Wednesday, March 7, 2017   9:00 A.M.

Tape No.________________________



Council Chambers 1st Floor,  City Hall

Carol Owens,  Chief of Legislative Services



Sam Newby, Chair

Legislative Assistant: Samantha Lane

Bill Gulliford, Vice Chair

Attorney:                     Paige Johnston

Aaron Bowman

Asst. Council Auditor:  Kyle Billy 

Anna Lopez Brosche


Katrina Brown

Research Assistant:    Colleen Hampsey

Tommy Hazouri

Research Assistant:    John Jackson

Joyce Morgan


Administration:            Jordan Elsbury









Meeting Convened: 9:01 A.M. .                      Meeting Adjourned: 9:32 A.M.


The Committee shall consider matters relating to the Department of Health; public health, international travel, wellness; mental health; addiction; human services; homelessness; public assistance; Public Service Grants, public safety; safety hazards and dangerous infrastructure; motor vehicle inspections; collections; crime  and crime prevention; victim services;  Jacksonville Journey; Sheriff's Office; police-community relations; Fire and Rescue Department; emergency preparedness and civil defenses; military bases; personnel and affairs; base realignment and closure (BRAC) issues; and all related subjects.


If a person decides to appeal any decision made by the Council with respect to any matter considered at such meeting, such person will need a record of the proceedings, and for such purpose, such person may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based.


PARKING: If you park in the Library Garage (Entry on Duval St, W/S of Main St),

please see the Council Receptionist, Room 425, for ticket validation.



Item/File No.




1.  2016-359

ORD Amend Chapt 122 (Public Propty), Creating New Sec 122.110 (Skateboarding on Public Propty), to Prohibit Skateboarding on City Sidewalks in Certain Areas, Public Parking Garages & Public Access Ramps & Certain other Public Propty; Recognizing Exercise of County Powers. (Johnston) (Introduced by CM Gulliford)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 6/14/16


1. 5/24/2016 CO  Introduced: TEU,RCDPHS,R


    6/6/2016 TEU Read 2nd & Rerefer


    6/7/2016 R Read 2nd & Rerefer;    6/7/2016 PHS Read 2nd & Rerefer


2. 6/14/2016 CO PH Read 2nd & Rereferred; TEU, R, RCDPHS (PHS 7/1/16)



Bill Summary            TEU: Defer





2.  2016-676

ORD-MC re Prohibition of Apv, Grant, or Issuance of Certain Licenses, Permits, Certificates or Zoning Actions to Persons with Unpaid Civil Penalties or Current Violations of the Ord Code; Amend Chapt 307 (Historic Preservation & Protection), Sec 307.111 (Enforcemt; Civil Remedies); & Chapt 320 (Gen Provisions), Sec 320.402 (Appl for Permit) & Chapt 518 (Jax Propty Safety & Mgmt Code), Sec 518.103 (Applicability); & Chapt 609 (Code Enforcemt Citations), adding Sec 609.110 (Prohibition of Admin Action); & Chapt 650 Comp Plan for Future Dev), Sec 650.402 (Initiation of Proposal); & Chapt 654 (Code of Subdiv Regs), Sec 654.105 (Applicability); & Chapt 656 (Zoning Code), Sec 656.109 (Admin & Enforcemt; Interpretation of Zoning Code; Admin Deviations) & Sec 656.111 (Violations & Penalties); & Chapt 780 (Propty Tax), Part 3 (Tax Exemption for Rehab & Proptys in Historic Dists), Sec 780.305 (Application). (Grandin) (Introduced by VP Crescimbeni)

LUZ PH Pursuant to Sec 656.123, Ord Code - 11/15/16, 12/6/16, 1/4/17,1/18/17, 2/7/17, 2/22/17, 3/7/17

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166.041(3)(c)(2), F.S. & CR 3.601 -  11/22/16


1. 10/11/2016 CO  Introduced: NCIS,PHS,LUZ,F


    10/17/2016 NCIS Read 2nd & Rerefer,    10/18/2016 PHS Read 2nd & Rerefer


    10/18/2016 LUZ Read 2nd & Rerefer;      10/19/2016 F Read 2nd & Rerefer


2. 10/25/2016 CO Read 2nd & Rereferred; NCIS, PHS, LUZ, F



Bill Summary            NCIS: Defer






3.  2017-20

ORD Auth the Compensation & Benefits Div of the Employee Svcs Dept to Offer the Option to Enroll in the UF Health Plan to City Employees or Retirees Covered under the City's Group Health Plan on 3/31/17, any New City Employees first Eligible to Participate in the City's Employee Benefit Progs On or After 4/1/17, & any Retirees covered under any City Group Health Plan who Retire On or After 4/1/17; Auth Mayor to Negotiate, Execute & Deliver a 3rd Party Admin Svcs Contract with Integra Administrative Group, Inc to Administer the UF Health Plan; Invoking the Exemption in 126.107(g), Ord Code; Waiving Sec 116.1406(a) (Procuremt of Plan Administrator), Ord Code, to allow City to Enter into a 3rd Party Admin Svcs Contract with Integra; Designate Oversight by the Compensation & Benefits Div; Request 1-Cycle Emerg Apv. (Hodges) (Req of Mayor) (Co-Sponsored by CM's Schellenberg, Gulliford & Crescimbeni)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 1/24/17


