Finance Committee Agenda Meeting Minutes

 March 5, 2019

9:00 a.m.


Topic: Finance Committee agenda meeting


Location: City Council Chamber, 1st floor, City Hall – St. James Building, 117 West Duval Street


In attendance: Council Members Greg Anderson (Chair), Reggie Gaffney, Bill Gulliford, Lori Boyer, Jim Love


Also: Kyle Billy and Kim Taylor – Council Auditor’s Office; Peggy Sidman and John Sawyer – Office of General Counsel; Jeff Clements – Council Research Division; Crystal Shemwell – Legislative Services Division; Sam Mousa, Brian Hughes, Jordan Elsbury, Leeann Krieg – Mayor’s Office; Joey Greive – Finance and Administration Department; Kirk Wendland and Ed Randolph – Office of Economic Development; John Pappas – Public Works Department; Bill Clement – Sheriff’s Office; Ken Lathrop – ITD; Stephanie Burch – Neighborhoods Department; Tim Johnson – Police and Fire Pension Fund


Meeting Convened: 9:03 a.m.


Chairman Anderson called the meeting to order and announced that Council President Bowman will be offering an amendment on the Veterans Memorial Arena naming rights bill (2019-95). He understands that some veterans may be in attendance to comment on the proposal as well.


The Chair reviewed the Auditor’s marked agenda which included 5 items marked for deferral, 14 items ready for action (1 requested for emergency approval) and 17 items for second reading and re-referral.


2018-76 (Amend Sec 21.07 (Fiscal & Budgetary Functions), Article 21 (JEA), City Charter, to create New Subsec M to Provide & Maintain Water & Sewer Lines in certain Pre-Consolidated Urban Areas): Defer


2018-420 (Auth All Documents Necessary to Consummate the Installation of the National Memorial for Peace & Justice's Duval County Memorial Monument in Hemming Park to Commemorate the African-American Victims of Lynching in Duval County, FL btwn 1877 & 1950): Defer


2018-593 (Expressing City Council's Opposition to the Sale of JEA at this time): Defer


2018-661 (Amend the Beach Community Development District's Boundary, to Remove Approx 25.41 Acres from said District): Defer


2018-661 (ORD Amend the Beach Community Development District's Boundary, to Remove Approx 25.41 Acres from said District; Amend Chapt 92 Sec 92.22 to Memoralize reduction in acreage from previous Amendments and Current Amendment; Provide for Severability):  Defer


2018-712 (ORD-MC regarding Prohibition of the Approval, Grant, or Issuance of Certain Licenses, Permits, Certificates or Zoning Actions to Persons with Unpaid Civil  Penalties or Current Violations of the Ord Code; Amend Chapt 307 (Historic Preservation and Protection), Pt 1 (Gen Provisions), Sec 307.111 (Enforcement; Civil Remedies); Amend Chapt 320 (Gen Provisions), Pt 4 (Permits), Sec 320.402 (Application for Permit); Amend Chapt 518 (Jax Propty Safety and Management Code), Pt 1 (Gen Provisions), Sec 518.103 (Applicability); Creating a new Sec 609.110 (Prohibition of Administrative Action); Amend Chapt 650 (Comprehensive Planning for future Development), Pt 4 (Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan), Sec 650.402 (Initiation of Proposal); Amend Chapt 654 (Code of Subdivision Regs), Sec 654.105 (Applicability); Amend Chapt 656 (Zoning Code), Pt 1 (Gen Provisions), Subpart B (Administration), Sec 656.109 (Administration and Enforcement; Interpretation of Zoning Code; Administrative Deviations), and Sec 656.111 (Violations and Penalties); Amend Chapt 780 (Property Tax), Pt 3 (Tax Exemption for Rehabilitation and Properties in Historic Districts), Sec 780.305 (Application): Defer


