1                    CITY OF JACKSONVILLE


       2                    LAND USE AND ZONING


       3                         COMMITTEE






       6             Proceedings held on Thursday, January 21,


       7   2010, commencing at 5:05 p.m., City Hall, Council


       8   Chambers, 1st Floor, Jacksonville, Florida, before


       9   Diane M. Tropia, a Notary Public in and for the State


      10   of Florida at Large.




      12   PRESENT:


      13        RAY HOLT, Chair.

                WARREN JONES, Vice Chair.

      14        REGINALD BROWN, Committee Member.

                JOHNNY GAFFNEY, Committee Member.

      15        DON REDMAN, Committee Member.



           ALSO PRESENT:


                JOHN CROFTS, Deputy Director, Planning Dept.

      18        SEAN KELLY, Chief, Current Planning.

                FOLKS HUXFORD, Zoning Administrator.

      19        PAUL DAVIS, Planning and Development Dept.

                DYLAN REINGOLD, Office of General Counsel.

      20        MERRIANE LAHMEUR, Legislative Assistant.

                JESSICA STEPHENS, Legislative Assistant.


                                 -  -  -












           Diane M. Tropia, P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1                   P R O C E E D I N G S


       2   January 21, 2010                        5:05 p.m.


       3                         -  -  -


       4             THE CHAIRMAN:  Welcome back, everybody.


       5             We toyed with the idea of having this


       6        meeting yesterday in the park, but we couldn't


       7        figure out some of the logistics, but we're back


       8        and we'll get this one done pretty quickly.  I


       9        would imagine we're going to be out of here in


      10        about 20, 25 minutes.


      11             I assume all of our nameplates are correct,


      12        so we won't go through that.  Let's just go


      13        ahead and jump right into our agenda.


      14             On page 2, item 1 is deferred.


      15             Item 2, 2008-542, we will open the public


      16        hearing.


      17             Seeing no speakers, we'll close the public


      18        hearing.  There's an additional public hearing


      19        on 2/2.


      20             Item 3 is deferred.


      21             Item 4 is marked as a deferral, but it's my


      22        understanding that we are in a position to move


      23        withdrawal.


      24             Can I have a motion?


      25             DR. GAFFNEY:  Move to withdraw.





           Diane M. Tropia, P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             MR. REDMAN:  Second.


       2             THE CHAIRMAN:  I have a motion and a second


       3        on a withdrawal.


       4             (Mr. Mann approaches the podium.)


       5             THE CHAIRMAN:  Mr. Mann, are -- you're here


       6        representing the --


       7             MR. MANN:  I was representing the owners of


       8        the property.  They have been unable to come to


       9        some sort of agreement as far as a counteroffer


      10        to a compromise with the Northside CPAC, and I'm


      11        just not in a position to move forward without


      12        all the partners being in agreement.


      13             It's been on your calendar for a long time,


      14        and I certainly understand your -- your action.


      15        We would like a return of funds, though, since


      16        there's not been a staff report written, to my


      17        knowledge.


      18             Thank you.


      19             THE CHAIRMAN:  Mr. Crofts, are you okay


      20        with the refund of fees considering there's not


      21        been a staff report?


      22             MR. CROFTS:  That's an affirmative, yes,


      23        sir.


      24             THE CHAIRMAN:  All right.


      25             MR. JONES:  Move withdrawal with return of





           Diane M. Tropia, P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        fees.


       2             MR. BROWN:  Second.


       3             THE CHAIRMAN:  We have a motion and second


       4        on withdrawal with fees.


       5             Please open the ballot.


       6             (Committee ballot opened.)


       7             MR. HOLT:  (Votes yea.)


       8             MR. JONES:  (Votes yea.)


       9             MR. BROWN:  (Votes yea.)


      10             MR. REDMAN:  (Votes yea.)


      11             DR. GAFFNEY:  (Votes yea.)


      12             (Committee ballot closed.)


      13             MS. LAHMEUR:  Four yeas [sic], zero nay.


      14             THE CHAIRMAN:  By your action, you have


      15        withdrawn 2009-350.


      16             2009-402 is a deferral.


      17             2009-429.  We'll open public hearing.


      18             Seeing no speakers, we'll continue that


      19        public hearing till February 2nd and take no


      20        further action.


