Finance Committee Agenda Meeting Minutes

 December 4, 2018

9:00 a.m.


Topic: Finance Committee agenda meeting


Location: City Council Chamber, 1st floor, City Hall – St. James Building, 117 West Duval Street


In attendance: Council Members Greg Anderson (Chair), Reggie Gaffney, Bill Gulliford, Joyce Morgan, Lori Boyer, Jim Love

Excused: Council Member Sam Newby


Also: Council Member Randy White; Kyle Billy, Kim Taylor and Heather Reber – Council Auditor’s Office; Peggy Sidman and Shannon Eller – Office of General Counsel; Jeff Clements – Council Research Division; Adri Maguire Segui and Ladayija Nichols – Legislative Services Division; Sam Mousa, Brian Hughes, Leeann Krieg and Jordan Elsbury – Mayor’s Office; Angela Moyer – Finance and Administration Department; Randy Wyse – Jacksonville Association of Firefighters; Steve Zona – Fraternal Order of Police; John Pappas – Public Works Department; Diane Moser – Employee Services Department; Kurt Wilson – Fire and Rescue Department; Bill Clement – Sheriff’s Office; Kirk Wendland – Office of Economic Development; Robert Phillips – Supervisor of Elections Office


Meeting Convened: 9:04 a.m.


Chairman Anderson called the meeting to order and reviewed the Auditor’s marked agenda which included 7 items marked for deferral, 30 items ready for action and 8 items for second reading and re-referral. Mr. Anderson said that the agenda is very lengthy today and any items that generate a long discussion will be moved for deferral to keep the agenda moving.


2018-817 will be taken up first on the agenda.


2018-76 ORD-MC Amend Sec 21.07 (Fiscal & Budgetary Functions), Article 21 (JEA), City Charter, to create New Subsec M to Provide & Maintain Water & Sewer Lines in certain Pre-Consolidated Urban Areas: Defer


2018-297 ORD Approp $100,000 from Gen Fund/GSD/Spec Council Rsvs - Sheriff to the Fight Blight Awareness Campaign to raise Public Awareness & Community Education to focus on Litter, Community Pride, Outreach to Deter Littering: Withdraw (rather than defer as marked)


2018-420 ORD-MC Auth All Documents Necessary to Consummate the Installation of the National Memorial for Peace & Justice's Duval County Memorial Monument in Hemming Park to Commemorate the African-American Victims of Lynching in Duval County, FL btwn 1877 & 1950; Create new Chapt. 54 (Peace & Justice Memorial Monument Oversight  Committee),Ord Code; Create New Sec 111.107 (Peace & Justice Memorial Monument Special Revenue Fund), Chapt 111 (Special Revenue &Trust Accts.), Part 1 (Parks, Recreation, Culture & Entertainment), Ord Code, Providing Oversight by Peace & Justice Memorial Monument Committee; provide for codification: Defer


2018-593 RESO Expressing City Council's Opposition to the Sale of JEA at this time: Defer


2018-651 ORD Auth The Dredging and Dredge Material Disposal License Agreemt for Bartram Island and/or Buck Island or Future Upland Spoil Site btwn JPA and City; Providing Oversight by Engineering and Construction Management Div of the Dept of Public Works: Amend/Move


2018-661 ORD Amend the Beach Community Development District's Boundary, to Remove Approx 25.41 Acres from said District; Amend Chapt 92 Sec 92.22 to Memoralize reduction in acreage from previous Amendments and Current Amendment; Provide for Severability: Defer


2018-708 ORD Approp $19,774.00 Grant from Federal Grants Trust Fund/Help America Vote Act (HAVA); Auth Mayor to execute and deliver Memo of Agreemt for Albert Network Monitoring Solution Grant btwn City and State of FL, Dept of State, and Div of Elections; Oversight by Supervisor of Elections: Move


2018-712 ORD-MC regarding Prohibition of the Approval, Grant, or Issuance of Certain Licenses, Permits, Certificates or Zoning Actions to Persons with Unpaid Civil  Penalties or Current Violations of the Ord Code; Amend Chapt 307 (Historic Preservation and Protection), Pt 1 (Gen Provisions), Sec 307.111 (Enforcement; Civil Remedies); Amend Chapt 320 (Gen Provisions), Pt 4 (Permits), Sec 320.402 (Application for Permit); Amend Chapt 518 (Jax Propty Safety and Management Code), Pt 1 (Gen Provisions), Sec 518.103 (Applicability); Creating a new Sec 609.110 (Prohibition of Administrative Action); Amend Chapt 650 (Comprehensive Planning for future Development), Pt 4 (Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan), Sec 650.402 (Initiation of Proposal); Amend Chapt 654 (Code of Subdivision Regs), Sec 654.105 (Applicability); Amend Chapt 656 (Zoning Code), Pt 1 (Gen Provisions), Subpart B (Administration), Sec 656.109 (Administration and Enforcement; Interpretation of Zoning Code; Administrative Deviations), and Sec 656.111 (Violations and Penalties); Amend Chapt 780 (Property Tax), Pt 3 (Tax Exemption for Rehabilitation and Properties in Historic Districts), Sec 780.305 (Application): Defer


