes that neighborhood distinctive, those


      15        features that make it unique and to its own.  So


      16        we have a lot of work to do to encourage


      17        development, but yet to utilize those unique


      18        characteristics for each neighborhood, and here


      19        are just some examples.


      20             But each neighborhood would like to


      21        encourage their sense of place.  That was one of


      22        the major things that we discussed in the


      23        Southeast.


      24             We also have riverfront access, and we


      25        would like to expand upon public access to the




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        river within the Southeast.


       2             Principle two is very similar to the


       3        Urban Core's, and that's promote mixed use,


       4        mixed income, redevelopment of infill.  Here you


       5        see a variety of commercial opportunities, mixed


       6        use, mixed income, and utilizing existing


       7        shopping centers within the Southeast that can


       8        be expanded and could be built upon.  So that's


       9        development that can be expanded upon.


      10             I think I missed a slide.


      11             This is the potential redevelopment of


      12        Philips Highway.  As you can see, it's wide


      13        sidewalks, crosswalks, bikeways, and


      14        landscaping.  It makes it more walkable, more


      15        pleasant to the pedestrian, as well as expands


      16        upon existing commercial and infill.


      17             Our third principle is connecting


      18        transportation choices and enhancing mobility.


      19        One of the things we talked about in the


      20        Southeast was to have more east-west


      21        connectivity.  But if you notice on the left of


      22        the map, you see the pink line.  That's a water


      23        taxi.  That came out in all three of the vision


      24        plans, the Urban Core, Southeast, and Greater


      25        Arlington/Beaches talks about adding water




        Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        taxis.  So everyone is talking about and wants


       2        to see a greater variety of transportation


       3        opportunities within the city.


       4             Principle four, again, is provide for


       5        economic growth.  We need to expand upon what's


       6        there, we need to improve upon it, we need to


       7        create some connectivity and to allow for


       8        development, but also that enhances the existing


       9        neighborhoods.  I think we're hearing that more


      10        and more, but we're also seeing it now as a


      11        potential redevelopment opportunity within the


      12        Southeast as well.


      13             And principle four -- principle five, I'm


      14        sorry, is providing for conservation, parks, and


      15        open space.  Again, the neighbors, the community


      16        is saying we need to provide for a conservation


      17        of our open space, we need to improve on our


      18        parks, and we need to make it more accessible to


      19        the water.


      20             Here, again, is another slide that shows


      21        potential redevelopment of existing park space


      22        and provide for new park space.


      23             And, finally, our -- again, our slide on


      24        Philips Highway shows improved night life.  Our


      25        Southeast district talked about enhancing




        Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        community participation, enhancing retail, not


       2        just for one type of constituent.  It would have


       3        to be for family-friendly, it would have to be


       4        for young people, but just basically bringing


       5        more people into more commercial centers and to


       6        allow for mixed use and mixed opportunity.


       7             These are the Urban Core and Southeast


       8        plans.  If you have any questions, I'll stand by


       9        for those, but thank you very much for your


      10        attention.


      11             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you, Ms. Ransom.


      12             Any questions for Ms. Ransom on the


      13        Southeast Vision Plan?


      14             MR. BISHOP:  (Indicating.)


      15             THE CHAIRMAN:  Mr. Bishop.


      16             MR. BISHOP:  Ms. Ransom, these are some


      17        pretty good products here, it looks to me, but I


      18        have one quick question, mainly because we're


      19        going to be getting Arlington/Beaches here


      20        pretty soon and the Southeast ties into the


      21        southern end of it along Beach Boulevard.


      22             I'm just curious.  What kind of


      23        coordination, if any, is there between the


      24        vision plans where they hit each other?


      25             MS. RANSOM:  Well, we have the same




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        consultant, so we -- and we have the same team,


       2        so we're looking at the recommendations for the


       3        transportation using our Transportation


       4        Department.  We're using the same departments to


       5        review all the documents, so we're making sure


       6        that the recommendations don't conflict with


       7        each other.


       8             MR. BISHOP:  Okay.  So was there any cases


       9        where you would get conflicting desires on one


      10        side of a line versus the other along a major


      11        corridor like that?  And, if so, how did you


      12        resolve that?


      13             MS. RANSOM:  The only potential conflict


      14        was in the transit issue.  Arlington still


      15        has -- has a different opinion on what level of


      16        transportation should be used on which roads,


      17        but we're deferring to Transportation and JTA


      18        for that, so -- and I don't -- I don't have a


      19        copy of it in front of me, I don't have it


      20        formalized, but there was some discussion on


      21        whether or not commuter rail versus just JTA,


      22        moving forward with that.


      23             MR. BISHOP:  I guess we'll take that up


      24        when we deal with Arlington specifically.


      25             MS. RANSOM:  Yeah, but we're going to --




        Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        we're going to defer to our transportation and


       2        our mobility plan.  So we took everything and we


       3        went back to the mobility plan.


       4             MR. BISHOP:  I didn't mean to turn this


       5        into a discussion about Arlington/Beaches, which


       6        we'll get to when we -- when that one comes up,


       7        because I have some concerns about your answer


       8        that you gave me right now with respect to that


       9        in the Arlington plan.  My question is really


      10        centered on what you did with -- if there were


      11        any conflicts between them, and you're basically


      12        saying there weren't any or you resolved them


      13        internally with the consultant?


      14             MS. RANSOM:  Right.


      15             Yeah, and there really weren't any specific


      16        conflicts because of the 30,000-foot-level


      17        plan.


      18             I think, as you can see with Urban Core and


      19        Southeast, without even knowing that the five


      20        guiding principles were the same until I


      21        actually put the presentation together, they


      22        were -- the subprinciples start to change, but


      23        the guiding principles have remained the same


      24        since we started, but there's really been no


      25        conflicts.  You know, people want parks.  We're




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        deferring to the Parks Department to plan.


       2        Where people want walkability, the -- the


       3        principles are so broad, it doesn't get down to


       4        a specific what should happen on this street or


       5        what should happen on that street, so there's


       6        really no conflict in those areas.


       7             And since I've been to almost, not all the


       8        meetings, but I've been to many of the meetings


       9        and looked at all of the plans, I haven't seen


      10        any conflicts, but -- but the ideas of where


      11        transportation should go has come up and it's


      12        been different for each -- it's been different


      13        for each of the steering committees.  Each


      14        steering committee has had different ideas, but


      15        they've all recognized that the mobility plan is


      16        there and it's in place and we're using that as


      17        a guideline.


      18             MR. BISHOP:  Okay.  Thank you.


      19             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you, Mr. Bishop.


      20             Mr. Redman has a question.


      21             MR. REDMAN:  No question.  I just wanted to


      22        thank each of those that participated in the --


      23        I attended meetings in each of these areas from


      24        time to time and there's a lot of interactive


      25        work going on and a lot of participation, so I




        Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        just want to thank each of you for the hard work


       2        that you put into this.


       3             MS. RANSOM:  Thank you.


       4             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you, Mr. Redman.


       5             Seeing no other speakers -- again, we have


       6        no public hearings that were scheduled this


       7        evening for 37 and 38, but I will -- we do have


       8        some speaker cards, so we will take up item 37


       9        first.  I have one speaker card.


      10             Mr. Tutwiler, if you would like to come


      11        forward.


      12             (Audience member approaches the podium.)


      13             THE CHAIRMAN:  And, again, if -- we


      14        normally allow three minutes, but if you could


      15        be brief, that would be appreciated.


      16             AUDIENCE MEMBER:  Paul Tutwiler, 3117


      17        North Liberty Street.


      18             I stand in support of the Urban Core Vision


      19        Plan.  We took about two years to meet.  We met


      20        regularly, met in various parts of the


      21        district.


      22             Every great city has a great downtown and


      23        the surrounding communities.  It's certainly an


      24        early impression for visitors.  We spent a lot


      25        of time with that impression to talk about how




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        we could work together and to improve that, and


       2        I think the staff did a dynamic job of guiding


       3        the process.  I just wanted to just say that I


       4        really appreciate it and I was very fortunate to


       5        be a part of a great group.


