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(Rezoning Property on Bardin Rd from RR-Acre to RLD-60): Per OGC, approves rezoning subject to conditions:

(1)        Maximum number of dwelling units:  29 units.

(2)        There shall be no two story homes constructed on the Lots behind the following addresses: 

a. 2267 Leonard lane North    

b. 2317 Leonard Lane North

c. 2331 Leonard Lane North

d. 11860 Leafdale Circle West

e. 11852 Leafdale Circle West

As depicted on the Site Plan dated September 28, 2017, this restriction would apply to Lots 14,15 ,20, 21, 22, 24 and 25.  A note depicting this restriction shall be placed on the plat and shall also be noted in the private governance documents for the Homeowners Association.

(3)        Minimum lot area: 7,000 square feet.

(4)        Minimum lot width: 70 feet.   

             a. For corner lots, the minimum lot width shall be increased by 5' to 75'.

(5)        Landscaping will meet the requirements of Part 12 Landscape Regulations of the Zoning Code.

(6)        The North and South property boundaries shall have a Minimum 10 (ten) foot undisturbed landscape buffer, and the East boundary shall have a fifteen (15) foot undisturbed landscape buffer, as noted on the Site Plan "Exhibit 4" and dated September 28th, 2017.

(7)        A twenty foot (20') Landscape Buffer will be provided on the entrance abutting Bardin Road.

(8)        The North, East and South property lines will be fenced with a six foot (6') Vinyl fence.  The fence will be installed after site preparation and prior to construction of any homes.


Attaches Revised Exhibit 3 (revised written description); attaches Revised Exhibit 4 (revised site plan).






(Administrative Deviation to Reduce Minimum Lot Area at 1596 Gately Rd): Per OGC, denies the requested deviation.






(Rezoning 3011 Marbon Rd & 0 Marbon Rd from PBF-1 & PUD to PUD): Per OGC, approves the rezoning subject to conditions:

1.         Traffic to the residential portions of the property shall be controlled to manage or reduce cut through traffic through the use of components such as entrance gates and/or speedbumps, at the developer’s discretion.

2.         In the Written Description in Section IV (Uses and Restrictions), Subsection A (Residential Permitted Uses), the permitted use of “Townhomes/Single family attached homes” shall require the parcels to be sold individually and not in the aggregate as a singularly managed apartment complex would be sold.

3.         If the developer chooses to develop the project using single family home lots as shown on Page 1 of Exhibit 4 of this ordinance, the buffer between the single family lots and the commercial parcels shall consist of a vegetative buffer at the property line, and then a fence 10 feet inside the property line such that the vegetative buffer is located on the commercial side of the fence.

4.         If the developer chooses to develop the project using townhomes as shown on Page 2 of Exhibit 4 of this ordinance, the buffer between the townhomes and the commercial parcels shall consist of a fence at the property line, and then a vegetative buffer 10 feet inside the property line such that the vegetative buffer is located on the townhome side of the fence.

5.         The vegetative buffer shall consist of an evergreen hedge, and one tree for each 25 linear feet spaced so as to allow mature growth, but no greater than 40 feet on center.  The evergreen hedge shall consist of large, cold hardy shrubs such as Ilex “Mary Nell”, LIgustrum japonicum, Nerium oleander, Viburnum odoratissimum, Viburnum obovatum and Myrica cerifera, or such similar vegetation as approved by the Planning Department, in order to ultimately obtain a vegetative screen higher than the fence.  The shrubs shall be a minimum of 5 feet in height, Florida Fancy, at the time of planting and shall obtain an opacity of 85% within 2 years.  The trees shall be shade trees, and a minimum of 4 inch caliper at the time of planting.

6.         Number 2 on agenda “Prior to the final inspection within any phase . . . .”


Attaches Revised Exhibit 3 (revised written description).


Floor: corrects a date in the Revised Written Description






(Waive Sec. 122.816 - Donation, Destruction or Abandonment of Valueless Tangible Personal Property - to allow Donation without following the Award Process): includes authority for Mayor to execute and require any transfer documents, including any waiver or releases required by Risk Management, retroactive to the date Sphinx took possession.






(Rezoning 14925 Main St & Property Adjacent from PUD to PUD): Per OGC, approves the rezoning subject to conditions:

(1)        An six (6) foot high, chain link fence shall be installed and maintained along the north, east and south property lines.

(2)        The hours of operation for the eastern 400 feet shall be between 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

(3)        All sag lenses, drop lenses and convex lenses shall be prohibited. Illumination levels at all property lines shall not exceed one-half (.5) foot candles (f.c.). An exterior lighting design plan, including a photometrics plan, pole and fixtures schedules shall be submitted at the time of verification of substantial compliance for review and approval by the Planning and Development Department.

