Finance Committee Agenda Meeting Minutes

 November 6, 2018

9:00 a.m.


Topic: Finance Committee agenda meeting


Location: City Council Chamber, 1st floor, City Hall – St. James Building, 117 West Duval Street


In attendance: Council Members Greg Anderson (Chair), Lori Boyer, Jim Love, Bill Gulliford (arr. 9:08)  


Also: Council Member Al Ferraro; Kim Taylor – Council Auditor’s Office; Peggy Sidman and Jason Teal – Office of General Counsel; Jeff Clements – Council Research Division; Adri Segui – Legislative Services Division; Leeann Krieg – Mayor’s Office; Joey Greive – Finance and Administration Department; Kirk Wendland, Ed Randolph  and Joe Whitaker– Office of Economic Development; Beth McCague – Jacksonville Port Authority


Meeting Convened: 9:00 a.m.


Chairman Anderson called the meeting to order and reviewed the Auditor’s marked agenda which included 6 items marked for deferral, 12 items ready for action (1 for withdrawal) and 6 items for second reading and re-referral.


2017-632 ORD-MC Amend Part 4 (Resource Recovery Prog), Chapt 380 (Solid Waste Mgmt), Ord Code, to Update Dept Name & Amend References to Host Fees to be Consistent with new Part 7; Create New Part 7 (Constrn & Demo Debris Collection & Transp Franchises); Amend Part 6 (Nonresidential Solid Waste Collection & Transp Franchises) re Franchise Fees to make Part 6 Intent & Definitions consistent with new Part 7; Amend Sec 609.109 (Applicable Chapter & Parts), Chapt 609 (Code Enforcemt Citations), to Revise Violations of Chapt 380 to Class F Offenses – Withdraw


2018-76 ORD-MC Amend Sec 21.07 (Fiscal & Budgetary Functions), Article 21 (JEA), City Charter, to create New Subsec M to Provide & Maintain Water & Sewer Lines in certain Pre-Consolidated Urban Areas – Defer


2018-142 ORD-MC Amend Sec 21.04 (Powers), Article 21 (JEA), City Charter, to Provide that any Apv by Council to sell 10% or more of JEA must include the Call for a Subsequent Referendum to Apv Terms & Conditions of Sale – Defer


2018-297 ORD Approp $100,000 from Gen Fund/GSD/Spec Council Rsvs - Sheriff to the Fight Blight Awareness Campaign to raise Public Awareness & Community Education to focus on Litter, Community Pride, Outreach to Deter Littering – Defer


2018-420 ORD-MC Auth All Documents Necessary to Consummate the Installation of the National Memorial for Peace & Justice's Duval County Memorial Monument in Hemming Park to Commemorate the African-American Victims of Lynching in Duval County, FL btwn 1877 & 1950; Create new Chapt. 54 (Peace & Justice Memorial Monument Oversight  Committee),Ord Code; Create New Sec 111.107 (Peace & Justice Memorial Monument Special Revenue Fund), Chapt 111 (Special Revenue &Trust Accts.), Part 1 (Parks, Recreation, Culture & Entertainment), Ord Code, Providing Oversight by Peace & Justice Memorial Monument Committee; provide for codification – Defer


2018-569 ORD Concerning FY 17/18 JPA Budget; Amend Ord 2017-504-E (COJ Budget) to Revise the Total Expenses for Maintenance Dredging & JPA Budget Schedule I; Attach 2nd Revised Schedule I – Amend/Move


2018-593 RESO Expressing City Council's Opposition to the Sale of JEA at this time – Amend/Move


2018-647 ORD Auth 3rd Amend to Agreemt for Operation, Mgmt & Maint of Jax Bch Pier & Retail Concession with Dania Pier Management Corp – Defer


2018-651 ORD Auth The  Dredging and Dredge Material Disposal License Agreemt for Bartram Island and/or Buck Island or Future Upland Spoil Site btwn JPA and City; Providing Oversight by Engineering and Construction Management Div of the Dept of Public Works – Defer


