Bill Type and Number: Ordinance 2006-591


Sponsor: Council President at the request of the Mayor and Council Member Jones:


Date of Introduction: May 9, 2006


Committee(s) of Reference: F; ECID


Date of Analysis: May 12, 2006


Type of Action: Approval of Community Redevelopment Plan


Bill Summary: This ordinance approves a Community Redevelopment Plan for the Soutel/Moncrief Retail Redevelopment Area (Council District 10) in accordance with the requirements of Chapter 163, Part III. Community Redevelopment Act of 1969, Florida Statutes, as amended; makes findings and determinations; establishes a Redevelopment Trust Fund pursuant to Section 163.387 of the Community Redevelopment Act of 1969, as amended; directs the Tax Collector to establish the 2005 Tax Assessment as the base for the increment as required by Section 163.387, Florida Statutes.


Background Information: This legislation enacts a redevelopment project within certain distressed areas within the City pursuant to Florida Statutes Chapter 163, Part III, to identify and rectify blighted areas.  The City's Planning Department, working in conjunction with the Jacksonville Regional Chamber of Commerce, conducted a Social Compact Study to identify the economic needs of the Soutel/Moncrief area of the City.  A Neighborhood Action Plan was developed with input from citizens, neighborhood groups, area small businesses and other components in the community.  A key component of the Neighborhood Action Plan, incorporated in the Community Development Plan, is the need for nationally-recognized commercial retail services and enhanced opportunities for employment.  The Community Economic Development Plan sets in motion the blueprint for the economic development of the Soutel/Moncrief retail area.


 Policy Impact: Economic Development/Jacksonville Economic Development Commission


Fiscal Impact: Undetermined


Analyst: Jackson