City Council Chamber, 1st floor, City Hall

June 27, 2017

4:00 p.m.


Location: City Council Chamber, City Hall – St. James Building; 117 West Duval Street,

In attendance: Council Members Lori Boyer (President), Greg Anderson, Danny Becton, Anna Lopez Brosche, Doyle Carter (arr. 4:07), Garrett Dennis, Reggie Gaffney, Al Ferraro, Bill Gulliford, Tommy Hazouri, Jim Love, Joyce Morgan, Sam Newby, Matt Schellenberg, Scott Wilson

Excused: Council Member Aaron Bowman


Also: Peggy Sidman, Paige Johnston and Susan Grandin – Office of General Counsel; Kyle Billy and Kim Taylor – Council Auditor’s Office; Carol Owens – Legislative Services Division; Steve Cassada – Council Staff Services; Jeff Clements – Council Research Division; Lin White – Public Works Department; Folks Huxford – Planning and Development Department; Ali Korman Shelton, Jessica Baker and Jordan Elsbury – Mayor’s Office; Mike Weinstein, Angela Moyer and Teresa Eichner – Administration and Finance Department; Kirk Wendland, Paul Crawford and Ed Randolph – Office of Economic Development; Dave Herrell – Office of Sports and Entertainment


Meeting Convened: 4:02 p.m.


Rules Committee: Council Member Dennis reviewed the actions of the committee from its meeting.


NCIS Committee: Council Member Wilson reviewed the actions of the committee from its meeting.


TEU Committee: Council Member Ferraro reviewed the actions of the committee from its meeting, noting that he is agreeable to discharging 2017-351 (approving a comprehensive settlement agreement all claims arising from and related to denial of waiver of road frontage for property at 5025 Dixie Landing Dr.) which was acted on in the other committees of reference. President Boyer will add the bill to the Addendum to the Agenda where it will require a 2/3 vote to be taken up tonight.


PHS Committee: Council Member Newby reviewed the actions of the committee from its meeting.


LUZ Committee: Council Member Becton reviewed the actions of the committee from its meeting and asked that 2017-89 and -90 (small scale land use amendment and rezoning on Heckscher Drive) be given public hearings and then re-referred back to committee. Council Member Schellenberg announced that he would be offering a floor amendment on 2016-805 (rezoning on Loretto Road).


Finance Committee: Council Member Brosche reviewed the actions of the committee from its meeting.


President Boyer announced that Council Member Carter would be offering a floor amendment to 2017-227 (rezoning on Fouraker Road). The Floor Leader will move the Finance amendment to 2017-387 (appropriating $99,000 from Old Kings Rd Landfill Mitigation Fund to Marietta Athletic Assn.) and will move the PHS amendment to 2017-394 (authorizing lease agreement with Cecil Field POW/MIA Memorial, Inc. at Cecil Airport). On 2017-403 (approving Barnett Bank Building and Laura Street Trio economic development agreements and incentives) the Floor Leader will move the NCIS amendment first, then a separate Finance amendment.  On 2017-352 (creating a new trust fund to enhance City parks and creating a new Parks Partnership Program) there will be a floor amendment that will be moved first, and a floor amendment will also be offered on 2014-426 (funding a 6-month opioid epidemic pilot program). Council Member Gulliford announced that he would be offering that floor amendment and that representatives of the Health Department and EMS Division will be present to answer questions.


There will be a 4 item Addendum to the Agenda incorporating the discharged bill mentioned earlier and 3 appointments. 2017-472 (confirming appointment of Council Member Newby as a representative to the League of Cities) will be moved for emergency action in order to permit Mr. Newby to attend a League of Cities meeting in early July before the next council meeting.


Council Member Schellenberg questioned whether Condition #4 to the rezoning approved in 2016-805 (rezoning on Loretto Road) is correctly reflected on the Amendments and Substitutes report; it states that County Dock Road will be converted to a one-way road, and he understood that conversion to one-way was only a possibility, depending on a subsequent decision by the City Traffic Engineer. Council Member Becton said that he would be offering a floor amendment to clarify the condition after meeting with the Office of General Counsel and reviewing the LUZ Committee’s action.


Council Member Anderson asked for clarification of the conditions on 2016-805 with regard to the one-way status of County Dock Road.


President Boyer said that the appeal of the Downtown Design Review Board’s approval of the project that is the subject of 2017-433 (grant of easement with Southbank Apartment Ventures, LLC (Grantor) for easements on the Southbank for construction and use of the Southbank Riverwalk) is still pending, so that bill will be re-referred to its committees of reference for further consideration.


Meeting adjourned: 4:21 p.m.


Minutes: Jeff Clements, Council Research

6.27.17     Posted 5:00 p.m.

Tapes:  Council agenda meeting – LSD