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from 12/12/17)


(Rezoning 901 Main St N (1.52± Acres) - CCG-2 to PUD): Per OGC, rezoning approved subject to conditions:

(1)        Additional dwelling units over the 82 units in Phase 1 shall require one off street parking space for each dwelling unit.

(2)        Hospitals shall not be a permitted use.

(3)        Non-residential uses shall be limited to the first floor.

(4)        No building permits will be issued for the development of the property described in Exhibit 1 (the “Property”) until the Property is:  (1) deemed in compliance with Florida Department of Environmental Protection soil and groundwater cleanup target levels; (2) subject to an approved Florida Department of Environmental Protection Brownfields Site Rehabilitation Agreement; (3) subject to an Florida Department of Environmental Protection approved Remedial Action Plan and schedule warranted by Developer; (4) subject to a Site Remediation Completion Order issued by Florida Department of Environmental Protection; or (5) remediated by the Developer providing a balance between the need for protection of public health and welfare and the environment pursuant to a plan approved by Florida Department of Environmental Protection. 

(5)        Prior to the first final inspection within any phase of development, the owner or their agent shall submit to the Planning and Development Department for its review and approval either (a) an affidavit documenting that all conditions to the development order have been satisfied, or (b) a  detailed agreement for the completion of all conditions to the development order.

(6)        Portions of a building or structure such as: awnings, balconies, structural elements, marquees, overhangs and cantilevered shelters, may extend under, over or into the public right-of-way, subject to the approval of the Director of the Public Works Department  and Florida Department of Transportation and may be allowed subject to compliance with the following: (i) the minimum vertical clearance between the established grade of the public right-of-way and the underside of the encroaching structure maintains the pedestrian streetscape; (ii) Supporting columns will be permitted within the sidewalk area when the grade level floor of the structure is set back a distance equal to or greater than the sidewalk area lost to the supporting columns; and (iii) structures built over the public right-of-way do not interfere with any element of the streetscape including, but not limited to, lighting, landscaping, and pedestrian circulation.

(7)        There shall be at least one pedestrian entrance door on each building elevation facing a street. The main entrance to a building shall face the street and not a parking lot or motor court drop-off area. If interior-block parking exists, there may be secondary entrances from the parking lot, or mid-block pedestrian passages from the parking lot to the street.

(8)        All rooftop mechanical equipment shall be screened from view through the use of architectural enclosures designed as an integral part of the building architecture. To present an attractive roofscape, special consideration shall be given to the design treatment of all roof components, including terraces, and shall take into consideration the architecture of adjacent buildings and their rooftops.

(9)        For the facades along State Street and Main Street:

a)         No more than 50 percent of the linear frontage of each facade may be used for parking. 

b)         The percentages in this condition are subject to review and approval by Planning and Development Department.  This condition may be modified by the Planning and Development Department only if it meets all of the following criteria:

1.         Up to 70 percent of one façade may be parking so long as the other façade has an equal decrease in percentage.  For example, if State Street is increased to 60% parking, then Main Street must be decreased to a maximum of 40% parking.

2.         The remaining percentage of the facades shall be either residential, retail or office exhibiting the required percentage of transparency as stated herein.

c)         For retail and office uses, at least 50 percent of each building façade linear footage associated with that use shall be transparent between the height of two feet and ten feet above the sidewalk grade.  

d)         For residential uses, at least 20 percent of each building façade linear footage associated with that use shall be transparent between the height of two feet and ten feet above the sidewalk grade.

e)         Transparency may be provided by physical elements that can be seen through such as windows, doors, fences, grilles, landscaping, artwork, and other openings.

f)         Parking does not count towards transparency calculations.

(10)      All signage shall comply with the design criteria and restrictions set forth in Section 656.1333 of the Zoning Code.

(11)      In the event that more than 100 dwelling units are constructed on site, Developer may meet the Recreation and Open Space Element of the City’s 2030 Comprehensive Plan Objective 2.2 by either providing 150 square feet of active recreation area per dwelling unit in accordance with policy 2.2.5 or by paying $500 per dwelling unit to the City Parks Department in accordance with policy 2.2.2.  The monetary contribution shall be allocated to the closest park to the development.

(12)      No satellite dish attachments, clotheslines, clothes drying racks, clothes, sheets, blankets, towels, rugs or laundry of any kind, or other articles shall be hung out or exposed on any part of the common area, including balconies.  Sheets, plastic, cardboard, plywood and other such materials are prohibited on balconies except for limited temporary use following a casualty to a unit.  No balcony shall be used as a storage area for items such as boxes, storage chests, appliances, or similar articles.  Customary lawn or patio furniture in good condition and reasonably sized, and well-tended plants may be placed on the balcony. However, all items should be placed and secured so as to protect against being blown or pushed off the balcony.”

