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(Rezoning 2629 Loretto Rd. - RR-Acre to PUD)


LUZ: Per OGC, approves the rezoning subject to conditions:

(1)        The 30 foot wide access to Loretto Road shall be eliminated; site plan shall be amended prior to Council approval to reflect this change.

(2)        A Phase I Environmental Impact Study shall be prepared by the owner, applicant or developer and submitted to the Planning and Development Department at the time of Verification of Substantial Compliance.

(3)        A traffic study subject to the review and approval of the Transportation Planning Division shall be conducted by a professional traffic engineer. A methodology meeting shall be held with the City Traffic Engineer prior to the commencement of the study.

(4)        The existing 16 foot pavement of County Dock Road from Loretto Road to Mandarin Road, shall be converted to a one way access in a northerly direction, from Loretto Road to Mandarin Road.  The developer/applicant shall provide the signage and striping on the roadway for one way travel.  Such requirements shall be stated in the private governance documents for the development.  The pavement shall be striped so that there is vehicular traffic and a bike lane on the pavement, with approximately a 10 foot width for the vehicles, and a 5 foot width bike lane, with a double stripe to separate and denote a bike path.  This condition is subject to the review and approval of the City Traffic Engineer, and shall be reflected in the Revised Written Description prior to City Council approval.

(5)        All trees of 24 inches diameter breast height (24” d.b.h.) shall remain.  If such a described tree must be removed, it shall be replaced inch for inch (1:1) with a Live Oak (Quercus virginiana) on the Property.  Additionally, if any tree noted to remain dies within 2 years, that tree shall also be replaced on a 1:1 basis with a Live Oak.

(6)        Prior to requesting a final building inspection or occupying the facility in any manner, the owner, applicant or developer shall submit to the Planning Department separate certification letters confirming that all horizontal and vertical components of the development have been substantially completed, and all conditions to the development order have been satisfied. This condition shall apply to both phased and non-phased developments.

Attaches Revised Exhibit 3 (revised written description); attaches Revised Exhibit 4 (revised site plan).






(Approving Waiver of Minimum Road Frontage at 3514 Rosemary St.):  Per OGC, approves division of one lot into two and approves a frontage waiver on lot 1 down to 10 feet; lot 2 must remain with 87 feet of frontage. The waiver is conditioned on the site plan attached as Exhibit 2 and on the waiver being recorded in the public record; attaches Exhibit 2 (site plan).







(Rezoning Property on west side of Fouraker Rd and south of Lenox Ave - PUD to PUD):  Per OGC, approves the rezoning subject to conditions:


LUZ: (1) At the time of PUD verification of Substantial Compliance, the Applicant shall submit a traffic signage and striping plan for the project access at Fouraker Road to the Department of Public Works for review and approval by the Department.

(2) A minimum of 27 lots within the PUD will have homes with brick or stone accents on at least the front of the house.  At least 10 homes among lots 1 through 6, and 95 through 105 will have this feature.  These will count toward the 27 requirement. Furthermore, no homes will be allowed to be constructed with vinyl siding on any sides of the home.

(3) Along Fouraker Road, a buffer will be constructed consisting of brick columns, a 2-foot high brick knee wall, and fencing as shown on the rendering and elevation attached as Exhibit 5.  Furthermore, vinyl or wood fencing will be located along other portions of the project perimeter as shown on the site plan and the PVC material cut sheet attached as Exhibit 6.

Attaches Revised Exhibit 3 (revised written description); attaches Revised Exhibit 4 (revised site plan); attaches Exhibit 5 (drawing of fence on Fouraker Rd); attaches Exhibit 6 (site plan showing the location of the 3 fencing types and the fencing materials).


Floor (Carter): adds a condition that the fence along a portion of the north property line shall be 8 feet in height as shown on the Second Revised Site Plan; adds a condition that homes on lots 99 – 102 are limited to one story in height and a restriction to this effect must be added to the Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions for the development; attaches Second Revised Exhibit 3 (second revised written description); attaches Second Revised Exhibit 4 (second revised site plan); deletes the Effective Date section and provides that the effective date is delayed until the Second Revised Site Plan and Second Revised Written Description are received by the Office of General Counsel and determined to be consistent with these conditions, after which the legislation may be signed by the Council President and Council Secretary.






