December 4, 2018

1:00 P.M.

City Hall/Lynwood Roberts Room

117 West Duval Street


Attendance:   Council Members Matt Schellenberg (Chair), Danny Becton (Vice Chair), Reggie Gaffney, Al Ferraro, Ju’Coby Pittman, Randy White


Also: Council Member Lori Boyer; Folks Huxford, Kristin Reed and Bruce Lewis– Planning & Development Division; Shannon Eller - Office of General Counsel; Staci Lopez - Legislative Services Division; Yvonne P. Mitchell – Research Division


See the attached sign-in sheet for additional attendees.


Chairman Schellenberg called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m., and reviewed the marked agenda which contained twenty five (25) items marked for deferral, nine (9) items ready for action, eleven (11) items marked to be opened and continued, nine (9) items marked for second reading and re-refer.


2017-702         ORD-Q Rezoning Proptys on Fullerton St & Fortune Parkway, E of Southside Blvd & NE of Philips Hwy (10.49± Acres) - PUD to PUD (Gran Park at the Avenues - Revise Dev Rights) - FDG Avenues, LLC. (Dist 11-Becton) (Lewis) (LUZ) (Ex-parte: C/M's K.Brown) – OPEN & CONTINUE


2017-805         ORD-MC Amend Chapt 654 (Code of Subdiv Regs), Ord Code, Secs 654.106 (Definitions) to add Newly Created Definition for "Reconstructed Street"; 654.111 (Design Standards: Streets); 654.133 (Required Improvemts: Streets, Curbs & Gutters; Sidewalks; & Bikeway Requiremts), Ord Code. (Pollock) (Req of Context Sensitive Streets Standards Comm) - DEFER


2018-271         ORD-MC Amend Sec 654.111 (Design Standards: Streets), Chapt 654 (Code of Subdiv Regs), Ord Code, add new Subsec (O) to require a minimum roadway width of 24 ft for  residential subdiv in certain zoning districts, create new Subsec (P) to require a phased acceptance of roadways in residential developments in multi-step process further outlined by PW Dept.  Amend Sec 654.115 (Design Standards: Access to Public right-of-way), Chapt 654 (Code of Subdiv Regs), Ord Code to require new commercial developments fronting collector/higher functionally classified roads, provide for vehicular interconnectivity thru parking lots & svc roads to adjacent properties. (Grandin) (Introduced by CM Becton) (Co-Sponsored by CM Gulliford) (NCPAC Apv) – OPEN & CONTINUE


2018-310         ORD-MC Creating New Sec 320.202 (Commercially Leased Rentals; Apv of Proposed Use Prior to Lease), Pt 2 (Tests & Approvals), Chapt 320 (Gen Provisions, Title VIII (Construction  Regulations & Bldg Codes), Ord Code, to Require a Bldg Confirmation Ltr or Architect's Cert for Commercially Leased Parcels; Amend Sec 656.152, Subpart E. Certificates of Use, Pt 1 (Gen Provisions), Chapter 656 (Zoning Code), to include Bldg Confirmation Ltr or Architect's Cert in the COU App Process.  (Johnston) (Introduced by CM Morgan) – OPEN & CONTINUE


2018-371         ORD Creating New Pt 3, Chap 305, Ord Code, Designating a Portion of Shindler Dr (Bellrose Ave to Marlee Rd) as a Scenic & Historic Corridor.  (Johnston) (Introduced by C/M Carter) – READY - AMEND/MOVE


2018-537         ORD-MC re Chapt 656 (Zoning Code), Ord Code;  creating New Sec 656.113 (Suspension, Revocation or Modification of a Development Order), Pt 1 (Gen Provisions), Subpart B (Admin), Chapt 656 (Zoning Code), Ord Code  (Johnston) (Introduced by CM's Wilson, Crescimbeni & Anderson)(PD Apv)(PC Deny) – OPEN & CONTINUE


