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(Approving waiver of minimum road frontage at 3514 Rosemary St.): Per OGC, approves the waiver allowing a subdivision into 3 lots and reduces minimum road frontage on lots 1 and 2 from 48 feet to 10 feet and requiring a minimum frontage of 77 feet on lot 3.






(Adopting Small Scale FLUM Amendment to 2030 Comp Plan - 1230 Hendricks Ave): revises Future Land Use Element Policy 4.4.6 to: insert language regarding a 16-foot multi-use trail linked to the larger Southbank Riverwalk loop trail; provide that the development shall be exempt from the High Density Residential Urban Priority Area Development Characteristics which restrict development of non-residential uses in mixed use developments to the ground floor; provide that development shall be permitted to satisfy Recreation and Open Space Element Policy 2.2.5 through a combination of on-site active recreation area, off-site active recreation area and payment in lieu of active recreation area as further defined in the Planned Unit Development.






(Rezoning 1230 Hendricks Ave. from CCG-1 to PUD)


LUZ: Per OGC, approves rezoning subject to conditions: a) the minimum 5,000 square feet of non-residential space shall be located on the ground floor and shall not include areas devoted to parking or open space; b) there shall be no outside amplified music after 10:00 p.m., Sunday through Thursday, and after midnight on Friday and Saturday; if amplified music is to be played indoors it must be soundproofed from the units above; c) an operational traffic study to determine the impact to all nearby intersections and entrances shall be provide to the City Traffic Engineer for review and approval at the time of verification of substantial compliance; any needed operational improvements (such as restriping or timing of lights) will be the responsibility of the developer; in no event shall the developer be required to make improvements to add traffic capacity; this condition is subject to review and approval by the Planning Department; d) the permitted uses and limitations on the location of specific uses detailed in Section IV.A. may only be modified through a rezoning; e) the building setbacks detailed in Sec. V.A.5. and pedestrian access elements detailed in Section V.B.3. may only be modified through a rezoning; f) the provisions regarding maximum signage reflected in Section V.C. may only be modified through a rezoning, however a 5% variation in the size of tenant/commercial establishment signs may be permitted through a minor modification to the PUD; g) the project shall provide for a minimum of 30,000 square feet of active recreation space on site, and may address any shortfall as detailed in Section V.E.; h) the transparency requirements contained in Section V.F. are hereby incorporated as conditions of this rezoning; i) the minimum parking standards established in Section V.B.1. are hereby incorporated as conditions of this rezoning; j) one tree shall be planted for every 40 linear feet of frontage and may be clustered; k) prior to requesting a final building inspection or occupying the facility in any manner, the lead horizontal and vertical design professionals shall submit to the Planning and Development Department separate certification letters confirming that all horizontal and vertical components of the development have been substantially completed and all conditions to the development order have been satisfied; this condition shall apply to both phased and non-phased developments.

Attaches Revised Exhibit 3 (revised written description); attaches Revised Exhibit 4 (revised site plan).


Floor (Boyer): waives liquor license distance limitation from a church in Sec. 656.805; failure to exercise the waiver by commencement of the use within 5 years of the effective date of this ordinance shall render the waiver invalid and all waiver rights shall terminate. The Specific Purpose Survey for the Liquor License is attached hereto as part of the Written Description in Revised Exhibit 3.






(Writing off certain items of missing or stolen city tangible personal property): attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised list of missing or stolen property excluding a vehicle scale).






(Amending Council Rules, to allow the presiding officer to fix a lesser time for speakers during Public Hearings and to create a Council Rule to address public participation):


Rules 1: allows registered lobbyists to give a business address in lieu of a residential address on the speakerís card; provides for dissemination of the speakerís card info to council members on their computer monitors. If the speakerís card cannot be displayed on the council membersí monitors then the Floor Leader or Chair shall read the information required pursuant to Council Rule 3.605 into the record.


Rules 2: provides that the presiding officerís reduction of the amount of speaking time for all speakers due to time constraints shall be subject to confirmation by the Council.






(Resolving appeal by William Bransford of a decision of the 911 Emergency Addressing Advisory Committee): remands the matter back to the 911 Advisory Committee with a recommendation to allow the appellant to keep the current address of the subject property provided that the property owner executes a Release of Liability pertaining to potential delayed emergency response to the property as a result of the out of sequence address.






(Amending development order pursuant to NOPC approved DRI filed by Cypress Plaza Properties, Inc & XL Soccer World Jax, LLC): Adds reference to Ordinance 2003-1533-E; corrects first whereas clause regarding previous adoption of the Belfort Station/Cypress Plaza development order; changes the projectís agent for notification purposes.






(Rezoning 13385 Main St N. from CO & CCG-2 to CCG-2): Per OGC, approves rezoning to CCG-1; attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised legal description); attaches revised Exhibit 2 (revised zoning location map).






(Adopting Modification to the 2030 Comp Plan to Update the Capital Improvements Element Schedule):Places revised CIE schedule ďon fileĒ.






(Amending FY 2015-2016 JTA to reflect actual revenues and expenditures): Adds whereas clause referencing Ordinance 2016-127-E; attaches Revised Exhibit 2 (revised budget schedules).







(Confirming appointment of Ellen M Schmitt to the Jax Ethics Commission): attaches Exhibit 1 (Ethics Commission meeting minutes of 3.3.17).






(Waiving tire storage and transport regulations in support of 4th Annual Waste Tire & Snipe Sign Buyback Event): Corrects start date of waiver period.






(Authorizing economic development agreement with "Project Velocity"): attaches Revised On File exhibit (revised economic development agreement) to correct total number of jobs and strike duplicative language in Section 9.2(b) concerning the creation of jobs.






(Recognizing and commending River Garden Hebrew Home on receiving the Governor's Gold Seal Award)


Floor (Schellenberg): clarifies that the award has been earned for the eighth consecutive available opportunity, not eighth consecutive year (the award is made bi-annually).



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