2018-660 ORD-MC Estab Alta Lakes Community Dev District; Describing External Boundaries of  "Alta Lakes CDD"; Naming Alta Lakes CDD; Naming Initial Dist  Bd. of Supervisors; Amend Chapt 92 (Uniform Dev Districts), Ord Code, Sec 92.22  (Existing Community Dev Districts), to Include Alta Lakes CDD – Public Meeting/Amend/Move

Kim Taylor said that the agenda was incorrectly marked – there is no need for a Public Meeting as shown.


2018-661 ORD Amend the Beach Community Development District's Boundary, to Remove Approx 25.41 Acres from said District; Amend Chapt 92 Sec 92.22 to Memoralize reduction in acreage from previous Amendments and Current Amendment; Provide for Severability - Public Meeting/Amend/Move

Kim Taylor said that the agenda was incorrectly marked – there is no need for a Public Meeting as shown.


2018-675 ORD re License Agreement bet City & I3-Jax, Inc d/b/a Friends of Hemming Park (FOHP) for Operation & Mgmt of Hemming Park; Oversight by Dept of Parks, Recreation and Community Services – Amend/Move


2018-676 ORD Granting a Non-Residential Solid Waste Collection & Transp Franchise to United Site Services of FL, LLC Pursuant to Chapt 380 (Solid Waste Mgmt), Part 6 (Nonresidential Solid Waste Collection & Transp Franchises), Ord Code;  Designate Oversight by Solid Waste Div, Dept of Public Works – Move


2018-679 ORD Approp $333,913.90 (A Grant of $148,000.00 from FDOT & Transfer of $185,913.90 In previously approp funds from Bay St  Improvements - DIA Proj) to provide funding for Ocean and By St Drainage Improvements; Execute Construction Reimbursement Agreemt with FDOT; Amend Ord 2018-505-E to Transfer Funding from Proj Entitled "Bay St Improvements - DIA" and Provide funding for the Proj entitled "Ocean & Bay St. Drainage Improvements. Designate Oversight by Engineering & Construction Management Div of the Dept of Public Works – Amend/Move


2018-680 ORD Estab six-month Temporary Moratorium on the Issuance of Certificates of Occupancy and other Approvals for Adult Arcades – Move


2018-682 ORD Auth an Agreemt with JTA Regarding Southwest Corridor Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) improvements; to request and authorize Public Works Dept and OGC to take necessary action to create, amend and/or modify applicable permit(s) to be issued and approved by Public Works Dept. – Amend/Move


2018-694 RESO Strongly Opposing Amendment 1 to FL Constitution, which if adopted would create additional inequities in FL's Tax System by granting certain tax breaks to some Taxpayers at the expense of other Taxpayers; Directing Distribution of this Reso; Requesting One Cycle Emerg Passage – Amend/Move

Council Member Schellenberg previously stated that he would have this bill withdrawn if it was not passed by the City Council at last week’s meeting, which did not occur. The bill was recommended for withdrawal in the NCSPHS Committee.


2018-697 RESO Auth Economic Dev Agreemt with Project Buckeye supporting the Creation of the Company's Operations in Jax; Recommend Apv by Fla Dept of Economic Opportunity as a QTI Business pursuant to Secs 288.106-108, F.S.; Evidence City Local Financial Support of $12,600 under the QTI Tax Refund Prog payable over multiple yrs per guidelines set by State Dept of Economic Opportunity, with State Match of $50,400 for total of $ 63,000 for 21 jobs; Auth Recapture Enhanced Value (REV) Grant of $626,000; Designate Oversight by Office of Economic Dev; Timeline for Execution of Agreemt by the Company; Affirming Proj's Compliance with Public Investmt Policy; Request 2-Reading Passage – Amend/Move