2018-747 ORD-MC Amend Sec 21.07 (Fiscal & Budgetary Functions), Article 21 (JEA), City Charter, relating to JEA's Annual Contribution Payment; Apv Amend to Interagency Agreemt with JEA; Providing for Construction: Defer


2018-755 Ord Approp $2,563,209.00 to 1) Fund from Collective Bargaining Re-Opener Contingency to the JSO's Budget to cover Proposed Changes to the FOP Collective Bargaining Agreemts & 2) Fund within JFRD to Cover Proposed Changes to Internatl Assn of Firefighters Collective Bargaining Agreemts; Requiring Apv of 2/3 vote of all Council Members Present; Pursuant to Sec. 106.215 (B), Ord Code: Amend/Move


Mike Weinstein speaking for the labor unions will describe 2018-756 and -757, followed by comments from the Council Auditor and by the union representatives.


2018-756 Ord Apv the Proposed 10/1/17 - 9/30/20 Collective Bargaining Agreemts bet City & Internatl Assn of Firefighters (IAFF), Representing Approx 1,200 members: Move


2018-757 Ord Apv the Proposed 10/1/17 - 9/30/20 Collective Bargaining Agreemts bet City & Fraternal Order of Police (FOP), Representing Approx. 2,500 members: Move


2018-766 Ord re a partial Ad Valorem Property Tax Exemption for Rehab of a Contributing Structure in the Springfield Historic Dist at 1735 North Main St., Owned by John Crispens; Providing for Exemption from that Portion of Ad Valorem Taxation Levied by the City on 100% of the increase in Assessed Value resulting from Qualifying Improvement Proj, Pursuant to Sec. 780.303.,Ord Code; Providing for an Exemption Period of ten (10)Years from January 1, of the year following the year in which the Council enacts this Ordinance, Pursuant to Sec 780.304, Ord Code: Move


2018-767 Ord re a partial Ad Valorem Property Tax Exemption for Rehab of a Contributing Structure in the Riverside Avondale Historic Dist at 2540-2548 Oak Street, Owned by Shad Land, LLC; Providing for Exemption from that Portion of Ad Valorem Taxation Levied by the City on 100% of the increase in Assessed Value resulting from Qualifying Improvement Proj, Pursuant to Sec. 780.303., Ord Code; Providing for an Exemption Period of ten (10)Years from January 1, of the year following the year in which the Council enacts this Ordinance, Pursuant to Sec 780.304, Ord Code: Move


2018-768 Ord re a partial Ad Valorem Property Tax Exemption for Rehab of a Historic Landmark Site Designated by Ord Code 2003-504-E at 20 West Adams St., Owned by Phoenix Adams Rising, LLC., Providing for Exemption from that Portion of Ad Valorem Taxation Levied by the City on 100% of the increase in Assessed Value resulting from Qualifying Improvement Proj, Pursuant to Sec. 780.303, Ord Code; Providing for an Exemption Period of ten (10)Years from January 1, of the year following the year in which the Council enacts this Ordinance, Pursuant to Sec 780.304, Ord Code: Chairman Anderson said that will defer the bill unless he has several questions answered before the meeting


2018-772 ORD Approp in Accordance with Sec 932.7055, F.S.; $15,000.00 from Special Law Enforcement Trust Fund to provide Continuation Funding for Operation Homeward Bound: Move


2018-775 ORD Approp $300,000.00 from Tree Protection & Related Expenses Trust Fund, Sub Fund 15F, for County-Wide Prog to provide tree planting in the Public Rights-of-Way where trees have been removed by the City due to tree condition; (Approp $200,000.00 from Tree Protection & Related Expenses Trust Fund - Subfund 15F) for County-Wide Prog to provide tree planting in Public Rights-of-Way in locations where adjacent property owners have made request through 630-City; Direct Dept of Public Works to administer two projects in accordance with criteria herein provided; Provide Carryover of Funds into Subsequent Fiscal Years: Amend/Move; the bill will be moved to the end of the agenda to accommodate the late arrival of Council Member Crescimbeni


