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(ORD Auth Grant of Easemt with Southbank Apartment Ventures, LLC (Grantor) for Easemts on the Southbank to the City to Expand Existing Riverwalk from 8' to 20' & Provide a Pedestrian Pathway Connecting the Riverwalk to Prudential Dr; Designate Oversight by Parks, Rec & Community Svcs Dept; Request 1-Cycle Emerg Apv):



1. Removes emergency language

2. Revises description of path within easement in Section 2 due to changed legal description

3. Attaches Exhibit 1 to include a signed DIA Resolution

4. Place a Revised Grant of Easement On File to:

  a.) Revise description of path within easement due to changed legal description

  b.) Revise construction commencement date to Sept. 1, 2020

  c.) Include revised Exhibits



NCSPHS amendment, except

Revises 2. above to insert additional provisions regarding the width and placement of the walkway and landscaping within the easement, and

Places Second Revised document On File to reflect additional specificity regarding walkway location within the easement.






(ORD-Q Rezoning 4175 Empower Court btwn Hartley Rd and Nakema Drive South from PUD (Ord 2011-701-E) to PUD): Per OGC, approves the rezoning subject to conditions:

(1) The developer shall install an eight (8) foot tall vinyl fence along the entire length of the north property line

(2) Along the north property line, the following landscape conditions shall apply (a) The developer shall retain as many existing trees as possible; (b) The developer shall plant at least twenty-eight (28) oak trees, which are between ten (10) feet and fifteen (15) feet tall at the time of planting; (c) The newly planted oak trees shall be placed as close together as possible while still maintaining the health of the tree and its roots

(3) In the appropriate binding documents, the developer shall require that the Homeowners’ Association maintain the fence along the north property line, and shall maintain all landscaping along the north property line, both in perpetuity

(4) Prior to the first final inspection within any phase of development, the owner or their agent shall submit to the Planning and Development Department for its review and approval either (a) an affidavit documenting that all conditions to the development order have been satisfied, or (b) a detailed agreement for the completion of all conditions to the development order.






(ORD-MC re use of Tree Mitigation Trust Fund; Amend Chapt 111 (Spec Revenue & Trust Accts), Pt 7 (Environment & Conservation), Sec 111.760 (Tree Protection & Related Expenses Trust Fund), Ord Code to prohibit use of MEDJOOL Date Palms for New Plantings by the City):

1.      Adds an exception to allow Trust Fund funding for planting of date palm trees in a defined area close to the Atlantic Ocean.

2.      Attaches an Exhibit 2 - Date Palm Boundary Map allowing the trees east of Penman Road, Florida Boulevard and Mayport Road/A1A north of Beach Boulevard and east of 3rd Street/A1A south of Beach Boulevard

3.      Corrects scrivener’s errors

4.      Corrects palm tree reference from “Medjool Date Palm” to “True Date Palm”.






(ORD Adopt Small Scale FLUM Amend to 2030 Comp Plan at San Jose Blvd btwn Loretto Rd and Marbon Rd from RPI to BP): Per OGC, attaches Revised Exhibit 2 (map) to correct a scrivener’s error.






(ORD-Q Rezoning San Jose Blvd btwn Loretto Rd and Marbon Rd from CRO to PUD): Per OGC, attaches Revised Exhibit 3 (Written Description dated September 27, 2018) and Revised Exhibit 4 (Site Plan dated September 27, 2018).






(ORD-Q Rezoning 6046 Wesconnett Blvd and 6021 Blanding Blvd btwn Anderson Rd and Wesconnett Blvd from RMD-A to CCG-1): Per OGC, changes the requested Zoning District from CCG-1 to CN and attaches Revised Exhibit 2 (map) to change requested Zoning District to CN.






(ORD-Q Rezoning at 2152 Mayport Rd and 2156 Mayport Rd btwn Brazeale Ln and Fairway Villas Dr from RMD-MH and CCG-2 to PUD): Per OGC, rezoning approved subject to a condition; adds one condition: (a) Any new multi-family residential development on the Subject Property shall not exceed thirty-five (35) feet in height.






