Monday June 19, 2017

Tape No.________________________

2:00 PM


Council Chambers 1st Floor, City Hall

Carol Owens, Chief of Legislative Services





Al Ferraro, Chair

Legislative Assistant: Adri Maguire Segui

Doyle Carter, Vice Chair

Attorney: Paige Johnston

Greg Anderson

Research Asst.: John Jackson

Anna Lopez Brosche

Asst. Council Auditor: Kim Taylor

Reggie Brown Early Departure (Special)

Administration: Jordan Elsbury

John Crescimbeni Excused Absence

Planning Dept.: Laurie Santana

Reggie Gaffney Late Arrival




Regular Committee Meeting

Special Committee Meeting

Meeting Convened: 2:01 PM

Meeting Convened: 3:27 PM

Meeting Adjourned: 3:27 PM

Meeting Adjourned: 4:04 PM





The Committee shall consider matters relating to roads and streets; concurrency; mobility fees and mobility plan; Context Sensitive Streets; transportation; transportation planning; multimodal transportation issues; intelligent transportation systems (ITS); North Florida TPO; railroads; deregulation of utilities; ambulances; towing; vehicles for hire; transit; public utilities or utility-related services; JEA (water and sewer operations, chilled water operations, water supply planning, water re-use; sewer line extensions, and other non-budgetary issues, power generation and distribution); Public Works Department; refuse collection; environmental services; public parking; Stormwater Utility and drainage matters; Septic Tank regulations and phase-outs; Environmental Resource Management Department; landfills; Jacksonville Transportation Authority; Jacksonville Aviation Authority; Jacksonville Port Authority


If a person decides to appeal any decision made by the Council with respect to any matter considered at such meeting, such person will need a record of the proceedings, and for such purpose, such person may need to ensure that a verbatim record of the proceedings is made, which record includes the testimony and evidence upon which the appeal is to be based.

PARKING: If you park in the Library Garage (Entry on Duval St, W/S of Main St),

please see the Council Receptionist, Room 425, for ticket validation.




Special Committee Meeting Topic: Hurricane Preparedness, Presented by Jordan Pope and Ed Dendor.


Attendance: See last page.



NOTE: The next regular meeting will be held July 17, 2017.


Item/File No.




1. 2016-359




ORD Amend Chapt 122 (Public Propty), Creating New Sec 122.110 (Skateboarding on Public Propty), to Prohibit Skateboarding on City Sidewalks in Certain Areas, Public Parking Garages & Public Access Ramps & Certain other Public Propty; Recognizing Exercise of County Powers. (Johnston) (Introduced by CM Gulliford)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 6/14/16


1. 5/24/2016 CO Introduced: TEU,RCDPHS,R


6/6/2016 TEU Read 2nd & Rerefer


6/7/2016 R Read 2nd & Rerefer; 6/7/2016 PHS Read 2nd & Rerefer


2. 6/14/2016 CO PH Read 2nd & Rereferred; TEU, R, RCDPHS (PHS 7/1/16)


6/6/2017 R Withdraw 6-0; 6/6/2017 PHS Withdraw 6-0





Bill Summary






2. 2016-534

ORD Renaming Robinson Ave to "Harry Frisch Way"; Waive var Subsecs of 745.105 (Changing Names of Public Sts by Ord; Honorary St Designations by Ord): (e)(2) re Persons who Honorary St Designation may be named after; (e)(5) re Requiremt that 90% of all Propty Owners on that Segment Consent to Renaming; (e)(3) Requiremt that the Person Reside within 5 miles of the St Name Change for at least 10 Yrs; (b) Requiremt that Historic Preservation Comm review the Request & make a Recommendation. (Dist 9-Dennis) (Diebenow) (Introduced by CM Schellenberg & Co-sponsored by CM's Dennis, Wilson, Morgan, Hazouri, Anderson, Gulliford, Bowman, Carter, R. Gaffney, Ferraro & Newby)

TEU PH Pursuant to Chapt 745 Ord Code - 9/6/16, 9/19/16, 10/3/16, 10/17/16, 10/31/16, 11/14/16, 12/5/16, 1/3/17, 1/17/17, 2/6/17, 2/21/17, 3/7/17, 3/20/17, 4/3/17, 4/17/17, 5/1/17, 5/15/17, 6/5/17

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 8/23/16


1. 8/9/2016 CO Introduced: TEU,R


8/15/2016 TEU Read 2nd & Rerefer


8/16/2016 R Read 2nd & Rerefer


2. 8/23/2016 CO PH Read 2nd & Rereferred; TEU, R




Bill Summary


DEFER (At Request of CM Dennis)