       6             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you, Mr. Tutwiler.


       7             Any questions from the committee?


       8             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


       9             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you, sir, for your


      10        contributions.


      11             All right.  I have no other speaker cards


      12        for item 37, 2010-614.


      13             Is there a motion?


      14             MR. HOLT:  Move the bill.


      15             MR. BISHOP:  Second.


      16             THE CHAIRMAN:  Motion and a second on the


      17        bill.


      18             Any discussion?


      19             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


      20             THE CHAIRMAN:  If not, open the ballot


      21        vote.


      22             (Committee ballot opened.)


      23             MR. CRESCIMBENI:  (Votes yea.)


      24             MR. HOLT:  (Votes yea.)


      25             MR. BISHOP:  (Votes yea.)




        Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             MR. BROWN:  (Votes yea.)


       2             MR. JOOST:  (Votes yea.)


       3             MR. REDMAN:  (Votes yea.)


       4             (Committee ballot closed.)


       5             THE CHAIRMAN:  Mr. Reingold.


       6             MR. REINGOLD:  To the Chair, just for the


       7        assistance of our court reporter, do you recall


       8        who made the motion and second?


       9             THE CHAIRMAN:  I'm sorry it was Mr. Holt


      10        who made the motion and second by Mr. Bishop.


      11             MS. LAHMEUR:  Six yeas, zero nay.


      12             THE CHAIRMAN:  All right.  Thank you.


      13             And on item 38, 2010-615, again, no


      14        scheduled public hearing, but I do have four


      15        speaker cards, so if you will be brief in your




      17             The first speaker is Frank Morgan.


      18             (Audience member approaches the podium.)


      19             THE CHAIRMAN:  State your name and address


      20        for the record, Mr. Morgan.


      21             AUDIENCE MEMBER:  Yes.  My name is Frank


      22        Morgan.  I live at 7968 Los Robles Court,


      23        Jacksonville, 32256.


      24             The Southeast or District 3 vision plan is


      25        the result of hundreds of hours of research and




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        deliberation over a period of 18 months by a


       2        highly diverse committee of volunteer residents


       3        of the district.  The steering committee


       4        included neighborhood leaders, as well as


       5        business people, real estate developers, and


       6        environmentalists.


       7             I'll skip over a lot of that that would


       8        have repeated what Lisa has told you, but as


       9        Chair of the vision plan steering committee, I'd


      10        like to thank each and every member who gave


      11        tirelessly of their time and efforts and ask you


      12        to honor them by supporting the adoption of


      13        their vision plan for this district.


      14             Thank you.


      15             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you, Mr. Morgan.


      16             Any questions for Mr. Morgan?


      17             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


      18             THE CHAIRMAN:  Our next speaker is


      19        Janet Stanko, followed by Ms. Jenkins.


      20             (Audience member approaches the podium.)


      21             THE CHAIRMAN:  Ms. Stanko.


      22             AUDIENCE MEMBER:  Hi.


      23             My name is Janet Stanko.  I live at 13953


      24        Athens Drive in Jacksonville.


      25             I have participated on the Southeast vision




        Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        steering committee and also am a campaign


       2        organizer for Amendment 4, and I see a huge


       3        connection between the vision plan, the


       4        resulting comp plan, and passage of Amendment 4


       5        in November.


       6             I feel privileged to have participated in


       7        this process and thank Lisa Ransom, along with


       8        the other staff members, for their leadership in


       9        this process, and I'm here to support the vision


      10        plan and the resulting comprehensive land use


      11        plan.


      12             Our comp plan is a blueprint for how land


      13        will be used now and going into the future and


      14        it balances the needs of all the stakeholders in


      15        the community, and I know you're all very


      16        familiar with the huge undertaking and the huge


      17        balancing act and coordination that it


      18        represents.  The Southeast Vision Plan is just


      19        the beginning of that process, and I look


      20        forward to seeing the comp plan.


      21             I and others on the Southeast Vision


      22        Committee fervently hope that the -- the vision


      23        in our Southeast plan and as it carries through


      24        to the comp plan will be respected going forward


      25        and not be changed willy-nilly by developers.




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             In 2009, there were 37 changes to our comp


       2        plan.  That is too many.  Now that we have a


       3        brand-new comp plan coming up, it will be


       4        relevant to our -- the needs of our community


       5        and less likely need to be changed.


       6             Amendment 4 gives voters --


       7             THE CHAIRMAN:  Ms. Stanko, we're on


       8        item 38, which is about the vision plan.  I'm


       9        going to ask you to curtail your remarks to the


      10        vision plan, not Amendment 4, if you would,


      11        please.


      12             MS. STANKO:  Okay.  Well, I'll just say


      13        that there is a very good compatibility between


      14        the vision plan, the comp plan, and Amendment 4,


      15        and I feel privileged to have been able to take


      16        part -- participate in this process.


      17             Thank you.


      18             THE CHAIRMAN:  If you would like to remain


      19        until the conclusion of the meeting, I'll -- I


      20        always invite folks to address the committee on


      21        whatever topic.  You can talk to us about


      22        Amendment 4 at the end if you'd like.


      23             MS. STANKO:  Okay.  Thank you.


      24             THE CHAIRMAN:  Our next speaker -- any


      25        questions for Ms. Stanko?




        Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


       2             THE CHAIRMAN:  All right.  Our next speaker


       3        is Ms. Jenkins, followed by Bill Kintz.


       4             (Ms. Jenkins approaches the podium.)


       5             MS. JENKINS:  Thank you, Mr. Chairman and


       6        committee.


       7             Suzanne Jenkins, 4040 Woodcock Drive,


       8        Jacksonville, Florida 32207.


       9             I just wanted to come up and say thank you


      10        to Lisa and all the staff.  And we were not an


      11        easy group to always work with.  We argued a


      12        lot.  We had environmentalists and people in


      13        favor of Amendment 4 and we have -- we had


      14        developers and people against Amendment 4 on our


      15        committee, and so there were always some very


      16        lively discussions, but our true hearts were for


      17        the city and for our side of the city that --


      18        and how it connected, Councilman Bishop, to


      19        District 2 because we do share lines along


      20        Beach Boulevard.


      21             We worked long and hard about that.  We had


      22        many meetings, but we never left the room


      23        without coming to a consensus and agreement on


      24        the issues and how we felt about them and how we


      25        wanted them portrayed to the consultant and in




        Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        this plan.


       2             You will see a letter in there in the


       3        beginning that identifies the things that were


       4        important to us that we wanted to impart to


       5        you.  I hope you'll read them.  And when it gets


       6        down to brass tacks and intent, what did we mean


       7        when we said -- and when you have to apply the


       8        rubber to the road, I hope you come back to this


       9        and look at the intent that we saw, even at


      10        30,000 feet, and what we were trying to


      11        accomplish.


      12             I wish I had this when I sat over there on


      13        that side for those eight years.  It would have


      14        relieved me of some of the hard ones you have to


      15        make when you're not sure which way to go and


      16        what the intent was meant when the bill was


      17        written.


      18             So thank you for your time in listening to


      19        us, thank Lisa and staff.


      20             And Bill Killingsworth has been an awesome


      21        leader on this all.  He was there throughout,


      22        guiding us and encouraging us.


      23             And I appreciate your vote in support of


      24        it.


      25             Thank you.




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you, Ms. Jenkins.


       2             Any questions for Ms. Jenkins?


       3             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


       4             THE CHAIRMAN:  Ms. Jenkins, if you think


       5        your group had lively discussions, you should


       6        come to the Arlington/Beaches --


       7             MS. JENKINS:  Yes, sir.  They invited me


       8        and I declined.


       9             THE CHAIRMAN:  If your group reached


      10        consensus, we may hire you as, like, a mediator


      11        for the --


      12             MS. JENKINS:  Well, I'm always available,


      13        but they -- I am aware.


