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(ORD Permitting 20 45-degree Angle Parking Spaces on N/S of Ortega Blvd. btwn Roosevelt Blvd. & Venetia Blvd., Adjacent to 5344 Ortega Blvd):

1.      Corrects scrivener errors in bill

2.      Clarifies that there will be “up to” 20 forty-five degree angled parking spaces

3.      Removes references to “signalization”

4.      Clarifies that the parking is for the public not just the restaurant

5.      Attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (Site Plan)

6.      Attaches Revised Exhibit 2 (Development Agreement) to:

o   Clarify that there will be “up to” 20 forty-five degree angled parking spaces

o   Removes references to signalization

o   Clarify that the crosswalk is required

o   Clarify that relocation of utilities and the cost to relocate is the responsibility of Company

o   Clarify that Company is responsible for maintenance of the improvements

o   Clarify that Company is not obligated to construct the improvements unless development is commenced pursuant to the Site Plan

o   Adds drainage condition to state that stormwater runoff, sheet flow, or piped stormwater from improvements within the right-of-way along the west side of Ortega Boulevard shall not be directed to the existing City facilities east of Ortega Boulevard and shall remain on the west side of the roadway.






(ORD Concerning FY 17/18 JPA Budget; Amend Ord 2017-504-E (COJ Budget) to Revise the Total Expenses for Maintenance Dredging & JPA Budget Schedule I; Attach 2nd Revised Schedule I):

1. Correct total revenues and appropriations to $69,828,384

2. p. 1, line 18- insert “Revised” after JPA

3. Revise whereas clauses to strike 4th whereas clause, correct action of JPA Board in 5th whereas clause and add a new whereas clause referencing the Cruise Terminal Project

4. Correct dredging costs and increases

5. Attach Revised Exhibit 1 (JPA Board Resolution)

6.  Attach Revised Exhibit 2 (JPA Operations Budget)

7. Attach Second Revised Schedule J (JPA Capital Schedule) to reflect new Cruise Terminal project

8. Attach Exhibit 3 (amended 2018-2022 CIP adding Cruise Terminal Project)





Substitute/ Rerefer

(ORD-MC re Transparency in City Govt; Creating New Sec. 126.114 (Notification of Campaign Contributions by Bidding or Contracting Party), Chap 126 (Procurement Code), Ord Code, to Provide for Notice of Campaign Contributions by Parties Contracting with the City; Create New Sec. 602.805 (Private Air Travel with Lobbyist), Chap 602 (Jax Ethics Code), Ord Code, to Require Disclosure by Certain Elected Officials of Details Concerning Use of Privately-Owned Aircraft; Amend Sec. 602.1207 (Public Records). Chap 602 (Jax Ethics Code) Ord Code, to Require Posting of Public Record Emails & Disclosure of Certain Public Record Text Messages; Repealing Sec. 602.1213 (Penalty Provisions), Chap 602 (Jax Ethics Code) Ord Code, to Delete the Penalties Provision):

1.      Rewrites procurement section re: required disclosures

2.      Deletes travel section and replaces with additional language in current travel policy regarding disclosure of travel paid by a third party

3.      Removes proposed changes to the penalty language






(ORD Transmitting a Proposed Large Scale FLUM Amend to 2030 Comp Plan at 13723 Atlantic Blvd btwn San Pablo Rd North and the Pablo Creek (21.95± Acres) - LDR & CGC to MDR & CSV - Neptune Baptist Church): attaches Revised Exhibit 2 (revised map) to correct a mapping error.






(ORD-Q Rezoning 4750 Soutel Dr (4.21± Acres) btwn Norfolk Blvd and Devonshire Blvd - CN to PUD - Jacksonville Plaza 1, LLC): Per OGC, rezoning approved subject to conditions:

1.      The City’s Transportation Planning Division will review reductions in parking from Part 6 of the Zoning Code prior to issuance of building permits.

2.      Prior to the first final inspection within any phase of development, the owner or their agent shall submit to the Planning and Development Department for its review and approval either (a) an affidavit documenting that all conditions to the development order have been satisfied, or (b) a detailed agreement for the completion of all conditions to the development order.

Attaches Revised Exhibit 3 (revised written description dated November 1, 2018); attaches new Exhibit 5 (Buffer Concept Plan).






(ORD-Q Rezoning at 0 J. Turner Butler Blvd & 0 Bonneval Rd btwn Bonneval Rd and Windsor Falls Dr (9.02± Acres) - PUD to PUD - Atlantis Holdings, LLLP, Et Al & Galleria Pointe Owners Assn, Inc.): Per OGC, rezoning approved subject to condition:

1.      A twenty (20) foot noncomplementary use buffer shall be provided along the east property line, from the Bonneval Road right-of-way to the conservation buffer.

