Neighborhoods, Community Investments and Services Committee

Special Meeting Minutes


June 19, 2017



Location:  City Council Chamber, 1st floor, City Hall – St. James Building; 117 West Duval Street


In attendance: Council Members Scott Wilson (Chair), Reggie Brown (Vice Chair), Doyle Carter, Garrett Dennis, Joyce Morgan, Bill Gulliford; Council President Boyer and Council Member Jim Love were in attendance.


Also: Kim Taylor – Council Auditor’s Office; Peggy Sidman, Paige Johnston – Office of General Counsel;  John J. Jackson – Council Research Division; Staci Lopez – Legislative Services Division; Jessica Baker – Mayor’s Office


Meeting Convened: 10:55 A.M.


The topic for the special meeting was security cameras in public parks.  Daryl Joseph, Director, Parks, Recreation & Community Services Department, made the PowerPoint presentation.  Scott Barengo, ITD, and Officer Darrin Schmidt, JSO Liaison with Parks & Recreation Department, fielded questions.


Director Joseph explained that the Parks, Recreation & Community Services Department’s use of cameras in our public parks system is an effort to deter vandalism.


Examples of vandalism in the parks include having park amenities such as pavilions and benches set on fire, metal signs riddled with bullets and graffiti.  Mr. Joseph indicated that his department is working closely with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office in efforts to track and curb the vandalism.  He explained that when the vandalism occurs, efforts are made to address the issue as soon as possible.  The longer the vandalism remains unattended, it sends the message that vandalism is acceptable. 


Vandalism has been prevalent in restrooms, the Riverwalk, ball fields, pavilions, skate parks and swimming pools.


Director Joseph reported that the following park sites currently have cameras installed: Chuck Rogers Park, Ed Austin Park, Hanna Park 1, Hanna Park 2, Huguenot Park, Johnny Walker Park, the Mitchell Center, Legends Center, Hammond Park, Criswell Park, the Mayport Boat Ramp and Metro Park.


Director Joseph underscored the point that employing  cameras in the parks is an effort by the department to be more proactive than reactive in curbing and eradicating vandalism.


Director Joseph discussed the various types of security cameras that are installed in the parks.

He explained that all video feeds can be watched live at a console or via software/webpage over the COJ network.  FlashCAM equipment immediately stops unwanted activity. 


Director Joseph, Officer Schmidt and Mr. Barengofielded numerous questions on the use of security cameras.  In response to a question raised by Council Member Reggie Brown, Director Joseph indicated that the costs would be prohibitive to have security cameras in all of the 400 City parks.


There being no further business, the Special Meeting was adjourned at 11:11 A.M.


John J. Jackson, Council Research Division (904) 630-1729



Posted: 4:00 P.M.