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(Rezoning 1627 San Pablo Rd S & and Adjacent Property - CO to PUD):


LUZ: Per OGC, approves the rezoning subject to conditions:

1.      A 6-foot high, 85% opaque wood or vinyl fence shall be installed and maintained along the east property line and the south frontage along Cocoanut Road.

2.      Signs shall meet the setbacks in Section 656.1301(i)(2), Zoning Code.

3.      Building trade contractors, along with the outdoor parking of vehicles and trailers used in conjunction with that use, are allowed as a permitted use. However, outdoor storage is prohibited. The Written Description shall be revised to reflect this change prior to the City Council approval of the rezoning.

4.      Prior to requesting a final building inspection or occupying the facility in any manner, the lead horizontal and vertical design professionals shall submit to the Planning and Development Department  separate certification letters confirming that all horizontal and vertical components of the development have been substantially completed, and all conditions to the development order have been satisfied. This condition shall apply to both phased and non-phased developments.

Attaches Revised Exhibit 4 (revised site plan).


Floor: attaches Revised Exhibit 3 to reduce maximum building height to 35 feet, revise permitted uses per condition #3 above, and reduce maximum square footage of building.






(Designating a Portion of Structure at 325 East Duval St - the YWCA/Community Connections Bldg. - as a Landmark Structure): Per OGC, inserts the following language on p. 4, line 18: “However, as to Paragraph “G” of the report, the Council expressly does not render an opinion as to the future use of the property and thus is not basing its decision to approve the designation on the last two paragraphs of Paragraph “G”.






(Rezoning 13535 Beaver St. W. from CCG-1 & AGR to PUD): Per OGC, approves the rezoning subject to condition: All uses other than playfields and seasonal events shall comply with the Parking requirements of Part 6 and Landscaping requirements of Part 12 of the Zoning Code.

Attaches Revised Exhibit 3 (revised written description; inserts location description language in the bill title.






(Administrative Deviation AD-17-41 at 1596 Gately Rd. to Reduce Minimum Lot Area): Per OGC, amended to deny the deviation request.






(Rezoning 958 & 972 Cassatt Ave, 985 Mikael Ave, 0 Normandy Blvd & 0 Mikael Ave from CCG-2 & RLD-120 to PUD): Per OGC, approves the rezoning subject to conditions:

1. All sag lenses, drop lenses and convex lenses shall be prohibited. Illumination levels at all property lines shall not exceed one-half (.5) foot candles (“f.c.”) when the building or parking areas are located adjacent to residential areas, and shall not exceed one (1.0) f.c. when abutting other non-residential properties. All lighting lamp sources within parking and pedestrian areas shall be metal halide, compact fluorescent or LED. The maximum light pole height in all parking areas should not exceed thirty feet (30’- 0”). An exterior lighting design plan, including a photometrics plan, pole and fixtures schedules shall be submitted at the time of Verification of Substantial Compliance for review and approval by the Planning and Development Department. Light fixtures shall be mounted on canopies so that the lens cover is recessed or flush with the bottom surface (ceiling) of the canopy.

2. The driveway shall be a minimum of 100 feet from the edge of pavement (EOP) of Normandy Boulevard.

3. There shall be no loading/unloading on City right-of-way.

4. The owner shall place 20’ landscape buffer to the north of the driveway for the dumpster.

5. Prior to the first final inspection within any phase of development, the owner or their agent shall submit to the Planning Department for its review and approval either (a) an affidavit documenting that all conditions to the development order have satisfied, or (b) a detailed agreement for the completion of all conditions to the development order.






(Rezoning 14091 Philips Hwy from AGR to CN): Per OGC, corrects the name of the applicant.






(Levying Annual Taxes for 2017 Calendar Year in General Services District, excluding the Beaches & Baldwin): corrects percentage increase from rollback rate to 4.94%.






(Levying Annual Taxes for 2017 Calendar Year in Town of Baldwin): corrects year to 2017 for operating millage rate.






(City Budget Ordinance for FY17-18): substitute reflects all changes made by the Finance Committee during its budget hearings;

Amendments to substitute: changes CIP project title from “Shoot House Classroom” to “Tactical Research and Development Facility” and corrects funding to FY 17/18 for $460,000; appropriates $843 investment earnings to fund Sidewalk Repair project at full $3,000,000; cleans up accounts for borrowed fund projects; includes language referencing debt management fund schedules; adds reference in bill text to Schedule B2 (attached at introduction, but not referenced in the bill).






(Ordinance Code amendment establishing an account to receive proceeds derived from sale of water quality compensatory credits): provides for an option for City to buy back credits if not used within 5 years; provides that water quality credits sales proceeds will be deposited into the Stormwater Services Capital Projects subfund in an account designated for projects that will benefit the downtown area’s water quality and help the City earn BMAP credits. Appropriation of these funds shall require Council approval.






(Resolution supporting the regional multi-modal transportation plan prepared by the Northeast Florida Regional Transportation Commission): deletes a Whereas clause detailing the benefits of a robust regional transit system; adds language stating the City’s support for the projects included on the list provided that federal and state funding for such projects is sought from sources restricted to transit uses and is not sought in competition with other local government projects being pursued through the Northeast Florida TPO, FDOT, Federal Highway Administration, or other such state and federal programs.






(Amending Ordinance Code Chapter 121 to create staggered terms for the members of the Police and Fire Pension Fund’s Benefits Advisory Committee and Financial Investment and Advisory Committee): attaches chart for the FIAC to show staggering of terms for individual members; includes a new section amending appointment resolutions for two FIAC members to change term lengths; corrects reference to FIAC terms from 4 to 3 years; includes directive language for Legislative Services Division to add copies of this ordinance to the bill files of members whose term lengths are being adjusted.






(Transferring $173,513 from Facilities Capital Maintenance - Government Projects to the Montgomery Correctional Facility - Generator Replacement Project): corrects fiscal year to 2016-17.






(Declaring surplus two Chevy Impalas and authorizing title transfer to the School Board for use at A. Philip Randolph Academy): corrects a VIN number; corrects scrivener’s error on      Pg. 1, line 19; corrects model year of one vehicle.










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