(Amending Zoning Code regarding requirements for off-street parking of bicycles): Revises select categories (private clubs; full-service restaurants; fast food restaurants; bowling alleys and billiard parlors; stadiums and arenas; community centers, meeting rooms and auditoriums; public, private and commercial parks, campgrounds, recreational areas/facilities and fitness centers) to base bike parking requirements on percentage of building occupancy rather than maximum expected attendance.






(Approving comprehensive settlement of denial of road frontage waiver request – Dixie Landing Drive): changes bill sponsor to Council President at the request of the Mayor; corrects scrivener’s error in Florida Statutes reference in bill; attaches revised Exhibit 1 (revised agreement) to correct F. S. references, scrivener’s error and strike water and sewer from essential services.






(Amending Ordinance Code to Create New Parks, Rec & Community Services Trust Fund and to Create a New Parks Partnership Program)


NCIS: makes technical amendments; requires that an assistant general counsel or higher approve contracts before execution; removes prohibition against single park enhancements exceeding $100,000; clarifies that Council must approve CIP amendments for improvements exceeding $100,000; requires quarterly memo from Parks Department to City Council listing program donations in excess of $10,000; attaches Revised Exhibit 2 (revised policies).

Floor (Boyer): provides that contacts with outside entities shall be reviewed and approved by the Office of General Counsel (strikes “assistant general counsel in”); provides that no single enhancement shall exceed $100,000 without Council approval; corrects scrivener’s errors; adds a requirement for the Department of Parks, Recreation and Community Services to submit a quarterly memorandum to the Council listing any program-related donations received in excess of $100,000; attaches Second Revised Exhibit 2 (second revised policies).






(Rezoning 14443 San Pablo Dr - PUD to PUD): Per OGC, attaches Revised Exhibit 3 (revised written description); attaches Revised Exhibit 4 (revised site plan).






(Amending Medical Examiner’s fee schedule): Clarifies that approval of fees is pursuant to Code  Sec. 124.103; reduces increased revenue amount by $2000; attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (current and proposed fee schedules).






(Appropriating $2,062,000 to the Betz - Tiger Point - Phase I Master Plan Project and to replenish funding taken from the 9A Baymeadows Park Project): reduces amount appropriated from completed capital projects by $351,774.25 and provides for allocation of $58,809.94 from investment pool earnings and a transfer of $292,964.31 from General Fund/GSD fund balance; attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised BT); attaches Revised Exhibit 2 (revised CIP sheets).






(Transferring $453,871 in FY 2017 Recapture Amounts for Hanna Park & Huguenot Park to the Capital Projects Subfund): corrects fiscal years in bill; attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised BT) to correct accounts.






(Appropriating $35,000 to fund a Swimming Lessons Initiative): Attaches an Exhibit 2 (signed award letter for reimbursement grant).






(Authorizing execution of a new facilities management contract with SMG):

1.      Adds a section in the bill to invoke the competitive solicitation exception of Section 126.107(g) to directly contract with SMG.

2.      Places a Revised Agreement On File to:

a.       Clarify in Section 2.9 that each facility will be accounted for separately instead of having a separate depository for each facility

b.      Clarify in Section 2.18 that Operating Expenses excludes the Fixed Fee, Incentive Fee and Concession Services Fee

c.       In Section 11.2, clarify that CPI adjustment will be retroactive to April 1, 2017 for the first year

d.      Include the not to exceed reduction amount of 20% for the Incentive Fee in Section 11.5(a) and remove the last paragraph of Section 11.5(f)

e.       In Sections 11.6(a) and 11.6(c) clarify that deficit is the budgeted deficit

f.       Update the Revenue Procedure references throughout the agreement

g.       Correct the Maximum Indebtedness amount to only include the Fixed Fee, Incentive Fee and Concession Services Fee (The operating budget and capital maintenance budget are approved by Council each year.)

h.      Remove Fixed Fee, Incentive Fee and Concession Services Fee as part of the Operating Expenses (Section 12.2(w)) and add Fixed Fee to Exclusions to Operating Expenses (Section 12.3)

i.        In Sections 12.5 and 12.7 change Effective Date to Execution Date

j.        Attach Exhibits B (JSEB Reporting Requirements),Exhibit C (Amendment 10 of JJL Lease, Exhibit D1 (MOU) and Exhibit D2 (SMG Procurement Policies)

k.      Include Technical Amendments






(Accepting a Perpetual Access & Use Easement from Nemours Foundation to allow Construction of a Shared Use Path): attaches Revised Exhibit 2 (revised perpetual access and easement agreement) to include insurance requirements.