2018-607         ORD Adopt Small Scale FLUM Amend to 2030 Comp Plan at 10062 103rd St btwn Connie Jean Rd and Chardon Rd (2.12± Acres) - MDR to CGC - Vincent Serrano (Appl# L-5303-18C) (Dist 12-White) (McDaniel) (LUZ) (Rezoning 2018-608) – OPEN & CONTINUE


2018-608         ORD-Q Rezoning 10062 103rd St (4.97± Acres) btwn Connie Jean Rd and Chardon Dr -  PUD to PUD (Comm Uses)  - Vincent Serrano. (Dist 12- White) (Patterson) (LUZ) (Small Scale 2018-607) – OPEN & CONTINUE


2018-644         ORD-Q Rezoning at 6761 Atlantic Blvd btwn Bella Vista Dr and Johnston Ave (39.28± Acres) - CRO to PUD - The Episcopal School of Jacksonville, Inc. (Dist 1-Morgan) (Lewis) (LUZ)(GAB CPAC Deny) – OPEN & CONTINUE

2018-645         ORD-Q Apv Waiver of Minimum Rd Frontage Appl WRF-18-15 at 11160 Scott Mill Rd Btwn Tacito Trail and RIverport Dr South, by Michael J. Tierney & Suzanne Madsen Tierney from 80' to 0' in RLD-120 Dist. (Dist 6-Schellenberg) (Abney) (LUZ) - OPEN & CONTINUE


2018-661         ORD Amend the Beach Community Development District's Boundary, to Remove Approx 25.41 Acres from said District; Amend Chapt 92 Sec 92.22 to Memoralize reduction in acreage from previous Amendments and Current Amendment; Provide for Severability. (Grandin) (TEU) – DEFER


2018-664         ORD-Q Rezoning at Southwest Quadrant of Intersec of State Road 9A Expressway & State Road 9B Expressway (120.86± Acres) - IL to CCG-1 - Westland Timber, LLC. (Dist 11-Becton) (Wells) (LUZ) – DEFER


2018-666         ORD-Q Rezoning at Thunder Rd btwn Thunder Rd and Old Kings Rd (1.93± Acres) - RR-Acre to RLD-50 - Douglas R. Radcliffe, Trustee.  (Dist 8-Pittman) (Walker) (LUZ) – OPEN & CONTINUE


2018-667         ORD-Q Rezoning at Dunn Creek Rd btwn Dunn Creek Rd & Eastport Rd (10.26± Acres) - PUD to PUD - Arwood-Dunn Creek Management, LLC. (Dist 2-Ferraro) (Patterson) (LUZ) – OPEN & CONTINUE


2018-668         ORD-Q Rezoning at 2059 & 2107 New Berlin Rd btwn Dunn Creek Rd & Wages Way (44.44± Acres) - RR-Acre and PUD to PUD - New Berlin 832, Inc., Gary T. Gilder & Dorothy Gilder.  (Dist 2-Ferraro) (Wells) (LUZ) – DEFER


2018-669         ORD-Q Rezoning at 8016 & 8036 Hogan Rd btwn Parental Home Rd & Elaina Dr (1.28± Acres) - CRO to PUD - RCW Properties, Inc. (Dist 4-Wilson) (Corrigan) (LUZ) – DEFER


2018-670         ORD-Q Rezoning at 1819 & 1825 Hubbard St btwn 8th St East & 9th St East (.20± of an Acre) - CCG-S to PUD - Terrawise Homes, Inc. (Dist 7-R. Gaffney) (Lewis) (LUZ) – OPEN & CONTINUE


2018-684         ORD Apv the North San Marco Neighborhood Action Plan; Estab Plan Area as including N of San Marco Square, bounded by Mitchell St. on the S, to the RR Tracks and Kings Ave., on the E, to I-95 on the N, and to the St. Johns River on the W; Require All Dev and Redev within the Area be Consistent & Compatible with the Plan; Auth Planning & Dev Dept Dir to Interpret Plan & Review & Apv all Proposed Dev & Redev within Area; Provide for Assist in Implementation & Cont Community Involvement. (Eller) (Introduced by CM Boyer) – READY – AMEND/MOVE


