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Substitute and rerefer

(ORD-MC Amend Chapt 804 (Jax Traffic Code) Creating New Part 15 (Truck Route Regs), Ord Code, Secs 804.1501 (Purpose & Intent); 804.1502 (Definitions); 804.1503 (Truck Route Criteria); 804.1504 (Designated Truck Routes & Maps):

1.      Changes the new Truck Route Regulation section number from Section 15 to 16

2.      Equates “Major Truck Streets” with “Preferred Truck Routes”

3.      Removes language regarding restriction of gross vehicle weight of vehicles traveling on non-truck routes and inserts language regarding reduction of use of regulated trucks traveling on restricted roads.

4.      Removes language referring to limitation on the number of truck routes to minimize the number of streets that require additional pavement construction and frequent maintenance

5.      Deletes numerous definitions of various sizes and types of trucks and inserts a shorter definition of “regulated truck”

6.      Expands the definition of Truck Route System to incorporate descriptions of the route types correlated to the colors depicted on the attached map (Preferred truck routes – blue; Restricted roads – red; Non-regulated truck routes – grey)

7.      Expands the section on Truck Route Criteria to Truck Route Selection Criteria and Design Characteristics

8.      Deletes a table listing designated truck routes and refers to codification of the color coded map of the truck route system

9.      Provides for a 6-month warning period from the effective date of the ordinance before paying citations begin to be issued.






(ORD-MC Amend Secs 656.313 (Community/General Commercial Category), to add Collection of Textile Recycling thru Bins as a Permitted Use in CCG-1 & CCG-2 Dists):

1. Corrects numbering of new definitions on pp. 7 and 8

2. Makes textile recycling bins a permitted use in PBF-1 zones subject to development     

    criteria and performance standards

3. Adds a provision that a property owner’s acknowledgement of and permission for a textile recycling bin on their property constitutes permission for the City to enter the property to remove a textile recycling bin and its contents if the removal provisions of the section are triggered

4. Removes exact fee amount ($75.00) and references City fee website

5. Strikes “included” on pg. 16 line 30

6. Adds a provision that no bin renewal permit may be issued until any outstanding violations are corrected and outstanding fines have been paid

7. Adds clarifications regarding bin removal, storage and retrieval procedures

8. Prohibits vehicles, trailers or other equipment being parked or located in combination with or in lieu of a textile recycling bin as advertising or as an additional means of collecting textile recycling materials; prohibits additional signs or other advertising materials in or around the immediate vicinity of a recycling bin; violation constitutes a Class D offense

9. Strikes reference to the Neighborhoods Department overseeing implementation of the chapter and ensuring compliance by affected businesses

10. Strikes reference to the Neighborhoods Department developing forms to implement Chapter 381






(ORD-MC re Chapt 656 (Zoning Code), Ord Code; Amend Sec 656.313 (Community/General Commercial Category), Pt 3 (Schedule of Dist Regs), Subpart C (Commercial Use Categories and Zoning Dists), Chapt 656 (Zoning Code), Ord Code, to revise uses permitted by right and exception): Per OGC, makes textile recycling bins a permissible use by exception in CCG-1 zoning district, subject to meeting development criteria and performance standards; corrects numerous scrivener numbering errors.






(ORD-Q Rezoning at R.G. Skinner Pkway btwn ETown Pkway & R.G. Skinner Pkway (626.34± Acres) - RLD-50 to PUD): Per OGC, rezoning approved with conditions:

1.      Any traffic control sign installed in city right-of-way that does not meet city standards shall be reviewed by the Traffic Engineering Division. A Revocable Permit and Indemnification Agreement shall be included with and recorded with any such sign. Nonstandard signs shall be maintained by the homeowners association and the homeowners association will be responsible for issues caused by the lack of maintenance.

2.      Golf cart paths shall be constructed pursuant to Ordinance 2018-265

3.      Prior to the first final inspection within any phase of development, the owner or their agent shall submit to the Planning and Development Department for its review and approval either (a) an affidavit documenting that all conditions to the development order have been satisfied, or (b) a detailed agreement for the completion of all conditions to the development order.






(ORD Approp $687,849.88 collected from Auction of Properties on City's Affordable Housing Inventory List to estab Infill Dev Incentive Prog to further Affordable Housing Goals of the City; waiving chapters 118 and 126, Ord Code to implement the program; Oversight by Neighborhoods Department):



1. On page 2, line 10 strikes “but are not limited to”

2. Attaches Revised Exhibit 2 (revised Program Matrix) to:

- Clarify that if a structure is demolished the applicant is required to build affordable housing on the property

- Use the term “homestead property” to be consistent with the bill

- Clarify that “newly acquired properties” means within the last 6 months prior to application submittal

- Include that prior to final disbursements a true accounting of all costs and expenses will be completed

- Include that the City could foreclose on the mortgage if the property is not renovated or developed within 18 months

- Include documentation that is required to determine financial capacity



NCSPHS amendment, plus adds

3. Inserts Code section waiver language in the bill conforming to the Code requirement.






(Reso Conf Reappt of Lara K Diettrich as Member of the Public Service Grant Council with Grant Experience for 2nd Full Term exp 12/31/21): corrects term to a first full term





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