      14             Thank you.


      15             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you for your service.


      16             Mr. Kintz.


      17             (Audience member approaches the podium.)


      18             THE CHAIRMAN:  I hope I'm pronouncing your


      19        name correctly.


      20             AUDIENCE MEMBER:  Yes.  It's Bill Kintz.


      21        My address is 3925 Maple View Drive in


      22        Jacksonville.


      23             I just want to keep my comments very


      24        brief.  I really felt privileged being on the


      25        committee -- the visioning committee for the




        Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        Southeast.


       2             Just a bit of history about -- I think it


       3        was about four or five years ago that


       4        Mayor Peyton commissioned the Growth Management


       5        Task Force.  And as head of the Kernan


       6        Coalition, we were quite involved in that.  We


       7        met with Bob Rhodes, who many of you know -- all


       8        of you know.  And one of the things that we


       9        called to mind was that -- there was a verse in


      10        Proverbs that -- without a vision, people


      11        perish.  And we -- just out of curiosity, we


      12        told Bob that we Googled "Jacksonville" and


      13        "vision" and we came up with a hundred hits for


      14        optometrists.


      15             Well, we can't say that now.  We really do


      16        have a vision, and I'm really proud and


      17        privileged to have served with such a great


      18        group.  And everything that Suzanne and my


      19        colleagues have said I can affirm.  We really


      20        struggled with this vision because we did it


      21        with passion.  We had a great deal of enthusiasm


      22        and hope about this.


      23             But I just wanted, again, to recognize Lisa


      24        Ransom and Bill Killingsworth, and especially to


      25        Frank Morgan and my colleagues for a job well




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        done.  And I hope that we now have growth


       2        leadership and visioning forward and that this


       3        will be a plan and a template that as we go


       4        forth in the next 20, 30 years and beyond that


       5        Jacksonville can really become everything that


       6        our group -- not only our group in the Southeast


       7        but all the other groups have envisioned for the


       8        city and for the citizens of Jacksonville and


       9        Duval County.


      10             Thank you.


      11             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you, sir.


      12             Any questions for Mr. Kintz?


      13             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


      14             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you, sir.


      15             Appreciate your service.


      16             All right.  Item 38, 2010-615, do I have a


      17        motion?


      18             MR. HOLT:  Move the bill.


      19             MR. REDMAN:  Second.


      20             THE CHAIRMAN:  Motion by Mr. Holt, second


      21        by Mr. Redman.


      22             Any discussion?


      23             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


      24             THE CHAIRMAN:  If not, open the ballot and


      25        vote.




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             (Committee ballot opened.)


       2             MR. CRESCIMBENI:  (Votes yea.)


       3             MR. HOLT:  (Votes yea.)


       4             MR. BISHOP:  (Votes yea.)


       5             MR. BROWN:  (Votes yea.)


       6             MR. JOOST:  (Votes yea.)


       7             MR. REDMAN:  (Votes yea.)


       8             (Committee ballot closed.)


       9             MS. LAHMEUR:  Six yeas, zero nay.


      10             THE CHAIRMAN:  By your action, you have


      11        approved item 38, 2010-615.


      12             And, again, everyone that participated --


      13        Ms. Ransom, staff, volunteers, citizens -- thank


      14        you for your service on this.  Two good work


      15        products.


      16             All right.  We're going to return to page 2


      17        of the agenda.  Item 1 will be deferred this


      18        evening; however, we do have a scheduled public


      19        hearing.  The public hearing is open.


      20             Is anyone here to address the committee?


      21             (Audience member approaches the podium.)


      22             THE CHAIRMAN:  Mr. Abraham, you will need


      23        to fill out a yellow speaker's card at the


      24        conclusion of your remarks and leave it in the


      25        basket, but you're welcome to address the




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        committee.  And this item is being -- will be


       2        deferred at the request of Council President


       3        Webb.


       4             AUDIENCE MEMBER:  Thank you, Chairman


       5        Crescimbeni.


       6             I had previously filled out a card --


       7             THE CHAIRMAN:  Sorry.  I do have it now.  I


       8        just didn't have it.


       9             AUDIENCE MEMBER:  No problem.


      10             Thank you for the ability to address the


      11        council tonight.


      12             This application was submitted in April,


      13        and with a -- the assistance of the Planning


      14        Department, we revised the application to


      15        RLD-80.  The property was previously zoned PUD.


      16        It was a property taken by a bank in foreclosure


      17        and subsequently purchased by our client after


      18        another purchase, and thus far we have had no


      19        objection to the application.


      20             I was led to understand today that there


      21        would be a deferral, and I have reached out to


      22        Councilman Webb's office to determine the source


      23        of any controversy because at this point we've


      24        had no opposition whatsoever.  So my client is


      25        anxious to move on with their project and we're




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        anxious to find out what the concerns may be.


       2        So we would ask that the application be


       3        proceeded as quickly as possible.


       4             I'll be happy to answer any questions that


       5        you might have.


       6             THE CHAIRMAN:  Any questions from the


       7        committee?


       8             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


       9             THE CHAIRMAN:  Seeing none, thank you


      10        Mr. Abraham.


      11             You may want to stick around because I have


      12        two cards from two others who have marked


      13        opposition, so that may shed some light on --


      14             AUDIENCE MEMBER:  That would be helpful.


      15             THE CHAIRMAN:  -- the problem.  Okay?


      16             AUDIENCE MEMBER:  Thank you.


      17             THE CHAIRMAN:  And, Mr. Kelly, we're going


      18        to hold off on your report.  You'll address this


      19        issue in two weeks -- actually, it will be two


      20        weeks and one day.  We meet on a Wednesday in


      21        September because of the Labor Day holiday, but


      22        we'll take this issue back up then, pending, you


      23        know, no further request from the council


      24        president, who is also the district councilman


      25        in this matter.




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             AUDIENCE MEMBER:  Yes, sir.


       2             THE CHAIRMAN:  All right.  Thank you,


       3        Mr. Abraham.


       4             AUDIENCE MEMBER:  Thank you.


       5             THE CHAIRMAN:  My next speaker is Angela


       6        Cole, followed by Devon Cole.


       7             If y'all would make your way forward.


       8             (Audience member approaches the podium.)


       9             AUDIENCE MEMBER:  Hello.  Good evening.


      10             Devon Cole, 5014 Greenland Road.


      11             Appreciate your [sic] opportunity to speak


      12        this evening.


      13             We have been in opposition to this since


      14        its inception.  We've been at several meetings


      15        where the meetings have been deferred, so our


      16        opportunity to speak, I guess, has not been made


      17        known to Mr. Abraham, but he is incorrect in


      18        believing that somebody is not in opposition to


      19        this.


      20             I've expressed that to the -- I believe


      21        it's the owner's real estate agent, Mike Ashidi


      22        (phonetic) or Asichi (phonetic), I'm not sure


      23        how to pronounce his last name, but he sent us a


      24        letter April 13th asking me if we would be


      25        interested in selling our property, upon which




        Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        he goes on to say that he would make a serious


       2        offer.  Once we received his offer, clearly it


       3        was not serious, and I expressed that to him.


       4        And then in the past weeks and months we've made


       5        several attempts to -- you know, to protest


       6        this, and it continues to get deferred, so we


       7        are here tonight to let our voices be heard and


       8        let you know that we are in firm opposition to


       9        this.


      10             Our property is only 88 feet wide.  The


      11        property in question they're looking at -- or


      12        they have purchased is 176 feet wide, which


      13        borders us once on the east side.  We're


      14        bordered on the west side by the Hindu temple of


      15        Northeast Florida -- or the Hindu Society of


      16        Northeast Florida.  Given this -- also on the


      17        east side of us is Greenland Pines Elementary.


      18             Considering these things, I believe what


      19        they're here for is an exception, and it appears


      20        that the City has made exceptions already in


      21        this area.  It's mine and my wife's belief both


      22        that if they are allowed to go through with


      23        their project that that will completely hinder


      24        us from ever being able to sell our home for any


      25        reasonable amount of money at all.




