Monday, January 04, 2010

Tape No.________________________

4:00 PM  


Council Chambers, 1st Floor,  City Hall

Dana Farris,

Chief of Legislative Services





E. Denise Lee, Chair (Arrived 4:22 PM)

Legislative Assistant: Jessica Stephens

Clay Yarborough, Vice Chair

Asst. Council Auditor: Janice Billy

Reggie Brown (Left 4:40 PM)

Attorney: Steve Rohan

John Crescimbeni

Administration: Lisa Rinaman

Michael Corrigan

Chief of Research: Jeff Clements

Kevin Hyde (Arrived 4:11 PM)


Stephen Joost (Left 5:01 PM)




                        Meeting Convened 4:04 PM                                       Meeting Adjourned 5:58 PM








Charles Griggs – Infant Mortality – Rescheduled for 1/20/10

Anthony Roseberry, Fire Marshal, JFRD Fire Prevention Division– Building Inspection Requirements

Dan Kleman, Director of Fire and Rescue -Creation of Firefighter Overtime Pool



Randy White, Fire & Rescue



Item/File No.




1.  2009-758

ORD Approp $415,633 from U.S. Dept of Justice, no local Match, to Estab a Recruitmt Prog to create Pool of Qualified Job Applicants thru Various Advertising Media & Job Fair Contacts; Apv Position. (BT 10-006) (RC 10-005) (McCain) (Req of Sheriff)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 10/13/09


1. 9/22/2009 CO  Introduced: F,PHS


    10/5/2009 PHS Read 2nd & Rerefer;    10/5/2009 F Read 2nd & Rerefer


2. 10/13/2009 CO PH Read 2nd & Rereferred; F, PHS


Bill Summary                                                   Fact Sheet

F: Defer





2.  2009-868

ORD-MC Repealing Chapt 118 (Public Svc Grant Approp), Ord Code, & Creating a New Chapt 118 (City Grants). (Sidman) (C/M Hyde)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 11/10/09, 11/24/09


1. 10/27/2009 CO  Introduced: R,F,PHS


    11/2/2009 PHS Read 2nd & Rerefer;    11/2/2009 F Read 2nd & Rerefer;    11/2/2009 R Read 2nd & Rerefer


2. 11/10/2009 CO PH Contd 11/24/09/ Read 2nd & Rereferred; R, F, PHS


3. 11/24/2009 CO PH Only


Bill Summary

R: Sub/Approve                                           F: Sub/Approve



SUBSTITUTE(R)/APPROVE 4-1 (Yarborough)



3.  2009-877

ORD Approp $210,000 ($168,000 Homeland Security & FEMA Grant - Assist to Firefighters - Fire Prevention & Safety, $42,000 Rsv for Fed Progs) to Purchase Communications Equipmt for Duval, Baker, Clay, Nassau & St Johns Counties. (BT 10-026) (McCain) (Req of Mayor)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 11/24/09


1. 11/10/2009 CO  Introduced: F,PHS


    11/16/2009 PHS Read 2nd & Rerefer;    11/16/2009 F Read 2nd & Rerefer


2. 11/24/2009 CO PH Read 2nd & Rereferred; F, PHS


Bill Summary                                                   Fact Sheet

F: Defer






4.  2009-897

ORD Approp $203,297.47 from Var Fire Station Capital Improvemt Projs to Purchase & Renovate Volunteer-Owned F.S. #27, Complete Constrn of New F.S. #28 & Complete Renovation of F.S. #31; Auth Funds Carryover to FY 2010-2011; Amend Ord 2009-513-E (CIP) to Auth Funding Changes. (BT 10-032) (McCain) (Req of Mayor)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 12/08/09


1. 11/24/2009 CO  Introduced: F,PHS


    11/30/2009 PHS Read 2nd & Rerefer;    11/30/2009 F Read 2nd & Rerefer


2. 12/8/2009 CO PH Read 2nd & Rereferred; F, PHS


Bill Summary                                                   Fact Sheet

F: Amend/Approve






5.  2009-904

RESO Apv Changes to Duval County Comp Emerg Mgmt Plan (CEMP); Making Changes to CEMP to Provide Updates to Account for Addnl Plans & Positions within the Emerg Ops Ctr, add New Position Descriptions & Update Position Changes, Update EOC Area Command Org Chart, Update Population Statistics & Update Evacuation Routes. (McCain) (Req of Mayor)


1. 11/24/2009 CO  Introduced: PHS


    11/30/2009 PHS Read 2nd & Rerefer


2. 12/8/2009 CO Read 2nd & Rereferred; PHS


Bill Summary                                                   Fact Sheet








6.  2009-911

RESO re Traffic Safety; Recognizing Use of Unmanned Camera Traffic Enforcemt Camera Technology will save Lives; Urging Duval Delegation & State Legislature to enact Legislation auth Local Govts to Implemt Unmanned Camera Traffic Enforcemt Techniques to end Legal Controversies over State Authorization; Urging Legislature to allow Local Govts to retain Enforcemt Rev to Offset Costs of Traffic Enforcemt; Urging other Local Govts to support such Legislation. (Rohan) (PHS)