2018-696         ORD Transmitting a Proposed Large Scale FLUM Amend to 2030 Comp Plan at A.C. Skinner Parkway btwn I-95 and Southside Blvd  (17.37± Acres) - CGC to HDR - JTA.  (Appl# L-5309-18A) (Dist 11-Becton) (Fogarty) (LUZ) - DEFER


2018-698         ORD-Q Rezoning at 3200 Emerson St btwn Copper Cir West & Philips Hwy (.33± of an Acre) - CO to CCG-2 - Federal Building Office Complex, LLC. (Dist 5-Boyer) (LUZ) (Corrigan) – READY – AMEND/MOVE


2018-699         ORD-Q Rezoning at 3651 Crown Point Rd btwn San Jose Blvd & Old St. Augustine Rd (.27± of an Acre) - CO to CRO -1750 N Bayshore Dr #1904, LLC. (Dist 5-Boyer) (LUZ) (Walker) – READY


2018-700         ORD-Q Rezoning at 6590, 6614, 6622, 6646 Alvin Rd btwn Alvin Rd & Chester Park Dr (18.57± Acres) - RR-Acre to RLD-60 - James K. Lindsey, Teresa Lndsey, EASCO Group II, LLC, & Kracor South, Inc. (Dist 12-White) (LUZ) (Wells) - READY


2018-701         ORD-Q Rezoning at Atlantic Blvd North btwn Kernan Blvd & Sutton Lakes Blvd (73.21± Acres) - PUD to PUD -Atlantic North, LLC. (Dist 2-Ferraro) (LUZ) (Lewis) – READY – AMEND/MOVE


2018-702         ORD-Q Rezoning at 12274, 12280 Yellow Bluff Rd, Burkit Lane btwn Burkit Lane & Captiva Bluff Rd North (29.91± Acres) - RR-Acre to PUD - James K. Shronce, William P. Dekle, III, Irma Iva S. Dekle, Sarah Dean. (Dist 2-Ferraro) (LUZ) (Corrigan) - READY


2018-703         ORD-Q Apv Sign Waiver Appl SW-18-07 for Sign at 6708 Beach Blvd btwn Dean Rd & West Rd., owned by Diamond Real Estate Properties, II, LLC, to Reduce Min Setback from 10' to 2' on Beach Blvd and 10' to 3' on Dean Rd. in CCG-2 Dist. (Dist 4-Wilson) (Abney) (LUZ) – READY – AMEND/MOVE


2018-704         ORD-Q Apv Sign Waiver Appl SW-18-20 for Sign at 7788 Ramona Blvd West btwn Greenland Rd & Permento Ave., owned by Eagles View Academy, Inc., to Increase Max Size from 50 Sq Ft to 60 Sq Ft and Reduce Min Setback from 20' to 10' on Ramona Blvd West in RLD-60 Dist. (Dist 12-White) (Abney) (LUZ) - READY


2018-712         ORD-MC regarding Prohibition of the Approval, Grant, or Issuance of Certain Licenses, Permits, Certificates or Zoning Actions to Persons with Unpaid Civil  Penalties or Current Violations of the Ord Code; Amend Chapt 307 (Historic Preservation and Protection), Pt 1 (Gen Provisions), Sec 307.111 (Enforcement; Civil Remedies); Amend Chapt 320 (Gen Provisions), Pt 4 (Permits), Sec 320.402 (Application for Permit); Amend Chapt 518 (Jax Propty Safety and Management Code), Pt 1 (Gen Provisions), Sec 518.103 (Applicability); Creating a new Sec 609.110 (Prohibition of Administrative Action); Amend Chapt 650 (Comprehensive Planning for future Development), Pt 4 (Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan), Sec 650.402 (Initiation of Proposal); Amend Chapt 654 (Code of Subdivision Regs), Sec 654.105 (Applicability); Amend Chapt 656 (Zoning Code), Pt 1 (Gen Provisions), Subpart B (Administration), Sec 656.109 (Administration and Enforcement; Interpretation of Zoning Code; Administrative Deviations), and Sec 656.111 (Violations and Penalties); Amend Chapt 780 (Property Tax), Pt 3 (Tax Exemption for Rehabilitation and Properties in Historic Districts), Sec 780.305 (Application). (Grandin) (Introduced by CM Crescimbeni) – DEFER