(Authorizing a Purchase & Sale Agreement for 1850 N. Main Street): corrects date of appraisal to 2011.





Substitute and re-refer

(Authorizing referendum to repeal 2-term limits on City Council, Mayor and constitutional officers): provides for 3-term limit rather than complete repeal of term limits.






(Amending Ordinance Code Chapter 60 - Human Rights Commission - to Reduce Number of Commission Members from 20 to 11): inserts language regarding staggered appointments; attaches an Exhibit 1 (chart showing the filled and vacant seats and the staggering of terms to be reflective of the reduction of members).






(Appropriating $99,000 from Old Kings Rd Landfill Mitigation Fund to Thomas Jefferson Park Amenities Construction)


NCIS: authorizes Mayor to execute an amendment to license agreement, subject to OGC approval, with Marietta Athletic Association for the project to invoke procurement exception for direct contracting and insert maximum indebtedness amount; corrects scrivener’s error.


Finance: NCIS amendment, plus corrects the name of the athletic association (adds Bullsbay)






(Appropriating $60,000 from Spec Council Contingency to Jax Children's Commission to fund I'm a Star Program at Certain Middle & High Schools at Beaches & Westside Areas): changes funding source to Council Operating Reserve; adds fiscal year carry-over language.






(Authorizing Lease Agreement with Cecil Field POW/MIA Memorial, Inc.)


NCIS: corrects date of memorial dedication to 1974.


PHS: NCIS amendment, plus places revised agreement On-File.






(Appropriating an FDOT grant to construction of Fire Station 73 at Cecil Airport): attaches Revised Exhibit 2 (revised interlocal agreement); attaches Revised Exhibit 3 (revised Fire Station 56 lease agreement); attaches Revised Exhibit 4 (revised Fire Station 73 lease agreement); attaches Revised Exhibit 5 (revised CIP project information sheets); clarifies that technical amendments made administratively shall not extend beyond October 30, 2020.






(Authorizing Issuance of Health Care Facilities Revenue Refunding Bonds on behalf of Baptist Health): replaces On File documents with Revised On File documents.






(Authorizing Issuance of Health Care Facilities Revenue & Refunding Bonds on behalf of Florida Proton Therapy Institute): replaces On File documents with Revised On File documents.












(Barnett Bank Building/Laura Street Trio renovations incentives) 


NCIS: see attachment below


Finance: adds all Finance Committee members as co-sponsors






(Amending Part 8 (Public Service Grants) of Chapter 118 - City Grants - to Prohibit Certain Communications during Grant Application Period): Adds to title of bill the deletion of application restriction for organizations that provide priority population recommendations; clarifies that “other pertinent City employees” means any other City employees processing the grant applications; on Pg. 2, line 19 add “year” after “fiscal”.






(Appropriating $1,467,289 from General Fund/General Services District Fund Balance to fund a 6-month Opioid Epidemic Pilot Program)


PHS: Changes funding source to Collective Bargaining Contingency in General Fund/GSD; includes Gateway Community Services, UF Health and a designated emergency department to be selected under 126.107(g) competitive procurement exemption invocation; attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised BT); attaches Revised Exhibit 2 (revised Scope of Services).


Floor (Gulliford): deletes reference to coordination with Duval County Health Department on identification of participants.






(Authorizing Grant of Easement with Southbank Apartment Ventures, LLC to Expand Existing Southbank Riverwalk): Attaches Exhibit 1 (DIA Board Resolution).