1. 11/24/2009 CO  Introduced: PHS,TEU


    11/30/2009 PHS Read 2nd & Rerefer


    12/1/2009 TEU Read 2nd & Rerefer


2. 12/8/2009 CO Read 2nd & Rereferred; PHS, TEU


Bill Summary








7.  2009-927

ORD Approp $700,000 Florida State Courts Drug Court Continuation Grant for Expansion of Adult Post-Adjudicatory Drug Courts for Non-Violent Felony Offenders who would Otherwise be Incarcerated; Auth Funds Carryover to FY 2010-2011; Request Emerg Apv. (BT 10-040) (McCain) (Req of Mayor)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 1/12/10


1. 12/8/2009 CO  Introduced: R,F,PHS


Fact Sheet

R: Read 2nd & Rerefer                          F: Read 2nd & Rerefer







8.  2009-937

ORD Auth Purchase of a Portion of RE# 005099-0000 at $425,000 + Closing Costs from N.G. Wade Investment Co for Constrn of Fire Station #26. (Dist 10-Brown) (McCain) (Req of Mayor)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 1/12/10


1. 12/8/2009 CO  Introduced: F,PHS


Fact Sheet

F: Read 2nd & Rerefer







At the conclusion of the agenda items the committee heard a presentation from Fire and Rescue Department Director Dan Kleman and Anthony Roseberry, Chief of the JFRD Fire Prevention Division and City Fire Marshal, regarding Fire and Rescue Department fire inspection policies and procedures.  Chief Roseberry explained that Fire Marshal only has jurisdiction to inspect industrial and commercial properties, which includes multi-family residences (apartments) over 4 units.  The Fire Marshal does not have jurisdiction to inspect single family residences.  Fire inspections are currently scheduled by hand and tracked on paper cards in folders.  The department and ITD are working on a program to convert to electronic scheduling and inspection tracking, but the project has been delayed by budget constraints until 2011.


The Fire Prevention Division has performed official inspections for perhaps 20 years; previously such inspections were performed by the local engine company in the area when they weren’t working on calls.  The reason for the shift is two-fold.  First, the Fire Prevention Division employees must be state-certified inspectors, which takes 200 hours of training that firefighters and engineers do not have.  Second, as the City has grown the workload on engine companies has increased and there is little time for the typical fire station to perform such inspections given their calls for service.  The department is starting a pilot program in which engine company personnel will make free courtesy inspections of commercial and industrial properties in their area on a 4-year cycle to look for obvious problems and to gain familiarity with the facilities to which they might some day be called.  The Fire Prevention Division hopes to be able to do all of its formal, paid inspections on a 4-year cycle as well on a 2 year offset, so each commercial property would be inspected every 2 years.


Director Kleman made an additional presentation on the subject of firefighter overtime and potential methods to reduce the amount of overtime the department pays each year.  He explained that the majority of overtime expense is incurred to meet minimum staffing levels for stations and equipment (each piece of apparatus has a minimum personnel staffing level without which it cannot respond to calls), and occurs for reasons such as employee illness or injury, annual leave, special assignments, jury duty, training, or other causes.  The department calculates that it needs a “relief pool” of 21.5% of total staffing requirements to meet typical daily coverage needs.  The relief pool consists of full-time employees who are in excess of the staffing needs of their regularly-assigned apparatus on any particular day and are therefore available to be shifted to other stations to fill daily vacancies.   Due to budget constraints the department is not funded at a level that provides the 21.5% relief pool.  Therefore when more daily vacancies occur than can be covered by shifting employees on their regular word day, additional personnel must be called in on overtime to fill the gaps.  Collective bargaining agreements provide that overtime shall be dispersed as equally as possible among all covered employees, so overtime call-ups must include all ranks.


The department has considered several mechanisms for reducing overtime costs.  Since the largest need for overtime coverage occurs on the weekends, one possibility would be to create “D” and “E” shifts that would require employees to work either on Saturday or Sunday every week in addition to another weekday, thereby increasing the number of regular duty personnel available for relief pool purposes on the weekend and reducing the need for overtime.  This plan requires the concurrence of the bargaining units and currently under negotiation.  Another potential remedy would be the use of part-time, fully trained personnel who would work one 24-hour shift per week, always on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  Part-time employees would be less expensive in all circumstances because they would not be paid benefits or participate in the pension plan, and would be significantly less costly than an employee working overtime.  However the department has concerns about the amount and timing of training involved for part-time employees, their skill level when compared to full-time firefighters, and their ability to integrate and become trusted team members when they would likely report to a different station every week.  Mr. Kleman recommended that the best solution would be to staff up the department to achieve the 21.5% relief pool level.


A presentation on infant mortality by Charles Griggs of the Duval County Health Department was deferred to the next committee meeting.



Jeff Clements, City Council Research



Posted 1.6.10

5:30 p.m.



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