RESEARCH DIVISION



June 3, 2019

1:30 P.M.

City Council Chamber

First Floor, City Hall

117 West Duval Street


Attendance:   Council Members Al Ferraro (Chair), Jim Love, Anna Brosche, Terrance Freeman


Also: Council Member Reggie Gaffney; Paige Johnston and Shannon Eller, Office of General Counsel; Heather Reber, Council Auditor’s Office; Ladayija Nichols and Brooke Cockrell, Legislative Services Division; Yvonne P. Mitchell, Council Research Division.


Chairman Ferraro called the agenda meeting to order at 1:37 p.m.  and reviewed the marked agenda prepared by the Council Auditor’s Office.  There were five (5) items marked for action; two (2) item marked to be opened and continued; one (1) items marked for deferral; and four (4) items marked for second and re-refer.


2017-805              ORD-MC Amend Chapt 654 (Code of Subdiv Regs), Ord Code, Secs 654.106 (Definitions) to add Newly Created Definition for "Reconstructed Street"; 654.111 (Design Standards: Streets); 654.133 (Required Improvemts: Streets, Curbs & Gutters; Sidewalks; & Bikeway Requiremts), Ord Code - DEFER


2018-661              ORD Amend the Beach Community Development District's Boundary, to Remove Approx 25.41 Acres from said District; Amend Chapt 92 Sec 92.22 to Memoralize reduction in acreage from previous Amendments and Current Amendment; Provide for Severability. - AMEND/MOVE


2019-128              ORD Renaming the 1st St. West extending approx. 1 mile from Jefferson St. N. to Pearl St. N. to "Reverend Henry T. RHIM Blvd.", Waiving the Req. of Sec. 745.105 (I) (2),Ord code, regarding persons who streets may be named after; Waiving the Req. of Sec. 745.105 (G),Ord code, regarding abbreviations in proposed street names. – DEFER


NOTE: Mr. Paul Harden stated that all parties agreed to a proposal submitted by the City. Ms. Paige Johnston will finalize the document and distribute it prior to the next meeting cycle.


2019-321              ORD-MC Chapt 714 (Neighborhood Assessment Programs), Ord Code, Amend Pt 1 (General Provisions, Secs 714.101, 714.102, 714.104, 714.106, 714.107, 714.109, 714.110, 714.112 & 714.113 to update statutory references & clarify procedures, and creating a new Sec 414.120 to provide for use of certain fees; Amend Pt 3 (Underground Power & Communications Prog Area), Secsw 714.302, 714.304, 714.305 and 714.306 to update procedures and requiremts, Creating new Pt 4 to establish a water, sewer, and reclaimed water program area; Amend Chapt 111 (Spec Rev & Trust Accts), Ord Code; Amend Pt 5 (Public Works, Utilities, and Infrastructure) to Create aq new Sec 111.511 (Neighborhood Assessment Program Fee Trust Fund. (Eller) (Introduced by CMs Boyer, Crescimbeni & Love) – AMEND/MOVE


2019-323              ORD Closing & Abandoning &/or Disclaiming an Opened & Improved Portion of  the May St R/W at Req of DIA, Subj to Reservation unto JEA of an all Utilities Easemt over the Closed Portion of the R/W for Ingress & Egress & for all Utilities. (Dist 7-R. Gaffney) (McCain) (Req of Mayor) – OPEN & CONTINUE


2019-324              ORD Auth Mayor & Corp Sec to Execute & Deliver, for & on behalf of the City, an Aerial Easemt Granting to Mainstreet CV 76 S. Laura St, LLC an Aerial Easemt above the Hogan St R/W, starting on the 2nd Floor of Hyatt Hotel & reaching up to the Rooftop, needed by Hyatt Hotel in Downtown Jax to Extend its Premises above the Hogan St R/W; Providing for Grant of Aerial Easemt Subject to Conditions. (McCain) (Req of Mayor) – MOVE


2019-328              ORD-MC Amend Sec 111.760 (Tree Protection & Related Expenses Trust Fund), Pt 7 (Environment & Conservation), Chapt 111 (Special Revenue & Trust Accts), Ord Code, to Remove provision that allows monies in Tree Protection and Related Expenses Trust Fund to be spent on Landscaping Incidental to the Planting of Trees.  (Grandin) (Introduced by CM Crescimbeni) – MOVE