2018-706 ORD Approp $88,127.27  in Civil Fines & Penalties Rev from the Litter Trust Fund, with 70% used by JTA to keep Public Bus Stops & Shelters Maintained & Litter Free & 30% to pay Part Time Code Enforcemt Employees for Public R/W Enforcemt & to Conduct Public Awareness & Education Progs to advance Zero-Tolerance for litter; Apv Part Time Hrs – 2nd and rerefer


2018-707 ORD Approp $687,849.88 collected from Auction of Properties on City's Affordable Housing Inventory List to estab Infill Dev Incentive Prog to further Affordable Housing Goals of the City; waiving chapters 118 and 126, Ord Code to implement the program; Oversight by Neighborhoods Department – 2nd and rerefer


2018-708 ORD Approp $19,774.00 Grant from Federal Grants Trust Fund/Help America Vote Act (HAVA); Auth Mayor to execute and deliver Memo of Agreemt for Albert Network Monitoring Solution Grant btwn City and State of FL, Dept of State, and Div of Elections; Oversight by Supervisor of Elections – 2nd and rerefer


2018-709 ORD De-Approp $124,200.00 from Capital Projs - City Venues Surcharge Subfund in order to allow for a reduction in ticket surcharge on each ticket surcharge on each ticket sold to a Jax Icemen Game at Veterans Memorial Arena from $2.50 to $1.50; Apv and Auth Mayor to execute aqnd deliver Amendment One to Jax Memorial Arena Use Agreemt btwn City and EI Acquisition, LLC; Waiving Sec 123.102, Sports and Entertainment Ofc 3. Ticket Surchages, Oversight by Office of Sports and Entertainment – 2nd and rerefer


2018-712 ORD-MC regarding Prohibition of the Approval, Grant, or Issuance of Certain Licenses, Permits, Certificates or Zoning Actions to Persons with Unpaid Civil  Penalties or Current Violations of the Ord Code; Amend Chapt 307 (Historic Preservation and Protection), Pt 1 (Gen Provisions), Sec 307.111 (Enforcement; Civil Remedies); Amend Chapt 320 (Gen Provisions), Pt 4 (Permits), Sec 320.402 (Application for Permit); Amend Chapt 518 (Jax Propty Safety and Management Code), Pt 1 (Gen Provisions), Sec 518.103 (Applicability); Creating a new Sec 609.110 (Prohibition of Administrative Action); Amend Chapt 650 (Comprehensive Planning for future Development), Pt 4 (Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan), Sec 650.402 (Initiation of Proposal); Amend Chapt 654 (Code of Subdivision Regs), Sec 654.105 (Applicability); Amend Chapt 656 (Zoning Code), Pt 1 (Gen Provisions), Subpart B (Administration), Sec 656.109 (Administration and Enforcement; Interpretation of Zoning Code; Administrative Deviations), and Sec 656.111 (Violations and Penalties); Amend Chapt 780 (Property Tax), Pt 3 (Tax Exemption for Rehabilitation and Properties in Historic Districts), Sec 780.305 (Application) – 2nd and rerefer


2018-747 ORD-MC Amend Sec 21.07 (Fiscal & Budgetary Functions), Article 21 (JEA), City Charter, relating to JEA's Annual Contribution Payment; Apv Amend to Interagency Agreemt with JEA; Providing for Construction – 2nd and rerefer


Council Member Boyer asked for a discussion at the end of the meeting on the two Community Development District bills, which were introduced by the TEU Committee apparently without any knowledge of the committee members as provided by the Council Rules. She would like to discuss this introduction procedure and the referral to appropriate committees.


Chairman Anderson said that he had been provided with the City’s latest bond ratings by the Finance and Administration Department and has had discussions with the department about the recent changes. If the committee has any questions or desires any discussion on the topic, he’s open to arranging that.


Meeting Adjourned: 9:08 a.m.


Minutes: Jeff Clements, Council Research


              11.6.18   Posted 9:30 a.m.

Tapes:  Finance agenda meeting– LSD