November 6, 2017

2:00 P.M




In Attendance:  Council Members Al Ferraro (Chair), Jim Love (Vice Chair), Lori Boyer, Aaron Bowman,  John Crescimbeni, Tommy Hazouri, Joyce Morgan; Assistant General Counsel Paige Johnston; Phillip Peterson, Council Auditor’s Office; Jordan Elsbury, Administration; Laurie Santana, Planning & Development Department; Adri Maguire Segui, Legislative Assistant; John J. Jackson, Council Research Division.


The meeting was convened at 2:00 P.M.


Item/File No.




1.  2016-534

ORD Renaming Robinson Ave to "Harry Frisch Way"; Waive var Subsecs of 745.105 (Changing Names of Public Sts by Ord; Honorary St Designations by Ord): (e)(2) re Persons who Honorary St Designation may be named after; (e)(5) re Requiremt that 90% of all Propty Owners on that Segment Consent to Renaming; (e)(3) Requiremt that the Person Reside within 5 miles of the St Name Change for at least 10 Yrs; (b) Requiremt that Historic Preservation Comm review the Request & make a Recommendation. (Dist 9-Dennis) (Diebenow) (Introduced by CM Schellenberg & Co-sponsored by CM's  Dennis, Wilson, Morgan, Hazouri, Anderson, Gulliford, Bowman, Carter, R. Gaffney, Ferraro, Newby & K. Brown)

TEU PH Pursuant to Chapt 745 Ord Code - 9/6/16, 9/19/16, 10/3/16, 10/17/16, 10/31/16, 11/14/16, 12/5/16, 1/3/17, 1/17/17, 2/6/17, 2/21/17, 3/7/17, 3/20/17, 4/3/17, 4/17/17, 5/1/17, 5/15/17, 6/5/17, 7/17/17, 7/31/17, 8/14/17, 9/5/17, 9/18/17, 9/20/17, 10/2/17, 10/16/17, 11/6/17, 11/20/17

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 8/23/16


1. 8/9/2016 CO  Introduced: TEU,R


    8/15/2016 TEU Read 2nd & Rerefer


    8/16/2016 R Read 2nd & Rerefer


2. 8/23/2016 CO PH Read 2nd & Rereferred; TEU, R




Bill Summary


PH – Open/Cont to 11/20/17


Defer (At request of CM Dennis)




2.  2017-575

ORD Closing & Abandoning &/or Disclaiming a 340' Portion of a 33' R/W known as Lofton Alley near its Intersec of Ricky Dr at Req of Adjacent Propty Owner, Paul Sleiman, Old Mandarin, LLC, Subject to Reservation unto City & JEA of Easemt over R/W for Ingress & Egress & for All Utilities. (McCain) (Req of Mayor)

TEU PH Pursuant to Sec 336.10, F.S. - 9/5/17, 9/18/17, 9/20/17, 10/2/17, 10/16/17, 11/6/17, 11/20/17

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 8/22/17


1. 8/8/2017 CO  Introduced: TEU


    8/14/2017 TEU Read 2nd & Rerefer


2. 8/22/2017 CO PH Read 2nd & Rereferred; TEU



Bill Summary          Fact Sheet


PH – Open/Cont to 11/20/17


Defer (At request of the Administration)




3.  2017-597

ORD Closing & Abandoning &/or Disclaiming a Portion of a Drainage Easemt at 9889 Gate Parkway N. at Request of Andre El Bahri to allow Constrn of a Cell Tower. (Dist 4-Wilson) (McCain) (Req of Mayor)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 9/12/17, 9/18/17


1. 8/22/2017 CO  Introduced: TEU


    9/5/2017 TEU Read 2nd & Rerefer


2. 9/18/2017 CO PH Read 2nd & Rereferred; TEU



Bill Summary          Fact Sheet


Defer (At request of the Administration)





4.  2017-632

ORD-MC Amend Part 4 (Resource Recovery Prog), Chapt 380 (Solid Waste Mgmt), Ord Code, to Update Dept Name & Amend References to Host Fees to be Consistent with new Part 7; Create New Part 7 (Constrn & Demo Debris Collection & Transp Franchises); Amend Part 6 (Nonresidential Solid Waste Collection & Transp Franchises) re Franchise Fees to make Part 6 Intent & Definitions consistent with new Part 7; Amend Sec 609.109 (Applicable Chapter & Parts), Chapt 609 (Code Enforcemt Citations), to Revise Violations of Chapt 380 to Class F Offenses. (Johnston) (Introduced by CM Gulliford, Brosche, Crescimbeni, Love, Becton, Schellenberg & Wilson)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 9/26/17


1. 9/18/2017 CO  Introduced: TEU,F,R


    9/20/2017 TEU Read 2nd & Rerefer


    9/21/2017 R Read 2nd & Rerefer;    9/21/2017 F Read 2nd & Rerefer


2. 9/26/2017 CO PH Read 2nd & Rereferred; TEU, F, R



Bill Summary


Defer (At request of the Committee)


Prior to the measure’s deferment, there was a lengthy discussion of the matter.


Guy Lachapelle, Shapell’s, Inc. spoke in opposition to the legislation.  As an independent hauler, he was concerned that some of the publicly traded haulers had been able to have language inserted into the proposed legislation that gave publicly traded haulers decisive advantages over smaller, independent haulers.  He produced and distributed a letter dated August 1, 2017, from the Government Affairs Manager of Advanced Disposal to the Committee Chair that entailed the recommendation of additional language into the proposed legislation.


Council Member Bill Gulliford explained why the Special Committee on Solid Waste, that he headed, had the legislation crafted and the philosophical basis for the legislation.  He suggested that the Chair have a meeting prior to or at the end of agenda items at the next Committee meeting to review and clarify components of the legislation.  He suggested that the Special Committee on Solid Waste staff (Eric Fuller, Robert Campbell and Paige Johnston), representatives of the haulers and other interested parties attend the meeting.


