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(Creating a Budgetary Requirement for an Addnl Annual Pension Reduction Payment):      phases in applicable percentage of additional pension payments based on GF/GSD revenue growth (increasing by 2% annually from 7% in FY18-19 to a cap of 15% in FY22-23); annual additional payment is calculated by applicable year’s percentage of net revenue growth plus the additional payment amount contributed in prior year; additional payment will be applied only to PFPF and Corrections unfunded liability (excludes GEPP).






(Amending Zoning Code to add 5 Areas Suitable for a Transit Oriented Development): Per OGC, on P.1, line 24 insert “The following areas … are potentially deemed to be suitable locations…”;  on P. 2, line 30 insert the following sentence: Until a Transit Oriented Development designation is made by the Jacksonville City Council, the listing shall not presume appropriateness.






(Rezoning Property South of Atlantic Blvd, West of Kernan Blvd South from PUD to PUD): Per OGC, rezoning is approved subject to conditions:

(1)        All sides of the building shall have architectural details, including faux window, variations in wall planes, and contrasting banding and pilaster. Flat roofs with parapets shall have contrasting color caps. No plain concrete block is permitted. Architectural elevations shall be submitted at the time of Verification of Substantial Compliance of the PUD for review and approval by the Planning and Development Department.

(2)        Prior to the first final inspection within any phase of development, the owner or their agent shall submit to the Planning and Development Department for its review and approval either (a) an affidavit documenting that all conditions to the development order have been satisfied, or (b) a  detailed agreement for the completion of all conditions to the development order.

(3)        One shared street frontage sign (existing), not exceeding 125 square feet in area for use in common by all of the occupants of the combined properties of this PUD, to be allocated and maintained by the owners and occupants of the Property in accordance with their recorded easement and operation agreements.  Wall signs are permitted in accordance with the City of Jacksonville Land Use Regulations.

(4)        Site Design shall promote integration of the combined parcels.  Additionally, the developer shall provide a landscape buffer, 20 feet in width along the entire southern border of this PUD, Parcel “C”, which shall include a wall or fence, or berm(s) and/or landscaping at least eight (8) feet in height and at least eighty-five percent (85%) opacity, and meeting the standards for such buffers in the City of Jacksonville Land Use Regulations including the requirement for trees in such areas.”

Attaches Revised Exhibit 3 (revised written description); attaches Revised Exhibit 4 (revised site plan)






(Closing & Abandoning &/or Disclaiming a Portion of a Drainage R/W adjacent to 9943 Beach Blvd): attaches Exhibit 2 (Hold Harmless Agreement), as approved by Risk Management, to be executed before abandonment is effective.






(Approp. $4,769,605.98 ($3,946,988 in 2017-2020 State Housing Initiatives Partnership Program (SHIP) Funds): attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised BT) to reflect changes in allocation of funding.






(Approp. $1,500,000 from General Fund UAAL Contingency to the Capital Proj Subfund 32E for the Hart Bridge Ramp Modification Project): attaches Revised Exhibit 2 (revised CIP page) to corrects CIP Fiscal Year and CIP Exhibit.






(Rezoning 6115 Anderson Rd and an Adjacent Property from RLD-60 to CCG-2): Per OGC, approves rezoning to CRO instead of CCG-2; attaches Revised Exhibit 2 (revised location map).






(Approp. $86,750 from Litter Trust Fund for Authorized Expenditures): corrects Fiscal Year to 2017/18; on  Pg. 2, line 6 inserts “to” after “used”.






(Authorizing 3rd Amend to Agreemt with St Johns River Taxi, LLC for Operating & Marketing Svcs): clarifies in Section 1 of the bill that the River Taxi Marketing Services (Exhibit A-2 of the Agreement) will be extended with a renewal option.






(Authorizing execution of an Access Agreemt on City's Behalf allowing Environmental Site Assessmt Activities at Losco Regional Park):


NCSPHS: corrects parcel number; attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised property access agreement) to correct parcel number and exhibit references.


Floor: NCSPHS amendment, except attaches 2nd Revised Exhibit 1 (2nd revised property access agreement) to correct ownership, parcel number and exhibit references.






(Authorizing an Easemt Agreemt with JEA in order to Establish Access Rights & use Parameters for the Hogan's Creek Greenway thru JEA Propty): correct funding source from FDOT to CDBG funds.






(Establishing an Honorary St Designation on Broad St from Forsyth St to Beaver St for Dr Eartha M.M. White):  removes repetitive language; corrects spelling of name; corrects Ordinance Code section reference.






(Authorizing Issuance by Jax Housing Finance Authority of its Multifamily Housing Revenue Bonds for Millennia Jacksonville Project): removes apartment complex name changes from bill; attaches Revised Exhibit 3 (revised Financing Details).






(Ruling on Appeal of Planning Commission Denial of Zoning Variance V-17-08 on Collins Road): remands the appeal back to the Planning Commission with specific instructions to make findings based upon competent substantial evidence on each of the following criteria:

1. The proposed request will not be contrary to the public interest;

2. The request is owing to conditions peculiar to the property such as the physical surroundings, shape, topographic condition or other physical or environmental conditions;

3. The request is not the result of the actions of the applicant;

4. A literal enforcement of the Zoning Code would result in unnecessary and undue hardship;

5. There are practical or economic difficulties in carrying out the strict letter of the regulation;

6. The request is not based exclusively upon a desire to reduce the cost of developing the site, but would accomplish some result which is in the public interest, such as, for example, furthering the preservation of natural resources by saving a tree or trees;

7. The proposed variance will not substantially diminish property values in, nor alter the essential character of, the area surrounding the sites and will not substantially interfere with or injure the rights of others whose property would be affected by approval of the variance;

8. The proposed variance will not be detrimental to the public health, safety or welfare, result in additional public expense, the creation of nuisances, or conflict with any other applicable law; and

9. The effect of the proposed variance is in harmony with the spirit and intent of the Zoning Code.






(Commending & Thanking the Crews from Rock Hill Utilities of South Carolina): corrects the names of the utilities that were involved in the assistance effort.






(Commending & Thanking the Crews from NC Public Power of North Carolina): corrects the names of the utilities that were involved in the assistance effort.






(Waiving Bldg Inspection Div Fees in Connection with Permit Appls for Roof Constrn & Repairs on Existing Structures Damaged by Hurricane Irma): will apply to permits for re-roofing and non-structural roof repairs and electrical service repairs to the owner’s side of the electrical service point of overhead electrical connections on existing structures damaged by Hurricane Irma on a refund basis to property owners; applicable to permits applied for from 9/11/17 through 12/31/17; deadline to apply for permit refund will be 2/28/18; signed affidavit with permit number required for permit refund; appropriates cash carryover within the Building Inspection Division Subfund for the purpose of providing refunds and will require future Council approval for transfer of any unused funds out of the refund line item; Building Inspection Chief will be the final authority in determination of a refund.






(Recognizing & Honoring Marsha Dean Phelts): removes duplicative language.




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