PH Open/Cont to 7/17/17





3. 2017-14

ORD Closing & Abandoning &/or Disclaiming 3 All Utilities Easemts within RE# 080840-0010 previously rsvd by Ords 90-1210-541 (LaRue St) & 93-944-384 (Belmont Ave & Lisbon St), at Req of Southern Baptist Hospital of Florida, Inc, Subject to Reservation unto JEA of an Easemt Over the closed Easemts for Ingress & Egress & for All Utilities. (Dist 5-Boyer) (McCain) (Req of Mayor)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 1/24/17


1. 1/10/2017 CO Introduced: TEU


1/17/2017 TEU Read 2nd & Rerefer


2. 1/24/2017 CO PH Read 2nd & Rereferred; TEU




Bill Summary Fact Sheet


DEFER (At request of CP Boyer)




4. 2017-245





ORD-MC Amend Chapt 656 (Zoning Code), Ord Code, Part 6 (Off-Street Parking & Loading Regs), Subpart B (Off-Street Parking for Bicycles), Sec 656.608 (Off-Street Parking of Bicycles). (Ingles) (Req of Mayor) (PD & PC Apv)

LUZ PH - 5/2/17, 5/16/17, 6/6/17, 6/20/17

Public Hearing Pursuant to Sec 166.041(3)(c)(2), F.S. & CR 3.601 - 4/25/17 & 5/9/17, 5/23/17, 6/13/17, 6/27/17


1. 3/28/2017 CO Introduced: TEU,LUZ


4/3/2017 TEU Read 2nd & Rerefer


4/4/2017 LUZ Read 2nd & Rerefer


2. 4/11/2017 CO Read 2nd & Rereferred; TEU, LUZ


3. 4/25/2017 CO PH Addnl 5/9/17


5/9/2017 CO PH Contd 5/23/17


5/23/2017 CO PH Contd 6/13/17


6/13/2017 CO PH Contd 6/27/17




Bill Summary Fact Sheet





Revise select categories to state percentage of building occupancy rather than maximum expected attendance.









5. 2017-323

ORD Auth 2nd Amend to Dev Agreemt with Baptist Health Properties, Inc as Transferee of Dev Agreemt #31990 bet City & Liberty Development Florida, LLC, that incorporates all Terms & Conditions of Dev Agreemt as 1st Amended in 2009 with Exception of Changing the Party Name & Extend Term to 6/22/22 for Proj formerly known as "Plaza North", 106.7 Acres for 250 Single Family Dwelling Units, 200,000 Enclosed Sq Ft of Shopping Ctr use, 20,000 Sq Ft of Gen Ofc Space, 8,000 Enclosed Sq Ft of Restaurant Use & 2,500 Enclosed Sq Ft of Svc Station use with 12 Fueling Positions on N/S of Dunn Ave bet I-295 & Wingate Dr N. (Dist 7-Gaffney) (Grandin) (LUZ)

LUZ PH - 6/20/17

Public Hearing Pursuant to Sec 163.3225, F.S. & 655.205, Ord Code & CR 3.601 - 6/13/17, 6/27/17


1. 4/25/2017 CO Introduced: LUZ,TEU,F


5/1/2017 TEU Read 2nd & Rerefer


5/2/2017 LUZ Read 2nd & Rerefer


5/3/2017 F Read 2nd & Rerefer


2. 5/9/2017 CO Read 2nd & Rereferred; LUZ,TEU,F


3. 6/13/2017 CO PH Contd 6/27/17




Bill Summary


DEFER (At request of the Applicant)












6. 2017-351

ORD Apv Comprehensive Settlemt Agreemt in Settlemt of All Claims arising from & Related to Denial of Waiver of Road Frontage Appl, as set forth in Ord 2016-530-E, for Propty at 5025 Dixie Landing Dr, Subject of Special Magistrate Proceeding "in RE: Federal National Mortgage Association Denial of Waiver Application No. WRF-16-13, Ordinance 2016-530-E: Section 70.51, Florida Statutes;" Granting Waiver of Road Frontage Appl by Comprehensive Settlemt Agreemt Pursuant to Sec 70.51(19(B), F.S. (Johnston) (Introduced by CP Boyer)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 5/23/17