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             Basically, that's where we're at with our


       2        opposition and we just want to make sure that


       3        we're considered.


       4             I've been there since 1998.  I understand


       5        that, you know, he has somebody he's


       6        representing and he's trying to represent their


       7        best interest.  I'm here to make sure that I'm


       8        representing my best interest because we --


       9        we've dealt with this problem since the previous


      10        developer, and it's just led on and they just


      11        happen to be the latest people that get to hear


      12        my opposition to it.


      13             Thank you.


      14             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you, Mr. Cole.


      15             Is your property contiguous to the subject


      16        property?


      17             MR. COLE:  Yes.


      18             THE CHAIRMAN:  Are you next door to it?


      19             MR. COLE:  Yes.


      20             THE CHAIRMAN:  And are you between the


      21        school and the subject property or the house of


      22        worship and the subject property?


      23             MR. COLE:  I'm in between the -- yes, I'm


      24        in between the Hindu Society and the subject


      25        property.




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you.


       2             Mr. Joost.


       3             MR. JOOST:  Thank you.


       4             Through the chairman, real quick, have you


       5        had an appraisal on your house done recently or


       6        on your property?


       7             MR. COLE:  Actually, they had an appraisal


       8        done on our home.


       9             MR. JOOST:  I was just curious as to what


      10        the offer was versus a recent appraisal value.


      11             MR. COLE:  Well, their recent appraisal


      12        value, in my opinion, was a -- a rather


      13        lackluster appraisal value, but upon that, they


      14        deducted another $50,000 off the appraisal


      15        value.  So I guess when you're addressing a


      16        serious offer, your serious offer must be, send


      17        your own appraiser; once he gives you a


      18        lackluster appraisal, then deduct $50,000 off of


      19        that, and then that's what we're expecting you


      20        to take, so -- and his response to that was,


      21        "You don't know how to negotiate," so --


      22             MR. JOOST:  Okay.  Thank you.


      23             THE CHAIRMAN:  But you haven't conducted --


      24        you haven't arranged to have your own appraisal


      25        done on your own property?




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             MR. COLE:  No, sir, but we -- we are in the


       2        process of doing that.


       3             MR. JOOST:  Thank you.


       4             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you, sir.


       5             Ms. Cole, did you want to address the


       6        committee?


       7             AUDIENCE MEMBER:  Yes, I do have a few


       8        things.


       9             My name is Angela Cole and I'm at 5014


      10        Greenland Road, Jacksonville, Florida 32258.


      11             A couple of things that I wanted to


      12        mention.


      13             In the appraisal that we've had done


      14        recently, it does clearly state -- and we can


      15        give you a copy of that -- that because we have


      16        a church next door to us, that that diminishes


      17        the value of our property.  So if we are in


      18        between two churches, that's going to diminish


      19        our value even less.  So that's the first thing


      20        I want to mention.


      21             And another thing is when we talked to


      22        Mr. Ashi (phonetic), who is the representative


      23        for the church in question, when we couldn't


      24        come to an agreement on the amount of money that


      25        they wanted to give us versus what we wanted to




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        sell the property, he said that he would just


       2        let the lawyers deal with it.  So, unfortunately


       3        for us, we don't have as deep of pockets as they


       4        do -- so I don't appreciate that.  It seems sort


       5        of like a threat to me versus trying to be


       6        willing to work with us.


       7             So, at this point, you know, we don't


       8        see -- there's a couple of things also.  An


       9        8-foot privacy fence is on one side of us, and


      10        they'll have to put another 8-foot privacy


      11        fence, which will basically put us in a valley


      12        where you can't see on either side of the


      13        property.


      14             We have to deal with parking lot lights


      15        right now with the Hindu temple, and we're going


      16        to have those on the other side of that we'll


      17        have to deal with.


      18             Along with this property is also -- been


      19        built up, and three feet above what it was


      20        supposed to be.  And they were supposed to


      21        remove that dirt, which they have not, and


      22        that's caused severe flooding in our property


      23        and actually ruined sod, and just various things


      24        like that.


      25             So we've had a lot of problems with this




        Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        property and we are definitely opposed to having


       2        anything else done to it at this point.


       3             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you, Ms. Cole.


       4             Any questions for Ms. Cole?


       5             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


       6             THE CHAIRMAN:  All right.  Thank you,


       7        again.


       8             This item is going to be deferred.  The


       9        public hearing is continued, and we will defer


      10        the bill and hopefully take it up in two weeks.


      11             MS. COLE:  Thank you very much.


      12             THE CHAIRMAN:  You're welcome to join us --


      13        I'm sorry, in two weeks and one day.  It's


      14        Wednesday the 8th or something like that, but it


      15        will be on a Wednesday night, not a Tuesday


      16        night.


      17             MS. COLE:  Thank you.


      18             MR. COLE:  Thank you for the opportunity.


      19             THE CHAIRMAN:  Item 2010-374.


      20             Mr. Crofts, would you care to deliver the


      21        report, please.


      22             MR. CROFTS:  Yes, sir.


      23             Item 2010-374 concerns a property located


      24        at 4617 Brentwood Avenue and 670 Long Branch


      25        Boulevard, which is located in the Northwest




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        Planning District in Council District 7.


       2             This request seeks to rezone property,


       3        approximately 3. -- .33 acres, from CCG-2 and


       4        RMD-A to planned unit development.  The PUD


       5        rezoning is being sought to expand a current


       6        medical use on the corner lot at Brentwood and


       7        Long Branch Boulevard for the extension of


       8        medical services provided by a digital motion


       9        X-ray machine.


      10             Basically, the allowable uses that will be


      11        provided in this proposed PUD will be the CO


      12        zoning district designations along with this


      13        specific office-related medical use.  There will


      14        be no retail sales, storage of merchandise on


      15        the property, and the parking of vehicles over


      16        5,000 pounds is prohibited.


      17             We have looked at this application.  We


      18        found it consistent with several policies in the


      19        future land use element of the comprehensive


      20        plan dealing with compact growth and infill,


      21        innovative design, and efficiency in delivery of


      22        services, and the department has recommended


      23        approval with the following six conditions.


      24        Those conditions are as follows:


      25             "The development shall be subject to the




        Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        original legal description dated June 1st,


       2        2010."


       3             "The development shall be subject to the


       4        original written description dated June 1st,


       5        2010."


       6             Number 3, "The development shall be subject


       7        to the original site plan dated June 1st, 2010."


       8             Number 4, "The required transportation


       9        improvements shall be made in accordance with


      10        the Development Services Division memorandum


      11        dated June 15th, 2010, or as otherwise approved


      12        by the Planning and Development Department."


      13             Number 5, "Monument signage shall be


      14        externally illuminated."


      15             Number 6 and finally, "All interior


      16        renovations and alterations shall be constructed


      17        consistent with the room layout form dated


      18        August 17th, 2010, attached hereto as


      19        Exhibit 3."


      20             Thank you.


      21             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you, Mr. Crofts.


      22             This is a quasi-judicial matter, so does


      23        anyone have any ex-parte communication to


      24        disclose?


      25             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             THE CHAIRMAN:  All right.  Seeing none, we


       2        have a public hearing on the bill.  The public


       3        hearing is open.


       4             I have one speaker's card, Donald Thomas.


       5             (Audience member approaches the podium.)


       6             AUDIENCE MEMBER:  Yes.


       7             My name is Donald Thomas with Realty


       8        Executives.  My address is 12740-6 Atlantic


       9        Boulevard, Jacksonville, Florida 32225.


      10             And I am the realtor for Dr. Royce McGowans


      11        [sic] and Shelita McGowans, and I would just


      12        like to say we agree with all conditions that


      13        was put up on the change, all six conditions.


      14             And I would just like to thank the staff,


      15        Mr. Avery and Marvin Echols and Mr. Bruce Lewis,


      16        for helping us out with this process.


