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(Creating New Chapt 261 (Sale of Tires), Ord Code, to Require Storage of Tires for Sale to be Inside a Structure & Not visible from the Street or Adjacent Proptys):

On page 6, line 30, after “line” insert “, but may be closer to the property line if screening from adjacent properties”; corrects several scrivener and paragraph numbering errors.






(Rezoning 2514 Myrtle Ave N. from CRO to CCG-1): Per OGC, approves a rezoning to PUD instead of CCG-1.






(Small Scale FLUM Amend to 2030 Comp Plan - 9115 Hare Ave. from MDR to CGC): Per OGC, approves a land use change to RPI instead of CGC; attaches Revised Exhibit 2 (revised map).






(Rezoning - 9115 Hare Ave from RMD-A to CCG-2): Per OGC, approves a rezoning to PUD rather than CCG-2, subject to conditions:

1.      It is the intent that the existing residential structure remain and be utilized as an office.

2.      In the event that through casualty or deterioration the building is no longer occupiable or habitable, then the building may be demolished, in whole or in part, and another structure of residential character, limited to the location, size, massing and scale of the existing structure, may be constructed.

3.      The sign shall be limited to the size of one (1) square foot.

4.      Residential use shall be allowed as a permitted use.






(Amend Sec 656.133, Ord Code to provide a Waiver Process for Minimum Distance Requirements for Medical Marijuana Dispensing Facilities):

1.      Amends Sec. 656.311 A.(III)(d)(15) to remove the retail sale of drugs as a permissible use by exception in the Commercial, Residential, and Office (CRO) District.

2.      The location of a Medical Marijuana Dispensing Facility shall be allowed in any limited to only those zoning districts that a pharmacy licensed under Chapter 465, Florida Statutes, is allowed to be located.

3.      Adds language to expressly limit the effect of an approval to operate an MMTC in the city to only medical marijuana.

4.      Removes “Medical Marijuana Dispensing Facilities” from the definition of “Commercial retail sales and service establishments”.

5.      Adds a definition for “Medical Marijuana Treatment Center” in accordance with the definition in Article X, Section 29 of the Florida Constitution.

6.      The words “Medical Marijuana Treatment Center” and “Medical Marijuana Dispensing Facility” are reversed so that “Medical Marijuana Treatment Center Dispensing Facility” is referenced first so the definition follows “Medical Marijuana Treatment Center”.

7.      The addition of “owned and operated by a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center” after “a facility” was added to identify that only state authorized dispensing facilities operated by a MMTC are permitted.

8.      Amends the definition of “Neighborhood retail sales and service” to remove the retail sale of drugs from neighborhood retail sales and services and not include pharmacies and Medical Marijuana Dispensing Facilities in Commercial Neighborhood (CN) districts.

9.      Adds a definition for “Pharmacy” referencing the state statute (Ch. 465) that regulates pharmacies, in accordance with the Medical Marijuana Act.






(Renaming entire Length of New World Ave to "POW-MIA Memorial Parkway):

1. Attaches new Exhibit 2 (meeting minutes of JHPC and 911 Addressing Committee).

2. Includes dates of when the JHPC and 911 Addressing Committee meetings were held.

3. Includes waiver of 745.105(g) since the proposed name includes a hyphen.






(Approp $406,000 from Loblolly Wetlands Mitigation Fund to 14 District Council Members): deducts $90,000.12 from the $406,000 for the Palmetto Leaves Park project commitment and divides the remainder among the 14 districts in equal amounts; attaches a Revised Exhibit 1 (revised BT).






(Direct Removal of Abyssinia Missionary Baptist Church Ministries, Inc., from the Council Auditor's Non-Compliance List and Substitution of Apel Health Svcs on the Non-Compliance List): corrects references to budget ordinance schedule from Second Revised to Third Revised.






(Approp $2,150,000 from Gen Fund/Gen Svcs Dist (w/addn'l $2,750,000 to be Approp as Part of FY 18/19 Budget) to pay for Settlemt of Pending Litigation - Jax Brotherhood of Firefighters, "The National Assn for the Advancement of Colored People, Jax Branch, v. Consolidated City of Jax Assn of Fire Fighters, Local 122, IAFF):

1. Attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised BT) to correct carryover language.

2. Includes language within the legislation referencing the requirement in the settlement agreement for the City to create up to 40 promotion positions (which will be created from current positions that will be reclassified; the employee cap will not increase).






(Approp. $274,644 from Duval County Job Opportunity Bank to Kids Hope Alliance To fund Mayor's Youth Pathways Academy):

1.      Attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised BT)

2.      Attaches new Exhibit 3 (position reclassification) to add one full time position and remove part-time hours

3. Pg. 2, line 23 add “with” after “consistent”






(Adopting Recommended Findings & Conclusions for the Duval County Propty Appraiser's FY 2018-2019 Budget): attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised budget) to

1. Increase 01503-Leave Rollback/Sellback from $0 to $23,695

2. Increase 02102-Medicare Tax from $83,204 to $83,548

3. Decrease 02201-GEPP DB Pension Contribution from $376,931 to $340,129

4. Increase 02201B- GEPP DB Pension Unfunded Liability from $880,262 to $940,527






(Approp. $31,232.60 from Tree Protection and Related Expenses Trust Fund for a tree planting plan in Avondale):

1. Pg. 2, line 4: capitalize “avenue”

2. Pg. 2, line 7: strike “remove” and insert “removed”

3. Attach Revised Exhibit 1 (revised BT)






(Making Recommendation to North Florida Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) of the Council Prioritized Projs List for the 2018-2019 FY): Attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised project list) to correct Council Districts and Mobility Zones.






(Requesting Atty General Opinion on the Ability of City of Jacksonville to Regulate the Sale of Nicotine Products & Nicotine Dispensing Devices): attaches new Exhibit 1 (Office of General Counsel legal opinion).






(Auth Economic Dev Agreemt with Grace Aerospace, LLC):

1.      Correct effective date of average wage in the State within the bill.

2.      Include whereas clause to explain wage requirement waiver allowed by the State.

3.      Attach Revised Exhibit 1 (Project Summary) to update ROI

4.      Place revised agreement On File to:

-       Include additional language concerning the reduced wage requirement in Section 4.2

-       In Section 7.2(b) correct date and update language concerning the reduced wage requirement





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