RESEARCH DIVISION



March 5, 2018

1:30 P.M.

City Council Chamber

First Floor, City Hall

117 West Duval Street


Attendance:   Council Members Al Ferraro (Chair), Jim Love (Vice Chair), Lori Boyer, Joyce Morgan; Assistant General Counsel Paige Johnston;  Heather Reber, Council Auditor’s Office; Jordan Elsbury, Administration; Adri Maguire Segui, Legislative Assistant; John J. Jackson, Council Research Division.


The Chair, Council Member Al Ferraro, called the agenda meeting to order at 1:31 P.M.


The Chair requested Heather Reber review the marked agenda that had been prepared by the Council Auditor’s Office.  There were three (3) items ready for action, ten (10) items being deferred, and thirteen (13) items being seconded and re-referred.


On Item #3, 2017-805, ORD-MC 2017-805, Amend Chapt 654 (Code of Subdiv Regs), Ord Code, Secs 654.106 (Definitions) to add Newly Created Definition for “Reconstructed Street”; 654.111 (Design Standards; Streets); 654.131 (Required Improvemts; Streets, Curbs & Gutters; Sidewalks; Bikeway Requirements) Ord Code…, Council Member Lori Boyer announced that there is going to be a noticed meeting with Deputy General Counsel Jason Teal, Assistant General Counsel Cherry Pollock, Assistant General Counsel Susan Grandin and  the Context Sensitive Streets Standards Committee to discuss definitional challenges that are in the proposed legislation.


On Item #5, Ord-MC 2017-807, Amend Chapt 804 (Jax Traffic Code) Creating New Part 15 (Truck Route Regs) Ord Code, Secs 804.1501 (Purpose & Intent); 804.1502 (Definitions); 804.1503 (Truck Route Criteria)..., Council Member Lori Boyer remarked that she thought that Council Member Aaron Bowman was going to arrange a noticed meeting for trucking industry representatives and other interested parties to discuss the ramifications of the proposed legislation.  In the event that he had not, she suggested that the Committee might consider having those parties attend the next scheduled meeting of the Transportation, Energy and Utilities Committee.


The Chair announced that there would be a presentation by JEA on  the authority’s Backflow Checkup Program.


There being no further business, the agenda meeting was adjourned at 1:37 P.M.


John J. Jackson, Council Research Division (904) 630-1729


March 6, 2018

Posted: 4:00 P.M.