      17             That's all I have to say.


      18             THE CHAIRMAN:  All right.  Thank you, sir.


      19             Any questions from the committee?


      20             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


      21             THE CHAIRMAN:  All right.  Seeing none,


      22        anyone else care to address the committee?  I


      23        have no other speaker cards.


      24             AUDIENCE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


      25             THE CHAIRMAN:  The public hearing, then, is




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        closed.


       2             Is there a motion on the amendment?


       3             MR. HOLT:  Move the amendment.


       4             MR. REDMAN:  Second.


       5             THE CHAIRMAN:  Motion by Mr. Holt, second


       6        by Mr. Redman.


       7             Discussion?


       8             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


       9             THE CHAIRMAN:  If not, all those in favor


      10        say yes.


      11             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  Yes.


      12             THE CHAIRMAN:  Opposed say no.


      13             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


      14             THE CHAIRMAN:  By your action, you have


      15        adopted the amendment.


      16             MR. HOLT:  Move the bill as amended.


      17             THE CHAIRMAN:  Motion on the bill as


      18        amended by Mr. Holt --


      19             MR. REDMAN:  Second.


      20             THE CHAIRMAN:  -- second by Mr. Redman.


      21             Discussion?  I have Mr. Bishop on the


      22        queue.


      23             Mr. Bishop.


      24             MR. BISHOP:  Thank you, Mr. Chairman.


      25             I have just one quick question for




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        Mr. Crofts.


       2             In looking at the zoning map, this shows


       3        the existing area is CCG-2 and RMD-A.  This


       4        application looks to me like it's extending what


       5        in a sense is commercial uses down Long Branch


       6        Boulevard.  Could you elaborate on why this, in


       7        your opinion, does not constitute commercial


       8        intrusion -- or additional commercial intrusion


       9        into a residential area?


      10             MR. CROFTS:  In our particular case,


      11        through the Chair, the use is in an MDR land use


      12        classification, first of all, and then allows,


      13        as a secondary zoning district, these types of


      14        uses, first of all.  So we've got the overriding


      15        land use designation at a density of MDR.


      16             Second of all, the intensity of the use and


      17        the access of the use is so minimalistic, in our


      18        terms, in terms of conversion or use, that it's


      19        going to have a very minimal effect on the


      20        adjacent residential.  It's going to be oriented


      21        to Brentwood.


      22             And the restrictions that we put out in


      23        terms of intensity, in terms of orientation, and


      24        in terms of the use with the -- with the PUD,


      25        the specificity of it, we feel that it's going




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        to basically be seamless and be very close to


       2        actually a residential use in a single-family


       3        house, which is going to remain unchanged


       4        externally.


       5             MR. BISHOP:  Okay.  Thank you very much.


       6             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you, Mr. Bishop.


       7             Any other questions?


       8             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


       9             THE CHAIRMAN:  No further discussion?


      10             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


      11             THE CHAIRMAN:  All right.  We have a motion


      12        and a second on the bill.


      13             Open the ballot and vote, please.


      14             (Committee ballot opened.)


      15             MR. CRESCIMBENI:  (Votes yea.)


      16             MR. HOLT:  (Votes yea.)


      17             MR. BISHOP:  (Votes yea.)


      18             MR. BROWN:  (Votes yea.)


      19             MR. JOOST:  (Votes yea.)


      20             MR. REDMAN:  (Votes yea.)


      21             (Committee ballot closed.)


      22             MS. LAHMEUR:  Six yeas, zero nay.


      23             THE CHAIRMAN:  By your action, you have


      24        approved item 2, 2010-374.


      25             Item 3, at the bottom of the page, is




        Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        deferred.


       2             Turning to page 3, at the top, Mr. Kelly,


       3        is this the one that -- which was the item that


       4        you had mentioned earlier, prior to the meeting,


       5        that there was a problem with on some -- was it


       6        a waiver?


       7             MR. KELLY:  That's correct.  It's the sign


       8        waiver, -499.  It's item 14.


       9             THE CHAIRMAN:  All right.  Thank you.


      10             All right.  Item 4, 2010-447.  Is there a


      11        report from anybody in the Planning Department


      12        on this issue?


      13             MR. KELLY:  The department initially, I


      14        guess, had begun and had a report ready for


      15        August 3rd, the public hearing on this item.


      16        However, the applicant had indicated that the


      17        site plan had changed and had altered the


      18        request between the distance between the two


      19        signs, so there was a debate as to whether or


      20        not we had to renotice and readvertise.


      21             THE CHAIRMAN:  Okay.  We have a public


      22        hearing scheduled on this item this evening.


      23             The public hearing is open.  I have no


      24        speaker cards.  Seeing no one, the public


      25        hearing is closed -- I'm sorry, continued to




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        September 8th, and we have no other action on


       2        this bill.


       3             Item 5, item 6, and item 7 on page 3 are


       4        all deferred.


       5             Turning to page 4, items 8, 9, and 10 are


       6        deferred.  That brings us to item 11.


       7             Mr. Crofts.


       8             MR. CROFTS:  Mr. Chairman and members of


       9        the committee, item 11 on our agenda is


      10        ordinance 2010-496.  It seeks to rezone a piece


      11        of property containing 4.25 acres from


      12        commercial office to PUD.  The property is


      13        addressed at 11400 Old St. Augustine Road and is


      14        located in Council District 6, in the Southeast


      15        Planning District.


      16             The purpose of this particular application


      17        is the conversion and utilization, again, of a


      18        single-family house to a private club to allow


      19        alcohol sales and service for the purpose of the


      20        utilization of the Old St. Augustine Road


      21        Elks Club.


      22             The size of the house is 1,400 square feet


      23        and the proposed use will occupy no more space


      24        than the reflected existing structure.  The


      25        proposed use is described as an adaptive reuse




        Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        of the property with really no or little


       2        increase in intensity of the use that is


       3        currently allowed under the CO zoning


       4        designation.


       5             A private club that will be restricted in


       6        terms of hours of operation, signage,


       7        appropriate access, and parking will be provided


       8        in accordance with Section 656 of the zoning


       9        code.


      10             Staff has recommended approval of this item


      11        in view of its consistency with several future


      12        land use element policies dealing with compact


      13        roads, compatible land use, and the promotion of


      14        a planned unit development and mixed-use


      15        development or other innovative approaches to


      16        planning and development.


      17             Staff recommends approval with a series of


      18        conditions that -- staff recommends approval of


      19        this item with the following conditions:


      20             Condition number 1, "The development shall


      21        be subject to the original legal description


      22        dated June 7th, 2010."


      23             Number 2, "The development shall be subject


      24        to the original written description dated


      25        June 7th, 2010."




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             Number 3, "The development shall be subject


       2        to the original site plan dated June 7th, 2010."


       3             Number 4, "The development of the property


       4        shall proceed in accordance with the Development


       5        Services Division memorandum dated June 8th,


       6        2010, or as otherwise approved by the Planning


       7        and Development Department."


       8             Number 5, "All structures on the property


       9        shall retain a residential appearance and


      10        character."


      11             Number 6, "A 25-foot buffer" -- I'm


      12        sorry -- "A 25-foot-wide undisturbed buffer


      13        shall be provided along the southern and western


      14        property lines."


      15             Number 7, "The proposed monument sign shall


      16        not exceed 35 square feet in area and be no


      17        taller than 60 inches as measured from the


      18        ground to the top of the sign, which includes


      19        all sign features or structures."


      20             Number 8.  Okay.  I have a substitute


      21        condition for number 8 and 9 as in the


      22        correspondence -- and this is now the new item


      23        number 8 condition.  It deals with lighting.


      24             "All sag lenses, drop lenses, and convex


      25        lenses shall be prohibited.  Illumination levels




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        at all property lines shall not exceed one-half


       2        footcandle when the building or parking areas


       3        are located adjacent to residential areas and


       4        shall not exceed one footcandle when abutting


       5        other nonresidential properties.