      21             209-444 is a deferral, as well as -530.


      22             Page 5.  All of page 5 is deferred.


      23             Item 12 on page 6 is deferred.


      24             Item 13, 2009-663.  We will open the public


      25        hearing.





           Diane M. Tropia, P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             (Mr. Mann approaches the podium.)


       2             THE CHAIRMAN:  Mr. Mann is here.


       3             Do we need to go ahead and read in some


       4        conditions on this?


       5             MR. CROFTS:  Well, Mr. Chairman, for the


       6        record, item -- ordinance 2009-663 is the land


       7        use --


       8             THE CHAIRMAN:  So we'll do that on the next


       9        one?


      10             MR. CROFTS:  Yes, sir.


      11             THE CHAIRMAN:  All right.


      12             DR. GAFFNEY:  Move the bill.


      13             MR. JONES:  Second.


      14             THE CHAIRMAN:  Motion and second on --


      15        we've got to close the public hearing.


      16             Did you want to speak now or on the next


      17        one?


      18             MR. MANN:  I'll speak at the next one.


      19             THE CHAIRMAN:  Okay.  We'll close the


      20        public hearing.


      21             I have a motion and a second on the bill.


      22             Please open the ballot.


      23             (Committee ballot opened.)


      24             MR. HOLT:  (Votes yea.)


      25             MR. JONES:  (Votes yea.)





           Diane M. Tropia, P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             MR. BROWN:  (Votes yea.)


       2             MR. REDMAN:  (Votes yea.)


       3             DR. GAFFNEY:  (Votes yea.)


       4             (Committee ballot closed.)


       5             THE CHAIRMAN:  Close the ballot, record the


       6        vote


       7             MS. LAHMEUR:  Five yeas, zero nay.


       8             THE CHAIRMAN:  By your action, you have


       9        approved 2009-663.


      10             Now -664.  We will open the public


      11        hearing.


      12             And if anybody wants to declare ex-parte,


      13        now would be the time.


      14             Yes, no, maybe?


      15             MR. BROWN:  Yes.  I need to declare


      16        ex-parte.  Actually, I conducted a series of


      17        meetings during the month of December, during


      18        the Christmas holidays, with both Mr. Mann as


      19        well as the Pickettville community to discuss


      20        this issue.


      21             THE CHAIRMAN:  Excellent.  Doing a fine


      22        job, Mr. Brown.


      23             Mr. Crofts, can you read the conditions?


      24        And Mr. Mann can make sure that everything is


      25        correct.





           Diane M. Tropia, P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             MR. CROFTS:  Be glad to.


       2             The conditions are as follows:


       3             Condition number 1, "The development shall


       4        be subject to the original legal description


       5        dated October 27th, 2009."


       6             Number 2, "The development shall be subject


       7        to the revised written description dated January


       8        5th, 2010."


       9             Number 3, "The development shall be subject


      10        to the original site plan dated October 8th,


      11        2009."


      12             Number 4, "The development shall be subject


      13        to the Development Services Division memorandum


      14        dated October 20th, 2009, or as otherwise


      15        approved by the Planning and Development


      16        Department."


      17             Number 5, "The development shall be subject


      18        to the JEDC memorandum dated October 23rd,


      19        2009."


      20             Number 6, "The development shall be subject


      21        to the City of Jacksonville Design Guidelines


      22        and Best Practices Handbook or as otherwise


      23        approved by the Planning and Development


      24        Department."


      25             Number 7, "Access to Old Soutel Drive shall





           Diane M. Tropia, P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        be prohibited."


       2             Number 8, "The applicant shall submit at


       3        the time of verification of substantial


       4        compliance a lighting site plan showing


       5        illumination levels which shall be reviewed and


       6        approved by the Planning and Development


       7        Department."


       8             Number 9, "The retention pond location


       9        shall be subject to the review and approval of


      10        the JEDC, the Jacksonville Economic Development


      11        Commission."


      12             Number 10 and finally, "If the applicant


      13        installs a chain-link fence between the subject


      14        property and the adjacent residential property,


      15        the fence shall be installed with slats as


      16        approved by the Planning and Development


      17        Department."


      18             That concludes the amendment.


      19             THE CHAIRMAN:  Excellent.


      20             MR. MANN:  Mr. Chairman, may I go back to


      21        Mr. Crofts, please, for a moment?


      22             THE CHAIRMAN:  Sure.  Do you want to take


      23        this aside or --


      24             MR. MANN:  No, sir.  I'll make it quick


      25        from here.