(4)        The owner shall maintain the existing undisturbed natural tree and landscape buffer to the south and east of the Property and shall not take any action to diminish or remove said existing tree and landscape buffer and screening.  The landscape buffers shall meet the following specifications:  no less than 10 feet wide along the north and east property lines, and no less than 20 feet wide along the south property line. If the existing natural landscape buffer is destroyed it shall be replaced consistent with Paragraph 6 below.

(5)        The owner shall not construct or build any structure and shall not stack storage containers within the eastern 400 feet of the Property.

(6)        Consistent with City of Jacksonville Ordinance Code, Section 656.1216, the owner shall install and maintain along the north property line where no undisturbed natural tree and landscape buffer exists, an evergreen screen consisting of a 7 gallon, Florida Fancy shrub using a ratio of one tree for each 25 linear feet of required buffer strip, spaced so as to allow mature growth, but no greater than 40 feet on center.  Permitted shrubs include Ilex, “Mary Nell,” Ligustrum japonicum, Nerium Oleander, or Viburnum obovatum.

The buffer strip shall not be used for storage or parking of equipment, vehicles, trailers, or tools, or for disposal, signs, or otherwise.

(7)        The owner shall maintain in good condition the building and landscaping along the west property line adjacent to and fronting on North Main Street and the storm water retention pond adjacent to the south property line.  Maintenance of the Property along North Main Street shall include maintaining the visual appearance and aesthetics of the existing store and associated shrubs, trees, plants, flowers, or other landscaping on a regular/as-needed basis.  Maintenance of the storm water retention pond shall include regular/as-needed aeration and maintenance to prevent water stagnation and overgrowth of algae.”






(Repealing Jacksonville Children’s Commission and Jacksonville Journey and Creating the Kids Hope Alliance)


NCSPHS: See attached summary, plus: requires all board members to be Duval County residents by striking the exception for substantial business or philanthropic interest in Jacksonville by a non-county resident; adds “career counseling” as a service category.


Finance: NCSPHS Substitute, plus: changes the KHA board’s administrative budget transfer authority to a maximum of 10% per authorized budget line item per year; deletes “to the extent feasible and as needed” on p. 13, line 26 in the context of “family participation”; changes “or age 18” to “graduation from high school” on p. 13, line 5 in the context of the maximum age for youth service provision; adds a provision for uniform performance standards for equivalent programs on p. 20, line 30 in the context of inter-agency agreements.


Rules: Finance Substitute, plus adds 4 additional permanent liaisons (in addition to a City Council member) to the KHA board: the State Attorney (or Chief Assistant State Attorney); the Sheriff (or Undersheriff); the Public Defender (or Chief Assistant Public Defender) and the Superintendent of Schools (or Assistant Superintendent); strikes “non-voting” from the description of the liaison members.






(Amending Chapter 380 - Solid Waste Management - to Revise Definition of Gross Receipts, Provide for Late Registration Fee and Update Insurance Requirements): includes previous language requiring Risk Manager approval prior to issuance of franchise; requires insurance certificate renewals to be submitted prior to expiration of current certificate; corrects Code reference on pg. 4, line 19.






(Honorary Street Designation on 8th St from I-95 to Francis St. to honor Dr. Norma Ruth Solomon White): corrects street name spelling; attaches Revised Exhibit 4 (FDOT permit); attaches Revised Exhibit 5 (payment receipt); corrects Ordinance Code section reference.








(Amending membership of Tree Commission to insert term expiration date and make Council Member designee as a non-voting liaison member): Removes change to Section 94.103 to clarify that the Council Member is a non-voting liaison.






(Authorizing a Land Swap Agreement with JTA & to Execute all Deeds & Closing Documents for Exchange of a JTA Parcel & City Parcel in LaVilla): attaches Revised On File Agreement.






(Expressing Council Support for Local Bill J-1 which would Require JSO to provide Crossing Guards at each School attended by Students in some or all Grades of Kindergarten thru Grade 8): revises the resolution to state that the subject matter of the proposed state bill can be accomplished at the local level and therefore no state action is necessary. It also provides that if local action is barred, then the Council conditionally supports Bill J-1 only if revised to provide that the requirement for crossing guards at schools attended by students in grades K-8 is limited to public schools, and if a determination of necessity for a crossing guard is based on hazardous walking conditions and recommendations for remedies pursuant to Sec. 1006.23, Florida Statutes.

Attaches new Exhibit 2 (General Counsel legal opinion); attaches new Exhibit 3 (copy of revised J-1).


Floor (Wilson): revises the resolution to state that the Council recognizes that the Duval County School Safety Committee has been established pursuant to state statute to review and evaluate the hazardous walking conditions and provide recommendations, and that the Florida Statutes also allow for Interlocal Agreements to be entered into to “address and correct hazardous walking conditions.” Based on those facts, the Council finds that the subject matter of Local Bill J-1 can be addressed by the Jacksonville City Council, Duval County School Board and Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office and other entities through Interlocal Agreements, and therefore no State action is necessary.







