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January 2, 2019

1:30 P.M.

City Council Chamber

First Floor, City Hall

117 West Duval Street


Attendance:Council Members Al Ferraro (Chair), Jim Love (Vice Chair), Anna Lopez Brosche Terrance Freeman; Assistant General Counsel Paige Johnston; Heather Reber, Council Auditorís Office; Leeann Krieg, Administration; Crystal Shemwell, Legislative Assistant; John J. Jackson, Council Research Division.


The Chair, Council Member Al Ferraro, called the agenda meeting to order at 1:31 P.M.


The Chair reviewed the marked agenda that had been prepared by the Council Auditorís Office.There were eleven(11) items ready for action, six (6) items being deferred,two (2) items being seconded and re-referred and ne (1) item being withdrawn.


2017-805 ORD-MC Amend Chapt 654 (Code of Subdiv Regs), Ord Code, Secs 654.106 (Definitions) to add Newly Created Definition for "Reconstructed Street"; 654.111 (Design Standards: Streets); 654.133 (Required Improvemts: Streets, Curbs & Gutters; Sidewalks; & Bikeway Requiremts), Ord Code-DEFER.


2017-807 ORD-MC Creating New Part 16 (Truck Route Regs), Chapt 804 (Jax Traffic Code) Ord Code; Designating preferred Truck Routes and Restricted Roads for the City of Jax, Planning & Dev Dept to provide Educational Component, Codifiers to incorporate COJ regulated Truck Route Systems Map, JSO to issue warnings for first 6 months after effective date of this Ord-DEFER.


2018-76 ORD-MC Amend Sec 21.07 (Fiscal & Budgetary Functions), Article 21 (JEA), City Charter, to create New Subsec M to Provide & Maintain Water & Sewer Lines in certain Pre-Consolidated Urban Areas-DEFER.


2018-474 ORDre Chapt 745 (Addressing & Street Naming Regs), Ord Code; Renaming "Gillen Street" to Cecil Wiggins Street"; waive the requirements of Sec. 745.105) (I) (2) and (3), Ord Code re the Requirement that streets may be renamed after a prominent person if the Person has been deceased for at least Five years and requiring person to reside within Five miles of the name change for at least Ten years; Waiving Requiremts of Sec 745.105 (k) (2), Ord Code, regarding fee to be paid by Citizen or Citizens' Group requesting street renaming; Directing Distribution of Legislation-DEFER.


2018-661ORD Amend the Beach Community Development District's Boundary, to Remove Approx 25.41 Acres from said District; Amend Chapt 92 Sec 92.22 to Memoralize reduction in acreage from previous Amendments and Current Amendment; Provide for Severability-DEFER.


2018-747 ORD-MC Amend Sec 21.07 (Fiscal & Budgetary Functions), Article 21 (JEA), City Charter, relating to JEA's Annual Contribution Payment; Apv Amend to Interagency Agreemt with JEA; Providing for Construction-DEFER.


2018-773 ORD Granting Appl of ACET Recycling, LLC for Initial CON for the ACET Recycling, LLCClean Debris Recycling Facility; Providing for Conditions; Incorporating Exhibits-AMEND/MOVE.


Council Member Reggie Gaffney indicated that in the course of the Committee meeting he would be explaining his concerns about this legislation and his intention to request a deferral.


2018-774 ORD Granting Appl of GEL Corporation for Initial CON for GEL Recycling Jax Construction & Demolition Debris & Yard Trash Processing & Recycling Facility; Providing for Conditions; Incorporating Exhibits-AMEND/MOVE


2018-789-ORD- MC Creating New Sec 122.823 (Limitations on Use of Tangible Personal Propty with Name of Elected Official), Chap 122 (Public Propty), Ord Code, to Provide for a Limitation on Purchase of Office Supplies with Name of Elected Officials & to Provide for a Limitation on Vehicles & Equipmnt Containing Name of Elected Officials; Providing for an Exercise in County Powers-MOVE.


The Chair announced that he was going to defer this item for one cycle to provide him an opportunity to review this matter with the Constitutional Officers.


2018-791 ORD Approp $83,022.50 from Tree Protection & Related Expenses Trust Fund to Include $31,102.50 from Charter Subfund 15N for Planting of 29 Live Oaks, Including a 10% Construction Contingency, & $51,920.00 from Ord Subfund 15F for the Planting of 15 Redbud Trees, 8 Little Gem Magnolia Trees, 13 East Palatka Holly Trees, Including a 10% Cost Contingency, for a Proj known as " Mandarin Road Tree Planting" on Mandarin Rd btwn Silent Creek Ln & Flynn Rd; Directive to Utilize Procurement Code for Selection of Contractor; Designate Public Works to Oversee Proj.-AMEND/MOVE.