           Diane M. Tropia, P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             THE CHAIRMAN:  Okay.


       2             MR. MANN:  Mr. Crofts, it was my


       3        understanding that there would be a secondary


       4        access available if it was approved by the City


       5        traffic engineer.  Did I miss that in the list


       6        of conditions?


       7             MR. CROFTS:  I think that was in the site


       8        plan originally off Old Soutel Road [sic].  We


       9        have not changed that.  We just precluded --


      10        excluded the access on Old Soutel Drive.


      11             MR. MANN:  Okay.


      12             THE CHAIRMAN:  Everybody good?


      13             MR. MANN:  Councilman Brown, are you


      14        comfortable with that?


      15             MR. BROWN:  I'm fine.


      16             MR. MANN:  Okay, sir.


      17             THE CHAIRMAN:  All right.  I just want to


      18        make everybody comfortable because -- gosh, I


      19        had one a year or so ago that is coming back


      20        because we didn't make sure everything was


      21        perfect when it was read into the record.  I


      22        don't want that to happen again.


      23             Okay.  Well, we have the amendment read.


      24        Could I have somebody move it?


      25             DR. GAFFNEY:  Move the bill.





           Diane M. Tropia, P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             THE CHAIRMAN:  Move the amendment.


       2             MR. JONES:  Second.


       3             THE CHAIRMAN:  I have a motion and a second


       4        on the amendment.


       5             All in favor of the amendment signify by


       6        saying aye.


       7             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  Aye.


       8             THE CHAIRMAN:  The amendment passes.


       9             MR. JONES:  Move the bill as amended.


      10             MR. REDMAN:  Second.


      11             THE CHAIRMAN:  Motion and a second on the


      12        bill as amended.


      13             Please open the ballot.


      14             (Committee ballot opened.)


      15             MR. HOLT:  (Votes yea.)


      16             MR. JONES:  (Votes yea.)


      17             MR. BROWN:  (Votes yea.)


      18             MR. REDMAN:  (Votes yea.)


      19             DR. GAFFNEY:  (Votes yea.)


      20             (Committee ballot closed.)


      21             THE CHAIRMAN:  Close the ballot, record the


      22        vote


      23             MS. LAHMEUR:  Five yeas, zero nay.


      24             THE CHAIRMAN:  By your action, you have


      25        approved 2009-664.





           Diane M. Tropia, P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             Thank you.


       2             MR. MANN:  Mr. Chairman, we would like to


       3        thank Councilman Brown and the Planning


       4        Department, Mr. Davis and Mr. Crofts for the


       5        time and effort that they put in to working this


       6        out with the neighborhood in coming up with


       7        viable alternatives.


       8             Thank you all very much, gentlemen, for the


       9        time and effort you put in.


      10             THE CHAIRMAN:  That's the way it's supposed


      11        to work.


      12             All right.  Number 15 is deferred.


      13             Number 16, 2009-864.  We'll open the public


      14        hearing.


      15             No speakers, so we'll continue that to


      16        February 2nd and take no further action.


      17             2009-892.  We have one speaker.  We'll open


      18        the public hearing.


      19             Mr. Vorpe.


      20             (Audience member approaches the podium.)


      21             THE CHAIRMAN:  Is it Vorpe or Vorpe


      22        (pronouncing)?  I'm sorry.


      23             AUDIENCE MEMBER:  It's Vorpe,


      24        Mr. Chairman.


      25             Henry Vorpe, 9283 San Jose Boulevard.





           Diane M. Tropia, P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             And I'm here only if there's any questions


       2        from the members.


       3             THE CHAIRMAN:  All right.  Seeing no


       4        questions --


       5             MR. JONES:  I have one.


       6             THE CHAIRMAN:  Mr. Jones has a question.


       7             MR. JONES:  The bill that's before us is a


       8        waiver of minimum road frontage.  That was


       9        denied by the Planning Commission?


      10             MR. CROFTS:  No.


      11             MR. JONES:  Okay.


      12             MR. REINGOLD:  Okay.  To the Councilmember,


      13        actually waivers of road frontage do not go to


      14        the Planning Commission.  They go straight to


      15        the City Council Land Use and Zoning Committee.


