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(Appropriating $932,032.65 from OED - Access to Capital Program - Miscellaneous Sales & Charges to OED Access to Capital Program – Loans): amends Ordinance Code Section 126.602 to make special revenue fund self-appropriating; increases amount appropriated to $979,380.29; attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised BT); places Revised Services Contract on file.







(Rezoning 6101 Avenue B - CN to CCG-1): Per OGC, approves the rezoning to PUD with the elimination of all permissible uses by exception as stated in the PUD written description.






(Rezoning 2006 Park St - CCG-1 to PUD): Per OGC, attaches Revised Exhibit 4 (revised site plan); attaches new Exhibit 5 (landscaping plan); attaches new Exhibit 6 (perspective drawing with knee wall, “blade wall” and signage depictions); attaches new Exhibit 7 (monument sign depiction); attaches new Exhibit 8 (south-facing wall sign depiction); attaches new Exhibit 9 (illuminated “box” lighting sign depiction); approves the rezoning to PUD subject to conditions:

(a)        Landscaping in accordance with conceptual plan L-1.0, attached hereto as Exhibit 5 and dated March 7, 2017.  The landscaping shown in the PUD documents is conceptual subject to change and to review and approval of the Planning and Development Department.

(b)        Up to twenty-four foot tall blade, constructed of Nichiha material, wood tone in color, as conceptually shown on the rendering, attached hereto as Exhibit 6, dated March 7, 2017.

(c)        Three foot brick knee wall as depicted on the rendering, attached hereto as Exhibit 6, dated March 7, 2017.

(d)        Monument sign 4’ tall (4’ht x 8’width sign on top of 3’ brick knee wall = 7’ max height) painted red background, made with opaque materials compatible with knee wall, articulated separation between sign and knee wall, internally illuminated “box” lighting (for the letters and the Wendy’s logo only), attached hereto as Exhibit 7 dated March 13, 2017.

(e)        Building sign facing South (drive-thru pick up window elevation) may have ambient illumination, from building lights, only.  The sign will be as depicted in the plan, attached hereto as Exhibit 8, dated December 13, 2013.

(f)        Margaret Street and Park Street building signs will be 32 square feet each with internally illuminated “box” lighting (for the letters and the Wendy’s logo only), as depicted in the elevations, attached hereto as Exhibit 9, dated March 7, 2017 and April 14, 2016.

(g)        The sign on Margaret Street will be located on the Nichiha “blade” as shown conceptually on the rendering, attached hereto as Exhibit 6, dated March 7, 2017.

(h)        Menu board and pre-sale sign may be internally illuminated.

(i)         All lighting on the structure and in the parking lot shall be pedestrian oriented and shall be self-contained as to have no glare or light pollution impacting adjacent properties or the right-of-way.

(j)         Modification(s) to the Permitted Signage may be obtained only by seeking PUD to PUD rezoning.  Digital signs shall be prohibited.

(k)        Prior to requesting a final building inspection or occupying the facility in any manner, the lead horizontal or lead vertical design professionals shall submit to the Planning Department separate certification letters confirming that all conditions in this legislation have been substantially completed.  This condition shall apply to both phased and non-phased developments.”






























(Amending Ordinance Code Sec. 126.112 (Ex-Offender Re-Entry Requirements)


PHS: amends bill title to reference amending the Procurement Division’s rules regarding ex-offender re-entry requirements and providing for the Chief of Procurement to develop additional procurement rules regarding contractual services; adds option for City third party ex offender program providers that provide job training and/or placement…”;  amends the definition of ex-offender to be simply “a convicted person”; provides that no contracts for $200,000 or more for construction, remediation or capital improvements shall be awarded..”; references “a form provided by the City”; provides that contractor consideration of ex-offender job placement shall take place “after contract award”; changes the procedure for providing evidence of good-faith efforts to hire ex-offenders from provision of letters documenting contacts with ex-offender service providers to statements by the contractor that such efforts were made; adds a requirement that the Chief of Procurement shall list the names and contact information of the City’s Ex-Offender Program Providers’ on the Procurement web site or establish electronic links from the Procurement web page to the providers’ web sites; expands and clarifies the  content of the mandatory annual report by the Procurement Division on the success of the ex-offender hiring program; attaches Exhibit 1 (Procurement Division’s Amended Rules)


Rules: PHS amendment, plus requires that the contractors’ statements regarding availability of jobs and evidencing contact with Ex-Offender Program Providers shall be a sworn statement; deletes the existing language requiring the Division of Procurement to devise rules for weighting ex-offender hiring as a factor in contact awards.