2018-748         ORD Transmitting a Proposed Large Scale FLUM Amend to 2030 Comp Plan at J. Turner Butler Blvd btwn Rolling Ridge Way & Florida Club Dr.  (16.87± Acres) - CGC & BP to RPI - Banyanwood Partners, LLC. (Appl# L-5317-18A) (Dist 4-Wilson) (Lukacovic) (LUZ) – DEFER


2018-749         ORD Adopt Small Scale FLUM Amend to 2030 Comp Plan at Western Way btwn Southside Blvd and I-95  (9.70± Acres) - BP to MDR - AOC Properties, Inc. (Appl# L-5316-18C) (Dist 11-Becton) (Kelly) (LUZ) - DEFER


2018-750         ORD-Q Rezoning 0 Western Way (9.70± Acres) btwn Southside Blvd & I-95 - IBP to PUD - AOC Properties, Inc. (Dist 11-Becton) (Walker) (LUZ) (Small Scale 2018-749) - DEFER


2018-751         ORD Adopt Small Scale FLUM Amend to 2030 Comp Plan at 1828, 1924 & 1939 Bertha St. btwn Perry Place & Kings Ave. (0.78± of an Acre) - CGC to HDR - Patricia A. Dowling, Robert W. Durham & David E. Durham. (Appl# L-5318-18C) (Dist 5-Boyer) (Kelly) - DEFER


2018-752         ORD-Q Rezoning 1828, 1924, & 1939 Bertha St; 1817, 1821, 1831 Mitchell Ave; 2217 Perry Place (3.19± Acres) btwn Perry Place & Kings Ave - CO/CCG-2/PUD to PUD - Chance Olevia, LLC, Patricia A. Dowling, Robert W. Durham & Michael A. Dowling. (Dist 5-Boyer) (Lewis) (LUZ) (Small Scale 2018-751) - DEFER


2018-753         ORD Adopt Small Scale FLUM Amend to 2030 Comp Plan at 14190 Beach Blvd btwn San Pablo Rd & Hodges Blvd (0.53± of an Acre) - RPI to CGC - Sea Lion Real Estate, LLC (Appl# L-5315-18C) (Dist 3-Bowman) (Schoenig) (LUZ) (Rezoning 2018-754) - DEFER


2018-754         ORD-Q Rezoning 14190 Beach Blvd (0.53± of an Acre) btwn San Pablo Rd & Hodges Blvd - RLD-60 to CN - Sea Lion Real Estate, LLC. (Dist 3-Bowman) (Corrigan) (LUZ)

(Small Scale 2018-753) - DEFER


2018-758         ORD-Q Rezoning at 0, 2035, 2057,2091 Sallas Lane btwn Sallas Lane & Alley Rd (4.42 ± Acres) - RR Acre to RLD 40 - Starfish Group Properties, Inc. (Dist 13-Gulliford) (Patterson) (LUZ) - DEFER


2018-759         ORD-Q Rezoning at 4455,4521 Atlantic Blvd; 0,1315,1362 St. Elmo Drive, & 0 Hart Bridge South btwn Highland Ave & Live Oak Lane (43.52 ± Acres) - PUD to PUD-Episcopal School of Jacksonville, Inc. & St. Johns Episcopal Church (Dist 1-Morgan & District 5-Boyer) (Lewis) (LUZ)  - DEFER


2018-760         ORD-Q Rezoning at 0, 11367, 11376 Panther Creek Parkway; 1480 Chaffee Rd South & 0 Royal County Dr btwn Chaffee Rd South & Halsema Rd South (400.0 ± Acres) -  CO & PUD to PUD - Panther Creek Preserve, LLC & Panther Creek Golf Club, Inc.