      16             MR. JONES:  Okay.  Thank you.


      17             THE CHAIRMAN:  I know it's marked by the


      18        Planning Department, approval.


      19             All right.  Well, I need an amendment to


      20        either move to grant or amend to deny.


      21             MR. JONES:  What's the recommendation?


      22             THE CHAIRMAN:  The Planning Department


      23        recommends approval.


      24             MR. JONES:  Move the amendment.


      25             MR. REDMAN:  Second.





           Diane M. Tropia, P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             THE CHAIRMAN:  We have a motion and a


       2        second on the amendment to grant the waiver.


       3             All in favor of the --


       4             MR. JONES:  There's an amendment to


       5        (inaudible) --


       6             THE CHAIRMAN:  Right.  We need to move the


       7        amendment by voice vote first, right?


       8             MR. JONES:  Yes.


       9             THE CHAIRMAN:  Okay.  All in favor of the


      10        amendment to grant the waiver, please signify by


      11        saying aye.


      12             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  Aye.


      13             THE CHAIRMAN:  The amendment passes.


      14             MR. JONES:  Move the bill as amended.


      15             MR. BROWN:  Second.


      16             THE CHAIRMAN:  We have a motion and second


      17        on the bill to grant the waiver as -- please


      18        open the ballot.


      19             (Committee ballot opened.)


      20             MR. HOLT:  (Votes yea.)


      21             MR. JONES:  (Votes yea.)


      22             MR. BROWN:  (Votes yea.)


      23             MR. REDMAN:  (Votes yea.)


      24             DR. GAFFNEY:  (Votes yea.)


      25             (Committee ballot closed.)





           Diane M. Tropia, P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             THE CHAIRMAN:  Close the ballot, record the


       2        vote.


       3             MS. LAHMEUR:  Five yeas, zero nay.


       4             THE CHAIRMAN:  By your action, you have


       5        moved the bill to grant the waiver.


       6             MR. REINGOLD:  Mr. Chair.


       7             THE CHAIRMAN:  Mr. Reingold.


       8             MR. REINGOLD:  Through the Chair to the


       9        applicant, I've received some correspondence


      10        from, I believe, your office.  I'm just


      11        expecting some clarification on the agent


      12        authorization issue.  We just hope that that


      13        gets to our office by Tuesday before City


      14        Council, before it passes out.


      15             MR. VORPE:  It will.


      16             THE CHAIRMAN:  All right.  Thank you, sir.


      17             MR. VORPE:  Thank you.


      18             THE CHAIRMAN:  Appreciate that.


      19             Make sure our Ts are crossed and Is are


      20        dotted.


      21             We are at number 18, which is deferred.


      22             19, 2009-930.  We will open the public


      23        hearing.


      24             No speakers, so we'll close the public


      25        hearing and --





           Diane M. Tropia, P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             MR. JONES:  Move the amendment to grant the


       2        waiver.


       3             DR. GAFFNEY:  Second.


       4             THE CHAIRMAN:  This is a waiver of minimum


       5        road frontage.  We have a motion and a second on


       6        the amendment to grant the waiver.


       7             All in favor of the amendment --


       8             MR. KELLY:  Through the Chair, there is a


       9        stipulation the department would like to add


      10        with --


      11             THE CHAIRMAN:  Okay.


      12             MR. KELLY:  -- regards to addressing this


      13        property.


      14             The department recommends that the address


      15        shall be clearly posted at the intersection of


      16        Lewie Mickles right-of-way and Spaner Road.


      17             THE CHAIRMAN:  Okay.  Whoever moved the


      18        amendment, are you moving it as amended by


      19        Mr. Kelly?


      20             MR. JONES:  Yes.


      21             THE CHAIRMAN:  Okay.  As stated by


      22        Mr. Kelly.


      23             DR. GAFFNEY:  Second.


      24             THE CHAIRMAN:  We have a motion and second


      25        on the amendment to grant the waiver.





           Diane M. Tropia, P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             All in favor of the amendment -- I'm


       2        sorry.  Mr. Reingold.


       3             MR. REINGOLD:  I know Mr. Kelly just stated


       4        a condition for this waiver, and it was, I don't


       5        think, in the staff report.  Is the applicant


       6        aware of this condition that the Planning


       7        Department would like to place on the


       8        applicant?