Finance: deletes the definition for “convicted” and incorporates the previous definition for “convicted” into the definition of “ex-offender” (which does not include misdemeanors); adds new definition for “City Ex-Offender Program Provider” to include only entities with City contracts for ex-offender job training and/or placement services; amends the definition of “Ex-Offender Program Provider” to include any other entity with a program that specializes in job training and/or job placement services for ex-offenders; provides an exemption in the Form 4A Requirements for contractors who hire an ex-offender during the project provided the contractor provides the City with satisfactory evidence of such hire; requires Procurement Division to list City Ex-Offender Program Provider contact information on its web site and to provide Program Providers with City contractor contact information; to the extent permitted, the City may require Program Providers to compile listings of available ex-offenders and make them available to contractors upon request; the Chief of Procurement to determine the feasibility offering incentives to contractors to hire ex-offenders and promulgate additional procurement rules (to be approved by Council) for other contractual services on or before April 30, 2017; adds references to Form 4A bid form and Form 4A requirements; requires contractors’ reports of ex-offenders considered and hired to be notarized; requires compliance reports to include information on whether the contractor maintains an employment policy that ex-offenders will be given full and fair consideration in hiring, whether that fact is displayed on company literature, and that the contractor has contacted a Program Provider within 30 days of notice to proceed under a contract; changes the due date for annual reports to December 31st for the previous fiscal year; directs the Chief of Procurement to amend the procurement rules prior to August 31, 2017 to be consistent with this ordinance, which shall not require further Council action; adds a prospective effective date for the ordinance of October 1, 2017; adds codification instructions.






(Rezoning SE Quadrant of Old Middleburg Rd S. & Sandler Rd - RR-Acre to PUD): Per OGC, approves rezoning subject to conditions only changeable via future rezoning:

(a)        The minimum lot size shall be 60 feet in width and 6,000 square feet in area.

(b)        The owner/developer shall provide a traffic study to include a right and left turn warrant and signal warrant at the intersection of Old Middleburg Road and Sandler Road. Any proposed traffic control and proposed intersection at the access point at Sandler Road and the access drive T-intersection with the internal roadway must be included in the traffic study.

(c)        An 8’ fence shall be added on the south side of the property;

Attaches Revised Exhibit 3 (revised written description).






(Rezoning SW Quadrant of Gate Parkway & Deerwood Park Blvd - CO & IBP to PUD): Per OGC, attaches Revised Exhibit 3 (revised written description); attaches Revised Exhibit 4 (revised site plan).






(Rezoning 4666 & 4509 Cedar Point Rd - RR-Acre to PUD): Per OGC, approves rezoning subject to conditions only changeable by future rezoning:

a)      Provide left and right turn lane warrant analysis for the entrance at Cedar Point Road.

b)      Culs-de-sac with islands shall be designed such that SU-30-design vehicles can negotiate them.

c)      The roundabout shall be designed with FHWA Single Lane Roundabout Standards.

d)      Since this is within 2 miles of an elementary school, all the children in this subdivision will be within walking distance. Provide sidewalk along he frontage on Cedar Point Road and connect this sidewalk to the existing sidewalk by Cedarbrook View Drive.

Attaches Revised Exhibit 3 (revised written description).






(Rezoning on east side of Kernan Blvd N. & south side of McCormick Rd near its intersection - RR-Acre to PUD): Per OGC, approves rezoning subject to conditions only changeable by future rezoning: 

(a)        The front setback shall be amended to a minimum of 20’ from the property line.

(b)        The site plan shall be revised to include pedestrian sidewalks, pursuant to Section 2.2.1 of the City of Jacksonville Land Development Procedures Manual and Policy 4.1.2 of the Transportation Element of the 2030 Comprehensive Plan. The express point on to McCormick Road must have a right-in/right-out triangular channelization island to prevent left-hand turns onto McCormick Road. The northerly egress point onto Kernan Boulevard North must also be designated as a right-in/right-out point with a triangular channelization island. Left-hand turns on or from Kernan Boulevard North must be facilitated at the southerly egress point only.






(Transferring $376,863.30 from Bay Street Towncenter Improvement Project to the DIA to fund improvements to Parking Lot X on East Bay Street): reduces project cost amount to $190,000 in bill; attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised BT); attaches Revised Exhibit 2 (revised CIP pages).