(District 12-White) (Lewis) (LUZ) - DEFER


2018-761         ORD-Q Rezoning at 0 Starratt Rd. & 0 Lord Nelson Blvd btwn Airport Center Dr East & Bonaparte Landing Blvd (13.75 ± Acres) - PUD to PUD - JRL Investments, LLC & Starratt Rd Developers,LLC. (District 2-Ferraro) (Wells) (LUZ) - DEFER


2018-762         ORD-Q Apv Sign Waiver Appl SW-18-09 for Sign at 11682 San Jose Blvd. btwn Loretto Rd & Hidden Stagecoach Rd, Owned by McDonald's Corp., to reduce the Min setback from 10' to 1' on San Jose Blvd in CCG-1 Dist.  (Dist 6-Schellenberg) (Walker) (LUZ) - DEFER


2018-763         ORD-Q Apv Sign Waiver Appl SW-18-08 for Sign at 7100 Shindler Dr btwn Hipps Rd & Feldman Rd, Owned by Shindler Dr Baptist Church, Inc., to reduce Min setback from 20' to 10' on Shindler Dr in RLD-100B Dist. (Dist 12-White) (Abney) (LUZ) – DEFER


2018-764         ORD-Q Apv Waiver of Minimum Rd Frontage Appl WRF-18-23 at 5312 Seaboard Ave btwn Sue Lane & Timuquana Rd from 48' to 33' in RLD-60 Dist owned by Hoose Homes & Investments, LLC. (Dist 14-Love) (Abney)  (LUZ) - DEFER


2018-765         RESO-Q re Appeal filed by Riverside Avondale Preservation, Inc., Mary Ellen Hansen, & Ryan Parde, Appealing Final Order of Planning Commission  that Apvd Zoning Exception Appl E-18-66 for Outside Sales & Service of Food, Beer, & Wine for on Premises Consumption at 2000 Forbes St.; Final Order issued by Planning Commission Apv Administrative Deviation Appl AD-18-39 reducing minimum number of off-street parking spaces from 24 to 4 at 2000 Forbes St; Both granted to Sara Norman Revocable Trust, on behalf of Spirit Animal, LLC. (District 14-Love)( Eller) (LUZ) - DEFER


2018-769         ORD-MC re Chapt 656 (Zoning Code), Ord Code; Amend Sec 656.314 (Central Business Dist Category), Pt 3 (Schedule of District Regulations), Subpart C (Commercial Use Categories & Zoning Dists), Chap 656 (Zoning Code) Ord Code; to add Marinas & Parks as Permitted Uses; Amending Sec. 656.361.5 (Downtown Overlay Zone Permitted & Permissible Uses by Exception), Pt 3 (Schedule of Dist Regulations), Subpart H (Downtown Overlay Zone & Downtown Dist Regulations), Chap 656 (Zoning Code) Ord Code; to add Parks as a Permitted Use; Amending Sec. 656.361.6 (Downtown Overlay Additional Permitted Uses by Dists), Pt 3 (Schedule of Dist Regulations), Subpart H (Downtown Overlay Zone & Downtown Dist Regulations), Chap 656 (Zoning Code) Ord Code; to add Marinas as a permitted use in the Riverfront Dist & add Parks as a permitted use in all Overlay Dists. (Eller) (Req of Mayor)

LUZ PH Pursuant to Sec 656.129 (a), Ord Code - DEFER


2018-770         ORD-Q Rezoning East of Catherine St, South of East Bay St & Gator Bowl Blvd & North of the St. Johns River & NE of the Intersection of Gator Bowl Blvd & Georgia St (98.72± Acres) - PBF-1/ROS/PUD to CCBD - The City, FDOT, & Multimedia Holdings Corp. (Eller) (Req of Mayor) - DEFER