2019-87 (ORD Approp $71,580.00 from Unobligated Federal Grant Funds to provide the Environmental Quality Div funding to purchase Equip for Air monitoring Sites within Duval County and to cover support and upgrade services for EQD's Airvision Software): Amend/Move


2019-88 (ORD Approp $393,272.00  from Dept of Homeland Security/FEMA thru Fla Div of Emerg Mgmt to JSO, No Local Match, Provide funding for Regional Specialized training. Purchase of  specialized equip, and addition of the Public Safety Analyst/SPE Position; Auth Fed-Funded Sub-Award & Grant Agreemt; Designate Oversight by JSO Dept of Investigations & Homeland Security: Amend/Move


2019-89 (ORD Approp $1,000,000.00 from Tree Protection & Related Expenses Trust Fund, Sub Fund 15F, for County-Wide Prog Entitled "Level 2 Tree Planting Prog" to provide tree planting on Publid Land in Duval County suggested by individuals or groups and administered by the City; Direct Dept of Public Works to administer prog in accordance with criteria herein provided; Provide Carryover of Funds into Subsequent Fiscal Years): Amend/Move


2019-90 (ORD Approp $110,670.00 from Air Pollution Tag Fee Fund Balance to Provide Funding to the Environmental Quality Div (EQD) to purchase Model T640 PM Mass Monitors, a Two-Channel Automated Canister, an Air Toxic Standad, and an Olfactometer Package): Amend/Move


2019-91 (ORD Approp $84,600.00 from Environmental Protection Bd (EPB) Trust Fund to EPB Trust Fund Operating Account to assistance to Groundwork Jax, Inc. in development of a Habitat Restoration Plan for McCoys Creek; Corp Sec to execute and deliver, the funding agreemt for McCoys Creek Natural Channel Restoration btwn City and Groundwork Jax, Inc; Oversight by Neighborhoods Dept.): Amend/Move


2019-92 (ORD Amend FY 2017-2018 JTA Budget; Amend Ord 2017-504-E (Budget Ord) by Amending the JTA Budget Revised Schedules O & P): Move       


2019-95 (ORD-MC re Execute Agreemt btwn City and VYSTAR Credit Union for Naming Rights of the Jacksonville Veterans Memorial Arena and Providing for Renaming of the Arena as "VYSTAR Veterans Memorial Arena"; Amend Chapt 111 (Special Revenue & Trust Accts), Pt 2 (Health & Human Svcs), Ord Code, to create a new Sec 111.255, (The Veterans Memorial Arena Trust Fund); Amend Sec 122.102 (Naming of and signage of Public Facilities), Chapt 122 (Public Propty), Ord Code, to auth Renaming of the "Jacksonville Veteran's Memorial Arena" as "VYSTAR Veterans Memorial Arena"; Providing Oversight by Office of Sports and Entertainment): Amend/Move


2019-96 (ORD Approp $3,456,857.00 from Public Bldg - Camera Reserve Public Parking ITD Operations and Equip Refresh to Provide Upgrades, Replacements, and New Installations of Video Hardware, Cameras, and Network Infrastructure as part of the City's Enterprise Security Video Camera Solution): Amend/Move


2019-97 (ORD Auth & Apv Mayor & Corp Sec to Execute the Enhanced Municipal Svcs Agreemt with Downtown Vision, Inc; Oversight by the Downtown Investment Auth): Move


2019-98 (ORD Concerning FY 2018-2019 Police & Fire Pension Fund (PFPF) Budget; Amend Ord 2018-504-E (Budget Ord) to Revise PFPF Operating Budget & Revise Schedules  AB  & AC; Attaching & Incorporating 2nd Revised Schedules AB & AC; Amend Sec 6.2 of Ord 2018-504-E to auth 1,500 temp Employee Hrs.): Amend/Move