2019-331              ORD-MC Amend Chapt 652 (Floodplain Mgmt Ord), Ord Code; Amend Pt 2 (Applicability), Sec 652.202 (Areas to which this Chapt applies), Pt 5 (Site Plans & Constrn Docs), Secs 652.501 (Info for Dev in Flood Hazard Areas), 652.503 (Addnl Analyses & Certification), & 652.504 (Submission of Addnl Data & Contingent Approvals), Pt 7 (Variance & Appeals), Sec 652.704 (Restrictions in Floodways), Pt 9 (Definitions), Sec 652.904 (Definitions), & Pt 10 (Flood Resistant Dev), Secs 652.1204 (Limitations on Sites in Regulatory Floodways), 652.1601 (Gen Requiremts for Other Dev), 652.1602 (Fences in Regulated Floodways), 652.1603 (Retaining Walls, Sidewalks & Driveways in Regulated Floodways), & 652.1604 (Roads & Watercourse Crossings in Regulated Floodways) to Provide 25-ft Floodway Setback Regs; Amend Pt 5 (Site Plans & Constrn Docs), Sec 652.502 (Info in Flood Hazard Areas Without Base Flood Elevations (Appox Zone A)) to Address Certain Finished Floor Elevations, & Sec 652.503 (Addl Analyses & Certifications) to Prohibit Increase in the Base Flood Elevation in Riverine Flood Hazard Areas; Amend Pt 7 (Variances & Appeals), Secs 652.701 (General), 652.702 (Appeals), 652.703 (Limitations on Authority to Grant Variances), 652.707 (Considerations for Issuance of Variances), & 652.708 (Conditions for Issuance of Variances) to Auth the PD Director & the Council to Hear Certain Appeals & Variances; Amend Pt 5 (Site Plans & Constrn Docs), Sec 652.501, & Pt 10 (Flood Resistant Developmt), Sec 652.1205 (Limitations on Placemt of Fill) to Provide Fill Requiremts; Amend Pt 10 (Flood Resistant Developmt) to Create Sec 652.1207 to Address Certain Finished Floor Elevations. (Eller) (Introduced by CMs Boyer & Love) (Co-Sponsored by CM Ferraro) – AMEND/MOVE


2019-383              ORD Auth & Apv Mayor & Corp Sec to Execute & Deliver a Stipulation Agreemnt among the City of Jax, FL East Coast Railway, LLC, & the State of  FDOT providing for the permanent closing of a Railroad-Highway public at grade crossing at Gary St. & Naldo Ave. (McCain) (Req of Mayor)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 6/11/19 – SECOND & REREFER


2019-397              ORD Auth Mayor & Corp Sec to Execute & Deliver, an Air Rights Easement Granting to Baptist Health Properties, Inc., South Baptist Hospital of FL, Inc., & Pavilion Assoc., LTD. (The "Grantees") a 35 Ft. by 60 Ft. Air Rights Easement Starting at 15.64 Ft. above the Palm Ave r/w & Extending Upward to 48 Ft. , Needed by Grantees to Construct the Baptist Hospital Pedestrian Bridge from the Parking Garage to Wolfson Children's Hospital; Oversight by the Real Estate Div. of P.W. Dept. (McCain) (Req of Mayor)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601- 6/11/19 – SECOND & REREFER


2019-398              ORD Concerning Surplus Personal Property of the City; Waiving the Reverter Provision of Ord 2018-39-E to Allow Previous Surplussed Vehicle (2010 Chevrolet Impala, VIN 2G1WA5EK8A1200413, Vehicle Number 8369-20) to be disposed of by the Town of Baldwin; Declaring that Certain 2008 Chevy Impala (VIN 2GIWB58K389286198, Vehicle Number 1948-30) Valued at $5,100 to be Surplus to the needs of the City & Auth the Approp Officials of the City to Transfer Title of Said Property to the Town of Baldwin for its use, at no cost, in accord with 122812 (C), Ord Code; Designating Fleet Mgmt Div of Finance & Admin Dept to Monitor Actual Use of Said Property; Providing for a Reverter. (Sidman) ( Introduced by CM White)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601 - 6/11/19 – SECOND & REREFER


2019-401              ORD Auth & Apv Mayor & Corp Sec to Execute & Deliver (1) a Purchase & Sale Agreemt btwn City of Jax & Ryan Companies US, Inc. & all Deeds, License Agreemts & Closing Docs. Relating thereto, & Otherwise take All Necessary Action to Effectuate the Purpose of the Agreemt, for the conveyance to Developer of Real Propty, Comprised of Approx. 1.52 Acre Parcel of unimproved Real Propty at 337 W. Adams St to Redevelop into an Approx. 207,810 Sq. Ft. Ofc Bldg & Structured Parking Facility to Serve as New JEA Headquarters; and (2) Auth the Placement of a Declaration of Restrictive Covenant btwn City of Jax & FDEP, Any other Documents Necessary to Effectuate the Purposes of the Restrictive Covenant, for r/w adjacent to Propty, so as to Place Environmental Restrictions on the Site; Oversight by DIA.(Sawyer) (Req of DIA)

Public Hearing Pursuant to Chapt 166, F.S. & CR 3.601- 6/11/19 – SECOND & REREFER


***Items may be added at the discretion of the Chair. ***


The agenda meeting was adjourned at 1:40 p.m.


Minutes:                                Yvonne P. Mitchell, Council Research Division

ymitch@coj.net   (904) 630-1679   

Posted June 3, 2019    2:00p.m.