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(Rezoning Property on south side of Bowden Rd, East of Salisbury Rd. - PUD to PUD): Per OGC, rezoning approved subject to conditions:

1. Both the multifamily residential use approved by Ord. 2006-726-E and a self-storage warehouse use are permitted, either separately or together.

2. As to the self-storage use, the hours of operation shall be 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. 7 days a week.

3. As to the self-storage use, aluminum gates shall secure the site and control access during the permitted hours of operation.

4. As to the self-storage use, conducting business out of a storage unit is prohibited.

5. As to the self-storage use, the only permitted signage will be on the leasing office, be non-illuminated, and limited to 10% of the wall area of the leasing office.

6. As to the self-storage use, the storage buildings shall have either flat roofs with a parapet, or gabled or hip roofs.

7. As to the self-storage use, an earth tone color scheme, currently contemplated to be khaki for the buildings and slate for the doors, will be utilized.

8. As to the self-storage use, an uncomplimentary buffer (10í landscaped strip, minimum 6í screen by PVC vinyl fence and minimum 85% opaque) will be provided in accordance with Section 656.1216 of the Code along Bennett Creek Drive, to include shade trees. Twice the amount of minimum required plantings will be provided on the north and west property lines, subject to the review and approval of the Planning and Development Department.

9. The vinyl PVC fence color to be approved by Sealy during the 10-set review process. This paragraph shall apply to the fencing on the north and west property lines only.

10. No outside storage uses of any kind shall be permitted.






(Rezoning Property on east side of Pablo Point Dr, south of Shipwatch Dr - RR-Acre to RLD-90): Per OGC, approves rezoning to PUD with conditions:

1.      Applicant shall not take any action that will require any neighbors to hook up to sanitary sewer.

2.      The Tree Survey and Tree Mitigation Plan shall be reviewed by the Current Planning Division for heightened scrutiny of the tree mitigation requirements for preservation of existing trees, and, where a tree must be removed, for replacement of that tree on-site.

3.      Maintenance of Traffic (MOT) Plan including, but not limited to, the pre- and post-conditions reports on pavement and tree conditions and posting signs for construction traffic route shall be submitted to the Cityís Traffic Engineer and the Transportation Planning Division for review and approval.

Attaches Revised Exhibit 4 (revised site plan).






(Amending Villages of Argyle DRI): attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised modifications to DRI development order).






(Rezoning 701 Mayport Crossing Blvd & an adjacent property East of Mayport Rd. - PUD to PUD): Per OGC, attaches Revised Exhibit 4 (revised site plan).






(Rezoning 9630 Historic Kings Rd S, 9795 Hood Rd & an Adjacent Property on Hood Rd - RR-Acre & RLD-60 to PUD): Per OGC, rezoning approved subject to conditions:

1. The minimum lot frontage shall be thirty-five (35) feet for properties located on cul-de-sacs and curves.

2. The need for any improvements to Hood Road or whether or not developer/owner will be required to provide an entrance to Historic Kings Road shall be determined by a traffic study during permitting.

3. The owner shall provide a minimum of one acre of active recreation space per Section 656.420 of the Zoning Code.

4. Prior to requesting a final building inspection or occupying the facility in any manner, the owner, applicant or developer shall submit to the Planning Department separate certification letters confirming that all horizontal and vertical components of the development have been substantially completed, and all conditions to the development order have been satisfied. This condition shall apply to both phased and non-phased developments.

5. A 10 foot wide undisturbed landscape buffer will be added to the rear of Lot 21 through 31.

6. A 6 foot high fence will be constructed to the rear of Lot 21 through Lot 31.

7. Lots 87, 88, 90 and 91 shall be limited to one story homes.

8. A 6 foot high vinyl fence will be installed at the finish lot grade to the rear of Lots 85 through 92.

9. There shall be a 20 foot wide landscape buffer on Hood Road (excluding the entrance) and every reasonable attempt will be made to save the tree canopy along Hood Road.

10. Agree to save 42.6 inch dbh oak tree on western lot line of Lot 26. Tree may be trimmed. Tree can be removed only if licensed arborist certifies that it is diseased.

