Rules Committee Agenda Meeting Minutes

January 15, 2019

1:30 p.m.



Topic: Rules Committee agenda meeting


Location: Council Chambers, First Floor, City Hall – St. James Building, 117 West Duval Street


In Attendance: Council Members Tommy Hazouri, Lori Boyer, Ju’Coby Pittman, John Crescimbeni, and Bill Gulliford


Also: Peggy Sidman - Office of General Counsel; Trista Carraher - Council Auditor’s Office; Chiquita Moore– Mayor’s Office; Colleen Hampsey - Council Research Division;  Juliette Williams - Legislative Services


Meeting Convened: 1:35 p.m.


Councilman Hazouri called the meeting to order and reviewed the agenda. The marked agenda included 4 items marked for deferral, 8 items ready for action (one as a substitute and one item to be withdrawn) and 8 items for second reading and re-referral. Councilman Crescimbeni requested information from OGC and Council Research regarding the gun show legal loophole and how it is being addressed in other municipalities.

2018-310: ORD-MC Creating New Sec 320.202 (Commercially Leased Rentals; Apv of Proposed Use Prior to Lease), Pt 2 (Tests & Approvals), Chapt 320 (Gen Provisions, Title VIII (Construction  Regulations & Bldg Codes), Ord Code, to Require a Bldg Confirmation Ltr or Architect's Cert for Commercially Leased Parcels; Amend Sec 656.152, Subpart E. Certificates of Use, Pt 1 (Gen Provisions), Chapter 656 (Zoning Code), to include Bldg Confirmation Ltr or Architect's Cert in the COU App Process-SUBSTITUTE AND RE-REFER

2018-420: ORD-MC Auth All Documents Necessary to Consummate the Installation of the National Memorial for Peace & Justice's Duval County Memorial Monument in Hemming Park to Commemorate the African-American Victims of Lynching in Duval County, FL btwn 1877 & 1950; Create new Chapt. 54 (Peace & Justice Memorial Monument Oversight  Committee),Ord Code; Create New Sec 111.107 (Peace & Justice Memorial Monument Special Revenue Fund), Chapt 111 (Special Revenue &Trust Accts.), Part 1 (Parks, Recreation, Culture & Entertainment), Ord Code, Providing Oversight by Peace & Justice Memorial Monument Committee; provide for codification - DEFER

2018-593: RESO Expressing City Council's Opposition to the Sale of JEA at this time- DEFER

2018-713: RESO Conf Appt of Ed Starnes as Chief of Engineering & Construction Management  Div of the City Dept of Public Works- WITHDRAW

2018-739: RESO Conf North CPAC Appt of Jim Mazur as Member of the Taxation, Rev & Utilization of Expenditures Comm, filling a seat formerly held by Danny Kyle Ferreira,  for 1st Term exp 6/30/21- DEFER

2018-867: ORD re Honorary Street Designation & Associated Roadway Markers; on Wagner Rd. extending from Trout River Blvd to New Kings Rd for Dr. Jeannette C. Holmes; to honor Legacy of Dr. Jeannette C. Holmes & Recognizing her Achievemnts; Waiving Requirements of 745.105(I)(2), Ord Code that Honoree be deceased for five years; Waiving Requirements of Sec 745.105 (I) (3), Ord Code that the Honoree has resided within five miles of proposed street designation for ten years-DEFER

2018-871: ORD-MC re Chapt 122 (Public Propty), Ord Code; Repealing  Chapt 122 (Public Propty), Pt 4 (Real Propty), Subpart A ((Real Propty Acquisitions & Administration), Subpart B (Real Propty Dispositions), & Subpart F (Donation of Propty for Certain Residential Housing), Ord Code, Creating New Chapt 122 (Public Propty, Pt 4 (Real Propty), Subpart A (Acquisition of Interests in Real Propty) and Subpart B (Real Propty Dispositions and Exchanges), Ord Code; Amend Sec 111.755 (Environmental Protection Fund), Amend Sec 111.920 (Neighborhood Stabilization Prog Spec Revenue Fund); Amend Chapt 108 (Central Services), Pt 4 (Public Bldgs), Sec 108.406 (Exercise of Divisional Responsibilities & Authority; Procedures); Repealing Chapt 108 (Central Services), Pt 4 (Public Bldgs), Sec 108.411 (Temporary Closure of Public Bldg; Rental of Alternative Space), Ord Code- AMEND/MOVE

2018-873: ORD Conf Appt of Ameera F. Sayeed, as a Member of the Context Sensitive Streets Standards  Comm, as a Transportation Planner, filling a seat formerly held by Terry Shaw for 1st Full Term exp 7/31/21; providing for waiver of Sec 32.702 (Context Sensitive Streets Committee), Ord Code, to appoint an individual who is a Transportation Planner and not a Civil Engineer with a specialty in Transportation Planning - MOVE

2018-874: RESO Conf Reappt of Sherry Jackson as Member of the Public Svc Grant Council, for First Full Term exp 12/31/21- MOVE

2018-875: RESO Conf Reappt of Bob Baldwin to the Public Svc Grant Council, for First Full Term exp 12/31/21- MOVE

2018-876: RESO Conf Appt of Mark Merritt as Member of the Taxation, Rev & Utilization of Expenditures (TRUE) Comm, Filling the Seat Formerly Held by Wendell Chindra, for First Full Term ending 6/30/21- MOVE

2019-19: ORD-MC Amending  Chapt 4 (Procedures), Rule 4.301 (Regular Order of Business), Council Rules, to move order of business to Consolidate Public Business and to Consolidate the Public Comments- 2ND READING

2019-25: ORD re Honorary Street Designation & Associated Roadway Markers; on Goodrich Rd extending from Wilson Blvd to Moses St for Gary Lee Mills, Sr.: Providing for Installation of Two Honorary Roadway Markers; to honor Legacy of Gary Lee Mills, Sr. & Recognizing his Achievemnts; Waiving Requirements of 745.105(I)(2), Ord Code that Honoree be deceased for five years- 2ND READING

2019-27: ORD Appt Evelyn Coney as Mbr of Jax-Duval County Council on Elder Affairs,  filling a Seat Formerly Held by Nancy K. Reedy as Council Dist 8 Rep for Partial Term exp 6/30/19; Waiving Sec 82.102(A)(1) (Composition of Membership Ofcrs), Ord Code, as to the Age Requirement -2ND READING

2019-28: RESO Conf Appt of Michael Y. Chao as Chief of Municipal Code Compliance Div of the Neighborhoods Dept-2ND READING

2019-29: RESO Conf Appt of Bryan Mosier as Operations Director of Neighborhoods Dept-2ND READING

2019-30: RESO Conf Appt of Walter Bryant as Member of Taxation, Rev & Utilization of Expenditures Comm, Filling a Seat formerly held by Ralph C Hodges for First Term exp 6/30/21-2ND READING

2019-31: RESO  Conf  Reappt of Godslove A. Eziemefe to the Construction Trades Qualifying Board as a Citizen Rep, for Full Term exp 9/30/20-2ND READING

2019-32: RESO Conf Reappt of Cory Driscoll  to the Art in Public Places Comm as Lay Person , Planning Dist 4 Rep, for 2nd Full Term exp 12/31/21-2ND READING

2019-33: RESO Honoring and Commending Myron Flagler on Occasion of his Retirement as Exec Dir of Jewish Community Alliance after 30 yrs of svc-2ND READING



Meeting Adjourned: 1:42 pm


Minutes: Colleen Hampsey, Council Research


(904) 630-1498

1.16.19     Posted 5:00 p.m.


·         Tapes:  Rules Committee Agenda Meeting – LSD