Rules Committee Agenda Meeting Minutes

January 3, 2019

1:30 p.m.



Topic: Rules Committee agenda meeting


Location: Council Chambers, First Floor, City Hall – St. James Building, 117 West Duval Street


In Attendance: Council Members Tommy Hazouri, Matt Schellenberg, and Bill Gulliford


Also: Peggy Sidman - Office of General Counsel; Trista Carraher - Council Auditor’s Office; Chiquita Moore– Mayor’s Office; Colleen Hampsey - Council Research Division;  Juliette Williams - Legislative Services


Meeting Convened: 1:33 p.m.


Councilman Hazouri called the meeting to order and reviewed the agenda. The marked agenda included 6 items marked for deferral, 20 items ready for action (two to be withdrawn) and 6 items for second reading and re-referral.


2018-256: ORD-MC Relating to Membership of JEA Amend Sec 21.03 (Composition; Compensation' Ofcrs' Mtgs), Article 21 (JEA) City Charter, Provide that 4 of the 7 bd mbrs be appt by Council and also be subj to removal by Council. (Durden) (Introduced by CM Dennis)- DEFER

2018-310: ORD-MC Creating New Sec 320.202 (Commercially Leased Rentals; Apv of Proposed Use Prior to Lease), Pt 2 (Tests & Approvals), Chapt 320 (Gen Provisions, Title VIII (Construction  Regulations & Bldg Codes), Ord Code, to Require a Bldg Confirmation Ltr or Architect's Cert for Commercially Leased Parcels; Amend Sec 656.152, Subpart E. Certificates of Use, Pt 1 (Gen Provisions), Chapter 656 (Zoning Code), to include Bldg Confirmation Ltr or Architect's Cert in the COU App Process.  (Johnston) (Introduced by CM Morgan) – DEFER

2018-420: ORD-MC Auth All Documents Necessary to Consummate the Installation of the National Memorial for Peace & Justice's Duval County Memorial Monument in Hemming Park to Commemorate the African-American Victims of Lynching in Duval County, FL btwn 1877 & 1950; Create new Chapt. 54 (Peace & Justice Memorial Monument Oversight  Committee),Ord Code; Create New Sec 111.107 (Peace & Justice Memorial Monument Special Revenue Fund), Chapt 111 (Special Revenue &Trust Accts.), Part 1 (Parks, Recreation, Culture & Entertainment), Ord Code, Providing Oversight by Peace & Justice Memorial Monument Committee; provide for codification. (Hodges) (Introduced by CP Brosche)-DEFER

2018-593: RESO Expressing City Council's Opposition to the Sale of JEA at this time. (Johnston) (Introduced by CM Dennis)-DEFER

2018-594: RESO Adopting the City Council's 1-3, & 5-year Strategic Plan (Clements) (Introduced by Council President Bowman) (Co-Sponsored by CM Hazouri)-MOVE

2018-705: ORD Reappt Dr. Roi Dagan as Member of Environmental Protection Bd, as a Medical Profession Rep for 2nd Full Term ending 9/30/21; Waive Sec 50.102, Ord Code, Requiring Bd Members to be Duval County Residents. (Distel) (Introduced by CP Bowman)-AMEND/MOVE

2018-710: ORD-MC Amend Chapt 602, Ord Code (Jacksonville Ethics Code), Part 2 (Definitions) Sec 602.201 (Definitions), Part 7 (Gifts & Honoraria), Sec 602.701 (Prohibited Receipt of Gifts), 602.702 (Prohibited Offering of Gifts), 602.703 (Receipt or Charge of Commissions or Gifts for Official Transactions), and 602.704 (Honoraria), Ord Code. (Miller) (Req of Ofc of Ethics, Compliance and Oversight)-MOVE

2018-713: RESO Conf Appt of Ed Starnes as Chief of Engineering & Construction Management  Div of the City Dept of Public Works. (McCain) (Req of Mayor)-DEFER

2018-732: RESO Conf Appt of Robert  Maldonado as Member of the Duval County Election Advisory Panel, Filling a seat formerly held by Leon Carrero for Partial Term ending 4/16/20. (Distel) (Introduced by CP Bowman)-MOVE

2018-739: RESO Conf North CPAC Appt of Jim Mazur as Member of the Taxation, Rev & Utilization of Expenditures Comm, filling a seat formerly held by Danny Kyle Ferreira,  for 1st Term exp 6/30/21. (Distel) (Req of North Dist CPAC)-MOVE