2018-792 ORD Approp $139,436.00 from Tree Protection & Related Expenses Trust Fund,Ord Subfund 15F, for the Planting of 12 Overcup Oaks, 18 Little Gem Magnolia Trees, 30 Live Oaks, 5 Red Maples, 3 Tulip Poplars, 2 Sycamores, 7 East Palatka Hollys, 10 Drake Elms, 19 Crepe Myrtles, 9 Fringetrees, 14 Redbuds, 3 Vitex Chaste Trees & 5 Pride of Houston Yaupon Hollys, including 10 % Cost Contingency, for a Proj known as "Springfield Preservation Tree Planting" in an area bounded by 1st St, Blvd., 9th St. & Spearing St.; Directive to Utilize Procurement Code for Selection of Contractor; Designate Public Works to Oversee Proj-AMEND/MOVE.


2018-834 ORD Approp from Nuisance Abatemt Spec Lien Rev Fund $2,447,536.46 ($1,199,292.87 to Neighborhoods - Municipal Code Compliance for Nuisance Abatemt Contractual Svcs & $1,248,243.59 to Public Works Dept to be Split bet Mowing & Landscape - Private Propty ($873,770.52) & Mowing & Maint - Tree Removal ($374,473.08).-AMEND/MOVE.


2018-835 ORD Approp $15,000.00 from Environmental Protection Bd (EPB) Trust Fund to EPB Operating Account to provide support for the Jax Envirothon, a hands-on competition enhancing student understanding of Natural Resources and Environmental Issues. Oversight by Neighborhoods Dept.-AMEND/MOVE.


2018-836ORD Approp $228,545.85 from Environmental Protection Bd (EPB) Trust Fund($136,431.00) & FDOT ($92,114.25) to begin Pilot Study to evaluate the application of naturally occurring Microbe Products to wet detention ponds as an alternative nonstructural best management practice; Auth Corp Sec to execute contract with England-Thims and Miller for Pilot Study-AMEND/MOVE.


2018-838 ORD Closing & Abandoning &/or Disclaiming Easemts for Drainage and Ponds, Parcel lying NE of Intersection of Collins Rd & Plantation Bay Drive; At request of Current Owner of the Redus Propty, Redus FL Land, LLC; Accepting new drainage and pond Easemts on Redus Propty over Existing Drainage Infrastructure and the right to relocate these Easemts Granted to the City by Applicant-MOVE.


2018-839 ORD Closing & Abandoning &/or Disclaiming the Open & Improved R/W of Setzer Rd, at Req ofCopart of Connecticut, Inc., the owner of Adjacent Propty on Both Sides of R/W Subject to Reservation unto City & JEA of Easemts over the R/W for Ingress & Egress for All Utilities-MOVE.


2018-844 ORD Auth Director/Fire Chief of JFRD to execute Statement of Work btwn City and Boeing Company Estab Operating Procedures for Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) Svcs in support of Ground & Flight Ops conducted by the Boeing Company at Cecil Airport; Oversight by JFRD-WITHDRAW.


2018-845 - ORD Approp $100,000.00 from FDOT to Construct two separate trailheads on each side of the New National Cemetery Access Rd Proj; Amend 2019-2023 Five-Year CIP apv by ORD 2018-505-E to provide funding for Project entitled "Thomas Creek - Ogilvie-Wright Trailheads"; Designate Oversight by Dept of Parks, Recreation and Community Svcs-AMEND/MOVE.


2018-867 ORD re Honorary Street Designation & Associated Roadway Markers; on Wagner Rd. extending from Trout River Blvd to New Kings Rd for Dr. Jeannette C. Holmes; to honor Legacy of Dr. Jeannette C. Holmes & Recognizing her Achievemnts; Waiving Requirements of 745.105(I)(2), Ord Code that Honoree be deceased for five years; Waiving Requirements of Sec 745.105 (I) (3), Ord Code that the Honoree has resided within five miles of proposed street designation for ten years-2nd & REREFER.


2018-871 ORD-MC re Chapt 122 (Public Propty), Ord Code; RepealingChapt 122 (Public Propty), Pt 4 (Real Propty), Subpart A ((Real Propty Acquisitions & Administration), Subpart B (Real Propty Dispositions), & Subpart F (Donation of Propty for Certain Residential Housing), Ord Code, Creating New Chapt 122 (Public Propty, Pt 4 (Real Propty), Subpart A (Acquisition of Interests in Real Propty) and Subpart B (Real Propty Dispositions and Exchanges), Ord Code; Amend Sec 111.755 (Environmental Protection Fund), Amend Sec 111.920 (Neighborhood Stabilization Prog Spec Revenue Fund); Amend Chapt 108 (Central Services), Pt 4 (Public Bldgs), Sec 108.406 (Exercise of Divisional Responsibilities & Authority; Procedures); Repealing Chapt 108 (Central Services), Pt 4 (Public Bldgs), Sec 108.411 (Temporary Closure of Public Bldg; Rental of Alternative Space), Ord Code-2nd &REREFER.


There being no further business, the agenda meeting was adjourned at 1:35 P.M.


John J. Jackson, Council Research Division (904) 630-1729 johnjj@coj.net


January 4, 2019

Posted: 4:00 P.M.


Tape: TEU Committee Meeting 01.02.19Legislative Services Division (904) 630-1404