2018-776 Ord Approp $ 50,000.00 from Investmnt Pool Earnings on Fair Share Agreemnt Proj. (PD0034-01-JXSF114PD-361101) to Provide Funding for the Moncrief Rd Diet Study related to the Moncrief Rd Beautification Proj: Move


2018-778 Ord Approp $74,756.76 from Deappropriated Projs Acct to the Cecil Field Heavy Equip Acct to purchase Tractor Equip for the NE FL Equestrian Ctr to be used for Maint of Exterior Grounds & the Equestrian Arena Surface; Waiving any existing Ord.of the City that may be contrary to the use of Approp to Purchase Tractor Equip: Amend/Move


2018-779 ORD Approp $378,041.41 from FL Dept. of Education, with no local match, to Estab the Coach Aaron Feis Guardian Prog. & to cover Expenses for the Pre-Employment Screening & Training of 141 School Guardians who will be Employed by the Duval County School Board; Auth part-time hrs.: Amend/Move


2018-780 ORD Approp $ 200,000.00 Grant from FDOT to provide for FDOT's participation in Proj Development & Environment, Design,Constrn, & Constrn Engineering & Inspection for Roadway Improvemts, including a Greenway Trail & Bridge Replacement, on McCoy's Creek Blvd. from Cherokee St. to Margaret St; Designate Oversight by Engineering & Constrn Mgmt, Div of Public Works: Move. Chairman Anderson said that he would like for Council Member Boyer to make a presentation at the next committee meeting on the overall McCoy’s Creek project.


2018-781 ORD Declaring R.E. # 073232-0000, a 52' by 100' Vacant Residential Parcel on 11th St. West btwn Pearl St. & Silver St to be Surplus to the needs of the City; Auth the City to Dispose of the Subject Parcel Pursuant to Provisions of Sec. 122.423 (Appraisal at or below $25,000), Subpart B (Real Propty Dispositions), Pt 4 (Real Propty), of Chapt 122 (Public Propty), Ord Code: Amend/Move


2018-782 ORD Concerning Continuation Grant; Apv & Auth the Corporation Secretary to Execute & deliver the FIND Proj Agreemt Amendments extending the Agreemts for 1 yr for the following Projs: 1) Charles Reese Fishing Pier Phase 2;  2) Half Moon Island Park & Boat Ramp Phase 2A;  3) Northshore Kayak Launch Phase 2;  &  4) School Board Propty ADA Kayak Launch Phase 1; Designate Oversight by Parks, Recreation & Community Svcs. Dept: Move


2018-783 ORD Approp 1,000,000.00 to provide funding for Community-Based Crime Reduction & Neighborhood Revitalization enabling City to engage in Transformative Neighborhood Projs that will align existing activities in a formal effort to reduce crime, increase mutual trust, and improve community safety; Providing for Oversight by City's Ofc of Grants & Compliance: Amend/Move


2018-784 ORD Declaring Surplus a Tax Reverted Parcel at 12657 Gillspie Ave; Auth Conveyance in accordance with Provisions of Sec 122.424 (Appraisal/Assessed Value over $25,000), Subpart B (Real Property Dispositions), Pt 4 (Real Property), Chapt 122 (Public Property, Ord Code: Move


2018-785 ORD Appropriating $12,500,000.00 from FDOT to provide for FDOT's participation In Proj Dev & Environ, Design, Constrn, & Constrn Engineering & Inspection for Removal & Constrn of Elevated Roadway & Bridge Components & Constn of at Grade Roadway & Intersection Improvemts of the Talleyrand Connector (Hart Expressway/SR 228) from A. Philip Randolph St to Festival Park Ave; Oversight by the Engineering and Constrn Management Div of the City's Dept of Public Works: Move


2018-786 ORD Auth Corp Secretary to enter into Lease Agreemt with TREM Properties, LLP for a Medical Clinic to be used by FL Dept of Health in Duval County, located at 2344 South 3rd St, Jax Bch, Duval County, FL 32250 for a Term of 84 Months at an Average Rental Rate of $12,561.68: Amend/Move


2018-787 ORD Declaring a portion of RE 019634-0110 near Ethel Rd in the Vicinity of the Montgomery Correctional Center  to be surplused to the needs of the city; Auth Conveyance of the Subject Parcel to the Parent Help Center, Inc., a FL Not for Profit Organization, at no cost; Waiving the Provisions of Chap 122 (Public Propty), pt 4 (Real Propty),Ord Code; Providing a Right of Reentry for Failure to Use the Subject Parcel for the Continued Operation of Parent Empowerment & Success Camp Programs for At- Risk Youth & their Families; Designated Oversight by JSO Dept of Corrections: Amend/Move


2018-789 ORD- MC Creating New Sec 122.823 (Limitations on Use of Tangible Personal Propty with Name of Elected Official), Chap 122 (Public Propty), Ord Code, to Provide for a Limitation on Purchase of Office Supplies with Name of Elected Officials & to Provide for a Limitation on Vehicles & Equipmnt Containing Name of Elected Officials; Providing for an Exercise in County Powers: Move; the bill was deferred in the TEU Committee and the Chair would like to keep it on the same cycle with TEU; he will ask for a motion to defer.


