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(Adopting small scale FLUM amendment to 2030 Comp Plan at 500 & 555 Bishop Gate Lane):  Per OGC, amends the request from RPI to HDR to RPI to RPI and maintains the HDR to HDR request; amend the bill to include the following site-specific amendment:


FLUE Policy 4.4.5: Pursuant to authority granted by Sec. 163.3187(1)(c), Florida Statutes (2016), Ordinance 2016-789 for a small scale amendment is approved subject to the following site specific conditions:   1) Development within the HDR portion of the site shall be exempt from the Urban Priority Area Development Characteristics that require a mix of uses; and 2) Single-use residential development within the RPI portion of the site shall be permitted at up to 70 units/acre.






(Rezoning on Bishop Gate Lane)


LUZ: Per OGC, rezoning to PUD approved subject to conditions – no vehicular access to the site from Lomax Street; no special events open to the general public shall be permitted on the site; a traffic study by a professional traffic engineer shall be submitted to the Traffic Engineering Division for review and approval prior to submittal of 10 set plans; attaches Revised Exhibit 3 (revised written description); attaches Revised Exhibit 4 (revised site plan).


Floor (Boyer): revises PUD Written Description to add language regarding Riverwalk signage and easement; adds a condition in the ordinance text requiring the developer to grant a Riverwalk easement to the City and contains requirement that if a REV grant is approved for this project that the developer will design and construct the Riverwalk; adds an Exhibit 5 graphically showing the area for the Riverwalk easement.






(Rezoning 11367 Panther Creek Parkway - RR-Acre to PUD)


LUZ: Per OGC, rezoning approved with conditions - (a)         Close and abandon the north entrance road (existing) on Chafee Road after the south entrance is open.

(b) A 100 foot buffer in back on the lots shown of Exhibit 5, attached hereto, dated 2/7/17, the buffer may include retention and landscaping.

(c) Prior to requesting a final building inspection or occupying the facility in any manner, the lead horizontal and lead vertical design professionals shall submit to the Planning Department separate certification letters confirming that all horizontal and vertical components of the development have been substantially completed.  This condition shall apply to both phased and non-phased developments.

Attach Revised Exhibit 3 (revised written description); attach new Exhibit 5 (PUD site plan identifying 7 parcels related to condition (b) above.

Floor (Carter): LUZ amendment, plus attaches Revised Exhibit 4 (revised site plan dated 2.22.17); adds new Exhibit 5; adds 7 additional conditions:


(a) Each home constructed in the PUD shall contain a minimum of 1,500 heated and cooled square feet.  This square footage shall not include the garage.

(b) The PUD shall contain a minimum of 7 acres of active recreation.

(c) The active recreation acreage within the PUD shall be located generally as depicted on the Revised Site Plan as “Amenity Area” and “Park Area” and shall include the existing maintenance building which shall be converted to a clubhouse, including restrooms, that will contain 4,900 square feet of heated and cooled space, at least one playground/tot lot and at least 2 open play fields that are grassed and level. Other active recreation uses may include a swimming pool, basketball court, tennis courts and other active uses.

(d) After 300 lots are platted, the developer shall provide a swimming pool, tot lot and playground prior to any new lots being platted.

(e) An entry feature shall be provided on the new entrance that meets or exceeds the quality of the entry feature on the existing north entrance.

(f) The road and common sidewalk shall be completed for each phase of construction prior to issuance of a permit for vertical construction in that phase.

(g) The Amenity Area and Park Areas shall be of the size required to support the amount of homes in the Project in relation to the type of recreation planned for that park.






(Amending Procurement Code, Part 9 - Art in Public Places): amends title to reflect language in the text providing that gifts, grants and award of monies to public art shall be deposited into Art in Public Places Trust Fund; includes omitted reference to Sec. 126.905.






(Rezoning on Riverside Avenue)


LUZ: Per OGC, rezoning to PUD approved; attaches Revised Exhibit 3 (revised written description): attaches Revised Exhibit 4 (revised written description).