       9             THE CHAIRMAN:  That's a good question.


      10             MR. HUXFORD:  To the Chair, the applicant


      11        is here.


      12             THE CHAIRMAN:  Come on down, sir.


      13             We're very informal tonight.


      14             (Audience member approaches the podium.)


      15             AUDIENCE MEMBER:  Good evening.


      16             Yes, I'm aware now, having just -- just


      17        heard it there, Mr. Reingold.


      18             THE CHAIRMAN:  Okay.  Could you state your


      19        name and address for the record, sir?


      20             AUDIENCE MEMBER:  Sure.


      21             My name is James Bradley Wright.  I live at


      22        10760 Clydesdale Drive East.


      23             I am the -- the owner of the property


      24        seeking the minimum waiver of road frontage to


      25        build my family home.





           Diane M. Tropia, P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             THE CHAIRMAN:  Okay.  And are you okay with


       2        that condition that Mr. Kelly just placed --


       3             MR. WRIGHT:  Yes, sir.  That was our plan


       4        all along, where to put my mailbox.  That is


       5        exactly where I wanted to put it.


       6             THE CHAIRMAN:  Excellent.  All right.  I'm


       7        glad we got it on the record.


       8             Thank you, sir.


       9             MR. WRIGHT:  Okay.


      10             THE CHAIRMAN:  Okay.  And we were about to


      11        say all in favor of the amendment, please


      12        signify --


      13             (Discussion held off the record.)


      14             THE CHAIRMAN:  Are we good?


      15             Okay.  He's filling out a blue card?


      16             MR. CROFTS:  Yes.


      17             THE CHAIRMAN:  -- please signify by saying


      18        aye.


      19             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  Aye.


      20             THE CHAIRMAN:  The amendment passes.


      21             MR. JONES:  Move the bill as amended to


      22        grant the waiver.


      23             MR. BROWN:  Second.


      24             THE CHAIRMAN:  We have a motion and a


      25        second to grant the waiver.





           Diane M. Tropia, P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             Please open the ballot.


       2             (Committee ballot opened.)


       3             MR. HOLT:  (Votes yea.)


       4             MR. JONES:  (Votes yea.)


       5             MR. BROWN:  (Votes yea.)


       6             MR. REDMAN:  (Votes yea.)


       7             DR. GAFFNEY:  (Votes yea.)


       8             (Committee ballot closed.)


       9             THE CHAIRMAN:  Close the ballot, record the


      10        vote.


      11             MS. LAHMEUR:  Five yeas, zero nay.


      12             THE CHAIRMAN:  By your action, you have


      13        granted the waiver.


      14             MR. WRIGHT:  Thank you, sir.


      15             THE CHAIRMAN:  Are we good?


      16             MR. WRIGHT:  I have one more question.


      17             How will -- what record will I have or


      18        knowledge that I have the minimum waiver of road


      19        frontage?  Because I'm about to go submit for my


      20        building permits to the City to start building.


      21             THE CHAIRMAN:  That's a good question.


      22             How soon will he get paperwork, Mr. Kelly


      23        or Mr. Crofts?


      24             MR. REINGOLD:  To the Chair, the item will


      25        go to the City Council for a final vote on





           Diane M. Tropia, P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        Tuesday and then it will be signed by the


       2        corporate -- I mean, the Council president and


       3        the City Council secretary.  It may take a day


       4        or two for that after that Tuesday.


       5             THE CHAIRMAN:  So could he go down to the


       6        Planning Department and get the paperwork in


       7        about a week and a half from now?


       8             MR. HUXFORD:  To the Chair, Mr. Wright and


       9        I have worked before on this, and he can come to


      10        me next week and I'll work with him to proceed


      11        with permit issuance.


      12             MR. WRIGHT:  Okay.


      13             THE CHAIRMAN:  Shortly after Tuesday's


      14        meeting.


      15             MR. HUXFORD:  Just give us -- give the City


      16        Council time to do their thing.


      17             MR. WRIGHT:  Will do.


      18             Thank you very much.


      19             THE CHAIRMAN:  All right.  Thank you, sir,


      20        for coming down.