       6             "All lighting lamp sources within parking


       7        and pedestrian areas shall be metal halide or


       8        compact florescent.  The maximum light pole


       9        height in all parking areas shall not exceed


      10        10 feet.


      11             "An exterior lighting design plan for each


      12        project, including a photometrics plan, pole


      13        fixture schedules, shall be submitted at the


      14        time of verification of substantial compliance


      15        for review and approval by the Planning and


      16        Development Department."


      17             Ninth and finally, "A buffer meeting the


      18        requirements of Section 656.1216 of the zoning


      19        code shall be provided and maintained along the


      20        western property line."


      21             Thank you, Mr. Chairman.


      22             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you, Mr. Crofts.


      23             Mr. Joost, did you have a question on the


      24        report or you want to --


      25             MR. JOOST:  (Inaudible.)




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             THE CHAIRMAN:  All right.


       2             Thank you, Mr. Crofts.


       3             This is a quasi-judicial matter, so we're


       4        at the point that you can do that, Mr. Joost.


       5             Anyone have any ex-parte to disclose?


       6             MR. JOOST:  Thank you, Mr. Chairman.


       7             It's not ex-parte, but I would like it on


       8        the record, I'm a member of the Elks Lodge down


       9        in Green Cove Springs.  I want that on the


      10        record.  It does not enure to my benefit or this


      11        particular lodge's benefit, so I have no


      12        conflict, but I do want that on the record.


      13             Thank you.


      14             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you for that


      15        disclosure, Mr. Joost.


      16             Anyone else?


      17             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


      18             THE CHAIRMAN:  All right.  We do have a


      19        public hearing on this item.  The public hearing


      20        is open.  I have two speaker cards, Dan Bird and


      21        Richard Strobell.


      22             Mr. Bird, we'll start with you.


      23             (Audience member approaches the podium.)


      24             THE CHAIRMAN:  You didn't check whether you


      25        support or oppose.  I'm assuming you're in




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        support?


       2             AUDIENCE MEMBER:  Yes.


       3             My name is Dan Bird.  My address is 173


       4        Prince Phillip Drive, St. Augustine, Florida.


       5             I am here to agree with all the terms on


       6        behalf of the benevolent protective order of


       7        Elks.  We are the purchasers of the property,


       8        and I see no problems with abiding [sic] all of


       9        these rules.


      10             THE CHAIRMAN:  Mr. Bird, what is your


      11        connection to the Elks?  Are you a member of the


      12        Elks?


      13             MR. BIRD:  I am a member of it and I'm also


      14        the licensed real estate agent that is


      15        purchasing the property for the Elks.


      16             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you, sir.


      17             Any questions from the committee?


      18             MR. REDMAN:  I have to declare ex-parte,


      19        I'm sorry.


      20             THE CHAIRMAN:  Okay.  Thank you, Mr. Bird.


      21             Mr. Redman.


      22             MR. REDMAN:  Yes.  I need to declare


      23        ex-parte.  Just before the meeting, I talked


      24        with the gentlemen -- all the gentlemen


      25        concerning this.




        Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             Thank you.


       2             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you, Mr. Redman.


       3             Our second speaker is Richard Strobell.


       4             (Audience member approaches the podium.)


       5             AUDIENCE MEMBER:  Richard Strobell, 11505


       6        St. Josephs Road, Jacksonville, Florida 32223.


       7             A week ago, I stood up here and talked


       8        about objecting to the PUD across the creek from


       9        me, next door to me.  It's -- I've met with


      10        Mr. Herzberg and have gone through several


      11        talks.


      12             I believe that this is a favorable PUD for


      13        the neighborhood.  They are willing to give us


      14        the buffer on our west- -- their western


      15        property line, my eastern property line.  And as


      16        long as that buffer is in the amended conditions


      17        and it is provided, I'm fine with this and I


      18        would not oppose having this go through.


      19             So I am changing my opinion and supporting


      20        this provided that that buffer is provided for


      21        in this PUD.


      22             Thank you.


      23             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you, Mr. Strobell.  I


      24        apologize for mispronouncing your name.


      25             Any questions from the committee?




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


       2             THE CHAIRMAN:  All right.  Seeing no one --


       3        no other speaker cards, the public hearing is


       4        closed.  We're back in committee.


       5             Question to Mr. Crofts or Mr. Kelly.  I'm


       6        sorry.  Who -- where is the access from this --


       7        this has a St. Augustine Road address, but -- on


       8        the map.  Where do they actually --


       9             MR. KELLY:  That's correct.


      10             There's an easement through the office


      11        building in front of this property.  This is


      12        actually an essentially landlocked piece of


      13        property.  They do have access through the


      14        commercial property in front of them, directly


      15        to St. Augustine.


      16             THE CHAIRMAN:  When you say "office


      17        building," are you talking about the shopping


      18        center --


      19             MR. KELLY:  Correct.


      20             THE CHAIRMAN:  -- that's in the picture


      21        here?


      22             MR. KELLY:  CCG, yes.


      23             THE CHAIRMAN:  Do they have to actually


      24        turn onto that Oldfield Crossing or whatever and


      25        then turn into the shopping center?




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             MR. KELLY:  There is -- in the report,


       2        there's an exhibit of the survey.  It's probably


       3        not too clear.  It's, I guess, on page 4 of 11,


       4        which has the driveway easement all the way from


       5        Old St. Augustine Road that goes through the


       6        center.


       7             THE CHAIRMAN:  Is it the one by Clarson &


       8        Associates, the survey?  Am I looking at the


       9        right thing?


      10             MR. KELLY:  That is the improvements from


      11        Oldfield Crossing Drive, correct.


      12             THE CHAIRMAN:  Okay.  All right.


      13        Thank you.


      14             And, Mr. Joost, did you have a question


      15        about the buffer?


      16             MR. JOOST:  Thank you, Mr. Chairman.


      17             In the buffer that this gentleman referred


      18        to on a -- on his property, is that in the


      19        conditions now?


      20             MR. CROFTS:  Yes.


      21             MR. JOOST:  Okay.  Thank you.


      22             THE CHAIRMAN:  Mr. Crofts, can you answer


      23        on the record, please?


      24             MR. CROFTS:  I'm sorry.


      25             Yes, it is.




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you, sir.


       2             All right.  Any other discussion?


       3             MR. REINGOLD:  (Indicating.)


       4             THE CHAIRMAN:  Mr. Reingold.


       5             MR. REINGOLD:  To the Chair, I know it was


       6        very last minute of Mr. Bird to sort of serve as


       7        agent today for the property owner.  My only


       8        request of Mr. Bird -- and I talked to him


       9        before the meeting -- was that he provide an


      10        agent authorization letter from Ms. Williams


      11        before the City Council meeting next Tuesday.


      12             THE CHAIRMAN:  And, Mr. Bird, you agree to


      13        that, correct?


      14             MR. BIRD:  Yes, sir.  As long as I have a


      15        form to take to her, I'll take it to her


      16        tomorrow.


      17             THE CHAIRMAN:  Okay.  Thank you, sir.


      18             And, Mr. Reingold, if you'll follow-up when


      19        you receive that just so we're clear for


      20        Tuesday.


      21             MR. REINGOLD:  Yes.  Actually, if the


      22        Planning Department could help me out.  They're


      23        the ones who have the agent authorization forms


      24        in their office and if they can provide one to


      25        Mr. Bird, that would be greatly appreciated.




        Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             THE CHAIRMAN:  Okay.  Thank you, sir.


       2             Back in committee.  Do we have a motion on


       3        the amendment?


       4             MR. BISHOP:  Move the amendment.


       5             MR. REDMAN:  Second.


       6             THE CHAIRMAN:  Motion by Mr. Bishop, second


       7        by Mr. Redman.  That includes all the


       8        conditions.


       9             Is there any discussion?


      10             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


      11             THE CHAIRMAN:  If not, all those in favor


      12        say yes.