Floor (Love): adopts conditions in the ordinance text –

(a) The height of the existing building may be 130 feet as measured from the finished floor, however any new construction is limited to 80 feet in height as measured from the finished floor, with the exception of elevator structures, external stairwell, mechanical equipment, water closets, spires, cupolas, antennas, chimneys, open-air rooftop terrace area associated appurtenances.

(b) New construction measuring from 60 feet to 80 feet in height, and new parking structures shall comply with the Riverside/Avondale Zoning Overlay, and will also be subject to review by the Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission.

(c) Only the signs described in the Revised Written Description dated February 22, 2017 and attached to Ordinance 2017-10-E shall be allowed;

(d) For purposes of clarification, the building identification signs located on the upper structure of the existing building, which is stepped back from the main plane of the building, shall be limited to the following:

1. One building identification sign not exceeding 575 square feet, in the location of the existing sign on the side of the building facing Riverside Avenue;

2. One building identification sign not exceeding 300 square feet, on the wall facing Post Street and perpendicular to the existing wall sign.   This sign may not be internally illuminated;

 (d) The small parking lot shall be developed in accordance with Revised Exhibit 4 attached to Ordinance 2017-10-E, and shall include a continuous 2-3 foot evergreen hedge along the Post Street and Riverside Avenue sides of the lot.  The hedge shall reach a height of 2-3 feet, and be full and continuous (with the exception of the driveways) within 3 years.






(Amending Procurement Code, Secs. 126.206 and 126.312 - Sole-Source, Noncompetitive Purchases)


Rules: inserts a new Section 3 to amend Code Section 126.615 – JSEB Project Goals – to change “sole source” to “single source”.


Finance: Rules amendment, plus strikes reference in bill title to “professional services contracts” and inserts “supplies, contractual services and capital improvements”;






(Appropriating $883,519 from State Attorney's Office with no local match for National Sexual Assault Kit Initiative): attaches Revised Exhibit 2 (revised subcontract between State Attorney’s Office and Sheriff’s Office).






(Re-appropriating $274,000 from Countywide Bulkhead Assessment, Repair & Replacement Project to the Bert Maxwell Park Bulkhead Improvements): corrects source of funds from existing pay/go dollars to investment earnings.






(Appropriating $2,700,000 from General Fund Balance to JSO's Information Systems Management account to replace network equipment): clarifies that the appropriation funding source is General Fund/General Services District Fund Balance.






(Authorizing conveyance to FDOT of parcel on Kings Road): clarifies that multipurpose facility and pool are located on Edward Waters College property.






(Amending FY16-17 B4c Vehicle Replacement Schedule for JSO): clarifies that the amendment is to Schedule B4c of the FY16-17 Budget Ordinance; attaches 2nd Revised Schedule B4c (Revised Vehicle Replacement Schedule).






(Authorizing lease with Northeast Florida Women Veterans, Inc. for 5 years for the former Health Clinic at 2133 Broadway Ave.): adds one 5-year renewal option; replaces On File document with Revised On File document (revised lease agreement).






(Authorizing City office space license agreement with Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition, Inc.): attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised license agreement); removes Exhibit 2 (copy of JCC board of directors’ action item recommending approval).






(Closing & abandoning &/or disclaiming right-of-way of Parramore Rd.): clarifies that the costs for JEA and Comcast to relocate any facilities will be paid for by the Applicant and that JEA and Comcast will release the easements after relocation of the facilities.






(Authorizing Stipulation of Parties Agreement for the closure railroad-highway grade crossing on North Edgewood Avenue): changes emergency language to one cycle; includes new section in bill called “Condition to Execution”;  attaches new Exhibit 1 - Agreement Regarding Street Improvements to: a) add requirement that railroad will construct culs-de-sac on both sides of the closed railroad crossing at railroad’s expense; b) add requirement that railroad will pay the full cost of the signal warrant study and any needed traffic signals and related improvements at the new proposed entrance on Soutel Dr.; c) add indemnification, default and bond/insurance requirements.



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