11. In lieu of a traffic study on Historic Kings Road South, a bike path and sidewalk, minimum 10 foot wide, will be installed to connect internal roadway to Historic Kings Road South.

Attaches Revised Exhibit 3 (revised written description).






(Amending Zoning Code to Expand Types of Requests Available for Administrative Deviations & Correct Errors): Per OGC, removes language from definition of ďadministra-tive deviationĒ allowing decrease lot width; inserts language allowing application to decrease lot width for a maximum of two dwellings or two contiguous lots; strikes reference to PUD Administrative Deviation being subject to appeal; strikes RO from the list of secondary residential zoning districts that have no additional criteria; changes fitness center parking requirement to 5 parking spaces per 1,000 gross square feet or 1 space per 200 square feet.






(Rezoning 1904 San Marco Blvd - RMD-D to PUD): Per OGC, approves rezoning subject to conditions:

1)      Non-illuminated wall signs not exceeding a maximum of 4 square feet in the aggregate shall be permitted.

2)      6 parking spaces shall be provided, including the 2 on-street parking spaces, as more particularly described in the Written Description date June 5, 2017.

3)      Imposes limitations on home occupation and office uses including: no substantial change in the outside appearance of the property, limited storage of flammable or hazardous materials required in connection with the art studio; prohibition against equipment or processes that create noise, glare, vibration, fumes, odors or electrical interference; no home occupation or office use in a detached accessory building or open porch or carport; home occupation and office use limited to bottom floor of triplex building; only the owner of a primary residence on the property may engage in a home occupation use; limitation on hours of operation and number of participants in art lessons; limitation on types of professions or office uses allowed; and limit of 1 employee for the office use.

Attaches Revised Exhibit 3 (revised written description).


Floor (Schellenberg): Attaches a Second Revised Exhibit 3 (second revised written description dated June 6, 2017).






(Authorizing Lease Agreement (Lease No. 4790) with Florida Internal Improvement Trust Fund Board of Trustees for Huguenot Memorial Park): Corrects term end date of current Federal Lease to 12/31/38; provides that the new lease will run for 25 years from the date the lease is fully executed.






(Authorizing MOU with FDOT re: Fulfillment by Mayo Clinic of Transportation Mitigation Requirements under its DRI): Attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised Memorandum of Understanding) to include Exhibit A (Ord. 2015-449-E) and Exhibit B (Diverging Diamond Interchange Concept Plan).






(Amending Ordinance Code to Create New Parks, Rec & Community Services Trust Fund and to Create a New Parks Partnership Program): makes technical amendments; requires that an assistant general counsel or higher approve contracts before execution; removes prohibition against single park enhancements exceeding $100,000; clarifies that Council must approve CIP amendments for improvements exceeding $100,000; requires quarterly memo from Parks Department to City Council listing program donations in excess of $10,000; attaches Revised Exhibit 2 (revised policies).






(Appropriating $412,661.01 in Town Center Reserves to Provide for Maintenance of Town Center Improvements): corrects reference to Ordinance appropriating town center reserves to (2005-1044-E); attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised BT) to correct accounts and remove reference to Venetia Town Center.






(Appeal of a Final Decision of the Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission Denying Certificate of for Property at 1423 Rensselaer Ave): Per OGC, denies the appeal and upholds the ruling of the JHPC.






(Making Recommendation to North Florida TPO of the Councilís Prioritized Projects List for FY17-18): Attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised list of priority projects).






(Authorizing Economic Development Agreement among City, Macquarie Holdings (U.S.A.) Inc. & Macquarie Global Services (USA) LLC): Places revised agreement On File to correct amount in Sec. 4.1 and to correct a date in Sec. 7.2(b).






(Appropriating funding for additional summer camperships)

Floor (Gaffney): invokes the Procurement Code exception to allow direct contracting via appropriation ordinance with Tristanís Acceleration Academy, Inc. to be the recipient of $10,000 of the $3,598,278 being appropriated to summer campership slots; authorizes the General Counselís Office to draft a contract or contract amendment for Tristanís Acceleration Academy to serve as a funded summer camp location for 20 campers, to be attached as a new Exhibit 2.



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