1. 1/10/2017 CO  Introduced: PHS,R,F


    1/18/2017 R Read 2nd & Rerefer;    1/18/2017 PHS Read 2nd & Rerefer


    1/19/2017 F Read 2nd & Rerefer


2. 1/24/2017 CO PH Read 2nd & Rereferred; PHS, R, F



Bill Summary            Fact Sheet






4.  2017-66

ORD Designating the Nocatee Development as a Golf Cart Community; Designating by Name the Streets within as Appropriate for use by Golf Carts, Subject to Conditions; Directing Posting of Signs re Golf Cart Operation is Permitted, Subject to Reimbursemt to City by the Tolomato Community Development Dist. (Grandin) (Introduced by CM Becton)

TEU PH Pursuant to Sec 316.212, F.S. - 2/21/17

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 2/14/17


1. 1/24/2017 CO  Introduced: NCIS,PHS,TEU


    2/6/2017 TEU Read 2nd & Rerefer;    2/6/2017 NCIS Read 2nd & Rerefer


    2/7/2017 PHS Read 2nd & Rerefer


2. 2/14/2017 CO PH Read 2nd & Rereferred; NCIS, PHS, TEU



Bill Summary            NCIS: Defer              TEU: Defer






5.  2017-106

ORD Auth a License Agreemt with Family Farms of Northeast Florida, Inc to use Designated Portions of the Grounds Surrounding the Montgomery Correctional Ctr at 4727 Lannie Rd, to provide Progs for Children & their Parents thru its "Camp Consequences" Prog & its "Empowered Parents" Prog, for 3 Yrs, Effective 7/1/16 @$1/Yr; Designate Oversight by JSO Dept of Corrections. (Dist 7-Gaffney) (Stockwell) (Req of Sheriff)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 2/28/17


1. 2/14/2017 CO  Introduced: PHS,F


    2/22/2017 PHS Read 2nd & Rerefer


    2/23/2017 F Read 2nd & Rerefer


2. 2/28/2017 CO PH Read 2nd & Rereferred; PHS, F



Bill Summary            Fact Sheet


AMEND/APPROVE 7-0 (Include one 4-Yr Agreemt; Revised Agreemt)


Council Member Aaron Bowman asked JSO Budget Chief, Bill Clement to explain the “Camp Consequences” program and wanted to know if there were successes to report.


Assistant Chief Claude Colvin, Director, Montgomery Correctional Center, explained the program as a mentoring program for rebellious kids; he reported that the program has been immensely successful.


Glenn Ellison, Director, Camp Consequences, explained that the program trained parents to be better parents.  He reported that the program has been very successful and that it draws and attracts parents from across the country. 



6.  2017-143

ORD Approp $32,000 to Replace the Cab & Chassis of Rescue Unit 81254-20. (BT 17-058) (McCain) (Req of Mayor)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 3/14/17


1. 2/28/2017 CO  Introduced: PHS,F



Bill Summary            Fact Sheet






7.  2017-153

ORD Auth Amended & Restated Multi-Yr Encroachmt Protection Agreemt with United States of America, Acting by & thru the Dept of the Navy, to allow the Navy & the City to Collaborate on Encroachmt Protection Projs within the Military Influence Zone of Duval County Naval Bases; Designate Oversight by the Military Affairs & Veterans Dept. (McCain) (Req of Mayor)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 3/14/17


1. 2/28/2017 CO  Introduced: PHS, LUZ, F



Bill Summary            Fact Sheet







8.  2017-159

ORD Creating an Address Number of "1 Daily's Place" for the Amphitheater & Covered Flex Field Adjacent to Everbank Field; Waiving Requiremts of City's Addressing & Street Naming Policy & the Requiremts of Sec 745.101 (Addressing & Street Naming Regs, Part 1, Gen Provisions, Applicability) which Regulated Assignmt, Naming & Addressing of Streets in City; Waive Requiremts of Part 2 (Addressing & Street Naming Deficiencies) Subpart C (Out-of-Sequence Address Numbers), Requiring Reassignmt of Out-of-Sequence Address Numbers. (Dist 7-Gaffney) (Sawyer) (Req of Mayor)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 3/14/17


1. 2/28/2017 CO  Introduced: TEU, PHS, R



Bill Summary            Fact Sheet               TEU: Read 2nd






9.  2017-174

ORD Auth a Traffic Control Agreemt with Sweetwater by Del Webb Master Homeowners' Assn, Inc; Provide Authorization for JSO to Enforce Sweetwater by Del Webb Neighborhood's 25 MPH Speed Limit. (Johnston) (Introduced by CM Becton)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 3/14/17


1. 2/28/2017 CO  Introduced: PHS, F, TEU



Bill Summary            TEU: Read 2nd






10.  2017-175

ORD Approp $250,000 from Capital Projs Funds - Gen Projs to Purchase the Integrated Ballistic Identification System (IBIS), which enables Sharing & Comparison of significant Quantities of Exhibit Info & Images across a Network of Imaging Sites, as well as ID of Likely Bullets or Cartridge Cases; Provide for Funds Carryover to FY 2017-2018; Request 1-Cycle Emerg Apv. (BT 17-077) (McCain) (Req of Mayor)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 3/14/17


1. 2/28/2017 CO  Introduced: PHS,F


Bill Summary            Fact Sheet




Teresa Eichner, CIP Administrator, explained the nature of the request for emergency passage.


JSO Director Ron Linvey explained that the IBIS System would hasten the resolution of crimes involving firearms.  Currently, it take six months to a year for FDLE to analyze shell casings evidence that JSO sends to FDLE.  The purpose of the program is to get offenders arrested quicker by linking shell casings with guns that have been used in a crime.





There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:32 A.M.


John J. Jackson, Council Research Division (904) 630-1729



Posted: 4:00 P.M.