Attaches Revised Exhibit 3 (revised written description).






(Amend Chapt 656 [Zoning Code], Part 3 [Schedule of Dist Regs], Subpart C [Commercial Use Categories & Zoning Dists], to add “Auto Laundries” to the List of Permissible Uses by Exception in the CN Zoning Dist): Per OGC, adds “meeting the performance criteria set forth in Part 4” to the language inserted into Part 3;  inserts the following criteria for Auto Laundries in CN District into Part 4 - Supplemental Regulations:

(i)         The entrance and exit bay shall be oriented away from any residentially zoned property.

(ii)        A 15-foot wide buffer, which shall include a fence or wall, located at least 5’ inside from the property line as a visual screen and otherwise shall meet Section 656.1216 of the Zoning Code, shall be provided between the property and any residentially zoned property or residential use.

(iii)       The hours of operation shall be limited to 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

(iv)       Exterior lighting shall be the minimum necessary to provide security and safety.

            (1)        Direct lighting sources shall be shielded or recessed so that light does not directly illuminate adjacent properties.

            (2)        Light poles without shielded luminary shall not exceed 15 feet in height.

            (3)        Light poles with shielded luminary shall not exceed 35 feet in height.

            (4)        Proposed lighting site plan showing the estimated illumination levels shall be shown on all plans submitted for site plan review.

            (5)        Maximum contributed illumination at any property line shall be 0.5 foot candles.

(v)        No operation of any motorized equipment on the property, including, but not limited to vacuums, shall emit a noise which exceeds sixty (60) dBA/A-Weighted Sound Level when measured at the property line. dBA/A-Weighted Sound Level means, in decibels, a frequency weighted sound pressure level, determined by the use of the metering characteristics and A-weighted scale specified in the ANSI S1.4-1983, “Specifications for Sound Level Meters” or subsequent revision.

(vi)       If the auto laundry is self-service, then it shall contain a fence or other structure that would insure the hours of operation are met for the car wash and all other equipment.






(Rezoning Propty on NW side Old Middleburg Rd bet Foxdale Dr & Fouraker Rd from RR-Acre to PUD): rezoning approved subject to a condition – no permissible uses by exception.






(Amend Chapt 120, Corrections Officers' Retirement Plan & Chapt 121, Police & Firefighters Pension Fund Administration regarding Pensioner's Rights upon Reemploymt by City): revises position title from “inmate work crew supervisor” to “Community Projects inmates work crew supervisor”.






(Approp $15,000 to fund Admin Costs & Maint for "Winton Drive Park - Art in Public Places" Proj.): corrects source of funding to reflect the full $15,000 coming from Council Operating Contingency; attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised BT); corrects numbering error.






(Auth Constrn & Maint Agreemt with FDOT for "A1A Drainage Improvemts" Proj in Neptune Beach for Drainage System along Penman Rd): corrects scrivener’s errors.






(Effectuating Conversion of 64,502 Sq Ft of "General Office" Phase I Dev Rights within the Southside Component of the Consolidated Downtown DRI to 155 Multi-Family Units): attaches Revised Exhibit 1 (revised DIA resolution) to include a map.





















(Auth Assignmt, Assumption, Modification & Subordination of a Home Investmt Partnership Prog Loan & a State Housing Initiative Partnership Loan among the City, Community Connections of Jacksonville, Inc, & Cathedral District-Jax, Inc):


NCSPHS: strikes and replaces the entire bill with revised language reflecting changes made pursuant to the committee’s discussion and the Council Auditor’s concerns and recommendations. Approves subordination of the City’s interests in the HOME mortgage and SHIP loan subject to the terms and conditions contained in Exhibits 1 and 2; conditions the subordinations upon receipt of fully executed assignment, assumption and loan modification documents; requires a 10-year land use restriction agreement providing that 15% of development units must be rented or held available for rental at 80% of the “area median income”; requires City pre-approval of any subsequent property transferee from Cathedral District-Jax; changes one reading emergency approval language to emergency approval on second reading.


Finance: NCSPHS amended version, plus adds a provision requiring Cathedral District-Jax to obtain prior approval from City Council before transferring the property to a non-profit entity or other entity exempt from payment of real property taxes (except for an affiliated entity owned and controlled by Cathedral District-Jax).






(Amend 2015-340-E to Revise Policy for Expenditure of Funds Deposited in the Foreclosed Propty Registry to allow use for Gap Funding for new Constrn Projs; Provide Retroactive Applicability): changes emergency language from emergency upon introduction to one cycle emergency.














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