1. 5/9/2017 CO Introduced: LUZ,F,TEU


5/15/2017 TEU Read 2nd & Rerefer


5/16/2017 LUZ Read 2nd & Rerefer


5/17/2017 F Read 2nd & Rerefer


2. 5/23/2017 CO PH Read 2nd & Rereferred; LUZ, F, TEU




Bill Summary


DEFER (At recommendation of the committee)




7. 2017-376

ORD Agreemt to Accept a Perpetual Access & Use Easemt from Nemours Foundation to allow Constrn of a Shared Use Path over the St Johns River. (McCain) (Req of Mayor)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 6/13/17


1. 5/23/2017 CO Introduced: TEU,F


6/5/2017 TEU Read 2nd & Rerefer


6/7/2017 F Read 2nd & Rerefer


2. 6/13/2017 CO PH Read 2nd & Rereferred; TEU, F




Bill Summary Fact Sheet






8. 2017-412



ORD Apv a Mobility Fee Contract with Old No. 1 Partners, LLC for Memorialization of $2,202,677.33 in Mobility Fee Credits for use within Mobility Zones 3 & 4. (Dist 11-Becton) (Grandin) (Introduced by CM Becton)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 6/27/17


1. 6/13/2017 CO Introduced: TEU,F




Bill Summary






9. 2017-413




ORD Declaring Surplus Propty on E/S Old St Augustine Rd, N of Knotah Rd (Portion of RE# 158247-0300); Auth Conveyance to JEA for Appraised Value of $27,000. (Dist 6-Schellenberg) (McCain) (Req of Mayor)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 6/27/17


1. 6/13/2017 CO Introduced: TEU,F




Bill Summary Fact Sheet







10. 2017-414



ORD Grant FDOT a Temporary Easemt In, Over & Under Parcel 701 for the SR A1A Timucuan Trail Bike Path Proj; Designate Oversight by the Real Estate Div of Public Works. (McCain) (Req of Mayor)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 6/27/17


1. 6/13/2017 CO Introduced: TEU,F,NCIS




Bill Summary Fact Sheet NCIS: 2nd







11. 2017-425



ORD Auth Restated Agreemt with REDUS Florida Land, LLC for Extension of Time for REDUS to provide Intersec Improvemts & for Reimbursemt by City of 50% of Cost Overruns above $525,000 for Constrn of Traffic Signal & Deceleration Lane; Auth Real Estate Div to Accept a Grant of Easemt for 2 Mast Arm Poles for the Signal Lights. (Grandin) (Introduced by CM Dennis)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 6/27/17


1. 6/13/2017 CO Introduced: TEU,F, LUZ




Bill Summary







12. 2017-431






ORD MC Amend Chapt 380 (Solid Waste Mgmt), Part 1 (Certificate of Public Convenience & Necessity), Ord Code, to Modify Existing & Create certain new Definitions; Clarify what Disposal & Mgmt Activities Require a CON & Amend Requiremts for their Appl; Amend & Identify the Agcys Responsible for Reviewing & Recommending Action of Appl & Estab Criteria for Review; Clarify certain Landfill Operating Requiremts; Clarify Enforcemt Authority; Clarify Certificate Suspension Revocation & Transfer Procedures; Clarify Certificate Renewal Procedures & to Auth Continued Operation while Certificate Renewal is Sought; Create Addnl Exemptions; Clarify Temp Certificate Procedures; Renumber Existing Secs of Chapt 380 as Needed. (Teal) (Introduced by CM Gulliford, Brosche, Crescimbeni, Love, Becton, Schellenberg & Wilson)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 6/27/17


1. 6/13/2017 CO Introduced: NCIS,PHS,TEU




Bill Summary NCIS: 2nd







13. 2017-440



ORD Approp $91,431.93 from Gen Fund/Gen Svc Dist Fund Balance to JEA for Addnl Street Lighting on North Campus Blvd; Designate Oversight by Public Works Dept; Request 1-Cycle Emerg Apv. (Sidman) (Introduced by CM K. Brown)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 6/27/17


1. 6/13/2017 CO Introduced: TEU,PHS,R,F



Bill Summary









         Paul Harden, Reese Henderson, Folks Huxford, Charles E. Dixon III, and Barry Dixon all spoke in regards to bill 2017-351


Public Comments:

         Anthony D. Holmes spoke in regards to the Wigmore Park water fountain issue.

         Michael Jaster spole in regards to Public Works and illegal dumping of ditch sediment on private property.


Special Committee Presenters:

         JEA Director, Ed Dendor, introduced a presentation regarding Hurricane Preparedness.













































NOTE: Other items may be added at the discretion of the Chair.