Contact:           Jeff Clements, Chief of Research (904) 630-1405 or


Prepared by the Administration                                                                    NCSPHS Committee Substitute

2017-563 Legislative Summary

New Chapter 77 (Kids Hope Alliance)

(Last Updated 9/6/17)


The Mayor’s proposed legislation creates a new Chapter 77 (Kids Hope Alliance), effective as of January 1, 2018, that provides the following:

·         Establishes a seven member public body within the executive branch known as the Kids Hope Alliance (“KHA”) to comprehensively develop, oversee and manage the Essential Services Plan for Kids (the “Plan”), an integrated system of essential children and youth programs, services and activities to be provided to children and youth.  KHA members shall be appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by Council.  The official tagline of KHA shall be:  Kids Hope Alliance: The Jacksonville Partnership for Children, Youth and Families.


·         Provides for the KHA board to employ a CEO.  The CEO’s qualifications must include progressively responsible experience in operating, managing and administering a business, agency or non-profit organization.


·         Provides for the five (5) Essential Services Categories to be adopted by Council.  Identifies the following five (5) categories of services (the “Services”) as the essential types of programs, services, and activities that are necessary to positively and tangibly impact the lives of children and youth. Provides for KHA to include in its annual proposed budget to the Mayor funding recommendations for the five (5) Essential Services Categories listed below: 



·         Provides for KHA to develop, oversee, manage and implement the Essential Services Plan for Kids.  Provides for the Plan to be adopted and approved by the Board and updated and amended by the Board as needed.  Provides for the Plan to include the KHA’s long-term goals and objectives regarding the Services to be provided to children and youth.  Requires the Plan to include the following minimum Plan elements:


o   Performance metrics;

o   Family participation;

o   Required use of best practices and models;

o   Consideration to certain specified geographic areas; and

o   Any other elements, directives or guiding principles in the Plan as determined by the Board.


·         Provides for KHA to develop, oversee, manage and implement the Plan through Providers, Small Providers and City agencies and for KHA contracts to be competitively procured through Chapter 126 (Procurement Code), Ordinance Code. Unless otherwise provided in Chapter 77, KHA is prohibited from performing Services in-house.


·         Provides for KHA to develop a comprehensive and integrated system of programs, services and activities based on the five (5) Essential Services Categories; requires the Board to annually request the Sheriff, the State Attorney and the Public Defender to report to the Board on strategic policing and public safety initiatives; requires the Board to annually request philanthropic and research organizations to report on recently commissioned research and trends; requires KHA to review and consider the continuation of existing City children and youth programs that the City has determined to be successful based on performance metrics.


·         Requires and empowers KHA to:


















·         Provides for a food and beverage restriction in KHA contracts of two (2) percent in the aggregate annually and per contract.


·         Provides for KHA to submit its annual budget to the Mayor and permits KHA to transfer up to $250,000 per transaction subject to MBRC approval and provide an initial annual report to be presented to the Mayor and Council no later than December 31, 2018 for the prior fiscal year, and thereafter, by no later than December 31st of each fiscal year for the prior fiscal year.  The annual report will include a detailed listing of all service providers that KHA contracted with for Services during the fiscal year.


·         Provides for KHA to coordinate with other private and public entities regarding the Services and to consult with and receive presentations from subject matters experts in children and youth services, non-profit entities, contract administration, etc.


·         Provides for certain intra-agency liaison relationships between the KHA and the Parks Department, Jacksonville Public Library, the Neighborhoods Department and any other City departments, offices as determined by the Board. 


Additionally, the proposed legislation:

·         Amends Chapter 111.850 (Children’s Commission Trust Fund) to change the name of the trust fund to Kids Hope Alliance Trust Fund and replace JCC with KHA; provides for the trust funds to be used in accordance with the Essential Services Plan for Kids and Chapter 77 (Kids Hope Alliance), Ordinance Code.


·         Amends Chapter 118.106 to delete the reference to JCC and provide that DIA and KHA contracts shall not be subject to Chapter 118 (City Grants), Ordinance Code.


·         Effective January 1, 2018, repeals Chapter (51) (Jacksonville Children’s Commission) and provides for the transfer of JCC employees and programs to KHA; Effective January 1, 2018, repeals Chapter 75 (Jax Journey) and provides for the transfer of Jax Journey programs to  KHA.  The JCC and Jax Journey will no longer exist after December 31, 2017.


·         Provides for a 180 day transition period where JCC programs (until dissolution) and KHA programs will be overseen and managed by an interim appointee approved and designated by the Mayor until such programs are fully transitioned to KHA during such transition period.


·         Authorizes the Mayor to register logos, trademarks, copyrights with respect to KHA’s name and official tagline.



Note:  This document is only a summary of the main provisions in the proposed bill.  Please see the proposed bill for full details and exact language regarding each provision referenced above.