(Correcting Legal Description & Amending Total Acreage for Rezoning Ord 2017-219-E on Duval Rd between Armsdale Rd & Dunn Ave): Per OGC, attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised legal description dated June 19, 2017); strikes “effective upon Mayor’s signature” language and provides for effective date upon signature by the Council President and Council Secretary as a quasi-judicial action.






(Amending Ordinance Code to allow Duval County Election Canvassing Board to canvass City of Atlantic Beach municipal elections): adds emergency enactment language.






(Appropriating $200,000 from General Fund/General Services District Fund Balance for Additional Swim Lessons)


Rules:  changes funding source to Collective Bargaining Contingency in General Fund/GSD, attaches Revised Exhibit1 (revised BT); adds fiscal year carry-over language.









2017-403 Barnett Bank Building/Laura Street Trio Project

NCIS Amendments


On the bill:

  1. Include reference to Code Section 111.910 which is the Downtown Historic Preservation and Revitalization Trust Fund
  2. Add in the title of the bill the $660,000 per year paid to the developer for parking and include a whereas clause on the parking lease terms
  3. Remove duplicate language of “and appropriating” on page 1, line 31 and page 2, line 1.
  4. On page 3 correct whereas clause to include purchase of Garage Parcel by Barnett Developer in the amount of $943,403
  5. On page 4, line 27 capitalize BID
  6. Correct spelling of Barnett on page 6, line 13
  7. On page 9, line 1 correct ordinance number should be 2002-395-E
  8. Correct reference on page 10
  9. Add a waiver of Section 91.113(a) to waive the Policy referenced within the section, which will increase the term to bring the property in compliance from 2 years to 5 years and allow for an increase in the upfront payment amount from $4,000 to $10,000


Exhibit 1:

  1. Attach Revised Exhibit 1 (DIA Board Resolution) to include Exhibit A (Term Sheet)


Exhibit 2:

  1. Attach Executed and Revised BT to correct account information and project numbers


Redevelopment Agreement:

Place Revised Development Agreement On File for the following:

  1. Technical Amendments to correct section referencing and scriveners
  2. In Section 2.13 include a provision that Barnett Developer can increase the number of spaces by an additional 28 spaces but anything above that will require prior consent of the DIA Board
  3. In Section 4.1 remove the required commencement date from Barnett Project Performance Schedule. Developer will still have to notify DIA when construction commences and still has to complete construction within 24 months of Effective Date
  4. Clarify in Section 5.1 that Barnett Developer will now purchase the Garage Parcel for $943,403, instead of the property being conveyed to the developer for $1
  5. Include in part of the Conditions to Closing (Section 5.2) that Barnett Developer and DIA will work together to determine the “minimum operating standards” for the parking garage
  6. Remove reverter language for Garage Parcel and include a parking use restrictive covenant in Section 5.3(e)(i) and revise Exhibit G to also include the restrictive covenant
  7. Clarify in Sections 6.1 and 7.1 that the Developers may apply for the Historic Preservation Section for a grant instead of insinuating that they have already applied
  8. Include Final Year of REV grant to be 2043 in Section 8.1
  9. In Section 9.1 require a disclosure document showing all persons having a beneficial interest in real property
  10. Include a revised Exhibit D to remove total acre site of 1.03 for the Garage Project
  11. Include revised Parking Garage Lease Agreement (Exhibit K) to include technical amendments, a purchase option, memorandum of lease and purchase option, require a letter of credit in the amount of $900,000 for 3 years and a guaranty
  12. Include revised Sublease Parking Agreement (Exhibit L) which increases parking fee for the 150 spaces to $200,000 from $180,000 per year, adds a provision that does not allow the developer to charge a rate below the City’s current standard rate, includes the rules and regulations and makes technical amendments
  13. Since there is currently a lien on the Trio property a new Exhibit O (Settlement Agreement) will need to be attached to the agreement. The lien is a result of fines imposed by the Municipal Code Enforcement Board/Special Magistrate.
    1. The Settlement Agreement will provide the developer 5 years to bring the property into compliance
    2. At time of execution of the Settlement Agreement the property owner will pay an upfront amount of $10,000
    3. Once improvements are substantially completed the City will deliver to the property owner a release or satisfaction of the Municipal Code Enforcement Board order recorded against the property




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