2018-799: RESO Appt Anthony Dale as Member of Jax Housing & Community Dev Comm, Filling Seat Formerly Held by April Smith as a Gen Resident for 1st Term exp 11/30/22. (Distel) (Introduced by CP Bowman)-WITHDRAW

2018-800: RESO Appt Courtney Weatherby-Hunter as a Member of the Public Service Grant Council with Grant Experience, Replacing Roshanda Jackson for a 1st Full Term exp 12/31/20. (Distel) (Introduced by CP Bowman)-MOVE

2018-807: RESO Appt Miriam Williams as a Mbr of the Early Learning Coalition of Duval, replacing Marcus Rowe, for a 1st Full Term ending 6/30/22. (Distel) (Introduced by CP Bowman)-MOVE

2018-840: ORD-MC Relating to Council Rules; Amend Rule 2.102 (Standing Committee Duties), Chapt 2 (Committees, Council Rules, To Modify Standing Committee Duties. (Sidman) (Introduced by Rules Comm)-MOVE

2018-841: ORD-MC Amend Council Rule 2.101 (Appointment of Committees), Chapt 2 (Committees), Council Rules, to clarify Council Member Assignment to Standing Committee; Amend Rule 2.102 (Standing Committee Duties), Chapt 2 (Committees), Council Rules, to Remove Provision that all Standing Committees participate in Review and Preparation of the City Budget, and to remove the Provision that the Council Receive an Informal Recommendation from Staff regarding the need for a Waiver of any Ordinance, Rule Procedure or Covenant; Amend Rule 2.204 (Committee Reports; Recommendation for 2nd Reading and Rereference), Chapt 2 (Committees), Council Rules, to Clarify that Bills are moved in the Affirmative; Amend Rule 3.103 (Council Agendas), Chapt 3 (Legislation), Council Rules, to Codify Additional Co-Sponsors added at Standing Committee Meetings and Council Meetings; Amend Rule 3.703 (Council Agendas), Chapt 3 (Legislation), Council Rules, to Clarify Pulling Items from Consent Agenda and Setting the Agenda; Amend Rule 4.301 (Regular Order of Business), Chapt 4 (Procedures), Council Rules, to Limit Presentations to two Presentations; Amend Rule 4.901 (Declaration of Emergency), Chapt 4 (Procedures), Council Rules, to Remove the Provision that the Council Receive an Informal Recommendation from Staff regarding the need for A and Appropriateness of Taking Action on an Emerg Basis. (Sidman) (Introduced by Rules Comm)-MOVE

2018-847: RESO Appt Christopher Laymon as Member of the Building Codes Adjustment Bd Replacing Fred A. Dewitt for 1st Full Term exp 9/30/20. (Distel) (Introduced by CP Bowman)-MOVE

2018-848: RESO Appt Evelyn Coney as Member of Jax-Duval County Council on Elder Affairs,  filling a Seat Formerly Held by Nancy K. Reedy as Council Dist 8 Rep for Initial Term exp 6/30/19. (Distel) (Introduced by CM Pittman)-WITHDRAW

2018-849: RESO Conf Appt of Brad Goodwin to the Public Svc Grant Council, Filling a seat formerly held by Tameka Holly for a Partial Term to exp 12/31/19. (Sidman) (Req of Mayor)-MOVE

2018-850: RESO Conf Appt of Jaclyn Blair to the Public Svc Grant Council, Replacing Stephen C. Baker for a First Full Term exp 12/31/21. (Distel) (Introduced by CP Bowman)-DEFER

2018-851: RESO Conf Appt of Michael R. Robinson to the Tree Commission as a Forester from  the At-Large Group 4 Residency Area Replacing Jeremy Cooper for First Full Term exp 12/31/20. (Sidman) (Req of Mayor)-AMEND/MOVE

2018-852: RESO Appt Dr. Edmund J. Clark as Member of Environmental Protection Bd, Replacing Dr. Mobeen Hasan Rathore Representing the Medical Profession for 1st Full Term ending 9/30/21. (Sidman) (Req of Mayor)-MOVE

2018-853: RESO Conf Reappt of Montasser M. "Monty" Selim as Member of Context Sensitive Streets Standard Comm as a Urban Planner for a Second Term ending 7/31/21. (Sidman) (Req of Mayor)-MOVE

