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(Adopt Small Scale FLUM Amend to 2030 Comp Plan 5100 & 5110 Heckscher Dr & an Adjacent Propty on Heckscher Dr (1.63± Acre) - LDR to WD/WR): Per OGC, denies the land use amendment; corrects a scrivener’s error.






(Rezoning 5100 & 5110 Heckscher Dr & a Propty on E/S of 5118 Heckscher Dr from RLD-100A to IW): Per OGC, denies the rezoning; corrects a scrivener’s error.





Substitute and rerefer

(Repealing Sec 123.102 (Fees Established), Ord Code, & Creating New Sec 123.102 (Fees Established)): includes fees from throughout the Ordinance Code not captured in the original bill.






(Rezoning 14411 Yellow Bluff Rd from RR-Acre to PUD):  


LUZ: Per OGC, rezoning approved subject to conditions:

  1. The minimum lot area shall be 7,200 square feet.
  2. The Travel lane shall be twenty-four feet in width.
  3. There shall be lots of a minimum size of 70 foot width along the southern boundary of the Subject Property.
  4. The landscape buffer along the rights-of-way shall contain an 85% opaque buffer of native, evergreen vegetation at a height of 5 feet at the time of planting that will reach an average height of 10 feet within 5 years.  The opacity must be achieved within the 10 feet closest to the fence.  The vegetation shall be maintained and preserved in a healthy condition, and should it die shall be immediately replaced.  The buffer shall contain a shade tree, other than grouped palm trees, an average of every 25 feet on center.  If a shade tree of 3” d.b.h. or greater exists in the area, then that tree may be used in the place of a new tree.  The existing shade trees shall be retained where possible and new trees will only be required where there is not a shade tree of at least 3” d.b.h. or greater within a 40 linear foot distance.
  5. The 20 foot and 50 foot buffers shall be indicated on the plat as well as the Covenants and Restrictions for the HOA, as shown on Exhibit 4, Site Plan.  This will include the reservation of the 10 foot proposed right-of-way to be conveyed to the City at no cost for the future widening of Yellow Bluff Road.
  6. The 50’ and 20’ buffers shall be platted as a separate tract owned by the HOA.


Floor (Boyer): LUZ amendment, with a revised condition #4:

4.         Buffers along Starratt Road and Yellow Bluff Road.

(a)  The twenty foot (20’) buffer along Starratt Road and the  fifty foot (50’) buffer along Yellow Bluff Road shall contain both a six foot (6’) height fence or wall, and landscaping. 

(b)  The fence or wall shall be constructed on the interior line of the buffer, which will be the property line of the adjacent Lots.   

(c)  On the right-of-way side of the fence or wall, within ten feet (10’) of the fence or wall, the developer shall provide and maintain an 85% opaque landscape buffer (the “Planting Area”).  The Planting Area shall be maintained in a healthy condition in perpetuity by the developer, or the Home Owners Association (“HOA”) when the HOA receives the buffers.   If any plant material shall die, said planting shall immediately be replaced.

(d)  The plant material in the Planting Area shall be: 

(i)  native;

(ii)  evergreen;

(iii)  five feet ( 5’) in height at the time of planting; and

(iv)  must reach an opacity of eight-five percent (85%), and a height of ten feet (10’), within five (5) years of planting. 

(e)  The Planting Areas shall contain a shade tree, other than grouped palm trees, an average of every twenty-five feet on center within the Planting Area.  If a shade tree of three inches (3”) diameter breast height (“d.b.h.”) or greater exists in the Planting Area, then that tree may be used in the place of a new tree.

(f)  Any existing shade trees shall be retained where possible and new trees will only be required where there is not a shade tree of at least three (3”) d.b.h or greater within a forty (40) linear foot distance along the Planting Area.






Rezoning 7780 118th St from RR-Acre to RLD-50): Per OGC, approves rezoning to RLD-60.






(Rezoning 5440 Collins Rd from RMD-A to PUD): Per OGC, approves the rezoning subject to conditions:

1.         The site shall comply with Sections 656.1214, 656.1215(b) and 656.1216 of the Zoning Code.

2.         Prior to the first final inspection within any phase of development, the owner or their agent shall submit to the Planning and Development Department for its review and approval either a) an affidavit documenting that all conditions of the development order have been satisfied, or b) a detailed agreement for the completion of all conditions of the development order.

3.         Remove #9 of permitted uses in the PUD.






(Approp $150,000 to fund Interior Improvemts to 1st floor of St James Bldg to provide Food & Beverage Svcs): clarifies title and explanation of appropriation on the amount of funds coming from each Subfund; strikes “additional” from pg. 1, line 14 and pg. 2, line 11; attaches Revised Exhibit 2 (revised CIP Sheet).






(Auth Agreemt with Perimeter Realty, Inc for Naming Rights of 9A/Baymeadows Regional Park & rename Park to "Fort Family Regional Park at Baymeadows):


NCSPHS: attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised agreement) to include a date certain on when to receive contributions and to add termination and default provisions.


Finance: NCSPHS amendment, plus adds a provision that funds will be expended in accordance with the guidelines of the Parks Partnership Trust.








(Amend FY17-18 Budget to revise DIA Budget to Approp Addnl $798,663 to "Riverplace Blvd/Museum Cir to Prudential Dr: Proj):

1. Pg. 1, line 14: delete “revenue” and insert “expenditures”

2. Attach Revised Exhibit 2 (revised budget) to correct FY 17/18 schedules and remove prior year schedules

3. Attach BT as Exhibit 3

4. Correct appropriation reference from Exhibit 2 to Exhibit 3

5. Correct “transferred” to “appropriated” in explanation of appropriation

6. Reduce the appropriation amount from the Southbank Parking Subfund by $156,000






(Amend Reso 2018-102-A to Increase the number of Appointees to the Task Force on Civil Rights History to 28): attaches an Exhibit 1 (second revised task force charge memo) to correct several scriveners’ errors.





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