2019-99 (ORD Auth & Apv Mayor & Corp Sec to Execute The Subordination Agreemt with Campus Towers Senior Living, Inc. in order to subordinate the City's $510,000.00 loan to Edward Waters College to (1) A new Elderly Housing Community Loan and (2) A Future Low Income Housing Tax Credit Loan, both from FL Housing Finance Corp; Oversight by Housing & Community Dev Div.): Amend/Move


2019-100 (ORD Apv Assumption by City of Obligations of a License Agreemnt btwn FL East Coast Railway, LLC, and Flagler Dev Company LLC, to pay Annual License Fee for the Railroad Crossing at Flagler Ctr at Gran Bay Blvd & Philips Highway; assuming rights and obligations of Flagler Dev Company LLC in the License Agreemt.  Oversight by Dept of Public Works): Amend/Move


2019-101 (ORD Approp $50,000.00 from Environmental Protection Bd (EPB) Trust Fund to EPB Fund Operating Account to assist in development & activation of the Emerald Necklace by Providing funding to Groundwork Jax, Inc. for development of an Urban Biodiversity Corridor Along the S-line Urban Trail & Hogans Creek;  Oversight by Neighborhoods Dept; Requiring Annual Report to Jax Environmental Protection Board): Amend/Move


2019-125 (Approp $899,955.00 from Countywide ADA Compliance - Public Bldgs Proj to the ADA Compliance - Pretrial Detention Facility Proj to bring it into Compliance with ADA Requiremts Mandated in Settlemt Agreemt with U.S. Dept of Justice; Amend Ord 2018-505-E (CIP) to decrease funding for the Proj "ADA Compliance - Public Bldgs" and increase funding for Proj "ADA Compliance - Pretrial Detention Facility”): 2nd and rerefer


2019-126 (ORD Amend Ord 2015-835-E, as Amended by Ord 2016-232-E, 2016-422-E, 2016-648-E, 2016-739-E, 2017-272-E, 2017-696-E, 2018-86-E & 2018-531-E, to Extend Temporary Moratorium (180 Days) on Medallion Renewals & Late Fees for Medallion Renewals pertaining to Vehicles for hire Pursuant. to Sec. 220.717, Ord Code, for an addnl 180 days; providing that the moratorium remain in effect from enactment until 9/17/19; providing for notification to the JIA & Exec.Director of the JIA & the Beaches Police Chiefs; providing for retroactive applicability): 2nd and rerefer


2019-129 (ORD Approp. $15,000 Grant recv'd. from AT&T to fund the positivity project, a "Train the Trainer" approach with a focus on positive Psychology's 24 character strengths, invoking the exception to sec. 126.107 (g),Ord code; Apv & Auth the Mayor & Corp Sec & CEO of the KHA to execute a contract with the positivity project for children's svcs. programs; waiving the provisions in Chapt. 77 (Kids Hope Alliance), Sec. 77.111 (a) (provider contracts), Ord code): 2nd and rerefer


2019-130 (ORD Auth & Apv Mayor & Corp Sec. to Execute & Deliver a lease agreement. btwn. The City of Jax (Lessor) & Jacksonville University (Lessee), for a term of 10 yrs., subject to a right in lessee to terminate without cause on 60days' notice, propty. located in Mayport, FL. for $1.00 per yr., for lessee's use for general administrative & office use, educational, outreach, & development programs include an educational & outreach program with Ocearch; Oversight by Real Estate Div.,Dept.of the PW): 2nd and rerefer


2019-131 (ORD Auth & Apv Mayor & Corp Sec. to Execute & Deliver that certain lease agreement btwn The City of Jax ("Landlord") & Gryphon Marine, LLC, F/K/A CDI Marine Co. LLC. ("Tenant") for bldg 900 at Cecil Commerce Ctr., 12,474 sq. ft. of Ofc Space located at 6017 POW-MIA Memorial Pkway, Jax, FL., for a term of 2 yrs, with options to renew for (2) addnl 12 month terms at a monthly rental rate of $10,476.66 with a CAM of $200 per month, with 3% annual rent increases; Oversight by the OED): 2nd and rerefer


