City Council Chamber, 1st floor, City Hall

October 24, 2017

4:00 p.m.


Location: City Council Chamber, City Hall – St. James Building; 117 West Duval Street,

In attendance: Council Members Anna Lopez Brosche (President), Greg Anderson, Danny Becton, Aaron Bowman,  Lori Boyer, John Crescimbeni, Garrett Dennis, Al Ferraro, Reggie Gaffney, Jim Love, Joyce Morgan, Sam Newby, Scott Wilson

Excused: Council Member Matt Schellenberg


Also: Peggy Sidman, Paige Johnston and Susan Grandin – Office of General Counsel; Kim Taylor – Council Auditor’s Office; Carol Owens, Jessica Matthews and Philip Zamarron – Legislative Services Division; Jeff Clements – Council Research Division; Sam Mousa, Ali Korman Shelton and Jordan Elsbury – Mayor’s Office; Lin White – Public Works Department; Mike Weinstein and Teresa Eichner – Finance Department; Kirk Wendland – Office of Economic Development; Laura Stagner-Crites – Neighborhoods Department; Kurtis Wilson – Fire and Rescue Department


Meeting Convened: 4:02 p.m.


President Brosche called the meeting to order and asked for the committee reports.


NCSPHS Committee: Council Member Newby reviewed the actions of the committee from its meeting.


TEU Committee: Council Member Ferraro reviewed the actions of the committee from its meeting.


Finance Committee: Council Member Dennis reviewed the actions of the committee from its meeting.


LUZ Committee: Council Member Boyer reviewed the actions of the committee from its meeting.


Rules Committee: Council Member Wilson reviewed the actions of the committee from its meeting.


Council Member Morgan stated that she would be abstaining from the vote on 2017-606 (Appropriating $4,769,605.98 in State Housing Initiatives Partnership Program (SHIP) Funds) due to a conflict of interest regarding her husband’s employer receiving some of the funding.


Council Member Wilson said that he would be offering a floor amendment on 2017-668 (Authorizing Director of Parks, Rec & Community Services to Execute an Access Agreement allowing Environmental Site Assessment Activities at Losco Regional Park). Deputy General Counsel Peggy Sidman explained that the floor amendment would correct the ownership of the parcel and the real estate number.


Attorney Susan Grandin of the General Counsel’s Office explained that the Council’s action tonight to remand 2017-672 (Ruling on an Appeal of Planning Commission Denial of Zoning Variance V-17-08) to the Planning Commission for further review will be the final action on this bill. Should an appeal be filed on the Planning Commission’s future decision, a separate appeal bill will be filed.


Council President Brosche noted that 2017-348 (amending the Ordinance Code to create a requirement for an additional annual pension obligation reduction payment) failed in both committees; council members wishing to support the committees’ recommendations need to vote “nay” tonight. She also noted that the administration has requested amendment of 2017-727 (Appropriating $556,431.94 in revenue from Auction of Parcels on City's Affordable Housing Inventory List & HUD Miscellaneous Revenue to provide Disaster Recovery Funding for Duval County Citizens Impacted by Hurricane Irma) to include 1-cycle emergency language.


Meeting adjourned: 4:13 p.m.


Minutes: Jeff Clements, Council Research Division

10.24.17     Posted 5:00 p.m.

Tapes:  Council agenda meeting – LSD