Bill Type and Number: Ordinance 2005-361

Sponsor: Council Member Lockett-Felder

Date of Introduction: March 22, 2005

Committee(s) of Reference: R

Date of Analysis: March 25, 2005

Type of Action: Amending Council Rules

Bill Summary: The bill removes the requirement for the standing committees of City Council to meet in the first week in July and the third week of December, with the exception of the MAID Committee. The bill also provides that the Mayor will file a copy of the proposed budget with Legislative Services by July 15th, rather than presenting it to the Council at its first July meeting.

Background Information: Cancellation of the July and December meetings is also a part of 2004-1347, which has yet to be acted on. The second December has generally been handled through legislation each year.

Policy Impact Area: City Council standing committees

Fiscal Impact: Undetermined

Analyst: Weiss