      13             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  Yes.


      14             THE CHAIRMAN:  Opposed say no.


      15             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


      16             THE CHAIRMAN:  By our action, you've


      17        adopted the amendment.


      18             MR. BISHOP:  Move the bill as amended.


      19             MR. JOOST:  Second.


      20             THE CHAIRMAN:  Motion by Mr. Bishop on the


      21        bill as amended, second by Mr. Joost.


      22             Any discussion?


      23             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


      24             THE CHAIRMAN:  If not, open the ballot and


      25        vote.




        Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             (Committee ballot opened.)


       2             MR. CRESCIMBENI:  (Votes yea.)


       3             MR. HOLT:  (Votes yea.)


       4             MR. BISHOP:  (Votes yea.)


       5             MR. BROWN:  (Votes yea.)


       6             MR. JOOST:  (Votes yea.)


       7             MR. REDMAN:  (Votes yea.)


       8             (Committee ballot closed.)


       9             MS. LAHMEUR:  Six yeas, zero nay.


      10             THE CHAIRMAN:  By your action, you have


      11        approved item 11, 2010-496.


      12             Turning to page 5, item 12 --


      13             MR. BROWN:  (Inaudible.)


      14             THE CHAIRMAN:  Let me get the report in and


      15        then we'll do ex-parte.


      16             Mr. Kelly.


      17             MR. KELLY:  Thank you.


      18             To the Chair and to the committee members,


      19        application for rezoning 2010-497 seeks to


      20        rezone approximately a .7-acre parcel located at


      21        2737 Hamilton Circle.  This .7 acres is being


      22        rezoned from RLD-60 to PBF-1 zoning.  The


      23        property was recently acquired by the City of


      24        Jacksonville.  The intended use for this site is


      25        to be used for a joint recreation facility in




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        conjunction with the George Washington Carver


       2        Elementary School.


       3             The department finds, again, this rezoning


       4        would be consistent with the 2030 Comprehensive


       5        Plan.  In fact, it furthers the goals,


       6        objectives, and policies contained within the


       7        2030 Comprehensive Plan, specifically recreation


       8        open space element policy 1.1.1; additionally,


       9        the recreation open space element policy 1.5.1


      10        and 1.5.2.  We do find that it does not conflict


      11        with any existing land development regulations,


      12        and we are in support of this rezoning.


      13             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you, Mr. Kelly.


      14             This is a quasi-judicial matter, so does


      15        anyone have any ex-parte to disclose?


      16             Mr. Brown.


      17             MS. BROWN:  Yes, Mr. Chairman.


      18             I'd like to declare ex-parte.  I had


      19        several conversations with Derrick Joseph


      20        (phonetic) with Parks and Recreation regarding


      21        this project.


      22             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you, sir.


      23             Anyone else?


      24             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


      25             THE CHAIRMAN:  Okay.  Seeing no one, we do




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        have a public hearing scheduled this evening.


       2        The public hearing is open.  I have no speaker


       3        cards.


       4             Anyone care to address the committee?


       5             AUDIENCE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


       6             THE CHAIRMAN:  Seeing no one, the public


       7        hearing is closed.


       8             Is there a motion on the bill?


       9             MR. BISHOP:  Move the bill.


      10             MR. BROWN:  Second.


      11             THE CHAIRMAN:  Motion by Mr. Bishop, second


      12        by Mr. Brown.


      13             Any discussion?


      14             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


      15             THE CHAIRMAN:  If not, open the ballot and


      16        vote.


      17             (Committee ballot opened.)


      18             MR. CRESCIMBENI:  (Votes yea.)


      19             MR. HOLT:  (Votes yea.)


      20             MR. BISHOP:  (Votes yea.)


      21             MR. BROWN:  (Votes yea.)


      22             MR. JOOST:  (Votes yea.)


      23             MR. REDMAN:  (Votes yea.)


      24             (Committee ballot closed.)


      25             MS. LAHMEUR:  Six yeas, zero nay.




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             THE CHAIRMAN:  By your action, you have


       2        approved item 12, 2010-497.


       3             Item 13, 2010-498.


       4             Mr. Kelly.


       5             MR. KELLY:  Thank you.


       6             To the Chair and committee members,


       7        application for rezoning 2010-498 seeks to


       8        rezone approximately 1.5 acres of land located


       9        at 6671 Sandymac Road.  This is between


      10        Commonwealth Avenue and Clayton Road.  The


      11        requested rezoning is going from IBP to PBF-1.


      12        This proposed new property here acquired by the


      13        City fire department is intended to be a fire


      14        station at this location.


      15             The department finds this is consistent


      16        with the 2030 Comprehensive Plan and finds that


      17        it furthers the intent and goals and objectives


      18        and policies within the comprehensive plan and


      19        that it does not conflict with any land use


      20        regulations, and the department is recommending


      21        approval.


      22             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you, Mr. Kelly.


      23             This matter is also quasi-judicial.  Does


      24        anyone have any ex-parte communication to


      25        disclose?




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


       2             THE CHAIRMAN:  Seeing none, we have a


       3        public hearing scheduled this evening.  The


       4        public hearing is open.  I have no speaker


       5        cards.


       6             Anyone care to address the committee?


       7             AUDIENCE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


       8             THE CHAIRMAN:  Seeing no one, the public


       9        hearing is closed.


      10             MR. HOLT:  Move the bill.


      11             MR. REDMAN:  Second.


      12             THE CHAIRMAN:  Motion on the bill by


      13        Mr. Holt; second, I believe, by Mr. Redman.


      14             Any discussion?


      15             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


      16             THE CHAIRMAN:  If not, open the ballot,


      17        vote.


      18             (Committee ballot opened.)


      19             MR. CRESCIMBENI:  (Votes yea.)


      20             MR. HOLT:  (Votes yea.)


      21             MR. BISHOP:  (Votes yea.)


      22             MR. BROWN:  (Votes yea.)


      23             MR. JOOST:  (Votes yea.)


      24             MR. REDMAN:  (Votes yea.)


      25             (Committee ballot closed.)




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             MS. LAHMEUR:  Six yeas, zero nay.


       2             THE CHAIRMAN:  By your action, you have


       3        approved item 13, 2010-498.


       4             Also wanted to -- I failed to see Ms. Hipps


       5        out there.  Another former council


       6        representative is with us tonight.


       7             Ms. Hipps, thank you for being here.  I


       8        recognized Ms. Jenkins earlier.  If you were


       9        here, I apologize.  I didn't see you sitting way


      10        back there.  You've got to wear these


      11        (indicating) to see that far back, so --


      12             Item 14, 2010-499.


      13             Now, Mr. Kelly, this is the one that you


      14        had a request to defer?


      15             MR. KELLY:  That's correct.  I believe the


      16        applicant or the agent for the applicant is here


      17        to speak to that.


      18             THE CHAIRMAN:  Okay.  Do you know who -- is


      19        the agent Mr. Watson?  Is the agent --


      20             (Audience member approaches the podium.)


      21             THE CHAIRMAN:  Did you fill out a speaker


      22        card, sir?


      23             AUDIENCE MEMBER:  Yes, sir, I did.


      24             THE CHAIRMAN:  Okay.


      25             All right.  Do we need to disclose quasi-




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        just -- if we're going to defer it this evening,


       2        Mr. Reingold?


       3             MR. REINGOLD:  I think the proper posture


       4        would be to sort of maybe just have a brief


       5        discussion with the applicant as to the request


       6        for the deferral.  If the committee decides to


       7        defer it, then you could withhold on ex-parte


       8        communication disclosures till the next public


       9        hearing.


      10             THE CHAIRMAN:  Okay.  Mr. Watson, if you'll


      11        give your name and address for the record.  I


      12        know you filled out a speaker's card, but --


      13             AUDIENCE MEMBER:  Hubert Watson, 9917


      14        Margate Hills Road, Jacksonville, Florida.


      15             THE CHAIRMAN:  And you represent the


      16        applicant?


