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Finance Committee Agenda Meeting Minutes

February 29, 2016

9:00 a.m.

Topic: Finance Committee agenda meeting


Location: Conference Room A, City Hall – St. James Building; 117 West Duval Street,

Suite 425


In attendance: Council Members Bill Gulliford, Danny Becton, Lori Boyer, Aaron Bowman, Anna Lopez Brosche, Reginald Gaffney, Matt Schellenberg, Reggie Brown


Also: Kirk Sherman and Kyle Billy – Council Auditor’s Office; Peggy Sidman, Paige Johnston and Jody Brooks – Office of General Counsel; Jeff Clements – Council Research Division; Jessica Morales  – Legislative Services Division; Ali Korman Shelton – Mayor’s Office; Mike Weinstein, Kevin Stork and Angela Moyer – Finance Department


See attached sign-in sheet for additional attendees


Meeting Convened: 9:00 a.m.


Chairman Gulliford called the meeting to order and asked the attendees to introduce themselves. He reviewed the Auditor’s marked agenda which included 12 items marked for deferral, 14 items ready for action (1 for substitute and re-referral, 3 as emergencies) and 23 items for second reading and re-referral.


Mr. Gulliford announced that there would be a discussion about the ability of employees to switch from the defined contribution to the defined benefit retirement plan in a way that provides a benefit for employees who don’t meet the 5-year vesting period for the define benefit plan..


Council Member Schellenberg announced that Council Member Doyle Carter’s mother had passed away over the weekend and provided viewing and funeral arrangements.


2016-103 (deletion of missing or stolen items of personal property from inventory): Council Member Becton requested a copy of the listing of items being deleted.


2015-764 (amending the JEA Charter and interlocal agreement for the annual financial contribution): Deputy General Counsel Peggy Sidman noted that an amendment should be considered to the JEA Charter to replace a reference to the Intra-governmental Services Department with a more generic reference to the City department and division responsible for handling personnel matters.


Meeting Adjourned: 9:09 a.m.



Minutes: Jeff Clements, Council Research

             2.29.16   Posted 10:30 a.m.

Tapes:  Finance agenda meeting– LSD


Materials: Auditor’s marked Finance agenda