2018-771         ORD-Q Amend Reso 92-392-489, as Amended which Apv a Dev Order for the DRI, Pursuant to the Application for changes to a DRI Dev Order submitted by the DIA, dtd 9/27/18,to expand the Geographic Boundary Description of the Property Identified within the Downtown DRI Dev Order as the "Shipyards"; Finding that Changes are Consistent with 2030 Comprehensive Plan, the City of Jacksonville's Land Dev Regulations & Sec 380.06 (Eller) (Req of Mayor) - DEFER


2018-824         ORD Apv 2018B Series Text Amend to Transportation Element of the 2030 Comp Plan to Provide for Flexible Context Sensitive Roadway Design.  (Zarkis) (Context Sensitive Streets Standards Committee) – SECOND & REFERER


2018-825         ORD Adopting a Large Scale FLUM Amend to 2030 Comp Plan at Southwest Quadrant of Intersection of State Rd 9A Expressway & State Rd 9B Expressway (120.86± Acres) - LI to CGC - Westland Timber, LLC. (Appl# L-5305-18A) (Dist 11-Becton) (Kelly) - SECOND & REFERER


2018-826         ORD Adopt Small Scale FLUM Amend to 2030 Comp Plan at College  St & 2900 College St btwn Willow Branch Ave & Rubel St. (1.10± Acres) - CGC to MDR - Hoose Homes and Investments, LLC.  (Appl# L-5269-17C) (Dist 14-Love) (Lukacovic) (LUZ)

(Rezoning 2018-827) - SECOND & REFERER


2018-827         ORD-Q Rezoning 0 College St & 2900 College St (1.10± Acres) btwn Willow Branch Ave & Rubel St - PUD to PUD - Hoose Homes and Investments, LLC. (Dist 14-Love) (Hetzel) (LUZ) (Small Scale 2018-826) - SECOND & REFERER


2018-829         ORD-Q Rezoning on Alhambra Dr North, Alhambra Dr South, Alhambra Dr West, Granada Blvd, Cordova Ave, Barcelona Ave, Alcazar Ave & San Jose Blvd (40.24±  Acres) - RLD-60 to RLD-70 - Owned as Described. (Dist 5-Boyer) (Introduced by CM Boyer) (Wells) - SECOND & REFERER


2018-830         ORD-Q Rezoning at 9101 McClelland Rd btwn Normandy Blvd & Long Branch Rd (3.42±  Acres) - PUD-SC to AGR - Duane J. Hodges. (Dist 12-White) (LUZ) (Abney) - SECOND & REFERER


2018-831         ORD-Q Apv Waiver of Minimum Rd Frontage Appl WRF-18-24 at 2783 Mandarin Meadows Dr North btwn Mandarin Meadows Dr East & Flynn Rd from 160' to 100' in RR-ACRE Dist owned by Matthew C. Wood & Amanda Wood. (Dist 6-Schellenberg) (Abney) -



2018-832         ORD-Q re Admin Deviation Appl AD-18-54 at  2783 Mandarin Meadows Dr North btwn Mandarin Meadows Dr East & Flynn Rd,  to Reduce Required Minimum Lot Area from 43,560 Sq Ft to 32,670 Sq Ft in RR-Acre Dist; Certification Required for Satisfaction of Condition(s). (Dist 6-Schellenberg) (Abney) (LUZ) (Companion WRF 2018-831) - SECOND & REFERER


2018-855         ORD-MC Amend Chapt 656 (Zoning Code, Part 3 (Schedule of Dist Regs), Subpart F (Planned Unit Development), Sec 656.341 (Procedures), Ord Code, to Amend existing requirements for Applications for Planned Unit Development to provide additional information within the PUD Application, including Waivers or Deviations requested in the Application, and adding additional criteria for Minor Modifications to a PUD. (Johnston) (Introduced by CMs Boyer, Crescimbeni & Gulliford) - SECOND & REFERER


There being no further business, the agenda meeting was adjourned at 1:23 p.m.


Minutes: Yvonne P. Mitchell, Council Research Division   904-630-1679

                Posted 12.04.18   2:00 p.m.


Materials: Attendance Log – LSD