2019-132 (ORD Approp a transfer of $1,100,000 in funding from OED Rsv Acct to an Operating Line within the Shipyards Environmental Cleanup Project, Amending the 2019-2023 CIP Apv by Ord 2018-505-E to provide funding for the Project entitled "Shipyards Project - Environmental Cleanup"):2nd and rerefer


2019-133 (ORD Auth the Granting of a Non-Residential Solid Waste Collection & Transportation Franchise to JJ's Waste & Recycling, LLC, Pursuant to Chapt 380 (Solid Waste Mgmt.), Pt 6 (Nonresidential Solid Waste Collection & Transportation Franchises), Ord Code; Oversight by Solid Waste Div, Dept of PW): 2nd and rerefer


2019-134 (ORD Auth the Borrowing & Approp of $18,000,000 in Funding from the City's Commercial Paper Facility, in order to provide Funding (1) $15,000,000 to Settle Certain Litigation btwn the City & Jacksonville Landing Investments, LLC. ("JLI") concerning the Disposition, Development & Lease agreement btwn the City & JLI("Landing Lease"), Terminate the Landing Lease, & acquire title to the Landing Bldg. Improvemnts & related personal property; (2) $1,500,000 for obligations of The City relating to Sublease termination, Tenant Relocation Costs, & other expenses; (3) $1,500,000 for Demolition of the Landing Bldg Improvemnts & Site Preparation costs; Amend the 2019-2023 CIP,  Apvd by Ord 2018-505-E to add the Project entitled "JLI West Parcel Demolition/Site Preparation";  Approving the settlement of certain litigation btwn The City & JLI with respect to Landing Lease; Apv & Auth the Mayor or Designee & Corp Sec to Execute said agreemts as set forth in the settlement agreement;  Auth OGC or designee to take further action to conclude the litigation): 2nd and rerefer


2019-135 (ORD Auth & Apv Mayor & Corp Sec to Execute a Real Estate Purchase & Sale Agreemnt btwn The City of Jax & Load King Manufacturing Co., & to Execute all Deeds & Closing Docs relating thereto & take all necessary action to effectuate the purposes of the agreement, for the conveyance to Load King of Real Propty Comprised of 2 parcels approx..1.96 acres total at the corner of Myrtle Ave. N. & Union St. W., Jax,FL, to Expand & Redevelop the Load King Propty for new warehousing & shipping facilties which will result in addnl jobs for the community; Waiving Sec.122.421 (B) (Gen Provisions; Delegations of Authority), Chapt 122 (Public Propty), Ord Code, regarding Sale of Park Land to allow for Sale of Park Land; Directing Sale of proceeds specifically to Park Projects within Council Dist 9 in accordance with Sec 122.421 (I), Ord Code; Oversight by Real Estate Div of the Neighborhoods Dept.): 2nd and rerefer


2019-136 (ORD Auth & Apv Mayor & Corp Sec to Execute & Deliver, for & on behalf of the City, that Certain Agreemnt for Sale & Purchase  ("PSA") btwn the City of Jax ("City") & Harbour Waterway Special Dist ("Harbour"), & to Execute all deeds & closing documents relating thereto & take all necessary action to effectuate the purposes of the agreement, for the PSA, comprised of approx 44 acres of real propty located on an Island/Peninsula used for Dredge Spoil & known as Reed Island in the St. Johns River South of Blount Island less than 4 miles West of the Intracoastal Waterway ("The Property") for total purchase of $88,000; Waiver of Chapt 122 (Public Property), Sec 122.408 (Parklands Preservation Policy), Ord Code, that no Park-Related Land shall be converted to another use or sold by the City unless the City replaces that Land with New Park Faciltiies; Oversight by Real Estate Div of the PW Dept.): 2nd and rerefer