2018-790 ORD Approp $2,775,000.00 from Gen Fund/Gen Svcs Dist Fund balance to var Accounts to Fund Community Projs Apvd by Ord 2018-544-E; Invoking the Exception to Sec 106.107 (G), Ord Code to enter into agreemts with entities receiving funds;  Providing for an Amend to the 2019-2023 CIP; Providing Oversight by Office of Grants & Compliance, the Parks, Recreation & Community Service Dept., the Neighborhoods Dept., & the PW Dept: Amend/Move


2018-791 ORD Approp $83,022.50 from Tree Protection & Related Expenses Trust Fund to Include $31,102.50 from Charter Subfund 15N for Planting of 29 Live Oaks, Including a 10% Construction Contingency, & $51,920.00 from Ord Subfund 15F for the Planting of 15 Redbud Trees, 8 Little Gem Magnolia Trees, 13 East Palatka Holly Trees, Including a 10% Cost Contingency, for a Proj known as "Mandarin Road Tree Planting" on Mandarin Rd btwn Silent Creek Ln & Flynn Rd; Directive to Utilize Procurement Code for Selection of Contractor; Designate Public Works to Oversee Proj.: Amend/Move; Council Member Schellenberg wants the bill to move today despite the large increase in the bid price.


2018-792 ORD Approp $139,436.00 from Tree Protection & Related Expenses Trust Fund,  Ord Subfund 15F, for the Planting of 12 Overcup Oaks, 18 Little Gem Magnolia Trees, 30 Live Oaks, 5 Red Maples, 3 Tulip Poplars, 2 Sycamores, 7 East Palatka Hollys, 10 Drake Elms, 19 Crepe Myrtles, 9 Fringetrees, 14 Redbuds, 3 Vitex Chaste Trees & 5 Pride of Houston Yaupon Hollys, including 10 % Cost Contingency, for a Proj known as "Springfield Preservation Tree Planting" in an area bounded by 1st St, Blvd., 9th St. & Spearing St.; Directive to Utilize Procurement Code for Selection of Contractor; Designate Public Works to Oversee Proj: Amend/Move


2018-793 RESO Auth Issuance by Jax Housing Finance Auth of its Homeowner Mortgage Rev Bonds of $50,000,000 for Purchase of Mortgage Loans Originated by Participating Local Lending Institutions to Finance the Purchase or Rehab of New or Existing Owner-Occupied Single Family Residences or Purchasing Securities evidencing Interests in or backed by a Pool of such Mortgage Loans or to Refund Outstanding Bonds Previously Issued for such Purpose; Auth Submission of Request for Private Activity Bond Volume Cap Allocation; Determining Credit not being Pledged: Move


2018-815 ORD Amend Ord 2017-504-E (Budget) to Revise the General Terms & Conditions for a Grant Agreemt btwn the City & the Jacksonville Zoological Society, Inc. ("JZS") to: (1) Auth Reimbursement to JZS for up to 50% of the Costs Related to a Recently Completed JZS CIP on City-Owned Real Property; (2) Waive Chap 126,Ord Code, for Capital Improvemts to be made by JZS Pursuant to the Agreemt; & (3) Revise the Revised Exhibit 8 attached to the Budget Ord; attaching & Incorporating the 2nd revised Exhibit 8 to Budget Ord: Move


2018-816 ORD Auth Purchase & Sale Agreemt btwn the City & 905 Corp., an Affiliate of SADS, Inc. ("Developer"), & to Execute All deeds and closing; take necessary action to Effectuate Said Purpose, for the Conveyance to Developer of Propty in Lavilla (.24 Acre) at 905 W. Forsyth St., to Redevelop into Approx. 5,000 Sq ft of Retail & Restaurant Space & 6-8 Residential Units; Designate Oversight by DIA: Amend/Move


