Bill Type and Number:  Ordinance 2006-360


Sponsor:  Council President at the Request of the Jacksonville Historic Preservation Commission


Date of Introduction:  April 11, 2006


Committee(s) of Reference:  LUZ


Date of Analysis:  April 13, 2006


Type of Action:  Landmark Designation


Bill Summary:  This bill designates the Grey Hotel at New Berlin, located at 4517 Irving Road, as a landmark, finding that the subject property satisfies at least 3 of the criteria required for such designation.  The Zoning Administrator is directed to designate the property as a landmark on the Zoning Atlas, and the Council Secretary is directed to notify each applicant, the property owners, and the Property Appraiser of the designation.  Additionally, the Council Secretary is directed to record this ordinance in the public records for Duval County.


Background Information:  The property is located at the northeast quadrant of Irving Road and Lowery Street in the New Berlin community.  The criteria met include value as a significant reminder of heritage, value as a building recognized for the quality of its architecture, distinguishing characteristics valuable for study, and suitability for preservation or restoration.  The Planning and Development Dept. has recommended approval.


Policy Impact Area:  Historic Preservation


Fiscal Impact:  Undetermined


Analyst:  Campbell