      21             MR. WRIGHT:  You're welcome.


      22             THE CHAIRMAN:  Are we good?


      23             MR. REINGOLD:  (Nods head.)


      24             THE CHAIRMAN:  Okay -931 is deferred.


      25             2009-932.





           Diane M. Tropia, P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             MR. JONES:  Move the bill.


       2             DR. GAFFNEY:  Second.


       3             THE CHAIRMAN:  Motion and a second on the


       4        bill.


       5             Did we want to have Mr. Rezeau come and


       6        speak on this?


       7             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (Inaudible response.)


       8             THE CHAIRMAN:  Mr. Rezeau, could you come


       9        up and just give us a real quick summary on


      10        this?  Make sure that people aren't going to get


      11        shot in this new hunting area.


      12             (Audience member approaches the podium.)


      13             AUDIENCE MEMBER:  Nathan Rezeau, Division


      14        Chief, Waterfront Management Programing.


      15             To the Chair, this is actually an amendment


      16        to an existing cooperative management agreement


      17        we have with the St. Johns Water Management


      18        District and the Florida Fish and Wildlife


      19        Conservation Commission to allow hunting.


      20             This will actually bring in some additional


      21        property to the existing boundary limits of the


      22        park that weren't previously allowing hunting.


      23        We're bringing in an additional 667 acres to


      24        bring the total acreage to 2,417, I believe, to


      25        allow hunting up at the Kings Road Historical





           Diane M. Tropia, P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        Park, Thomas Creek conservation area.


       2             THE CHAIRMAN:  Thank you, sir.


       3             Anybody have any questions?


       4             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)


       5             THE CHAIRMAN:  I have a question.


       6             Who manages the area and allows people to


       7        come on to hunt?


       8             MR. REZEAU:  This, again -- the property


       9        itself is actually co-owned and co-managed with


      10        the City and the St. Johns Water Management


      11        District.  There's a 50/50 title on the


      12        property.  We do the recreation amenity


      13        management.  The District does the land


      14        management.


      15             However, with regard to hunting, that's the


      16        third party, being FWC, actually administers the


      17        hunts.  It's a quota permit.  Basically, these


      18        permits are issued through the Florida Fish and


      19        Wildlife Conservation Commission.  People have


      20        to have a hunting license, they have to attend a


      21        hunting course in order to get a hunting


      22        license.


      23             And this particular site has a certain


      24        number of quotas for each of the individual


      25        hunts, and that's done by random drawing,





           Diane M. Tropia, P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1        basically.  So as long as you have a hunting


       2        permit, been to that hunting course, you can


       3        apply for one of those quota permits.  And


       4        those, again, are -- are randomly drawn and


       5        issued.


       6             THE CHAIRMAN:  Excellent.


       7             Thank you, sir, for coming down tonight.


       8             All right.  We have a motion and second.


       9             Please open the ballot.


      10             (Committee ballot opened.)


      11             MR. HOLT:  (Votes yea.)


      12             MR. JONES:  (Votes yea.)


      13             MR. BROWN:  (Votes yea.)


      14             MR. REDMAN:  (Votes yea.)


      15             DR. GAFFNEY:  (Votes yea.)


      16             (Committee ballot closed.)


      17             THE CHAIRMAN:  Close the ballot, record the


      18        vote.


      19             MS. LAHMEUR:  Five yeas, zero nay.


      20             THE CHAIRMAN:  By your action, you have


      21        approved 2009-932.


      22             And the rest of our items, I believe, are


      23        second and rereferred on page 9.


      24             Am I missing anything, folks?


      25             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:  (No response.)





           Diane M. Tropia, P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1             STAFF MEMBERS:  (No response.)


       2             THE CHAIRMAN:  We are done.


       3             (The above proceedings were adjourned at


       4        5:20 p.m.)


       5                         -  -  -













































           Diane M. Tropia, P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203





       1                  C E R T I F I C A T E




       3   STATE OF FLORIDA:


       4   COUNTY OF DUVAL :




       6             I, Diane M. Tropia, certify that I was


       7   authorized to and did stenographically report the


       8   foregoing proceedings and that the transcript is a


       9   true and complete record of my stenographic notes.


      10             Dated this 24th day of January, 2010.








      14                                 Diane M. Tropia



























           Diane M. Tropia, P.O. Box 2375, Jacksonville, FL 32203