Rules Committee Special Meeting Minutes

 May 2, 2017

Immediately following 1:00 p.m. regular committee meeting


Topic: Boards and commission review with the Downtown Investment Authority, Downtown Development Review Board and the Library Board of Trustees.


Location: City Council Chamber, 1st floor, City Hall – St. James Building, 117 West Duval Street


In attendance: Council Members Garrett Dennis (Chair), John Crescimbeni (Vice Chair), Greg Anderson, Danny Becton, Jim Love, Tommy Hazouri (Excused), Scott Wilson.

Also: Peggy Sidman - Office of General Counsel; Heather Reber -Council Auditor’s Office; Jessica Baker-Mayor’s Office; Colleen Hampsey - Council Research Division; Juliette Williams -Legislative Services.

Chairman Dennis called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m.

Jim Bailey and Aundra Wallace, of the Downtown Investment Authority (DIA), spoke about the status of their agency and board. The DIA board consists of nine Duval residents with substantial interest/expertise related to downtown who serve four year terms - five are mayoral appointees and four are appointed by the council president. DIA is involved with numerous rehabilitation and revitalization projects within the four square miles of downtown. The Downtown Investment Authority board meets regularly, are strongly connected to the organizational mission, and are not looking to make any structural changes to the body. Councilman Wilson asked Mr. Wallace about city owned parking structures downtown, in that some of them no longer accept a cash payment-which is inconvenient for some downtown visitors. Mr. Wallace said that DIA is about to begin a comprehensive parking study that will look into any and all parking related issues.

Fred Jones, Chair of the Downtown Development Review Board (DDRB), spoke about their board activity. The DDRB acts as partner to DIA, in a planning capacity. The responsibilities of DDRB include reviewing and deciding upon development applications within the downtown overlay zone. The Downtown Development Review Board consists of nine voting members (architects, planners, and contractors) who are appointed by the mayor and approved by council and several ex-officio non-voting members. Neither the council nor the Downtown Development Review Board is looking to make any organizational changes at this time. Councilman Becton inquired about the fund balances for various downtown development projects and Mr. Wallace from DIA indicated he would get back to him with that information.

Ronnie King, Chairman of the Library Board of Trustees, spoke about the status of that organization. The Library Board of Trustees consists of twelve voting members, appointed by the mayor and confirmed by Council and up to three non-voting members. The Library Board of Trustees oversees the receipt and use of funds, property and gifts granted to the library. For monies from the General Fund, the Library Board of Trustees ensures that no expenditures exceed what is permissible within the City’s Budget and Accounting Code. No changes to the structure of the Library Board of Trustees are deemed necessary at this time.  

It was announced that for the next Rules Committee special meeting on May 16, 2017, the topic will be a discussion of the Jacksonville Children’s Commission, the Human Rights Commission and the Civil Service Board.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:54 p.m.


Colleen Hampsey, Council Research Division

Posted 5.3.17   5:00 pm