(ORD Declaring Propty Surplus (R.E. Numbers 054641-0000, 054647-0000, 054648-0000, 054649-0000 and 054650-0000) , Propty on Davis St North btwn 4th St West and 3rd St West; Providing Sale of surplus propty; Waiving provisions of Sec 122.423 (Appraisal at or Below $25,000), Chapt 122 (Public Propty), Ord Code to allow direct sale of parcels to St. Stephen's African Methodist Episcopal Church, Inc.):

1. Corrects waiver to waive Section 122.424 since the aggregate value is above $25,000 and this will allow for a direct sale

2. Corrects scrivener errors






(ORD Auth Execution of a (1) Redev Agreemt bet City, DIA & ACE JAX, LLC; (2) Quitclaim deed conveying a city-owned parcel of land to the Developer at the cost of $1.00; (3) Loan Documents and related agreements to Support Renovation of Jones Furniture Bldg located at 520 N. Hogan St):



1.      Clarifies in the bill that the $750,000 Loan is from the Northbank CRA Trust Fund

2.      Include the 2018 assessed value amount of $122,272 for the city-owned parcel in the bill

3.      Include the DIA as one of the Oversight Departments

4.      Place a Revised Agreement On File to:

a)      Strike the “parking use restriction” from Section 5.3(e)(i)

b)      Change all references to Downtown Economic Development Fund to Northbank CRA Trust Fund

c)      Strike Section 8.6(e) since it refers to a parking garage and garage leases and is not needed

d)      In Section 11.3(b) strike reference to Loan

e)      Include reverter provision for the City parcel based on commencement of construction and update Exhibit C (Quitclaim Deed)

f)       Correct scrivener’s errors

g)      Correct exhibit references



NCSPHS amendment, plus adds

h)      Add provision requiring developer to provide an appraisal of the Project Parcel acceptable to the DIA, and at the time of disbursement of the Loan the combined value of all liens on the Project Parcel shall not exceed 85% of the then-current appraised value of the Parcel.






(RESO Conf Appt of James Brent Allen to the Downtown Development Review Board, Replacing Rafael E. Caldera, as a Downtown Property Owner Rep for First Full Term to expire 6/30/20): changes appointee’s category from “downtown property owner” to “full-time employee at a business or professional office located within the downtown area”.






(ORD Approp $1,334,240.49  from "Countywide Intersec Imp/ Bridges  Proj to the "Lakeside Dr Bridge Replacemt" Proj to replace Lakeside Drive Bridge; Amend Ord 2018-505-E (CIP) to Reduce Funding for Proj Countywide Intersection IMP, BRGE-Bridges" and Provide Funding for Proj "Lakeside Dr Bridge Replacemt):

1. Pg. 1, line 30: strikes “reappropriation” and insert “transfer”

2. Pg. 2, line 4: inserts “of the BT” after “section”

3. Attaches Revised Exhibit 2 to correct CIP sheets






(ORD Apv & Auth CEO of DIA to Execute a 1st Amend to Redev Agreemt with Southbank Apt Ventures, LLC, to (1) Reduce Scope of Proj from 300 units to approx 185 units and reduce minimum required capital investment from $44,000,000 to 37,000,000; (2) Extend perf schedules by approx 20 months for company to obtain fee simple title to proj parcel, obtain a bldg permit for and commence vertical constrn of proj; and (3) Extend start date of the Rev Grant to compy with the Revised perf schedule and extend the term of the Rev Grant from 15 to 20 yrs; and reduce max amt of the Rev Grant from $7,880,000 to 7,810,000; Designate Oversight by DIA):

1.  Pg. 1, line 26 includes dollar sign

2.  Pg. 4, line 3 corrects formatting

3.  Attaches Revised Exhibit 1 to:

   a.) Correct number of units in Section 1.1 from 180 to 185

   b.) Correct vertical construction commencement date to Sept. 1, 2020 from Sept. 1, 2021

   c.) Correct Real Estate number on Exhibit A-1

4. Attaches Revised Exhibit 2 to attach signed DIA Resolution






(RESO Auth Economic Dev Agreemt with Project Glass supporting the Expansion of the Company's Operations in Jax):

1.      Pg. 2, line 9 references correct name of Project Glass

2.      Clarify in the bill that the Company does not currently have a presence in Jacksonville






(RESO Auth Economic Dev Agreemt with Project Empire supporting the Expansion of the Company's Operations in Jax):

1.      Clarifies in the bill that the Company does not currently have a presence in Jacksonville

2.      Attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (Revised Project Summary) to clarify that the jobs requirement of the PIP is also being waived






Amendment and rerefer

(ORD Estab six-month Temporary Moratorium on the Issuance of Certificates of Occupancy and other Approvals for Adult Arcades): revises “Certificate of Occupancy” to “Certificate of Use”





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