      17             MR. WATSON:  They're a neighbor and they


      18        asked for my input, and I agreed to come along


      19        and review the process up to this point.


      20             THE CHAIRMAN:  Okay.  And you're requesting


      21        a deferral?


      22             MR. WATSON:  Yes, sir.


      23             We've really not had a chance to completely


      24        speak to Mr. Kelly or go through the process or


      25        the member in whose district this lies in, and I




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        wanted to take some time to more fully go


       2        through the application with pertinent personnel


       3        of the City.


       4             THE CHAIRMAN:  Okay.  All right.  Thank


       5        you, sir.


       6             The Chair will grant the deferral request.


       7        We'll take this up in two weeks and one day,


       8        Wednesday -- the second Wednesday in September,


       9        I think it is.


      10             MR. REINGOLD:  September 8th.


      11             THE CHAIRMAN:  September 8th is the


      12        official date.


      13             We do have a public hearing scheduled this


      14        evening.  I do have three speakers' cards.


      15        They're all people in support of the bill.


      16             The public hearing is open.  Do any of


      17        y'all care to speak?  You can if you'd like.  If


      18        not, you can come back in two weeks.  We're not


      19        going to take the bill up.


      20             AUDIENCE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


      21             THE CHAIRMAN:  All right.  Seeing no one,


      22        then, the public hearing is continued --


      23             MR. WATSON:  Thank you, Mr. Chairman.


      24             THE CHAIRMAN:  -- and the bill is deferred.


      25             Item 15, at the bottom of the page,




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        2010-525.


       2             MR. JOOST:  Move the amendment.


       3             THE CHAIRMAN:  Mr. Reingold, did you have


       4        anything you wanted to say on this?


       5             MR. REINGOLD:  Only if requested by the


       6        committee.


       7             THE CHAIRMAN:  Okay.  Thank you, sir.


       8             Motion on the amendment by Mr. Joost.


       9             Was there a second?


      10             MR. HOLT:  Second.


      11             THE CHAIRMAN:  Second by Mr. Holt.


      12             Discussion on the amendment?


      13             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


      14             THE CHAIRMAN:  If not, all those in favor


      15        say yes.


      16             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  Yes.


      17             THE CHAIRMAN:  Opposed say no.


      18             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


      19             THE CHAIRMAN:  By your action, you've


      20        adopted the amendment.


      21             MR. HOLT:  Move the bill as amended.


      22             MR. REDMAN:  Second.


      23             THE CHAIRMAN:  Motion on the bill as


      24        amended by Mr. Holt, second by Mr. Redman.


      25             Discussion?




        Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


       2             THE CHAIRMAN:  Seeing none, open the


       3        ballot, vote.


       4             (Committee ballot opened.)


       5             MR. CRESCIMBENI:  (Votes yea.)


       6             MR. HOLT:  (Votes yea.)


       7             MR. BISHOP:  (Votes yea.)


       8             MR. BROWN:  (Votes yea.)


       9             MR. JOOST:  (Votes yea.)


      10             MR. REDMAN:  (Votes yea.)


      11             (Committee ballot closed.)


      12             MS. LAHMEUR:  Six yeas, zero nay.


      13             THE CHAIRMAN:  By our action, you've


      14        approved item 15, 2010-525, as amended.


      15             Turning to page 6, beginning with item 16


      16        and continuing all the way over to the bottom of


      17        page 10, item 35, all those items will be


      18        deferred this evening.


      19             That takes us to the top of page 11,


      20        item 36.


      21             Mr. Kelly.


      22             MR. KELLY:  Thank you.


      23             To the Chair and committee members,


      24        ordinance 2010-613.  This is a proposed


      25        ordinance that amends Part 15 of the zoning code




        Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        dealing with cell towers and tower review


       2        standards.


       3             Essentially, what this does, this bill will


       4        provide for a notice requirement for


       5        Track-II-type, camouflage, low-impact, stealth


       6        towers.  These types of towers previously were


       7        not required to be noticed, however, were


       8        required to be approved through a public hearing


       9        at the Planning Commission, so it was one of


      10        those oddball situations where you had a public


      11        hearing for something that didn't require any


      12        notice, and now this brings in the notice


      13        requirement for that.  There's no advertised


      14        notice, but it is a mailed notice to property


      15        owners within 350 feet.


      16             Additionally, this brings an amendment to


      17        the landscaping requirements, mitigating the


      18        buffering around the base of the tower site


      19        itself, and this brings basically the


      20        requirement back consistent with the


      21        uncomplementary land use buffer requirements


      22        under 656.1216 of the zoning code, which is your


      23        typical uncomplementary land use buffer.


      24             The department has reviewed this and finds


      25        that it is a very good improvement to increase




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        the public's ability for input and we support


       2        this request.


       3             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you, Mr. Kelly.


       4             Just for the record, so that the -- my


       5        colleagues on the committee don't think this was


       6        all my idea, will you kindly state who suggested


       7        that the sponsor become a sponsor?


       8             MR. REINGOLD:  I see staff sort of looking


       9        around back and forth.  I can answer that


      10        question.


      11             I believe Mr. Killingsworth came to you,


      12        sir, and said, here's something I think would be


      13        a really good idea that I think the LUZ Chair


      14        would be in favor of.  And, obviously, based


      15        upon you being the sponsor, you agreed with him.


      16             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you for the


      17        clarification.  It's amazing what got such a


      18        stellar report from the Planning Department.


      19        How does that happen?


      20             (Simultaneous speaking.)


      21             MR. REINGOLD:  (Inaudible.)


      22             THE CHAIRMAN:  Very good -- you don't


      23        hear "very good" too often.


      24             All right.  With that said, we have a


      25        public hearing on this item.  The public hearing




        Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        is open.  I have no speakers' cards.


       2             Seeing no one in the audience, the public


       3        hearing is closed.


       4             MR. BISHOP:  Move the bill.


       5             MR. HOLT:  Second.


       6             THE CHAIRMAN:  Motion by Mr. Bishop, second


       7        by Mr. Holt.


       8             Discussion?


       9             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


      10             THE CHAIRMAN:  If not, open the ballot,


      11        vote.


      12             (Committee ballot opened.)


      13             MR. CRESCIMBENI:  (Votes yea.)


      14             MR. HOLT:  (Votes yea.)


      15             MR. BISHOP:  (Votes yea.)


      16             MR. BROWN:  (Votes yea.)


      17             MR. JOOST:  (Votes yea.)


      18             MR. REDMAN:  (Votes yea.)


      19             (Committee ballot closed.)


      20             MS. LAHMEUR:  Six yeas, zero nay.


      21             THE CHAIRMAN:  By your action, you have


      22        approved item 36, 2010-613.


      23             At the bottom of page 11, beginning with


      24        item 39 all the way through the last item on


      25        page 15, item 58, all those bills are second and




         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        rereferred.


       2             That concludes our agenda.


       3             Is there anyone in the audience that would


       4        care to address the committee?


       5             AUDIENCE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


       6             THE CHAIRMAN:  I only see two people and


       7        they're addressing each other.


       8             So, with that, anything else to come before


       9        the committee?


      10             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


      11             STAFF MEMBERS:  (No response.)


      12             THE CHAIRMAN:  All right.  This meeting is


      13        adjourned, and we'll see you back here on


      14        Wednesday, September 8th.


      15             Thank you all.


      16             (The above proceedings were adjourned at


      17        6:10 p.m.)


      18                         -  -  -


















         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1                  C E R T I F I C A T E




       3   STATE OF FLORIDA:


       4   COUNTY OF DUVAL :




       6             I, Diane M. Tropia, certify that I was


       7   authorized to and did stenographically report the


       8   foregoing proceedings and that the transcript is a


       9   true and complete record of my stenographic notes.


      10             Dated this 22nd day of August, 2010.








      14                                 Diane M. Tropia


























         Diane M. Tropia, Inc., P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203