(Appropriating $8,418,103 from Fair Share Sector Areas Transportation Improvements Special Revenue Fund to JTA): corrects BT to change project names; corrects CIP for City projects; amends CIP to add projects to JTA CIP; adds restriction on use of Fair Share funds; attaches revised agreement; deletes Section 6 (Amendment to the 2014 Interlocal Agreement not required); replaces Kernan Blvd. project with Tinseltown Intersections design project for Sector 3-4 funding.






(1st amendment to Agreement with Advanced Disposal Services, Jacksonville, LLC): attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised first amendment) to provide that the CPI rate will have a cap of 3 percent and a floor of 0 percent for non-rate review years.






(2nd amendment to Agreement with Republic Services of Florida Limited Partnership d/b/a Southland Waste Systems): attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised 2nd amendment) and Revised Exhibit 2 (revised contract terms) to revise base rate and operating expenses to reflect agreed upon changes to bulk waste collection; CPI rate will have a cap of 3 percent and a floor of 0 percent for non-rate review years; changes the monthly base rate per premises to $11.73; revises agreed-upon annual operating expense to $9,359,779.






(2nd amendment to Agreement with Waste Pro of Florida, Inc.): attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised 2nd amended agreement) and Revised Exhibit 2 (revised contract terms) to revise base rate to $12.32 per premises and operating expenses to $9,362,724 to reflect agreed upon changes to bulk waste collection; CPI rate will have a cap of 3 percent and a floor of 0 percent for non-rate review years.






(Appropriating $16,408.02 from 2016-2017 City Council Budget to Council Travel - Associations/Memberships; creating new Code Section 10.109): updates appropriation amount to $16,132.57; attaches revised BT.


Floor: changes appropriation amount to $15,918.57 to reflect the processing of a travel payment last Friday, thereby reducing the amount of the appropriation to the new Associations/Memberships travel index code; attaches Second Revised Exhibit 1 (second revised account information)






(Appropriating $2,856,678 to fund 5 FIND Grant CIP projects): Changes total appropriation amount to $2,833,555; changes City Match amount to $1,575,860; attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised BT); attaches Revised Exhibit 2 (revised CIP pages); places revised project agreements On File to include all exhibits.






(Authorizing Redevelopment Agreement with HP-BDG 200 Riverside, LLC)


NCIS: includes an additional Whereas clause in the bill explaining how this grant furthers the goals of the CRA plan; places Amended and Restated Development Agreement on file; waives the Public Investment Policy requiring that a grant recipient be in a targeted industry category.


Rules: NCIS amendment, but replaces the On File development agreement with a Second Revised On File agreement.


Finance: Rules amendment, but replaces the Second Revised On File development agreement with a Third Revised On File agreement.






(Authorizing an easement relocation agreement with GHMS Pablo LLC): attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised location agreement) to correct reference to “Owner”.






(Granting a Non-Exclusive Utility Easement to BellSouth at intersection of Cherry & Sydney Sts.): changes easement from non-exclusive to exclusive; adds account number for deposit funds; revises easement location to vicinity of Cherry and Lydia Streets; attaches a Revised Exhibit 1 (revised easement) requiring landscaping around easement; adds a 30 year term limit that is renewable if both parties agree; adds that upon termination ATT is reasonably required to restore site in light of then-existing circumstances.






(License Agreement with Family Farms of Northeast Florida, Inc. to use designated portions of the grounds surrounding the Montgomery Correctional Center): includes one 4-year renewal option; attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised license agreement).






(Appropriating $22,057 from Tree Protection & Related Expenses Trust Fund to plant trees on N. Main Street): corrects Council District reference from 8 to 7.






(Authorizing application to FIND for 2017 Grants for Specified Waterways-Related Projects): attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised FIND project sheets);  deletes reference to Exhibit 2 (copies of CIP project sheets) and  places revised E-7 project sheets On File.






(Appropriating $390,000 from the Drainage System Rehab Project to the Alhambra Dr Drainage Improvements: amends bill title to adjust project amounts to recognize that Public Works may seek FEMA reimbursement for a portion of the cost; attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised BT); attaches Revised Exhibit 2 (revised CIP project page).






(Establishing the Tarpon Cove Special District for dredging assessments):


NCIS: adds reference in title to “dependent” special district; attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised map) to depict all properties; corrects Florida Statute reference concerning the audit requirements.


Finance: NCIS amendment, plus corrects misspelling of district name on page 2.






(Appropriating $250,000 from Capital Projects Funds - Gen Projects to purchase the Integrated Ballistic Identification System (IBIS)): attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised BT).












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