Tammy Lachapelle. Shapell’s Inc. and Darwin Davis, Northeast Florida Independent Haulers spoke against the proposed legislation.


Greg Huntington, Municipal Marketing & Government Affairs Manager, Advanced Disposal, argued that nobody is put at a disadvantage with the enactment of the legislation and that the legislation was well vetted.  He fielded numerous questions.


Council Member John Crescimbeni requested Assistant General Counsel Paige Johnston to recount the timeline for the work she did in crafting the current draft of the legislation.  Ms. Johnston explained her work and meetings with Robert Campbell of the Council Auditor’s Office and Eric Fuller of Solid Waste.  She asked Council Members for their views and concerns.  She indicated that she had crafted the proposed legislation and after the draft was circulated to the Committee she received feedback from ADS which was ultimately discussed with Council Member Gulliford and inserted into the draft before the bill was filed.


Council Member Crescimbeni suggested to the Chair that in view of the numerous unanswered questions and concerns expressed in the course of the discussion, that the item be deferred one cycle.  The Chair agreed.





5.  2017-662

ORD Auth Transfer & Maint Agreemt with FDOT to Transfer FDOT-owned Propty to City after replacing Bridge # 720846 a/k/a Yellow Water Bridge, & making Improvemts to County Rd 217; Designate Oversight by Engineering & Constrn Mgmt Div of Public Works Dept. (McCain) (Req of Mayor)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 10/10/17


1. 9/26/2017 CO  Introduced: TEU,F


    10/2/2017 TEU Read 2nd & Rerefer


    10/3/2017 F Read 2nd & Rerefer


2. 10/10/2017 CO PH Read 2nd & Rereferred; TEU, F                                   



Bill Summary          Fact Sheet





Attach revised FDOT Agreement


Assistant General Counsel Paige Johnston reported that she had reviewed the language in the revised Maintenance Agreement with FDOT and was satisfied  that the language clarified ownership of the bridge when the structure is replaced..




6.  2017-700

ORD Closing & Abandoning &/or Disclaiming a 60' x 128' R/W of Canterbury St, SE of Jean St at Req of Leslie Kleisler & Jennifer Morgan, the 2 Adjacent Propty Owners to allow Applicants to Increase their Respective Residential Proptys. (Dist 14-Love) (McCain) (Req of Mayor)

TEU PH Pursuant to Sec 336.10, F.S - 11/6/17

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 10/24/17


1. 10/10/2017 CO  Introduced: TEU


    10/16/2017 TEU Read 2nd & Rerefer


2. 10/24/2017 CO PH Read 2nd & Rereferred; TEU                                   



Bill Summary          Fact Sheet





Attach Hold Harmless Agreement





7.  2017-708

RESO Designating Approx 6.85 Acres of 24 Contiguous & Non-Contiguous Parcels at 2118 Kings Ave & Surrounding Proptys on Bertha St, Mitchell Ave, Perry Place & Olevia St as a Brownfield Area for Environmental Rehab & Economic Dev. (Johnston) (Introduced by CM Boyer)

Community Mtg - 10/20/17 @ 1:00 PM  (Balis  Community Ctr - 1513 Lasalle Street)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Secs 166.041(3)(c)(2) & 376.80  F.S. - 11/14/17


1. 10/10/2017 CO  Introduced: NCSPHS,TEU,F


    10/16/2017 TEU Read 2nd & Rerefer;    10/16/2017 NCSPHS Read 2nd & Rerefer


    10/17/2017 F Read 2nd & Rerefer                                                  


2. 10/24/2017 CO Read 2nd & Rereferred; NCSPHS, TEU, F



Bill Summary          NCSPHS: AMEND/APP





1. Attach revised Exhibits 1, 2 & 3 to correct parcel address

2. Pg. 3, line 7 should be FDEP



8.  2017-733



RESO Urging FDOT to name Bridge Number 720664 on U.S. 90/S.R. 10 bet Robinson Ave & Acorn St for Harry Frisch; Directing Distribution of Reso. (Johnston) (Introduced by CM Dennis) (Co-Sponsored by C/M's Bowman & Carter)


1. 10/24/2017 CO  Introduced: TEU


Bill Summary





Jim Knight, Florida Department of Transportation, provided an update on work underway to repair damaged pipes and other damage on Wonderwood Bridge.  He provided a timeline that entailed three phases for the repair work and an estimated cost of $33 million.

Mr. Knight explained major road and construction projects that FDOT announced in October.  The projects include widening I-10, rebuilding intersections and interchanges and express lanes at various points of I-95 and I-295.  He fielded numerous questions. 

Council Member John Crescimbeni requested that FDOT regularly meet with TEU to apprise Members on the status of projects underway in Duval County.

Council Member Al Ferraro characterized Wonderwood Bridge as a “nightmare” and envisioned accidents because of the deteriorating condition of the roadway.  He would like FDOT to take a closer look at the repair work that is needed.  He, too, implored FDOT to appear before the Committee on a regular basis.

Council Member Bill Gulliford introduced Johann Bowman, U.S. Roof Recycling.  Mr. Bowman gave a presentation on the applicable benefits of recycled roofing materials, particularly shingles, as alternative uses for energy production and asphalt additives for roads and highways.  He reported that since his firm’s creation four years ago, 70,000 tons of roofing materials had been recycled and thus avoided having to be disposed in landfills.  He reported that his firm is currently talking with JEA about the use of recycled roofing materials to burn as an alternative to coal.  The recycled material is a much cleaner operation.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 3:37 P.M.

John J. Jackson, Council Research Division (904) 630-1729


Posted: 4:00 P.M.