Attaches Revised Exhibit 3 (revised written description dated November 7, 2018)






(ORD-Q Rezoning at 1705, 1711, 1717, and 1725  Cassat  Ave btwn  St. Johns Ave and Cardinal Blvd (0.63± of an Acre) - CCG-1 to PUD): Per OGC, attaches Revised Exhibit 3 (revised written description dated July 31, 2018).






(ORD-Q Apv Waiver of Minimum Rd Frontage Appl WRF-18-16 at  520 Oscar Road Btwn Brandy Branch Rd and Limann Rd, by Adam Beccue and Kristen Beccue from 35' to 0' in AGR Dist.): Per OGC, waiver approved subject to conditions:

1.      The applicant shall provide a visible address for the Subject Property along Oscar Road.

2.      The applicant shall work with the Planning and Development Department’s Addressing Section to determine an appropriate address and sign posting suitable for emergency services.






(ORD-MC Estab Alta Lakes Community Dev District; Describing External Boundaries of  "Alta Lakes CDD"; Naming Alta Lakes CDD; Naming Initial Dist  Bd. of Supervisors; Amend Chapt 92 (Uniform Dev Districts), Ord Code, Sec 92.22  (Existing Community Dev Districts), to Include Alta Lakes CDD): Places an Amended and Restated Petition to Establish Alta Lakes CDD On File to:

1.  Clear up an inconsistency between Exhibit 7 and Exhibit 8

2.  Include an updated JEA availability letter






(ORD re License Agreement bet City & I3-Jax, Inc d/b/a Friends of Hemming Park (FOHP) for Operation & Mgmt of Hemming Park;  Oversight by Dept of Parks, Recreation and Community Services):

1. Correct 13-JAX, i3-JAX, INC.

2.Revise term of agreement to end 9/30/19 and become month-to-month thereafter

3. Place a revised license agreement On File to:

- Correct 13-JAX, i3-JAX, INC.

- Correct addresses for City and FOHP in introductory paragraph

- Add license fee of $1per term

- Revise term to end 9/30/19 and become month-to-month thereafter in order to run concurrently with management

- Correct FOHP’s mailing address in Section 9






(ORD Approp $333,913.90 (A Grant of $148,000.00 from FDOT & Transfer of $185,913.90 In previously approp funds from Bay St  Improvements - DIA Proj) to provide funding for Ocean and By St Drainage Improvements; Execute Construction Reimbursement Agreemt with FDOT; Amend Ord 2018-505-E to Transfer Funding from Proj Entitled "Bay St Improvements - DIA" and Provide funding for the Proj entitled "Ocean & Bay St. Drainage Improvements. Designate Oversight by Engineering & Construction Management Div of the Dept of Public Works):

1. Correct fiscal year in Section 1 of bill

2. Correct appropriation amount to $333,913.90 in Section 2 of bill

3. Pg. 2, line 14: strike “CEI” and insert “construction engineering and inspection”

4. Attach Revised Exhibit 1 (revised BT)

5. Attach Revised Exhibit 3 (revised CIP project sheets)






(ORD Auth an Agreemt with JTA Regarding Southwest Corridor Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) improvements; to request and authorize Public Works Dept and OGC to take necessary action to create, amend and/or modify applicable permit(s) to be issued and approved by Public Works Dept.):



1. Corrects scrivener’s error on page 2 of bill

2. Revises permitting department from Public Works to Planning and Development

3. Attaches revised Exhibit 2 to correct permitting department from Public Works to Planning and Development in cooperative agreement



TEU amendment, plus adds:

4. Require that JTA’s busway work must be consistent with the City’s adopted plans and CIP projects relating to the Park Street road diet






(RESO Conf Appt of Carol Worsham to Downtown Investment Authority Bd, as an Architect, Replacing Brenna M. Durden, for 1st Full Term exp 6/30/2022):

1. Changes appointment category from Architect to Urban Planner

2. Correct Ordinance Code reference






(RESO Auth Economic Dev Agreemt with Project Buckeye supporting the Creation of the Company's Operations in Jax; Recommend Apv by Fla Dept of Economic Opportunity as a QTI Business pursuant to Secs 288.106-108, F.S.; Evidence City Local Financial Support of $12,600 under the QTI Tax Refund Prog payable over multiple yrs per guidelines set by State Dept of Economic Opportunity, with State Match of $50,400 for total of $ 63,000 for 21 jobs; Auth Recapture Enhanced Value (REV) Grant of $626,000; Designate Oversight by Office of Economic Dev; Timeline for Execution of Agreemt by the Company; Affirming Proj's Compliance with Public Investmt Policy; Request 2-Reading Passage): Attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised project summary) to correct the number of years for the QTI payout from 5 to 6 years.






(RESO Commemorating Lana Taylor in her pursuit to be a Major Motion Picture Director):

Changes “commemorating” to “commending”





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