2019-137 (ORD Auth & Apv Mayor & Corp Sec to Execute & Deliver an Amendment 2 to lease Agreemnt btwn The City of Jax ("City") & Grace Aerospace, LLC. ("Tenant"), for the lease of (1) 4,350 sq. ft. of addnl space within Bldg 905 at a monthly rental rate of  $ 2,240.25; & (2)  addnl space in Bldg 905-1 comprised of 1,773 sq. ft. Ofc Space at a monthly rate of $1,287.50, each bldg, at 13541 Lake Newman St., Jax, FL in Cecil Commerce Center; Oversight by OED): 2nd and rerefer


2019-138 (ORD Auth & Apv Mayor & Corp Sec to Execute a Purchase & Sale Agreemt btwn City of Jax & the Vestcor Family Foundation, Inc., a FL Corp, Not for Profit ("Developer") & to Execute all deeds & closing documnts. relating thereto & take all necessary action to effectuate the purposes of the agreemt, for the conveyance to Developer of Propty., comprised of 2 parcels consisting of approx 10.42 acres parcels of Parkland & unimproved Real Propty at 2100 & 2039 Forest St., Jax, FL (The Property"), to redevelop into a Charter School; declare property to be surplus to needs of the City; Waiving Sec 122.421(b) (Preservation of Parklands); reserving or granting all utilities & facilities easement for JEA: Oversight by Real Estate Div.): 2nd and rerefer


2019-148 (RESO Auth Issuance by Jax Housing Finance Auth of its Multifamily Housing

Revenue Bonds (Monaco Arms Apts), in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $16,830,000 for the purpose of financing all or a portion of the costs related to the acquisition, rehabilitation & equipping of existing Multifamily Residential Housing Facilities for persons or families of low, middle, or moderate income, located at 10415 & 10525 Monaco Dr., Jax, FL to be commonly known as "Monaco Arms Apts."; determining credit not being pledged): 2nd and rerefer


2019-149 (RESO Auth Issuance by Jax Housing Finance Auth of its Multifamily Housing Revenue Bonds (Ashley Square) in an aggregate principal amount not to exceed $16,500,000 for the purpose of financing all or a portion of the costs related to the acquisition & construction of a Multifamily Residential Housing Facilities for elderly persons of low, middle, or moderate income located at 127 East Ashley St. & 116 East Beaver St., Jax, FL to be commonly known as "Ashley Square Apts."; determining credit not being pledged): 2nd and rerefer


2019-150 (RESO Auth Appl to Florida Inland Navigation Dist (FIND) for 2019 Grants to undertake specified Waterways-Related Projs; Auth Grant Agreemts with FIND as well as Related Docs; Acknowledge Willingness to meet Funding Requiremts; Oversight by Parks, Rec & Community Svcs Dept.): 2nd and rerefer