2018-817 ORD Auth Execution of a (1) Redev Agreemt by & among the City of Jax,("City"), Downtown Investment Authority ("DIA"), & 2018 Leila Jax LLC ("Developer"); (2) a Propty Exchange Agreemt, & all Documents relating thereto, btwn City & Developer to Exchange Real Propty as necessary to support Proj; & (3) Related Agreemts as described in Redev Agreemnt, to Support the Constrn by Dev of Approx 15,000 Sq. Ft. Retail Facility on Developer-Owned Propty, a Surface Parking Lot to be owned by the City, & Road Improvmts along Leila St. adjacent to the Project Parcel located in the Brooklyn Area of Downtown Jax in the Northbank Downtown Community Redev Area ("Project"); Waive Provisions of Chap 122, (Public Propty, Pt 4, Real Propty, Subpart C, Community Redev Real Property Dispositions),  Ord Code, to Authorize Sale of City owned Real Propty without Appraisal to Developer at less than fair market value; Auth City Acceptance of Real Propty; Designating DIA as Contract Monitor for Redevelopmnt Agreemt & said Documents; Designate Proj Oversight by  Public Works & DIA: Amend/Move; the bill will be taken up first on the agenda.


2018-828 RESO Auth Economic Dev Agreemt with Project Flamingo supporting the Expansion of the Company's Operations to Jax, FL; Auth Recapture Enhanced (Rev) Grant of $1,425,000; Auth  Approval of Technical Amends by Executive Dir of OED; Designate Oversight by Office of Economic Dev; Timeline for Execution of Agreemt by the Company; Affirming Project's Compliance with Public Investment Policy adopted by ORD 2016-382-E; Request 2-Reading Apv: Deferral requested by the Office of Economic Development.


2018-833 ORD Approp $550,000.00 Grant  from Dept of Justice, Ofc on Violence Against Women to provide funding for The Safety First Project for Supervised Family Visitation for Victims of Domestic Violence: 2nd and rerefer


2018-834 ORD Approp from Nuisance Abatemt Spec Lien Rev Fund $2,447,536.46 ($1,199,292.87 to Neighborhoods - Municipal Code Compliance for Nuisance Abatemt Contractual Svcs & $1,248,243.59 to Public Works Dept to be Split bet Mowing & Landscape - Private Propty ($873,770.52) & Mowing & Maint - Tree Removal ($374,473.08): 2nd and rerefer


2018-835 ORD Approp $15,000.00 from Environmental Protection Bd (EPB) Trust Fund to EPB Operating Account to provide support for the Jax Envirothon, a hands-on competition enhancing student understanding of Natural Resources and Environmental Issues. Oversight by Neighborhoods Dept: 2nd and rerefer


2018-836 ORD Approp $228,545.85 from Environmental Protection Bd (EPB) Trust Fund  ($136,431.00) & FDOT ($92,114.25) to begin Pilot Study to evaluate the application of naturally occurring Microbe Products to wet detention ponds as an alternative nonstructural best management practice; Auth Corp Sec to execute contract with England-Thims and Miller for Pilot Study: 2nd and rerefer


2018-837 ORD Approp $2,050,000.00 from Tourist Dev Council (TDC) Development Acct to provide funding for two addnl CIP Projs in the 2019-2013 Five Yr CIP (1) $850,000 for Constrn of New Downtown Riverfront Visitor Ctr located in the Times Union Center for Performing Arts and (2) $1,200,000 for Constrn of outdoor wall projection venue on Northbank of St. Johns River adjacent to Times Union Ctr; Oversight by Dept of Public Works: 2nd and rerefer


2018-842 ORD Approp $64,000.00 from Fund Balance to Provide funding for an Afterschool Prog to be provided by Jax Arts and Music School, Inc. to 40 students during the 2018-2019 School Yr.: 2nd and rerefer


2018-843 ORD Approp $15,866.13 from Kids Hope Alliance Trust Fund into KHA Trust Fund Authority to provide quality Programming Options for Potential Mini-Grant Awards of up to $5,000.00 for Acceptable Programs related to any of the Kids Hope Alliance Essential Services Categories with a Priority and Emphasis on Programs that address High Poverty and Geographical Areas with High Levels of Violence: 2nd and rerefer


2018-845 ORD Approp $100,000.00 from FDOT to Construct two separate trailheads on each side of the New National Cemetery Access Rd Proj; Amend 2019-2023 Five-Year CIP apv by ORD 2018-505-E to provide funding for Project entitled "Thomas Creek - Ogilvie-Wright Trailheads"; Designate Oversight by Dept of Parks, Recreation and Community Svcs: 2nd and rerefer


The Council Auditor is completing work on the Council’s proposed budget priorities and a bill will be filed in January.


Meeting Adjourned: 9:17 a.m.


Minutes: Jeff Clements, Council Research


              12.4.18   Posted 10:00 a.m.

Tapes:  Finance agenda meeting– LSD