2018-867: ORD re Honorary Street Designation & Associated Roadway Markers; on Wagner Rd. extending from Trout River Blvd to New Kings Rd for Dr. Jeannette C. Holmes; to honor Legacy of Dr. Jeannette C. Holmes & Recognizing her Achievements; Waiving Requirements of 745.105(I)(2), Ord Code that Honoree be deceased for five years; Waiving Requirements of Sec 745.105 (I) (3), Ord Code that the Honoree has resided within five miles of proposed street designation for ten years.  (Dist 8-Pittman) (Pollock) (Introduced by CM Newby)-2ND and Rerefer  

2018-871:ORD-MC re Chapt 122 (Public Propty), Ord Code; Repealing  Chapt 122 (Public Propty), Pt 4 (Real Propty), Subpart A ((Real Propty Acquisitions & Administration), Subpart B (Real Propty Dispositions), & Subpart F (Donation of Propty for Certain Residential Housing), Ord Code, Creating New Chapt 122 (Public Propty, Pt 4 (Real Propty), Subpart A (Acquisition of Interests in Real Propty) and Subpart B (Real Propty Dispositions and Exchanges), Ord Code; Amend Sec 111.755 (Environmental Protection Fund), Amend Sec 111.920 (Neighborhood Stabilization Prog Spec Revenue Fund); Amend Chapt 108 (Central Services), Pt 4 (Public Bldgs), Sec 108.406 (Exercise of Divisional Responsibilities & Authority; Procedures); Repealing Chapt 108 (Central Services), Pt 4 (Public Bldgs), Sec 108.411 (Temporary Closure of Public Bldg; Rental of Alternative Space), Ord Code. (Stockwell) (Req of Mayor)- 2ND and Rerefer 

2018-873: ORD Conf Appt of Ameera F. Sayeed, as a Member of the Context Sensitive Streets Standards  Comm, as a Transportation Planner, filling a seat formerly held by Terry Shaw for 1st Full Term exp 7/31/21; providing for waiver of Sec 32.702 (Context Sensitive Streets Committee), Ord Code, to appoint an individual who is a Transportation Planner and not a Civil Engineer with a specialty in Transportation Planning. (Sidman) (Req of Mayor)-2ND and Rerefer 

2018-874: RESO Conf Reappt of Sherry Jackson as Member of the Public Svc Grant Council, for First Full Term exp 12/31/21. (Sidman) (Req of Mayor)- 2ND and Rerefer 

2018-875: RESO Conf Reappt of Bob Baldwin to the Public Svc Grant Council, for First Full Term exp 12/31/21. (Sidman) (Req of Mayor)- 2ND and Rerefer 

2018-876: RESO Conf Appt of Mark Merritt as Member of the Taxation, Rev & Utilization of Expenditures (TRUE) Comm, Filling the Seat Formerly Held by Wendell Chindra, for First Full Term ending 6/30/21. (Distel) (Introduced by CP Bowman)- 2ND and Rerefer 

2018-877: RESO Honoring and Commending Brian Teeple, Executive Director of the Northeast Florida Regional Council, on the occasion of his Retirement. (Clements) (Introduced by CM Love) (Co-Sponsored by CM Crescimbeni)- MOVE 

2018-878: RESO Honoring and Commending Chandra Cheeseborough-Guice for her outstanding accomplishments in Track and Field and Declaring Saturday, April 6, 2019 as "Chandra Cheeseborough Day" in Jacksonville. (Clements) (Introduced by CM Newby) (Co-Sponsored by CM Hazouri)-MOVE

2018-879: RESO Honoring and Commending Mandarin High School Football team on winning their first State Class 8A Football Championship. (Clements) (Introduced by CMs Schellenberg, Bowman, Gulliford, Brosche, Becton, Hazouri, Freeman, Wilson, Anderson, Love, Boyer, Newby, R. Gaffney, White, Pittman, Crescimbeni, Dennis, Morgan & Ferraro)-MOVE

2018-880: RESO Honoring and Commending Raines High School Vikings Football team on winning Back-to-Back Class 4A State Championships. (Clements) (Introduced by CMs Freeman, Hazouri, Gulliford, Wilson, Brosche) (Co-Sponsored by CM Anderson, Schellenberg, Newby)-MOVE


Meeting Adjourned: 1:37 pm


Minutes: Colleen Hampsey, Council Research


(904) 630-1498

1.4.19     Posted 5:00 p.m.


·         Tapes:  Rules Committee Agenda Meeting – LSD