2019-152 (ORD Auth Execution of  (1) Redev Agreemt among the City of Jax,("City"), Downtown Investment Authority ("DIA"), & 500 East Bay LLC ("Developer"); which Redev Agreemt provides  for Design & Constrn of a Hotel, Water Park, Family Entertainment Amenities, Parking Garage & Riverwalk Improvmts  by the Developer on the Northbank of the St. Johns River  within the Northbank Downtown CRA ("Project"); (2) Quitclaim Deed conveying an Approx 2.8 Acre Parcel of City-Owned Land to the Developer at the Cost of $584,000 per Acre, subject to adjustments set forth in the Redev Agreemt; (3) a Riverwalk Improvmts Costs Disbursement Agreemt by which the Developer shall Construct on Behalf of City & at City's Expense certain Riverwalk Improvmts to be owned by City & Related to Proj; (4) a Restrictive Covenants & Parking Rights Agreemt requires a Minimum of 200 Short Term Public Parking Spaces dedicated to Public Use; (5) Related Agreemts as described in Redev Agreemt; Auth $3,500,000 Parking Garage Grant upon Completion of the Parking Garage; Auth $3,250,000 Completion Grant Payable upon Completion of the Proj; Auth an $8,250,000 Operational Performance Grant Payable over 15 yrs after Completion of the Proj; Auth Recapture Enhanced Value (Rev) Grant not to Exceed $20,000,000 in Connection with the Proj; Waiving Prov. of Chapt 122,(Public Propty),Pt 4 ( Real Propty), Subpart C, (Community Redev Real Propty Dispositions),Ord Code, to Auth Sale of City Owned Real Propty without an Appraisal to Developer at Less than Fair  Market Value; Designating DIA as Contract Monitor for Redevelopmt Agreemt; Amend 2019-2023 5 Yr CIP to add & Prov Funding for the Proj Entitled "North Bank Riverwalk Extension-Berkman II"; Designate Proj Oversight by  Public Works.  Waiver of Portion of Public Investment Policy adopted by ORD 2016-382-E which requires that in order for Developer to receive REV Grant, it must be in a targeted Industry category, must create at least 10 new full-time jobs, and wages therefore must be greater than or equal to 100% of the State of FL average wage and auth Parking Garage Grant, Completion Grant, & Operational Perf Grant): 2nd and rerefer


2019-152 (ORD-MC Approp $486,061.70 from Tourist Dev Tax Special Revenue Fund to Fund Convention Grants awarded Pursuant to Sec 666.108(B) (3) (VI) under Tourist Dev Plan set forth in Chapt 666, Ord Code, to separately account for and allow such grant funding to carryover each year; purpose; amend the TDC FY 2018-2019 Budget, Schedule W of The Annual Budget apv by Ord 2018-504-E to amend Convention Sales & Services Plan Component Budget Line Item to Itemize Funding for Convention Grants; Amend Sec 111.600 (Tourist Dev Tax Spec Rev Fund; Dev & Contingency), Pt 6 (Economic & Comm Dev), Chapt 111 (Spec Rev & Trust Accts), Ord Code; Amend Chapt 666 (Duval County Tourist Dev Plan), Sec 666.108 (Tourist Dev Plan); Ord Code; Amend Tourist Dev Council Grant Guidelines): 2nd and rerefer


2019-153 (ORD Approp $148,128.00 in the Kids Hope Alliance Budget's Juvenile Justice Prevention/Intervention, Preteens and Teen, and Special Needs Essential Svcs Plan Categories into the KHA Budget's Out of School Time Essential Svcs Plan Category to fund Addnl Afterschool & Summer Programming Location at Southside Middle School; Invoking Exception of Sec 126.107 (G) (Exemptions), Pt 1 (Gen Regulations), Chapt 126 (Procurement Code), Ord Code, to allow KHA to contract directly with the YMCA to provide afterschool and summer programming at Southside Middle School; Waiving requiremts of Sec 77.111(a) (Provider Contracts), Chapt 77 (KHA), Ord Code to exempt Children's Svcs programming to be provided by the YMCA from Competitive Procurement; Request One Cycle Emerg Passage): 2nd and rerefer


In response to a question from Chairman Anderson about any potential opposition to the McCoy’s Creek improvement projects, Council Member Boyer said that she has referred a particular company’s access issue to the Public Works Department for research and a response.


Chairman Anderson said he will ask the committee about how it would like to approach several major legislative items that will reach the Finance agenda in the next cycle, including the Berkman II redevelopment proposal and the Jacksonville Landing settlement agreement. Since the committee members will surely have many questions, he will have the committee discuss whether they want to hold a special meeting to deal with these projects or if they want to send all of their questions about the bills to a single person to be consolidated and posed to the administration at one time for a comprehensive reply.


Meeting Adjourned: 9:10 a.m.


Minutes: Jeff Clements, Council Research


              3.5.19   Posted 9:30 a.m.

Tapes:  Finance agenda meeting– LSD